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From Embark Group, it's the EmbarkPod: a show that looks to bring together thought leaders, finance professionals and commentators to discuss - and debate - hot topics within the FinTech industry; hosted by Roger Hearing.
14 Episodes
Following our inaugural Barometer in February 2021, we are back with more belief-shaking insights for financial advisers. Joining Roger in this episode is Sara Wilson, Head of Platform Proposition at Embark Group and Phil Bungey, Chief Executive Officer at Advance by Embark as they ask:💸 Are advisers confident they can continue to charge enough?🎭 Why aren’t advisers sharing clients’ retirement optimism?🧓 Why are 70% of women confident of their retirement needs, compared to 50% of men?Be sure to listen to our ‘miniPod’ from last year entitled ‘How confident are your clients? 63% may have a different view...’ to get an insight into last years’ findings, alongside other bite-sized conversations on a rage of other topics. Subscribe to the Embark Adviser monthly newsletter for the latest insights from around the market, straight to your inbox! 
In this edition of EmbarkPod, Roger Hearing welcomes the return of Peter Toogood to the podcast (Chief Investment Officer at Embark Group) and Jonathan Waghorn, Co-Portfolio Manager of Guinness Sustainable Energy Fund/Guinness Global Fund. Sustainable energy is a term that isn’t the easiest to define – so what is it exactly? How do investors navigate the landscape? Sustainability criteria’s set by investment companies can be impressive and clear-cut, but it’s the direction of travel of stock that tends to boil down to opinion. Topics covered in this episode also include:🤝 Exclusion vs Engagement🔮 How far are we realistically away from the next best thing? 🎈 Navigating the emerging bubbles Remember; be sure to follow the Embark Group online and via social media across LinkedIn and Twitter to get the latest insights from across the industry.
Is there a way to describe 'good' risk management? BlackRock's Rory van Zwanenberg joins Roger Hearing on the latest miniPod as they discuss scaling, what investors think about at night and how inflation may have a direct effect on asset prices.📈 What is good risk management? 🙇‍♂️ What are the key risks at the moment?🦠 How many bumps in the road will there be in a post-COVID world?Sign up to our Embark Adviser monthly newsletter for the latest insights from around the market, straight to your inbox!
How do we define ESG? BlackRock's Andrew Keegan joins us on the latest miniPod as we look to further understand the positive and negative values of ESG investing, and tackling a few myths along the way.📊 How do we use the data to identify opportunities? 🔋 Will global energy transitioning provide the same results?📅 How will the next 10 years look?Sign up to our Embark Adviser monthly newsletter for the latest insights from around the market, straight to your inbox!
Welcome to the fifth episode of the EmbarkPod, hosted by Roger Hearing. In this episode we are joined by Hugh Gimber, Global Markets Strategist at JP Morgan and Harry Richards, Fund Manager for Fixed Income at Jupiter Asset Management. Are we reaching a level of hysteria regarding inflation risk pricing? Will the Bank of England introduce negative interest rates? Download and listen as they discuss money market funds and negative interest rates, including:📉 The impact of negative interest rates on the financial system👩‍🍳 Dynamics in the inflation market being overcooked🙇‍♂️ The end of free banking?🤐 The subject that central bankers DON'T want to talk about Join in on the conversation via LinkedIn, Twitter and via our newsletter – available to access via our insights page on the Embark Group website.
In our latest episode of 'MiniPods', Roger Hearing speaks with David Sneyd, Vice President of Responsible Investment at BMO Global Asset Management about the power of artificial intelligence and the potential impact it will have on the industry. Topics include:👀 Automation helping white collar jobs, but will it ultimately take over?👩‍💻 Should AI be enhancing human output, NOT replacing it?🤖 A cracking reference to Terminator...Read our latest insight articles via our insights page on our website.
In our latest episode of 'MiniPods', Roger Hearing speaks with Randeep Somel - Fund Manager at M&G about their climate solutions fund.🤷🏼‍♀️  What are "climate solutions"?🕵️‍♀️ Spotting when companies deliberately overstate their green credentials💰  Will returns be less?Read our latest insight articles via our insights page on our website.
In this episode in our series of 'MiniPods', Roger Hearing chats with Embark Group's Head of Platform Proposition Sara Wilson on the Embark Investor Confidence Monitor... and the results are in.📢  Are clients happy with communication levels? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Are any advice gaps forming? ⚖  Do they feel they get value?Read our latest insight articles via our insights page on our website.
In the latest 'MiniPod', Roger Hearing chats with Gillian Hepburn, UK Intermediary Solutions Director at Schroders on her latest insights article in Embark Adviser.Is it a case of installing confidence?How do you assess the value of your advice?Read our latest insight articles via our insights page on our website.
Joining Roger Hearing this month is Chief Investment Officer Peter Toogood of Embark Group; debating the five big questions that advisers should be considering in 2021. Will the 2020’s see the return of the roaring 1920’s? With talk of the ‘Average Joe’ starting to feel a boost in pay packets and aging populations turning to AI, do all signs point to a potential ‘levelling up’ during a monetary boom? Settle in and listen today as Peter talks through with Roger on areas such as:🎈 Inflation is around the corner… or is it?💂‍♂️ How Government financials are mirroring the WWII playbook🌏 Are Western markets looking East for inspiration?Be sure to sign up to the Embark Adviser newsletter – delivering our podcast and the latest insights from across the industry, straight to your inbox. Visit our insights page for more.
In the first of 'MiniPods', Roger Hearing chats with James Cannon, Regional Sales Director at Embark Pensions on his latest insights article in Embark Adviser.Are you a company that's facing liquidity issues? Wanted to know of a possible solution? HINT: the potential answer has been in plain sight for almost 40 years!Read our latest insight articles via our insights page on our website.
With pension pots seemingly forever grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons, Roger Hearing speaks with Embark Group’s Head of Propositions Dave Lowe and Paul Downing, CEO of Embark Pensions on all things pensions related. COVID-19 and the global pandemic has brought with it a strain on our safeguards for a secure financial future in later life; drawing from saving or stopping payments, so is advise more important than ever before? Join Roger, Dave and Paul as they discuss:🏛 Legislation changes – what is the potential impact?🤝 How the advice industry needs to become more accessible🧓 Will equity release dominate the pensions agenda?🏥 Could auto-enrolment go towards paying for later life care for individuals?Join in on the conversation via LinkedIn or Twitter and subscribe to get the latest podcasts as soon as they are published.
The EmbarkPod returns with Bloomberg Radio’s Roger Hearing as he speaks with financial behaviour expert Greg Davies from Oxford Risk and Be-IQ's Neil Bage on the insights and behaviours that make us tick. Are these tools useful… are they ethical? Many people struggle to make financial decisions, so could the future of advice hinge on it? Listen today and delve into the debate on our investment/financial personalities:💭 How much does psychology play in an advisers world?🤔 Does it help people understand the reason behind their decisions?📉 Are behavioural issues behind market dips?The conversation continues via our social media channels – please feel free to join in and offer your very own insight into this topic. Alternatively, read updates from across the industry via our insights page on the Embark Group website.
In our first episode of the all-new ‘EmbarkPod’ podcast, Bloomberg Radio’s Roger Hearing is host to Embark Group's CEO Phil Smith and Head of Platform Strategy Alistair Wilson to discuss whether technology will force Advisers to change the way they work, what the next generation of Advisers will look like and the rise of ESG investment. Is client king? What have we learned from the emerging robo-sector? Download, subscribe and listen today as the conversation covers topics such as:👩‍💻 The role of platforms💰 Digital delivery – how much investment is needed?🍽 Baked beans on the table(!)Join in on our conversation via Linkedin and be sure to access the latest insights articles from across the industry via the Embark Group website.
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