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Welcome to the CyberTree Paradox Podcast. If you are interested in cybersecurity but find it perplexing, complicated and too technical, we are bringing together some of the world's most knowledgeable cybersecurity professionals and business leaders to help demystify these topics and help you better understand how cybersecurity impacts you and your business. SPONSOR:
11 Episodes
In this episode Naveen discusses the role Cybersecurity plays with the future of robotic automation. featuring our special guest Tom Kmiecik.
Craig is a freelance cybersecurity journalist/content creator and a vocal advocate for a more open cybersecurity industry. He is also an Amazon bestselling author with his book series "A Hacker I Am" about all things cybersecurity and an experienced ICT Security Engineer with a history of working in  CraigFord_Cyber
Marilise's life philosophy is centred on the 6 High-Performance Habits she teaches her clients, with these she helps them become trusted business partners who are credible and taken seriously, these are individuals who operate with impact and influence. Having successfully worked at an Executive level within the Cybersecurity space, Marilise knows first hand how challenging an environment this industry is. She has successfully navigated very difficult conditions that have enabled her to get stronger, take back her power and rise above the circumstances she found herself in.
Tune in to the debate with some amazing insight form some of the most talented global industry experts who are at the forefront of this discussion Bronwyn Boyle Shelton Newsham MBA MSyl and Andrew Robinson breakdown some of the complexities of achieving the right balance between security risk and compliance no matter what size or type of organisation you may have.
On this episode Naveen interviews Vinnie Bhanderi, an experienced cyber, information security & risk professional with over 20 years expertise in information technology, governance, risk and compliance.
In this episode, Naveen dives deep with our fascinating guest for this week, Gemma Rogers, into the world of financial crime; from its complexity and unpredictability to the challenges she's faced being a young entrepreneur.
In this episode, Naveen has a conversation with Goher Mohammad, Head of InfoSec at L&Q Group and Owanate Bestman, founder and director of Bestman Solutions. They discuss the opportunities and pitfalls of recruitment and finding a job in Cyber, challenging many of the myths they've encountered in their careers, among many other current and timeless topics... and having quite of fun while doing so!Sponsor:
In the first episode of The CyberTree Paradox Podcast, your host, Naveen Vasudeva interviews Tinesh Chhaya, an award-winning entrepeneur and founder of DecipherCyber LTD. We also find out who the heck is Jenny...
Join David Emm who talks through Threat Intelligence, Education, Training and Awareness and Secure Design and touches on this concept of business attaining Cyber Immunity!!!
Sarah Armstrong-Smith talks about threats to business and the need during a pandemic not be complacent or relax thinking around control! 
In this episode Naveen interviews model, actress and epilepsy advocate Mhairi Fergusson about her experiences on social media: both positive and negative, including the hacking of her Instagram account a few years ago.SPONSOR:
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