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Author: Madison and Brittani

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Welcome to Eve Unleashed! We are Brittani and Madison. This is real talk for real women who are ready to step out of societies confining boxes and grow. By learning from other peoples stories we become more aware, conscious, and accepting of others and get one step closer to shaping the world into a better place. Join us as we talk with women from many different backgrounds about life, relationships, work, family, religion, and everything in between. We are on a mission to start new conversations and help women wherever they are in life. Thank you for being here with us, Now lets jump into todays episode.
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We are back after spring break and we want to talk about how nobody, including us, knows what they are doing. It easy to get down on yourself because someone else has it all figured out. It easy to never start something because its something you have never done. The trick is realizing that at one point that person who is doing so well had no clue either!Also, being humble enough to say, "I don't have all the answers" opens us up to having deeper conversations with people who have different views and opinions than us. We discuss changing the way we talk to others and finding space for all thoughts, feelings, and opinions, including our own. 
We are beyond excited to talk to Dr. Julie Hanks @drjuliehanks about gender roles and patriarchy. We need to change up how we look at responsibly in and outside the home and let go of the idea of "women's work and men's work".  We also talk about how to change this dynamic for our children and help them embrace whatever role they choose for themselves. Comment and let us know your thoughts!
We had Tess join us to explain what The Enneagram is. She gives us a run down of each type, how to find your number, and why this personality assessment is so important. We believe that the Enneagram is the most important personality test you can take. It gives you the power to unlock who you have always been and who you are meant to be. Through understanding Enneagrams you not only will understand yourself but will also be able to understand everyone around you at a deeper level. If you know your Enneagram number let us know in the comments! 
We read the self help book "Fear is my Homeboy" by Judi Holler. Join us as we highlight our favorite stories and tips from the book. If you have read this book tell us what you think! 
So you've had a baby! Now what? This week, we talk about what they didn't tell us about what happens after delivery. We discuss our top favorite items that you really need at the hospital, and different tip we have found truly helpful after the delivery of your baby. 
Do you ever feel like your  relationship with God doesn't measure up? Do you feel like there is a near impossible checklist list of spiritual tasks that must be complete to have the right relationship with Him? We have both felt that way and wanted to let you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Also, God loves you right now, the way you are in this moment. Join us as we discuss some different ways we grow our relationship with God and heads up,  many of them are a little out of the box. God is not just for Sunday, but for every day of our messy, crazy, busy lives. Sometimes we just need to be a little creative in how we connect with Him. Please comment and let us know your unique ways that you grow your relationship with God.
Pornography is a hot button topic with lots of fear and shame surrounding it. This makes it hard to talk about beyond saying "This is bad. Don't look at it." But, what happens when you or someone you love is exposed to pornography? Statistically we all will be affected by pornography in our lifetime. What tools can we equip ourselves and our loved one with to handle pornography when it enters our lives?We talk with repeat guest Kathleen Baxter to get a therapist view on this issue. After hearing her advice and views we feel more prepared to react appropriately and help others who have be struggling with pornography when they reach out. 
We talk with Emily Baker about finding balance within ourselves. As a life coach she draws on her experiences as a professional organizer to help clients see how they want to live and create goals to grow into that life. We were inspired by how she includes God and religion in her coaching and helps others find the balance between needing to be perfect and needing to be human. Please join us on Instagram to tell us your thoughts on this episode @eveunleashed
This month we read You Are a Badass, How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living and Awesome life. We feel confident in saying that every single person on the planet needs to stop what they are doing and read this book. Even if you have already read it, go read it again. Join us as we talk about our biggest take aways from the book. We both made some big discoveries about ourselves and wanted to share how this book has started us on the path to achieving the life we really want to live. Has this book changed your life? or do you have other feelings about it! Tell us all about it at @eveunleashed on Instagram.
Elizabeth O from @withelizabethO on instagram joins us to talk about parenting, mental health, her new upcoming podcast and rocking our mom jeans. Elizabeth has been sharing with her followers for years about the ups and down of motherhood. She helps us realized that we are never alone in our experiences and there is fun to be found in the mundane day to day routine. We love her mom hacks and her mission to help bring awareness to Mental Health. Join us on instagram @eveunleashed and @withelizabetho to tell us how you rock your mom jeans! 
In this episode we talk about New year's resolutions and how you can keep them better.  We read a study that said most people set resolutions and quit them by January 12th. We have a few tips and tricks that have helped us through our lives that had helped us maintain our goals and turn them into a lifestyle. 
Why do we snap when our kids display big emotions? What can we change to parent the way we want instead of the way we were taught? How can I stop my child's emotions from triggering mine?This week we discuss what we have learned and experienced on our parenting journeys. We are sharing ideas and resources to help you stop reacting and start healing your parenting journey. 
This week we discuss the emotional and mental labor that is carried by women. The to do lists, schedules, grocery lists, bedtime, emotional support and the millions of other ways we help the house to function and run smooth. There is a reason that men struggle to naturally take the load from us and it isn't because they don't want to or don't care. With a few changes in communication the emotional and mental labor can be shared with your spouse. 
We are so glad we are back! We took a much needed hiatus while we went through major life changes. Now that things are slightly more settled we are back to doing what we love and cannot wait to bring you more content.Today we are giving you a glimpse into our crazy lives and some lessons we are learning while going through our changing situations. Change is hard but the best lessons can be learned by getting through it. 
We were inspired by @drjuliehanks and the following message she shared on instagram. "Womens emotional and mental labour often is invisible and goes unnoticed. Why? Because it is expected from women."We wanted to share our thoughts on invisible emotional and mental laboir and how it effects our marriage and lives as mothers. Do you feel like your emotional and mental labour goes unnoticed at times? Let us know what you think by joining us on instagram @eveunleashed
In this episode, we discuss the book Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey. We also rant a little about life, kids, becoming the best version of yourself and being unapologetically you.
We spoke with Operation Underground Railroad (OUR) volunteer and activist Tawnie Hernandez. We learn what OUR does, why it effects us, and how we can become involved. Human trafficking is happening everywhere and it is happening all the time. The United States is the #1 consumer of sex and pornography and only by becoming aware and involved can we start to stop it. Please let us know your thoughts on our instagram @eveunleashedAlso for more information on the many ways you can become involved visit ourrescue.orgThank you for being a listener and we cant wait to hear from you!
Today we have our guest Leslie, A small business consultant who also moonlights as the St. George Bra lady and independent Fit Stylist. She has always loved building confidence in people and she has always loved business. After struggling for years with ill-fitting and unsupportive bras a friend introduced her to the Abby bra from essential bodywear and she became hooked. She found out that she loves talking to women and girls about bras and helping them feel confident about their bodies.Today we are going to talk about how to find the right bra, why the Bra you are wearing is probably too old (don’t worry ours are too) and how passion can be found in unlikely places. To contact Leslie for your own virtual or in person bra fitting find her at or on instagram @braspiesandchai
Photographer, designer, and life coach Shey Call joins us to talk about her divorce and how her faith and positive mindset helped her when her life didn't go as planned. Her advice and story will resonate with anyone who has or is struggling to love the life they are in. Please follow us on Instagram to join the conversation!
Join us as we discuss working or running a business while being a mom. We talk to business owner, achievement coach, and mother Whitney Boudrero about owning what you know you are meant to do, and stepping into your purpose. We can learn to let go of mom guilt to chase after our dreams and become the woman and mother we are meant to be.
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