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Ready is a choice, it not worth waiting for. Do you regularly invest time with people who: * claim ready enough for action even while uncertain? * do work that matter for them regularly? * Dare find out if those they seek to serve care about having that work done?` What does Ready mean to you? often we forget to ask this critical question. * when its ready - will you see it or find another thing to polish? * out of time DOES NOT mean ready, yet often thats where we end up without intention * Are you ready to listen to feedback? * is the person you’re talking to ready to listen? * if all you want to do is tell others of facts they can loop up facts if they cared, if they dont care you're not ready to help them * life is short, we all will die. You're already self-employed for life AND other things in-between that. When will be you be ready to act like it? * is ready for those its for, or for you? Whats worth being ready for? Whats worth saying no to so you can be ready for it? So whats stopping you? Go Get it for those that care   Often Ready means too late. What would some early real life, real customer feedback mean for your work?
Terry Wilson - Online business and trusting your worth In this episode of PsyCyb we meet Terry Wilson and talk about psychology, online businesses and trusting your worth through dips in the journey. If you got curious to learn more about Terry you can find all sorts of ways to work with him at I also wholeheartedly recommend his book "You Are Worth More" that you can find here (he has more good books and packages for you at his website too) To read more about this episode, and others links mentions in the cast visit
Carrie is a great business coach, Voiceover talent and voiceover coach. Want to know what makes a great voice actor head over to her at Want to learn more about her and why voice matters in cyber, your mind, and gaming? Take a listen to this episode   For more shownotes from this episode and other shows visit here: ....... THE AGE OF A.I. Will a robot take my job? Robert Downey Jr / Tony Stark in Marvels The Real Happy Pill: Power Up Your Brain by Moving Your Body (Brain Strength from swedish translation) Links for things referenced in this episode: Digital Childhood book (books in swedish)
Cliff Ravenscraft visit your show to talk about cyber influence, catching ourselves and taking it to the next level. Cliff is a great coach who's been working with new media since before most of us knew it existed. Cliff helps his clients create the life of their dreams. He will help you take your message, your business and your life to the next level and you can learn more about working with him and other links mentioned in this episode here
Ashni Christ visit your show to talk about Streaming and daring to ask ourselves are we solving the right problem for our people? Ashni is creator of Stream Coach Academy that you can find at She also has a great book that will help you turn a pro steamer, a youtube channel, a podcast and other things to help. Links to everything mentioned in the show can be found here
Here you will meet fun and interesting wetware helping you see that hidden metaverse surrounding us in the Psyche and cyberspace and the data and especially that magical overlap. Im your host Ric and my job is be curious and learn alongside you while bringing some of my own optimism to you and that intentional and sometimes scary focus that just might elevate you and those systems and people you care about Curious? Visit to find guest you like
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