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1935. The Great Depression. Detroit is ranked as the hardest hit city in America.  Speramus Meliora Resurgent Cineribus Akin to a miracle something incredible began to happen. Detroit began to win in a way that had never been seen before…or since. The Tigers, Lions and Red Wings all won their first Championships. An unknown Joe Louis would rise to international super stardom. Speed boat racing, tennis, track and field, golf, bowling, swimming, firearms…champions all and all from Detroit. In this calendar year the city could claim 33 national championships. A celebration followed that has no equal in the annals of American sport. Holidays were declared, a plaque was signed by the president as well as every governor in the country recognizing Detroit as THE City of Champions… …and then…the story was forgotten. What happened in 1935? How did it happen? Why was it forgotten? Why should we care? These topics and many more will be explored by veteran radio host Jamie Flanagan a
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Dan Campbell's decisions in the NFC Championship game - Exploring the historical precedent for success - Episode 109How Dan Campbell's style reminds us of the story of Gerald "Gee" WalkerAs was said in 1933 of Gee, '... we want the wild mustang of the range, no one wins the race with old dobbin.'An amazing passage attributed to Aidan HutchinsonYou won’t find tears in Detroit. If you want excuses, you won’t hear them coming from Ford Field. As hard as today’s loss was, it is not a defini...
The Forgotten Champions Episode 108: NBC lists the wrong year of the Lions first ChampionshipDid you know? The Lions won their first Championship in 1935 and NOT 1932! Jamie and Charles explore this major error of historical inaccuracy presented by NBC during the Lions vs Buccaneers playoff game.
Episode 107: The Other Champions of 1935: Newell Banks - CheckersShould there ever be any debate about Detroit’s claim to “The Greatest Season in American Sport history,” one need only point to the 33rd championship: Newell Banks, the 1935 checkers champion was from Detroit!
Episode 106: The Other Champions of 1935: Azucar and the first Santa Anita HandicapWhile the name Seabiscuit is synonymous with horse racing in the 1930’s, there was another who rose to the greatest height on the largest stage: Azucar.
Episode 105: The Other Champions of 1935: Stanley Kratkowski & Joanna De Tuscan“From a room full of sweet mamas and papas to a lunatic asylum…” The stories of Stanley Kratkowski and Joanna De Tuscan are presented alongside a unique insight into the 1936 Berlin Olympics.
Episode 104: The Other Champions of 1935: Gar Wood Jr.Gar Wood, the King of Speed on Water. In today’s episode Jamie and Charles explore the story of the crown prince: Gar Wood Jr.
Episode 103: The Other Champions of 1935: Jimmy Gilhula, Tom Haynie and the D.A.C. Swim TeamOn the first weekend of July, 1935, Detroit swimmers would add three more national amateur championships to the city’s crowded victory mantle.
Episode 102: The Other Champions of 1935: Jake AnkromThe parade of Champions continues with the exploration of Jake Ankrom, winner of the 1935 National Amateur Three-Cushion Billiards Championship.
Episode 101: The Other Champions of 1935: Bill BonthronJamie and Charles broadcast on location from the Emperor’s throne room on the Death Star and investigate one of the great untold stories of 1935: Bill Bonthron’s 1500 meter world record.
Episode 100: The Other Champions of 1935: Herbert MendelsonEpisode #100! Jamie and Charles reflect on the 99 previous episodes and find a little time to explore Herbert Mendelson, winner of the 1935 President’s Cup race.Thanks to everyone who has joined us live or on the feed. Thanks to everyone who has commented on the video and audio tracks.200 here we come.
Episode 99: The Other Champions of 1935: Dixie Oils Softball TeamAmong the most overlooked Champions of 1935 are the Dixie Oils softball team. Jamie and Charles explore their story as well the history of softball itself.Some of the sources we used for the history of softball:
The Other Champions of 1935: Golden Glovers - Episode 98While Joe Louis garnered the professional boxing headlines in 1935 there were other Detroit pugilists who would claim championships in the amateur ranks. Jamie and Charles explore their stories as well as the story of Stanley Evans, the last man to defeat Joe Louis before his rise.
Episode 97: The Other Champions of 1935: Stroh’s Bowling Team (Part 2)Few teams have ever had an impact on their sport like that of Stroh’s Bowling. In today’s episode Jamie and Charles explore this forgotten juggernaut and their “star of stars,” Joe Norris.Some of the sites we refrenced:
Episode 96: The Other Champions of 1935: Stroh’s Bowling Team (Part 1)Stroh’s Brewery is synonymous with Detroit itself. In today’s episode Jamie and Charles explore the history of the legendary company.
Episode 95: The Other Champions of 1935: Raquet Sports - Walter Kramer, Constance O’Donovan, Esther PolitzerContinuing the tour through Detroit’s pantheon of Champions in 1935; Jamie and Charles explore the titles won in tennis and badminton.
Episode 94: Champions Day - 87th Anniversary & Visual Tour of the 1st Champions DayThe only known Champions Day newspaper makes its internet debut for the 87th anniversary of the day it was printed to celebrate.
Episode 93: Special Guest - Tom Eurich Iron Man Game Poster Show and TellTom Eurich and Randy Trombley stop by to show off a new poster created by the Helmar Brewing Company.
Episode 92: The Other Champions of 1935: Firearms - Detroit Police and Henry B. Joy Jr.In January 1936, Detroit Times Editor, Bud Shaver, wrote a story about five “forgotten champions” of 1935. In today’s episode Jamie and Charles discuss these marksmen and the role they played as police and in Henry B. Joy’s case: high society.
Episode 91: Coat of Arms & Daily Detroit: Special Guests: Christopher Boerma and Jeremiah StaesLongtime contributor, Christopher Boerma, joins us to detail the show’s coat-of-arms while Jer Staes is in studio for a conversation about his work at Daily Detroit and preview the upcoming Champions' Day event.
Episode 90: The Other Champions of 1935: Clark HaskinsThe “Detroit Atlas,” Clark Haskins and the Detroit Police Field Day are explored.Some interesting side stories today. Information and images in the video version from The Detroit News archives and The Library of Congress. A great history of the Detroit Police Department. Marie Owen the first police person in the United States was here in Detroit in 1893.Plus much more on the DPD. Two Detroit Police Officers remembered that lost their ...