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Startup TNT burst on the scene just three years ago in Edmonton, Alberta with a grassroots, support-local approach to cultivating startup talent in ‘fly over country.’ From a modest start as a Thursday night networking event, to investment summits in multiple cities, TNT is helping investors find top innovators locally. Zack and Tim both cut their teeth in the startup world, preparing them to build an organization with a goal of $100M invested in 100 cities in 10 years.
Discover how Kevin Horek started his entrepreneurial journey as a designer, how he became a radio and podcast host with millions of listeners every month, and how his journey led him to his current role as C0-Founder & Chief Design Officer at Llearner. 
Gregg has a storied career, building numerous tech companies from the earliest days of the web. He experienced wins, losses and exits throughout the years. Today he has taken his vast experience to Llearner, where he and his co-founders are building a social sharing site for life-long learning.
Adam dove into entrepreneurship right out of college and built his first company to an acquisition. But it wasn’t as smooth as it sounds. It rarely is. Adam shares the challenges and hard-earned experiences that led to his company today, Email Outreach Company, where he helps businesses that struggle to gain customers and grow.
To say that Jarod has had a rapid accession as an entrepreneur is an understatement. From graduating High Schools at sixteen, through to a brief college career and marketing roles in the corporate world, Jared dove into entrepreneurship at a young age. After experiencing some of the challenges rapidly growing businesses face, Jared retooled, focused and created a Comet Fuel, a highly successful and focused marketing agency.
After starting out as an accountant, Derek had a long and storied career helping businesses thrive. Even though he views business as a complex series of systems, he preaches that it always comes down to people. Today Derek is still helping businesses through Unconstrained CFO.
Shortly after graduating from business school, Jyotsna immersed her self in the world of retail, but a desire to learn and grow drove her to dive into entrepreneurship. After some early success writing and self-publishing books, Jyotsna saw a much larger opportunity and created Happy Self Publishing where they help experts from around the globe create and launch their books.
Monique Allen comes from a family of entrepreneurs. It’s built into her DNA. So when she started working as a landscaper at the age of eighteen, it was no surprise that she had a full-fledged, growing business by the age of twenty-one. Fast forward to today and Monique is an author and owns a thriving business built on the back of her lifelong passion for landscaping. 
Arjun has had a rapid ascension in the business world. From graduating high school at 16, mastering marketing soon after, through to building a successful and rapidly growing business. Discover how Arjun got started, the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey, and find out how he’s reached success at such a frantic rate.
Wally has a long and storied career in payment automation. Having exited from technology business in the mid-2000s. Wally switched his attention to helping businesses better manage payments in the digital realm via his company, SparcPay. Discover how Wally got started, the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey, find out how a broken elevator nearly cost Wally his business!
Starting out her career, Aimee gravitated towards non-profits, helping them to forecast and better understand their finances. Fast forward to today, and Aimee helps her many business clients maintain financial stability and grow, through her thriving business, My Virtual CFO. Find out how Aimee’s entrepreneurial journey got started, the ups and downs, and how she advises her client today!
Seasoned entrepreneur, Josh Little, aims to evolve the use of video within business communications to a new level beyond video calls. Discover how Josh got started, the ups and downs of his entrepreneurial journey, and learn about his side hustle, his amazing pickles!
Dubbed ‘The Price Whisperer’, Per Sjöfors is truly an expert in pricing. After founding and selling his electronics business, Per found a deep interest in pricing tactics and created a system that looks at pricing in a holistic manner, rather than as an isolated endeavour. To date, Sjöfors & Partners has helped over 700 businesses rethink their pricing, delivering dramatically improved revenue and profit.You can find Per at
After cutting his teeth at a ‘big four’ accounting firm, Josh took the leap and started his own business advising others as a CFO. He shares how he not only built his own business and drove growth through the value he offered, but how he used his experience to help his clients better manage their businesses and thrive.
David Jenyns’ storied career began in technology but his true talent emerged in marketing. After running a highly successful agency for years, David realized that he wanted a way to reduce the load on his shoulders and found the answer in business systems. That led to his book and business, ‘Systemology’ where he spends his time today guiding the way for entrepreneurs.
Rachel Fisch, Chief Global Development Officer at High Rock Accounting, reached her role through a fearless approach to building partnerships, and nurturing her network.Rachel is the Chief Global Development Officer at High Rock Accounting, a rapidly growing firm with big aspirations. The way Rachel reached this role is the interesting part. A bookkeeper by trade, Rachel ran her own business early in her career but opportunity led her into a series of interesting roles. One common thread ties the opportunities together: her knack for networking, building relationships and asking questions.
By accident or opportunity – Ricardo started in the technology industry when he was hired back as a consultant and could never go back to big corporate. Blaine and Ricardo talk technology and the evolution of security and the tools we use every day to support the WFH world we currently live in. Security and the continuous push for individualistic technology that brings people together but also creates risk for information and data. Recently – Ricardo and his business partner started to assist with office management when people visit office/business environments. With the COVID Pandemic – they were able to pivot to meet the need of asking important COVID related and required questions to support contact tracing. Listen/watch the Podcast for more.
Making life choices for your career is a driving force for Arshad and what kept him moving from one industry to another. He believes in building experiences and giving clients/customers what they are expecting and hoping for in engagement with his business environment. When Arshad decided to move into a SaaS start-up his focus was laser targeted on supporting businesses and their employees with a payroll solution that allowed employees the flexibility to decide when they could get paid based on their unique and individualistic needs to support their personal cash flow requirements. Enjoy the Podcast and the passion Arshad has put behind his business for others.
From watching his parents have their own businesses to working in the digital space for a number of years for his own agency – Jesse had a solid grounding to be able to take the leap into his own start-up business. Blaine and Jesse talk through the trials and tribulations of the entrepreneur world and the struggles that build strength in a small company and the requirements for Founders to take on to be successful. Listen for more key insights from Jesse’s career in the full interview.
After building a leading, Toronto creative agency, Erin Bury was looking for a new challenge and found opportunity in the tech startup world. Today, she is Co-founder & CEO at rapidly growing, online will platform Willful.Erin Bury has a natural talent for pulling growth levers in business, tied with true operational savvy. From her experience growing a leading creative agency focusing on startups, Erin was immersed in startup culture. When she decided it was time for a new challenge, she saw the perfect fit alongside her husband, in their venture Willful, where they’re redefining online estate planning. 
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