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Season 2: Episode 1

Season 2: Episode 1


Thanks for listening to today's episode.  You can find links for everything we talked about, below! If you would like to support this podcast, you can do so by simply sharing it with a friend or family member.  You can also support us by going to and buying me a cup of coffee! Science • Shedding some light on The Parker Solar Probe • NASAs Insight Lander's "Mars Mole" just isn't digging it anymore • Life Next Door? Could Venus really be home to an alien life form? Tech • Whats'appening?! Taking the confusion out of the latest WhatsApp update. • Are they high?! A Flying Formula Other • Rolling The Dice! - A brand new board-game orientated YouTube channel has launched
Hey guys, As some of you may or may not know, Kynlos Tech News is now Kynlo Talks Tech! I made the decision to completely redesign and revamp the format of the show because I wanted it to be much more fun for you to listen to (and for me to record haha). Hopefully, you all enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed the process of re-doing everything! We are now going to be focusing on Tech, Science, Innovative Stuff, Games & Anything fun that looks interesting enough to talk about!  I will also be covering any news that should be talked about, so there will still be some elements of the old show, just not very many! The relaunch is going to be happening very soon, so keep an eye on our Discord or Facebook to stay tuned into the latest developments! ------ On another note, you can now find the show's webpage by simply typing into the browser of your choice! If you want to support us (which I would be highly thankful for!) you can do so by going to (where you can also book ad-slots or shoutouts on the show!) If you have Discord and want to keep in touch with us and stay up to date with what's going on, then here's an invite especially for you! CLICK ME! And finally, if you want to chat with us or just follow us on Facebook, you can do so @ ------- Take care and stay safe! -Kynlo
A brief look at this week's Tech News.  Brought to you by  In this weeks episode, we discuss the Jet Pack Paramedics & Amazon Prime Day. We also take a look at the latest discovery of water on Mars and the upcoming Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming Service. We then finally discuss Among Us and the Farewell of Farmville! Links: Jetpack Paramedics: Amazon Prime Day: ---- Water on Mars: --- Amazon Luna: Among Us: Farmville: -------- Our Facebook: Our Discord: Support me on Patreon:
A brief look at this week's Tech News.  Brought to you by  In this weeks episode, we discuss the Playstation 5 and the brand new XBOX.  We also take a look at what's new in Android 11, the buyout of Bethseda by Microsoft, and a few more bonus topics! XBOX vs PS5: Andriod 11: Bethseda:
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