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Black Ops - Helping to Educate Black People
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Black Ops - Helping to Educate Black People

Author: G-Money & Booker T

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It is hard to have a successful career as a minority in a corporate environment or in entrepreneurship! Listen Every other Wednesday, join G-Money, a two-time graduate of the school of hard knocks and a successful executive coach and entrepreneur and his Co-Host Booker T. a successful Corp. Executive and Entrepreneur, as they cover and give insight in how to overcome the challenges facing minorities in the corporate world and in entrepreneurship. We will also cover current social topics that are impacting the Black community. If you are serious about growing your career or starting your own business as a minority or just want to keep up with social issues that could be affecting black people, then this is the podcast for you!
13 Episodes
This is one session out of a series of 14 sessions that we cover for you to learn how to leverage Your Personal Finances and increase your cash flow. By increasing your personal cash flow, you will save and invest more money, which will increase your personal Net Worth and start you down the road of achieving real personal wealth.The foundation of improving your personal finances starts with how you think, and how you think will define most of what you achieve or don't achieve in life!
Understand the true game in voting. What there is to lose or gain and why it is so critical for you and the future of your kids that you vote in every election.
we are exploring why 85-95% of the black voting block over the last 50 years has typically voted for the Democratic Party - Does it really matter? What party has done the most for Black people? What about our vote this November 3, 2020?
They want to re-open schools during a pandemic? What should you do? How does this make sense?
The United States now has Federal Secret Agents in multiple cities and states around the country engaging lawful protestors. When did we become a Military State? How did we get here as a country?
There are major concerns with taking a Covid-19 Vaccine shot.....should we take it? What are the concerns?
What does Defund the Police really mean? How can we improve the police department/black community relationship?
In this episode we talk about the unfortunate circumstances that led to George Floyd's death, and the potential solutions for change.
In this Podcast some of our members talk about Who they are, What we do, and why we do it. We are also looking for more members that can continue to add value to our team and our mission and those that can benefit from our Team. If you want to join hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.
Should the States Open or NOT?  And how does that impact you or your business.
The members of the Black Ops team focus on how to take full advantage of the FEDERAL AID from the CARES program and how to make personal adjustments to your budget and spending. They are also donating $2,500 worth of $50 Walmart gift cards to those in need.
This episode address the impact of the Coronavirus on the black community as it relates to Healthcare Crisis and the soon to be Economic crisis.
When you look at the 2020 Election Results what do you see? White Anxiety, Media, and the Pillars of our society are all prevalent in these results. Let's discuss what we see and why!
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