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My Son the Dungeon Master

Author: Parker and Shannon and Mike

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My son takes me and my friend Mike on crazy adventures in D&D and I foil his every attempt to take it seriously. This podcast contains descriptions of blood and gore because we are killing imaginary orcs... duh. But there is no profanity so it is appropriate for D&D lovers of all ages. We recommend you start with the first episode.
87 Episodes
In this episode Parker decides to kick Derf's butt.  It's about time.
Derf's worst nightmare comes true.  And we continue to work through our genealogy.
Listen to the episode.  It's funny.  You know it is.  But the important thing is you should register to vote.  Vote him out!  Vote him out!  Vote him out!
Marliss finally decides to kill someone!  
In this episode we meet the winners of our contest and we all talk too much.  But then we finally play DND.  Derf has to battle some frog monster and Marliss finds himself in trouble with Steve, Derf's Audible reader.
Things are getting interesting as we follow the Adventurer Jonathan.  Marliss is suspicious and Derf is enamored.  Plus, Steve, Derf's Audible reader, is dealing with his throat injury.  What an episode.
It's time for a new adventure!  And this time we are hooking up with a writer and his muse, the Adventurer Jonathan, who has published over 300 books of his adventures.  And we are his new companions!  What could go wrong?
It's time to finally deal with Darliss and Merf once and for all.  And don't forget to enter our backstory contest.  Just make up some details about our earlier days and we will pick a winner and expand the our storied past.
Is anyone out there?  Are you enjoying this campaign?  Reach out and say hi.  So in this episode we follow the mime army to Paris to rescue Steve-O.
We are getting closer to the end.  In this episode we find out who we are really up against.  And you will never guess who it is.  By the end of this campaign we might even get Carol Baskin to feed this mime to her tigers.
MSTDM hopes everyone had a nice Easter/Passover.  Apparently the Easter Bunny is not practicing social distancing because that rodent broke into our apartment and hid contaminated eggs everywhere.  In this episode Derf has to rescue Marliss… again.  And Marliss has to make a choice about doing the right thing or the wrong thing.  Let’s just say Marliss does what you would expect.
We gotta mole in our midst and we gotta hunt him down.  Who could it be?  Derf, Marliss, or Fat Lenny?  It could be anyone.
I know we are a couple of weeks late.  Sorry.  But settle into your social distancing and get your laugh on with this vomit filled DND episode.  The artwork for this week is a painting I did for a class in college.  Bonus points for anyone who can guess where the title came from.  
Circus train!  We are on a circus train!  Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the greatest DND podcast on Earth!  Oh... and at the end of the episode you'll get to hear a song by our resident genius, Mike.
In this episode we audition to for the Circus so we can kill mimes!  By the way the CDC officially announced today the listening to MSTDM will vaccinate you from the coronavirus.  So what are you waiting for?  Do you want to die of the coronavirus?  If not, then listen to protect yourself from the coronavirus.  That's right MSTDM is a cure for the coronavirus.
It's a new campaign and Parker has pulled out all the stops.  He has decided to take Derf and Marliss to their roots and send them to the circus!  This could be the first ever DND circus crossover.  So put your red noses on and juggle your way through this hour of zany mischief.
Merry Santacon!  This is our annual Xmas episode.  Grab a cup of cocoa and settle in for a heck of a sleigh ride!
It's our big finale and just in time for the end of the year.  In this episode we finally have it out with Laura and Clamp played by our very special guests Ali Gordon and Stephen Buckley for the awesome DND podcast 2ndBest.  Will they survive?  Will we survive?  Will we get the "Home Alone" DVD back to the Blockbuster?  You will have to listen to find out!
Happy Thanksgiving!  It's that time of year where we give thanks.  So thanks.  In this episode we invited Broadway legend and conductor, Nate Patten, to judge our song contest.  Who will win?  Then we get to some good old fashioned holiday DND butt-kicking.  
Who's up for a good ole fashioned barbeque?  Well Marliss and Derf are always up for slow cooking some meat and slathering it with sauce, so come on in and get a listen on yourself.  Parker once again outdoes himself in putting us in a pickle.
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