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Inter:views | Cracking The Entrepreneur Bottleneck

Inter:views | Cracking The Entrepreneur Bottleneck

Author: Laurent Notin

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100% of Entrepreneurs will eventually be the bottleneck in their business. Not just once, but several times!

The hardest bit? Identifying you're being one. The easy bit? Getting out of it. And that's all about awareness.

This podcast is dedicated to getting you unstuck as an entrepreneur. In each episode, I invite seasoned entrepreneurs to speak candidly about how they overcame being the bottleneck in their business.

I don't just hype up their success. I ask the questions you want the answers to but wouldn't dare ask!

By listening to these episodes, you'll discover what it means to be a bottleneck, how it manifests, and most importantly, how to get out of it.

This isn't fluff. We dive deep, get under the hood, and learn what it really takes to blast through the bottlenecks and scale a business.

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The End of A Journey

The End of A Journey


This is the final episode of Inter:views, Cracking The Entrepreneur Bottleneck. I reflect on over four years of podcasting and nearly 170 interviews with entrepreneurs worldwide.    While the podcast served its purpose, it's time to transition fully into coaching entrepreneurs. All episodes remain available until the end of 2024, then exclusively on YouTube.    In this final episode, I share memorable moments and guests, highlighting valuable insights gained.    Moving forward, I'll focus on coaching and providing resources to empower entrepreneurs to thrive.    Strategic Resources for Entrepreneurs:   The Bottleneck Index: your first step towards uncovering and addressing your bottlenecks. :    eBook: "THRIVE": your go-to guide for overcoming bottlenecks and driving your business forward:    B-weekly newsletter, The Bottleneck Digest   Follow me:  Youtube : LinkedIn : Instagram :
John Cronin, now 27 years old, was diagnosed with Down syndrome. That never stopped him from becoming his best version. Together with his father as a business partner, he has defied all odds to become a tycoon in the socks business, impacting millions of people worldwide with their story of resilience, hope, and the power of vulnerability. They host workshops, seminars, and talks to educate people about Down syndrome and how anyone diagnosed with it can reclaim their life.     Their business is not just about socks. It is an avenue to spread their message of hope and inspiration. Built on five principles, the business aims to showcase the capabilities of people with different abilities. Yet, like any other business, bottlenecks are inevitable. The struggle with perfectionism was one of the main bottlenecks they faced when they started.    John’s Crazy Socks has a mission of spreading happiness through unique socks. They show the world that disability is not inability, pairing a retail mission with a social one. Donating 5% of earnings to the Special Olympics, they expand their charity partners, creating socks with awareness themes like Autism and Down Syndrome. With fast, personal service and hand-written thank you notes from John, they aim to bring joy through every package, proving what people with differing abilities can achieve.    Tune in.    Key Highlights from The Show  [02:54] John and Mark Cronin’s story behind their Crazy Socks business  [05:13] The pillars of their business  [09:35] Why they chose a socks business and not any other  [15:08] Candies in the socks boxes to win more loyal customers  [16:13] The experience of a father-son partnership in business  [18:57] The struggles of perfectionism and other bottlenecks in the business  [26:54] Parts of the business that John likes the most   [29:11] The power of living for a cause and purpose  [33:34] Parting words of wisdom and best ways to reach out and connect  [34:38] Wrap up and calls to action     Notable Quotes  ·        Never wait for perfection and the perfect time to do something. Get up and go!   ·        Being physically challenged does not mean being mentally challenged.  ·        Sometimes, you never know how much what you start will grow. The only way is by doing it and pivoting whenever necessary.  ·        When delegating roles in a business, don’t start immediately thinking about how you will get something done. Instead, think about who will get it done, and then let them do it.  ·        It is so good to wake up in the morning and have something to do that matters.   ·        Consider hiring people with different abilities and understand that doing so is good for business.    Connect With John and Mark Cronin  Website:  Instagram:  YouTube:  TikTok:        ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now! 
Scaling up a start-up is a delicate balance of Skills and Sacrifice, embodying the essential qualities required to navigate the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Beyond a visionary idea, founders must possess the skill set and be ready to make the sacrifices necessary with consistency to achieve their vision.     They must also be able to recognize their limitations and empower others to contribute to their business success. This requires an Entrepreneurial Mindset—a blend of optimism, creativity, and resourcefulness—that fuels founders' drive to overcome obstacles and find opportunities that can propel them toward sustainable success.     In this episode, we discuss the critical components necessary for entrepreneurs to transition from startup to scalable success with a special guest, Feras Alhlou. Feras has built and sold companies in Silicon Valley and abroad. He helps startup founders make good, informed decisions about entrepreneurship to avoid the pitfalls that derail many new ventures or hinder their growth.     Feras has served as a mentor, providing guidance backed by extensive experience in business strategy, consulting, marketing, and analytics.    Tune in.    Key Highlights from The Show  [02:42] One key lesson from Feras for start-up entrepreneurs  [03:20] Why passion is optional for start-up founders' success   [05:08] Three must-have skills for startup founders   [08:21] How to overcome the obstacles of delegating to grow  [10:31] Practical tips for delegation and the right time to delegate  [13:14] The essentials for entrepreneurship success   [15:18] The principles of working with advisors    [17:20] The keys to accelerating your business growth: people, processes, and mindset   [21:40] How to create a financial runway and when to reach out to investors  [25:40] Sacrifices that you should be ready to make as a founder   [28:41] Building consistency over motivation [30:24] What Feras has learned about himself as an entrepreneur  [33:42] Feras’s advice to entrepreneurs trying to get off the ground or scale  [35:03] Wrap up and calls to action     Notable Quotes  ·        Passion is optional, but skills and sacrifice are not.   ·        If you are doing the same things, you are not growing; you‘ve to find ways to automate and delegate to focus on new and bigger things.  ·        Learning from people who have been successful in what you are trying to accomplish will save you a lot of mistakes and headaches.  ·        What got you to ten people and a million dollars in revenue will not get you to 20 or 30 and 2 or 3 million dollars in revenue.  ·        The mindset of dealing with the unknowns and ambiguity is a muscle you have to grow as a founder ready to scale.   ·        Always put a financial plan in place and expect the revenue to be delayed and more expenses than you planned for.    Connect With Feras Alhlou  Website: YouTube: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:    ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now! 
Have you ever considered hiring a coach for your business, particularly focusing on overcoming bottlenecks? Since Renan Devillieres started working with Laurent, he has achieved remarkable breakthroughs in his business.     Though surprised by how smoothly the process has been, he acknowledges the importance of having someone for accountability and guidance, which is why Laurent's services are invaluable.    Before meeting Laurent, Renan felt a gap between where his business was and where he wanted it to be. Perhaps you have experienced this, too. You might have tried various strategies to improve your business without much success. What could be the issue? Could you be struggling with delegation and letting go of certain responsibilities?     Renan is a seasoned entrepreneur who is the co-founder and CEO of OSS Ventures, a pioneering French firm dedicated to fostering start-ups tailored to manufacturers. With a background as an economist at the OECD and as a co-founder of a successful start-up in Brazil, Renan established OSS Ventures with a vision to facilitate the digital transformation of manufacturing facilities, enabling them to thrive in the modern landscape. In this episode, we dive into his inspiring transformation journey through coaching to scale his business.    Tune in.    Key Highlights from The Show  [02:09] Episode intro  [02:54] Renan’s mindset and bottlenecks level before working with Laurent  [04:26] Business and personal impact of a business that was not at par with its vision  [06:24] Aspects that have changed since he started working with Laurent    [08:19] Why coaching is inevitable for your business success  [10:30] The value of dedicating time to coaching  [12:50] How far the business is from the original vision  [15:40] Where did the business dream come from?  [20:50] The motivation for Renan to become an entrepreneur  [23:43] The diverse business experiences he had before founding OSS Ventures  [27:47] How entrepreneurship has been transformative in his life  [30:25] Renan’s one practical recommendation to entrepreneurs from all his experience  [31:36] How to reach out and connect with Renan   [31:58] Wrap up and calls to action     Notable Quotes  ·        You must practice and change your roles as the company grows and get the leaders to take responsibility and make more decisions.  ·        The biggest risk entrepreneurs face is themselves; being a bottleneck is about self-limitation.  ·        A business that is not at par with the vision of where it should be will always impact the entrepreneur’s mindset and personal life.   ·        In entrepreneurship, always embrace doing it faster and with more intensity. The more you procrastinate on making decisions, the harder it gets to go past the analysis paralysis.    Connect With Renan Devillieres  Website:  LinkedIn:     ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now! 
Embracing resilience and overcoming self-limitations requires a combination of mindset shift, determination, and strategic action. It is all about acknowledging and understanding the self-limiting beliefs that contribute to self-imposed barriers, reframing them, and cultivating a mindset that can support resilience and growth.      As an entrepreneur, the journey involves consistently pushing the boundaries of comfort and consistently challenging and expanding your potential to overcome limiting beliefs, unlock opportunities, and pave the way for personal and professional success. Additionally, being part of a community, letting go, and following your dream to serve your purpose can help keep the momentum going and navigate this journey with determination, fulfillment, and success.    In this episode, we dive into the inspiring journey of Patricia Boral, the visionary entrepreneur behind Boral Branders.  We explore her mindset shift, overcoming self-limitations, the power of letting go, and the pivotal role of delegation in scaling her business.     Despite facing challenges stemming from her background and accent, she has risen above them, leveraging her unique perspective and experiences to fuel her entrepreneurial journey. Patricia's ability to connect with clients on a personal level, coupled with her strategic insights, has earned her the trust and loyalty of a diverse clientele.     With a forward-looking approach and a commitment to innovation, Patricia continues to lead Boral Branders toward new heights. Her story is a testament to the power of honoring dreams, inspiring others, and staying committed to growth and innovation.     Tune in.     Key Highlights from The Show  [01:04] Episode intro  [02:55] How Patricia's personal life inspired her entrepreneurial journey   [05:47] Patricia’s delegation limitations and how she overcame them  [08:06] Mindset shift: Overcoming self-limitations and Patricia's triumph   [12:28] Putting yourself out there to practice and get better   [13:12] How to find the right model and scale your business  [15:05] Patricia’s Perspective on AI versus Human Intelligence  [18:10] Letting go and Paticia’s story of entrepreneurial resilience in 2018  [21:44] What Patricia has learned about herself as an entrepreneur   [24:08] How coming from Bolivia ignited her entrepreneurial spirit  [27:10] Patricia's dream for her business and how she plans to achieve it   [29:56] Patricia’s one recommendation to entrepreneurs  [30:21] The dream that Patricia followed to serve her purpose  [34:02] How to reach out and connect with Patricia   [34:24] Wrap up and calls to action    Notable Quotes  ·        How our mindset is working is how our business is going to be working.  ·        The biggest risk entrepreneurs face is themselves; being a bottleneck is about self-limitation.  ·        Delegation and letting go start in our heads, and it’s not just about trust but also about hiring the right people and being realistic.   ·        If you stop growing, you start dying.  ·        Honor your dreams, follow them, and do them in a way that inspires others, not just for monetary gain.      Connect With Patricia Boral  Website:  LinkedIn:    ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now! 
Integrating positive impact into your business strategy is a fundamental shift in mindset and operations that can drive long-term success and societal benefit. It is about identifying areas where your business can make a meaningful difference and aligning your business mission and values with causes that resonate authentically with employees, customers, and the community. By weaving positive impact into the fabric of your business strategy, you not only contribute to a better world but also enhance brand reputation, customer loyalty, and, ultimately, your bottom line.     In this episode, Simon Schillebeeck shares his entrepreneurship journey, how to make a positive impact, contribute to sustainability, and strategies to help you grow your potential and increase your revenue base.     Simon is an academic entrepreneur and the founder and chief strategy officer of Handprint with a genuine commitment to effecting positive change and revolutionizing business frameworks for a regenerative economy. Under Simon's visionary leadership, Handprint serves as a pioneering platform that bridges corporations with causes. It automates, integrates, reports, and visualizes the constructive actions corporations undertake, aligning with their values. Rather than merely minimizing harm, Handprint is dedicated to fostering ecosystem regeneration and community revitalization.    Tune in.     Key Highlights from The Show  [02:48] Episode intro and a bit about our guest, Simon Schillebeeck  [03:17] How Simon got into the entrepreneurial world   [06:10] How to overcome the challenges that come with the business hat   [08:02] Balancing academic integrity with entrepreneurial pursuit   [09:54] Simon’s bottlenecks as a startup founder   [11:41] How to shorten the sales cycles and move to revenue-making   [15:22] Maintaining strategic stability while staying flexible for Unbounce shifts   [17:42] Being overly optimistic and Simon’s experience as a startup looking to scale   [21:55] How to strategically allocate resources and pursue opportunities as a startup   [23:08] The impact that Simon craves to make as an entrepreneur   [26:00] Simple things companies can do to be more sustainable   [34:57] Simon’s recommendation to aspiring entrepreneurs   [36:45] Best ways to reach out and connect with Simon   [37:38] Wrap up and calls to action    Notable Quotes  ·        Working with a startup is always a risk, and companies need to be willing to take risks because they believe in the potential of it.  ·        The most important thing companies can do to be more sustainable is decarbonize and optimize their processes.  ·        There are a lot of positive businesses that can come out of using impact to change your relationships.  ·        You need a passion for your business; running a business from 0 to 1 and from 1 to 100 is hard.   ·        You are not an expert in everything, and the faster you let go of what you are not good at, the better you will perform.     Connect With Simon Schillebeeck  Website:  LinkedIn:  ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now! 
Have you ever faced difficulties scaling your business, even with adequate funding and a strong foundation? If so, you might be experiencing a bottleneck. Reaching the next level often requires significant shifts like mindset changes, new working strategies, or adopting different frameworks.     It could also involve taking on a new leadership role or seeking specific training or coaching. All these factors, combined with the challenge of integrating them, can lead to stagnation and become a bottleneck for your business growth. In this episode, we are joined by Riggs Eckelberry, an entrepreneur who successfully navigated and overcame such a bottleneck in his own journey.    Riggs Eckelberry, CEO and Chairman of the Board of OriginClear is a seasoned disruptor in the tech industry who transitioned into the "green" space by co-founding OriginClear's predecessor in 2008 and taking it public.     Leveraging his background in commercializing breakthrough technologies, including notable successes during the dotcom era, he spearheaded OriginClear's mission to address growing water supply issues by providing compact on-site systems and revolutionary offerings for   With experience in management, sailing, and skiing, Eckelberry is dedicated to enabling the water industry to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.    Tune in.     Key Highlights from The Show  [03:29] Episode intro and why scaling up is Riggs Eckelberry’s current bottleneck  [05:37] Great expectations of a CEO  [06:49] Things you can do to put your company in a position that is easy to scale  [09:21] The 2018 realization of growing with a team  [14:37] The most difficult parts of growing the business  [18:04] Riggs’ shift from entrepreneurship to corporate and back to entrepreneurship   [23:51] Indicators that you need to shift from entrepreneurship to corporate  [28:25] Why Riggs is an entrepreneur  [30:16] What Riggs foresees beyond his retirement  [33:17] Riggs’ recommendation to entrepreneurs from his years of experience   [36:12] Best ways to reach out and connect with Riggs Eckelberry  [37:52] Wrap up and calls to action    Notable Quotes  ·        Tackling a business bottleneck must start with the entrepreneur.  ·        Scaling a business is an operational bottleneck.  ·        Customer service is driven from a company's top leadership to the bottom.    Connect With Riggs Eckelberry  Website:  LinkedIn:  Twitter:  Facebook:  Instagram:        ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now! 
We all start a business with a goal in mind. Sometimes, it may only be to have enough for you and your family, and other times, it may be to grow it into a prosperous company that will last for generations.     In the first case, the entrepreneur could be a solopreneur with few or no plans to delegate some tasks. They become the bottlenecks, handling every aspect of the business. But that could be overturned. What if the business outgrows? What if the demand becomes too enormous than what you currently supply? Would you close the business, chase away clients, and remain at your level? How would you navigate that growth, set new goals, and make readjustments to fit the growth? With so much need for outsourcing and delegation of duties, how will you ensure everything runs smoothly?     Join this conversation with Josh Nielsen, who has undergone exact growth with his podcasting company. He has seen the growth, gone through the pain of transition, and grown the company in ways he never imagined. This episode is packed with tips, insights, and valuable information to help you go through the unprecedented growth turbulence in a business.     Josh Nielsen founded Zencastr, a company that makes it easier to record high-quality audio for podcast interviewees based anywhere in the world. Before working at Zencastr, Nielsen was a software developer at Missouri Star Quilt Co., co-founded Soundkeep, and led frontend engineer at Mahalo.     Tune in.     Key Highlights from The Show:  [02:58] Josh Nielsen’s journey from a digital nomad to the founder of Zencastr  [05:48] What was difficult in transitioning when the company outgrew him  [07:19] Big goals with the company  [10:33] Key milestones of Josh’s company since he started it as a solopreneur  [13:47] The most difficult parts of growing the business  [15:39] Josh’s current bottleneck as an entrepreneur  [23:40] What he has learned about himself as an entrepreneur  [29:56] Josh’s recommendation to entrepreneurs from his experience   [31:35] Best ways to reach out and connect with Josh  [31:50] Wrap up and calls to action    Notable Quotes:  ·        As entrepreneurs, we must constantly evolve with our businesses or risk being left behind by our own success.  ·        Transitioning from handling every aspect to delegating tasks is not just about growth. It is about survival in a competitive market.  ·        The most difficult part of growth is not the demand but the internal adjustments required to meet it effectively.    Connect With Josh Nielsen:  Website:  LinkedIn:     ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now! 
AI is rapidly changing how we do business, and entrepreneurs stand to benefit immensely from its potential.   AI is not something that caught us by surprise. It is an expected trajectory of where we have always been going: a utopic society of more creativity and productivity. Entrepreneurs can apply AI in five key business areas: prospecting, sales, onboarding, HR, and data manipulation. AI can analyze customer data to provide personalized recommendations and targeted advertising, leading to better engagement and conversion rates. It can also provide insights and recommendations, helping you make faster decisions and avoid common pitfalls.   In this episode with Garik Tate, we talk about AI and how entrepreneurs can harness its potential for growth, efficiency, and overcoming bottlenecks. Garik makes companies more valuable to institutional buyers and increases profits through AI development/integration, hiring elite talent, and operational automation.   With over a decade of experience as a successful entrepreneur, Garik has founded companies spanning Software Development, Outsourcing, and Publishing. Notably, he has led and nurtured organizations and teams of up to 75 employees.   Tune in.     Key Highlights from The Show [02:21] How entrepreneurs can harness the true essence of AI [04:22] The evolution of AI for over 15 years and Garik’s take on it [05:59] The five key business areas entrepreneurs can apply AI [08:30] Practical examples of how you can use AI for the five areas [13:15] How to personalize AI for your specific business [17:06] Laurent’s reflection on his AI experience [21:56] Why Garik is an entrepreneur [24:12] His most current bottlenecks [30:15] Garik’s recommendation from his experience in AI and entrepreneurship [31:45] Best ways to reach out and connect with Garik [32:25] Wrap up and calls to action     Notable Quotes ● AI is a trajectory of where we have always been going—a utopic society of more creativity and productivity. ● Whatever you are looking for, there’s probably an open-source tool out there that you can plug into their API without knowing how to code. ● Prompt engineering is the most current way of training AI to fit your business needs. ● Empowering the teams, letting go, and delegating are the most common bottlenecks among entrepreneurs. ● How we spend our days is how we spend our lives, and life isn’t something that will happen later but something that is happening now. ● Everybody has two lives. The second life starts when you realize that you only have one.     Connect With Garik Tate  Website: LinkedIn:        ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now! 
Most founders get stuck with bottlenecks when they cannot delegate responsibilities to their team. The satisfaction of labels and not letting the ego go away could be detrimental. You have to let others play the game because, in most cases, the founder is not as skilled as his team of dedicated experts.     Entrepreneurs will also always use their networks as a benefit when building something new. However, they never connect their team to these networks, which is still another source of bottleneck.     Ari Tulla, who joins us in this episode, shares more of his entrepreneurship journey from age 18 and how he became stronger and never gave up despite the adversities along the journey. He also admits that despite having over 25 years of successful entrepreneurship, he still struggles with finding himself as the bottleneck of his business.    Ari Tulla is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of Elo, an AI personalisation engine delivering the exact nutrients to live better. After years of family health struggles, Ari has dedicated his life to building companies that help people live better.  His companies, BetterDoctor, Quest Analytics, and Elo Health, have helped over a hundred million people gain better access to healthcare.    Tune in.     Key Highlights from The Show  [03:47] A short summary of Ari Tulla’s entrepreneurship journey since 18 years of age  [06:02] The US hustle culture of never giving up  [08:16] His secret of never giving up on business  [13:41] When do you know it’s time to give up on a business  [23:03] How his experience working at Nokia was  [27:55] Determining the breaking point of a business  [31:40] One of Ari’s current entrepreneur bottlenecks  [35:45] Why it is not possible to have 100% bottleneck-free business  [39:34] Best ways to reach out and connect with Ari  [41:32] Wrap up and calls to action    Notable Quotes  ·        When you get into adversity and things don’t go your way, the best antidote is just to keep going.  ·        The secret weapon of never giving up in business is your right mindset.  ·        Entrepreneurship is all about mindset. The most successful entrepreneurs are not so because they have better skills. They have a better mindset.  ·        Always use your networks as a benefit when you are building something new.  ·        Leaders are not born; they are made.  ·        Founders become company bottlenecks when they cannot delegate responsibilities to their teams.    Connect With Ari Tulla  Company’s Website:  Personal Website:  LinkedIn:        ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now! 
The core of entrepreneurship is getting out to solve problems through offering services or manufacturing products.     And as it goes, no one knows the product better than the manufacturer who has the original idea. This implies that an inventor will most likely become a bottleneck to the manufacturing process. Delegation can be difficult, but with the right mindset and skills, you can grow exponentially. Eli Packouz, who joins us in this episode, reveals his secrets.     He advises entrepreneurs to chase only what brings a great impact and delegate what does not to others. He firmly believes that efficiency is based on what you do and what you don’t do.    Eli is a serial inventor and two-time founder. In 2013, he and his brother initiated their first venture, Singular Sound, which has introduced eight highly successful products. Collaborating with Dr. Ralf Raud and Dr. Ana Mascarenhas in 2017, Eli embarked on a new project to develop Instafloss, the world's first device designed to floss all teeth automatically within 10 seconds. Following five years of dedicated research and development, Instafloss is poised to revolutionize dental care, aiming to transform smiles across the globe, one tooth at a time.    Tune in.     Key Highlights from The Show  [02:49] What Eli’s bottleneck index score of 38% reveal to him   [04:25] The manufacturing process - from an idea to a product  [08:01] Heavy manufacturing expenses and ways to seek investments  [09:05] How to get your customers excited by your product and even pre-order  [12:23] How the dental floss product idea came about  [13:52] Why patience is paramount in business  [17:50] Prototypes Eli produced before reaching a final product  [23:39] Eli’s motivation to become an entrepreneur  [24:05] Why do you need to choose only what works and chase after it  [28:34] How Eli can use his manufacturing creativity to create a solution to any want  [32:36] The most important consideration of an entrepreneur  [34:26] Best ways to reach out and connect with Eli  [35:20] Wrap up and calls to action    Notable Quotes  ·        Choose one that has the highest impact and chase after it.     ·        In manufacturing, products are meant to solve problems. If not, the whole thing collapses.  ·        At the core, an entrepreneur goes out to solve a problem. The success lies in actually solving it.  ·        It’s always possible to change your marketing strategies, learn more, or become a smarter entrepreneur, but changing something you offer is not fundamentally possible.    Connect With Eli Packouz  Website:  LinkedIn:       ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now! 
It might feel crazy not to get involved in every operation of your business, but the more you let go, the better it performs. However, many entrepreneurs struggle with this bottleneck of hoarding and not letting go.     Nancy Lyons, who joins us in this episode, has been in business for over 22 years, and her exponential growth happened the moment she stopped being the bottleneck of the business. She shares with us how she managed that setback of letting go, the significant milestones as an effective leader in inspiring her teams to success and shares valuable tips for entrepreneurs.    Nancy Lyons has led employees and clients through thousands of business-teams, and work culture challenges. She is the author of "Interactive Project Management" and "Work Like a Boss," which provides a concise guide for individuals, highlighting actions, attitudes, and attributes crucial for improving the workplace for oneself and those around.     Nancy's remarkable contributions have earned her numerous accolades and recognitions, including induction into the National Association of Women Business Owners' MN Hall of Fame, recognition among the "100 People to Know" by Twin Cities Business, and acknowledgment as one of the "101 most influential people in the world of work, management, and career" by Ladder magazine. She has been honored as the "Most Admired CEO" by Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal and received the "Business Owner of the Year" award from the National Association for Women Business Owners.    Tune in.     Key Highlights from The Show  [03:05] Why Nancy Lyon feels crazy for not being involved fully in her business  [05:18] Major bottlenecks she encountered as an entrepreneur and how she managed them  [07:08] Entrepreneurship challenges she has faced  [10:11] Significant milestones in her 22 years of business  [14:52] Nancy's effective communication as the business CEO  [18:43] What's next for Nancy in the business career  [23:36] Reasons why Nancy became an entrepreneur  [29:46] Practical recommendations to other entrepreneurs based on her experience  [33:24] Best ways to reach out and connect with Nancy  [33:58] Wrap up and calls to action    Notable Quotes  ·        Adequate outside funding is critical to getting any product out of the ground.  ·        Success comes from knowing when to say yes or no. The more we narrow down things, the better and more successful we become.  ·        Embrace mistakes and failures. Failure in practice is how you get better.  ·        It might feel crazy to not get involved in every operation of your business, but letting go makes it grow exponentially.      Connect With Nancy Lyons  Personal Website:  Business:  Instagram:  LinkedIn:     ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now! 
A successful business needs consistency and grit from setbacks, letting go of some weights that make you become the bottleneck, embracing change through trials and error while having fun, and not being too hard on yourself.     However, most entrepreneurs still need help with this. Studying the data and analyzing the charts to decide which part of the business needs delegation could take much time, or the CEO's ego might be stopping them from letting go of certain weights in the business. In this episode with Richard Blank, he tells us how we can navigate that with his 16+ years of business experience.     Richard Blank has been the Chief Executive Officer of Costa Rica’s Call Center since 2008. He holds a bachelor's degree in Communication and Spanish from the University of Arizona and a language proficiency certificate from the University of Sevilla, Spain. He is a keynote speaker for Philadelphia's Abington High School 68th National Honors Society induction ceremony.     In addition, he was inducted into the 2023 Hall of Fame for Business. Giving back to Abington Senior High School is very important to Mr. Blank. As such, he endows a scholarship each year for students who plan on majoring in a world language at the university level.    Tune in.     Key Highlights from The Show  [03:40] Richard Blank & his collection of Pinball machines & antique Rockola Jukeboxes  [04:34] Richard’s passion for pinball games  [07:04] Bottlenecks in business explained  [10:58] Why Richards's Startup sucked  [16:35] How he deals with resistance to change in the call center business  [19:37] Why letting go was his hardest bottleneck   [25:49] Top 3 growth milestones for the growth of his business  [33:28] Practical recommendations to other entrepreneurs   [39:01] How to reach out and connect with Richard  [40:24] Wrap up and calls to action    Notable Quotes  ·        Do not be too hard on yourself.  ·        Bottleneck is really about letting go of certain weights in your business.  ·        You are only as good as your options.  ·        When you are vulnerable, you are powerful.  Connect With Richard Blank  Website:  Facebook:  LinkedIn:     ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now!
Most startup entrepreneurs are the bottlenecks in their business, handling every task without specialization. Basically, the startup's survival depends on physical and active involvement. But there comes a time when the entrepreneur must pivot beyond the business for it to grow and move to the next level. That could mean going back to the startup phase and setting the foundations right, which could be a tall order but a secret weapon to massive and exponential growth.    Ludwina Dautovic, who joins us in this episode, is a practical example of how going back to the basics of entrepreneurship and startup foundations could mean everything. In this episode, she shares how she came to that decision, how she manages the abnormal growth of the business, and some tips and strategies you can apply to your business for your next-level status. She discusses her entrepreneurship journey and the lessons she has learned with over 30 years of experience.    Ludwina is the CEO and founder of The Room Xchange, who is passionate about transforming how Australians view housing. Her mission is to utilize the 13.5 million unused bedrooms across Australia, turning dormant spaces into additional income or household help opportunities. This innovative approach has garnered recognition, winning major awards such as Proptech Association Australia and the Wyndham Business Awards.    Tune in.     Key Highlights from The Show  [02:50] Ludwina’s audacious decision to go back to the startup phase  [06:03] Ludwina’s main bottleneck today  [08:37] Strategies and plans she has in place to manage the super growth  [10:15] How Ludwina has coped with working remotely from home for 30 years  [12:20] Benefits of working from home  [13:35] Rules Ludwina has implemented to work efficiently from home  [20:25] Nothing is as urgent as you think it might be  [23:38] Insights into why Ludwina became an entrepreneur  [26:01] What Ludwina has learned about herself in the business world  [35:53] Practical recommendations to other entrepreneurs based on our experience  [39:13] How to reach out and connect with Ludwina Dautovic  [40:08] Wrap up and calls to action    Notable Quotes  ·        In a start-up phase, you are limited in resources and funds depending on what you require to become a revenue-generating business.  ·        There is a time when every startup needs to pivot. Every entrepreneur needs to pivot beyond themselves.  ·        Letting go is one of the most challenging things for entrepreneurs. As painful as it is, it can be the best decision for the business. It is the secret to avoiding being the bottleneck of the business.  ·        The moment you realize your value, you will know why you should not be someone's employee.   Connect With Ludwina Dautovic  Personal Website:  Business:  Facebook:  LinkedIn:         ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now! 
Are you a business owner struggling to market and communicate effectively with your internal team and customers?     As an entrepreneur, achieving success extends beyond just knowing the language of your industry, having a great team, and possessing a grand vision to communicate effectively with your team and target audience.     Learning how to remove the bottlenecks in your communication and tailoring your message to resonate with your audience is not just a skill but a critical strategy for success in the business landscape.     In this episode, Bob Wiltfong and Tim Ito will teach you how to master this art of communication to enhance collaboration and understanding within your team, establish a strong connection with your customers, and create an environment for sustained growth in your business.     Bob Wiltfong and Tim Ito are experts in marketing and communication and the authors of The BS Dictionary: Uncovering the Origins & True Meanings of Business Speak.    Tune in!     Key Highlights from The Show  [02:39] Introduction to the show with Bob Wiltfong and Tim Ito  [03:00] What BS is and how it works in the business world  [08:24] Using BS to remove bottlenecks when speaking to your audience   [10:50] How learning BS can enhance your efficiency as an entrepreneur  [12:40] Using BS with your employees, partners and customers    [15:23] The rule of using BS with your audience  [20:41] The main message Bob and Tim are trying to get across    [26:00] Movie phrases in Bob and Tim's book and what they mean in BS  [31:06] Bob and Tim’s favorite BS words   [34:54] Bob and Tim’s upcoming second edition of the BS dictionary    [36:03] What it means for Bob and Tim to be entrepreneurs   [39:22] What Bob and Tim have learned about themselves as entrepreneurs   [44:30] Common mistakes businesses make in marketing and communication  [46:38] Bob and Tim’s practical recommendations for business owners   [48:00] How to connect with Bob and Tim and get their book  [49:22] Wrap-up and end of the show     Notable Quotes  ·        Understanding who you are speaking to and using the right BS can help remove bottlenecks when speaking to your audience.  ·        The main goal of communication is to communicate ideas and bring people together around ideas, not to look smart.  ·        In order to play in the world of business, you have to learn the language.  ·        If you want to communicate effectively, you have to make sure your audience understands what you are saying.   ·        As an entrepreneur, you should not only have a vision but also rally people around your vision.  ·        Stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about who you are speaking to and who your audience is.  Resources Mentioned:   The BS Dictionary by Bob Wiltfong and Tim Ito    Connect With Bob Wiltfong and Tim Ito  LinkedIn:  LinkedIn:  Website:        ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now! 
Navigating the world of marketing, especially the digital space, can be a challenge for business owners looking to boost profits and turn potential customers into loyal customers.     But here's the deal – when done right, it's like unlocking a superpower for your business that can help you build, grow, and scale your business.    Digital marketing is essential for every founder who wants to understand their customer preferences, needs, and pain points. Its power lies in data analytics, which allows you to understand your customer journey, create targeted approaches, and strategize your product to consistently and optimally deliver your promise.    In this episode, we're joined by Mikael Dia, a Growth Advisor passionate about helping businesses convert strangers into loyal customers. As Founder & CEO of Funnelytics, Mikael brings insights into digital marketing and analyzing marketing funnels to help you pinpoint what's working and optimize for greater success.    Tune in and discover how digital marketing can be a game-changer for your business!    Key Highlights from The Show  [02:24] Introduction to the show with Mikael Dia   [02:44] The bottlenecks Michael has helped his clients overcome  [03:54] Why digital marketing seems so complicated  [06:00] Marketing vs. making money online   [06:57] How to tie customer journey with the analytics and data   [10:02] Removing bottlenecks in your product and end-user experience   [11:54] The people who need to understand the customers in the business  [14:58] Removing bottlenecks by creating an operating system  [18:11] Tips on how to prevent customers from shunning away  [22:05] What Mikael is doing to overcome his bottleneck as a founder   [23:56] The formula of business and why it’s different in every business  [27:56] Why letting go is not just about hiring and delegation   [33:14] Mikael’s one practical recommendation to founders on retention  [36:38] How to reach out and connect with Mikael  [37:01] Wrap-up and end of the show       Notable Quotes  ·        Digital marketing is the art and science of converting strangers into customers, and there are fundamentals you must learn across various phases.   ·        Growing and building a business is not a tactic; there are other components to making that happen.  ·        As the founder, not everyone will be as potent as you, and letting go is not just about hiring; you can’t hire more people when the revenue doesn’t add up.  ·        The retention side of things is where your business scales and grows; you have to deliver to retain.  ·        Closing and attracting are by-products of having a solid product that consistently delivers what it promises.   Connect With Mikael Dia  LinkedIn:    Download the eBook 8 Tactics To Thrive as An Entrepreneur         ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now! 
Entrepreneurship is a lifelong journey and not a destination to aim for. While entrepreneurs exist to solve problems in the world, it is not always a walk in the park. It is a cause that demands a different mindset, behavior, and skills.     Jay Bousada, an entrepreneur since 1999, joins us in this entrepreneurship podcast to discuss his journey, the pivots he has made, his mistakes, and the lessons he has learned. Jay has all the information for you if you want your business to be bulletproof in any environment or market.    Jay founded Thrillworks in 1999 to help organizations take full advantage of the potential of digital. He’s a born problem solver, beginning his career as an Engineer before turning his attention to technology. As CEO, he’s now driven by a passion for solving problems others may fail to see. This courage is at the core of who he is and the driving force behind everything Thrillworks creates.    Among the things Jay shares in this episode include the power of having a vision as an entrepreneur. You must have a business vision that should also be well ingrained in the minds of those who work for you. All entrepreneurs also need to understand the importance of boundaries. Let your employees know the values, expectations, ethics, morals, and culture you uphold and ascribe to. Boundaries are the only way to create a healthy environment in your business. Tune in and learn more.    Let’s jump in!    Key Highlights From the Show [00:26] Jay’s journey of entrepreneurship since 1999  [06:04] The different stages of his business’ growth  [12:42] How the covid pandemic demanded a pivot in business  [13:43] The bottleneck concept  [14:44] Why Jay’s early success in business was both a blessing and a curse  [16:40] How losing the original ‘why’ of the business brought failure  [21:25] How automation can be a disadvantage to trust building with customers  [25:15] What Jay has learned about himself as an entrepreneur  [30:00] The future of Jay’s business  [33:17] Jay’s takeaway tips for entrepreneurs   [33:24] Achievements that Jay is proud of  [35:28] Best ways to reach out and connect with Jay Bousada    Notable Quotes   ·        The real power of an organization comes from its people.   ·        Any product or solution you put in place has to include a good deal of quality. That’s not negotiable if you want to stay in business.  ·        If the business vision is not clear in the minds of the people working for you, the secret success formula will require you to be there every day.  ·        Never assume anything in business.  ·        First, seek to understand before you are understood.  ·        As an entrepreneur, boundaries are the only ways to create a healthy environment in your business.    Connect With Jay Bousada Website:  Instagram:  LinkedIn:    ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now!  
A business where you are a bottleneck will not survive. You must plan on ways to exit or fire yourself from it. That is what differentiates successful founders and those who die with their businesses. But when do you know is the right time to fire yourself?     Though there is no definitive time, today’s guest tells us it depends on your business. If you can afford to sustain the skill, go ahead and delegate. However, you should also consider whether your talent is the right fit to take over. You do not want to relinquish some roles only for the business to strain.    Brandon Kleinman, the founder of Birthday App, joins us to discuss his insights into the startup landscape. Birthday App is his third company after two successful ones. He has made all the mistakes and learned all the possible entrepreneurship lessons. But one thing that has been a secret for his success is refusing to become a bottleneck for the business.     So, join him as he shares these tips and insights to take your business to the next level.     Tune in.     Key Highlights from The Show  [03:39] Why it’s important to fire yourself from your business  [05:00] When is the best time to fire yourself?  [06:54] What if you can’t afford to delegate a role?  [12:52] Why Brandon became an entrepreneur  [26:33] What Brandon has learned about himself as an entrepreneur  [30:50] Standout mistakes that Brandon has made as an entrepreneur  [36:11] Brandon’s main lessons to entrepreneurs and start-up founders from his experience   [37:04] How to reach out and connect with Brandon    Notable Quotes  ·        Entrepreneurship is a calling.  ·        Sometimes, do not use money as a determinant factor when making decisions for your business.  ·        Deciding to do nothing is a decision, and it is okay.  Connect With Brandon Kleinman  Website:  Twitter:       ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now! 
Implementing the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework in your business is a strategic move that requires careful planning and commitment.     One crucial aspect often underestimated is the active involvement of the C-level team in the implementation process. The commitment of top leadership sets the tone for the entire organization and ensures that OKRs align with the overall business strategy.     Effective implementation is a dynamic process involving both top-down and bottom-up approaches. While traditional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) may follow a top-down structure, OKRs encourage a more collaborative approach. Allowing employees to set their personal goals fosters a sense of ownership and empowerment.     Achieving your business objectives, creating innovative products, and winning your target markets requires a thoughtful approach, and OKR can help you enhance your strategy.     In this episode, we’re joined by Viktor Grekov to share his entrepreneurship journey, the secrets to the successful implementation of the OKR framework, and how you can create a successful product as an entrepreneur.     Viktor is the co-founder and CEO of Oboard, an OKR software company. Following a decade in product development, Grekov founded Oboard in 2018 after experiencing the challenges of OKR implementation firsthand. Under his leadership, the company has grown to serve 1,000 clients, including industry leaders such as Volkswagen, Panasonic, Best Buy, Ericsson, and Pfizer.    Tune in!    Key Highlights from The Show  [01:14] Introduction to the show with Viktor Grekov  [02:57] Viktor’s bottleneck index score and his lessons and biggest challenge   [06:45] Working with international teams and how Viktor prepares himself   [07:45] Viktor’s leadership approach to enhancing his team’s engagement and motivation  [10:26] How to build trust and let go as a leader and a business owner  [13:13] How Viktor is handling the pressure in Ukraine to keep his business thriving  [14:30] What is OKR, and how it solves problems with engagement, focus, and alignment  [15:40] How to implement the OKR framework in your company   [21:14] The difference between OKR and KPIs approach and freedom  [24:50] How OKR strategy can help you remove bottlenecks  [27:22] What it means to Viktor to be an entrepreneur   [28:57] What Viktor has learned about himself as an entrepreneur   [30:04] Viktor’s main lessons to entrepreneurs and start-up founders   [32:09] How to reach out and connect with Viktor  [32:26] Ending the show    Notable Quotes  ·        Don’t underestimate the importance of the involvement of the C-level team in the implementation.  ·        Effective implementation of OKR is both top-down and down-up.   ·        When you use KPIs, you will always use a top-down approach, and people will have no chance to set their personal goals.  ·        Creating an innovative product and winning a specific market is about the approach to how you will achieve it.  ·        Entrepreneurship is all about making an impact and changing people's lives.  Connect With Viktor Grekov  Website:  LinkedIn:    ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now! 
Letting go of what is not working for your business is an act of courage that goes beyond mere acknowledgment of stagnation.     It involves a fearless confrontation of the areas where your business is stuck and the willingness and commitment to pivot and move to the next level of growth.     Join the conversation with Kute Blackson as he shares his journey as a transformational teacher and his process of helping people become aware of their patterns, break barriers, and unlock their true gifts and greatness.     According to Kute, releasing what no longer serves your business is not just a strategic move:  ·        It's a profound acknowledgment that innovation and progress demand a willingness to embrace the unknown  ·        It's also a readiness to pivot and evolve into the next level of your entrepreneurial journey.    Kute is a transformational teacher, inspirational speaker, and the author of You Are The One and The Magic of Surrender. Kute has spoken at countless events worldwide. He is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, a select group of one hundred of the world's foremost authorities in the personal development industry.     For over 20 years, Kute Blackson has been inspiring audiences around the world, and his mission is simple: To awaken and inspire people across the planet to access inner freedom, live authentically, and fulfill their true life's purpose.    Tune in!    Key Highlights from The Show  [01:09] Introduction to the show with Kute Blackson  [03:00] The thread that connects Kute's work in the transformational space  [06:57] Who Kute is and his purpose and mission in this world   [09:50] Kute’s processes of helping people become aware of their patterns  [14:51] How we make our lives complex and where to start to make it simple  [21:13] Acknowledging and sitting with pain to course-correct and be alignment.  [23:06] Kute's book, The Magic of Surrender’s message on surrendering and letting go  [26:26] The nature of the ego and the essence of surrender    [31:05] Letting go of control and trying to force and manipulate our business in our limitations   [33:30] Why it’s incredibly important to find your true purpose in life and how to do it   [36:33] Understanding the evolutionary nature of purpose; it evolves as you evolve  [42:20] Why Kute considers himself an entrepreneur   [43:44] Kute’s dream, it’s essence, and why it’s not an end goal   [46:36] How to reach out and connect with Kute and get his book  [47:29] Ending the show    Notable Quotes  ·        It takes more courage to acknowledge where you are stuck and let go of what’s not working.    ·        Surrender is the real secret to manifestation and the real key to the next level.  ·        When we’re attached to the outcome, we’re unable to be flexible and receive the messages that the marketplace gives us.  ·        The game of living your true purpose is learning, growing, and evolving and your work is a vehicle to learn the lessons in the school of life.  ·        Your entire life has been the perfect preparation for you to live your purpose; look at your life and your tangible skills and employ them to solve a problem.  ·        Money and success are the sanction when we add value; we add value when we solve a pain, problem, or challenge.      Connect With Kute Blackson  Website:  LinkedIn:  Instagram:    Books:  The Magic of Surrender: Finding the Courage to Let Go, Kute Blackson You Are The One, Kute Blackson   ----- How much of the bottleneck in your business are you? Don’t underestimate the bottleneck’s impact. Take the Bottleneck Index and find out your bottleneck score now! 
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