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This is the podcast "Four" Creatives- backed by Photographer and Entrepreneur Megan Francis of Four Percent Photo and the Creative Youth Foundation. To learn more about the meaning behind the name be sure to listen to episode 2 from season 1. I cant wait to connect with fellow creatives from all over the world. Share their story and their perspective on some topics that we all want to hear about! This laid back conversational style pod is for anyone interested in bringing life to their own creative career or if you're simply curious about a sneak peek behind the scenes from some of the internets most creative peeps!
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IntroductionHello everyone, first and foremost thank you guys for tuning in! Today we have the pleasure of having DJ Watson. He is a videographer & photographer whom I've known since highschool! He’s here to share some good stuff with us along with his photography story! So let’s go back to the college days, DJ Watson went to Cal State San Bernardino, initially wanting to be a nutritionist then realized marketing was calling him so like many of us in college, changed his major! In the course of his college journey, he randomly bought a camera! (THE camera) At the time DJ explains he didn’t know anything about photography, he watched “Kai W” on youtube who reviewed the camera, from there DJ was photographing all day everyday, and started doing free work, including photos & videos for restaurants. Afterwards his friend offered him an opportunity to work with his agency as a photographer & DJ went for it! Ever since he’s been shooting food for restaurants! I was really interested in knowing his way of approaching restaurants & getting gigs, so I asked him how he goes about that, he just goes up to them & asks, he says “just approaching clients door to door is the best way to get work, feeling the vibe. Showing your work face to face is best” He explains his point of view, stating “you have nothing to lose especially in the beginning” The branding - I was curious to know how he established his brand, “did it come naturally?” I ask, he thinks it came naturally because he has the ability to see things visually, he tries to replicate shots which is totally okay when it comes to branding, especially when starting out. As far as food photography, he expresses that every restaurant is different with totally different styles, for example he’s done shoots for vintage diners which has a totally different vibe than an LA edgy new restaurant where the shoots feature models, bright lighting, & plants. He says that the best part of food photography for him is getting to eat the food after, YUMM!!!! Behind the scenesAnother thing I was curious about was the behind the scenes, what a styled shoot looks like. DJ says “I think it’s fascinating”,he explains how it starts with pre-production, finding the vibe; Flash, dark? His personal favorite is natural light, but if it's a more focused product food shoot, he says they plan ahead of time determining what colors they want to pop out, if it goes better wood background, if they want marble. He does research ahead of time. I ask if it goes by quickly? He says it definitely does but it’s not as stressful as photographing people because you have more control over posing the food BUT you do have a certain time frame because things melt, you have to get the perfect shot. Tips for anybody going in that route?For anyone wanting to go into food photography & building your portfolio, DJ advices to “make your favorite dish, bring a table next to your window, add some kind of backdrop, & shoot away with it, shoot different angles, get different moves, learn lighting first because it's what matters the most, highlight the ingredients, make colors pop, you want to keep in mind to make it look as pretty as possible, no crumbs on the side, a clean plate” I think this was such a great answer because it’s super detailed and while listening to his response I imagined myself setting something up in my own house. He shares his experience about a photoshoot outside and everything went great but there was a fly on the burger in one of the shots, he says always review your work after. I definitely thought this was great great advice especially because there are so many genres of photography.Videography I asked DJ about his videography style, he says “I like doing everything, i like shooting wed
IntroductionHello you guys! Thank you for tuning in today. I am so excited to have the one & only Kayla Esparza! Kayla is a photographer in California and she is here to tell us about her story, leveling up your photo business & so much more! So stay tuned for this fun & unique episode! The day 1Kayla’s photography journey started like many of ours, with a camera, THE camera! When Kayla was 12 she was assigned to learn how to use a camera that was given to her dad, she started capturing her grass, the bugs, & just looking at photography as a hobby that she grew to love! Through Jr High & highschool she was taking photography classes & was even part of the yearbook group! She eventually became the friend who took the pictures, you know you have that friend, or you are that friend HAHA! Kayla talks about her first actual gig in highschool she says, “my heart just burst open the second i got finished with that event”, she realized she loved being a part of the couples elopement. Kayla also shared an interesting fact about herself, she comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, she shares her experiences catering weddings for her dad, how she would follow the photographer & would just watch them shoot and interact with the couple.  Finding her passion If you guys know my photography journey, Kayla’s story sounds very similar! After high school she was expected to go to college & graduate & find a job in that field, like many of us. So she did it, she went to college, wanted to be a teacher & planned to always do the photography thing as a side hustle (sound familiar? HAHA) Kayla eventually came to a point where she realized she needed a break, she was not passionate about school so she took a year off to find her true self.  Then, she made an amazing & BOLD move! She moved to California with her hubby!! Kayla then tells us about her photography journey after moving to California, she was a barista at starbucks and did photography part time. With no mentor, no resources, no instagram she really struggled in the beginning, constantly being super hard on herself, comparing her work to others, feeling unworthy of booking strangers. She says something that totally resonates with me and it’s “you can’t compare your own beginnings to someone's middle or end” she says “keep pressing on until you absolutely love your work”. The moment she got  a mentor, things changed for her, she learned so much more & went FULL TIME. Amazing right? Amazing how things can change the moment we invest in ourselves & our business, I love this interview!!That mom lifeKayla is definitely a huge inspiration to me when it comes to photography, I wanted to touch on how she takes her son to photoshoots and how he does so well, I definitely aspire to take my daughter with me to shoot! She opens up about how she got a lot of backlash at 27 weeks pregnant because she flew to Iceland to shoot  a wedding with her mentor. She tells all moms, whether you're a new mom or aspire to be a mom soon, when you have a baby your baby should adapt to your life & not really adapt your life to the babys, and so she practiced what she preached. At 2 months old Liam, her son, was on his first flight with Kayla! Now he can sit through road trips and does an amazing job when she does take him with her to shoots, he adapted to her life & it so worked out! We also speak about how her husband & Kayla collaborate for weddings. They started a film company called Honesty Films, and she does the photography while he does the filming, it works out so much better when they work together because they know exactly how to communicate. In my opinion forming a company with your significant other is definitely a goal many of us desire, I think it’s such an amazing idea
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