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Author: Tanya Brown

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I share with you my journey of how I became a psychic & clairvoyant as well as highlight very talented individuals that should be on your radar by interviewing them for my show.
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Way back in the day I inadvertently defined myself by my 9 to 5 job. Worked endless hours and weekends and went home feeling very unfulfilled.  It wasn't until I went from Corporate to Freelance that my thoughts on this changed.. I started to seriously notice who I was around the office and I liked her..  Check out my new podcast where we discuss "who you are vs your job"..  As always feel free to book your session here..  
Did you know that the most amazing and successful business were created during hard times?  Disney IBM Hyatt Your business can be one of them. Listen to my latest podcast to get started.. Also when you are ready to book your call with me click the link below.
It always used to bother me when people would ask "how are you" but not really want an answer. Or ask but only open to receiving a positive affirmation in return.  We are currently in an unprecedented time in which things around the globe are happening and a lot of which has been affecting us.  We have a pandemic, We have racial injustice, we have inequality, we have health issues. Frankly the list goes on and on but you get my drift.  On todays podcast we dive into why its ok to not be ok. 
As someone who has trouble sleeping I realized after another restless night's sleep that I need to change the things I can change. Which brought me to this list of the Five things I am doing during quarantine to keep my mindset positive.  At the end of the day we can only change the things we can change. That starts with us.  As always to book a session click the link below.    
Are you currently following everyone's highlight reel of success and doing the comparison game? Feeling that you are not measuring up? This podcast episode is for you.  To sign up  to work with me..  
Let's face it. We are in quarantine is some areas of the world and we have alot of time on our hands. There is so much stuff that we said we would do "if we had time". We have mental lists of things we would work on.  Why now is the time to take action on some of those projects.. and why others will never get done..  
I am jokingly calling this my quarantine edition. Even though I am self quarantine I am still working with clients (virtually). Today one of my clients asked me about gratitude and my gratitude journal.  Here are my thought on this.  Also after you listen to this I would love to hear what you are grateful for.  Feel free to #tappininwithtanya  I will pick someone at random to win a reading.
Words do matter

Words do matter


On today's episode I share a story of how on my vacation I were I was almost stranded (on a lovely island btw). How I turned the situation around and saved the day.  Discover how you can do the same and practice these techniques in your every days life.
I enjoyed seeing the movie Fantasy Island. It brought up the idea of what things in my life I would like to have the opportunity to "do over". This brought up a lot of self reflection... Tune in to find out.. As always I love hearing from you guys. Feel free to share your thoughts at Also you can always book a reading at Btw.. I recommend Fantasy Island.. Nice movie.. 
My clients always ask me how to manifest the things you want. In today's episode I breakdown the ways I have brought things into my life that I truly desired. To share with you how you can do the same.  If this episode connect with you send a message to me at Also if you are in the NY area join me for coffee with a psychic my airbnb experience Or book a reading at
Being a psychic/clairvoyant and using my gift in my coaching business has been an amazing journey for me. I love working with clients from all around the world. From Australia to New Zealand to UK to Ireland to China and Japan. In the episode I share the common questions that everyone men and woman want to know the answers too. I also share the lessons I have learned along the way.  Be sure to message me with what you got out of this episode at . If you are in the NY area I would love to meet you. Feel free to book a session on my airbnb coffee with a psychic Till next time... Tanya    
So many clients ask me about aspects of their life and how this relates to their past lives. One client felt strongly that her current husband was her soul mate in a prior life. Of which she was correct.  In this episode I share with you what I expereinced when doing a past life experience.
Social media can be an amazing tool but also a distracting one. We start of trying to do one task but then get distracted and fall down a long hole often forgetting what are intention was. Is this you? Check out my latest podcast on what to do next. Also feel free to book a business deep dive reading so we can turn your business around at
Today I share how I gave a free business consultation session to a dear friend in need. I also share the results.. Join me for todays episode and share with me your thoughts/comments at
I share the story of how my new client during our session was angry because she was comparing her business to a colleague of hers. Wondering why her?? Why not me? Listen to how we turned her frown upside down. 
Everyday when I speak to my clients or other entrepreneur friends I notice the language that they use which is ultimately stopping their progress in its tracks. The words they use to describe the reasons why they cannot proceed with any new endeavor or idea.  Check out my latest podcast and see if you are using the same words to halt yours.
What is in a name?

What is in a name?


I so often get asked. What or who is Lauren St. Julian? As you well know my name is Tanya Brown. Most people get confused and call me Lauren (which is my middle name btw).  And what does this have to do with Mother's Day? Well on today's podcast i answer that question and more.  Happy Mother's Day!
Being psychic is fun and very rewarding. Today I discuss what value and use this gift has provided in my everyday life. As always feel free to book a reading through my website
Meditation doesn't have to be difficult or intense. Check out my new podcast will gives you the tools to start your day in the best way. When done shoot us an email at and let us know how it worked for you. Also if you are looking to get additional help check out our services at
Good energy verses blah or negative energy. How to work with your energy to get the optimum results.
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