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Welcome to the Gordon Asset Management Podcast, a show for savers, investors and entrepreneurs. Helping you to stay informed, invest wisely, and achieve the unimaginable. Join the team at Gordon Asset Management, LLC as they discuss the most important stories on the economy & markets for business owners and investors. Please visit for more information about our firm.*Disclosures* Gordon Asset Management, LLC is a registered investment adviser. Information presented in this podcast is for educational & entertainment purposes only and does not intend to make an offer or solicitation for the sale or purchase of any specific securities, investments, or investment strategies. Investments involve risk and, unless otherwise stated, are not guaranteed. Be sure to first consult with a qualified financial adviser and/or tax professional before implementing any strategy discussed herein. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Neither Gordon Asset Management, LLC, nor its podcast participants shall be held liable for losses resulting from actions taken based on information or viewpoints discussed on this podcast.
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The Gordon Asset Management Podcast welcomes Ira Carnahan to the show.  Ira works on the portfolio management team for T. Rowe Price's Capital Appreciation Fund.  T. Rowe Price Capital Appreciation is one of our favorite balanced funds; consistently ranking among the best performing of its peers.  On the podcast Ira explains the management philosophy behind the fund and highlights some potential areas of growth.  For more information, please visit compliments of Id Obelus:
Is your personal data a plan asset or can service providers use this data to cross-sell financial products?  In this brief update Todd Zempel breaks down recent developments from the Shell Oil 401k lawsuit. For more information about our firm, please visit
The Gordon Asset Management Podcast welcomes Tom Snyder to the show.  Tom is the executive director of Raleigh NC's RIoT organization.  RIoT is an organization that mentors entrepreneurs, a startup accelerator, and R&D lab, for companies and individuals in the IoT (Internet of Things) space.  On the podcast Tom discusses what happening at RIoT, the business climate in North Carolina, and upside potential for technology during the 4th Industrial Revolution.  For more information about Tom or RIoT, check out
The Gordon Asset Management Podcast welcomes Burland East to the show.  Burl is  CEO at American Assets Capital Advisers and Portfolio Manager for the Altergris/AACA Opportunistic Real Estate Fund.   On the episode Burl describes his process which has led to significant outperformance in his real estate fund and highlights areas he sees future potential for growth.  For more information about Burl, please visit
The Gordon Asset Management Podcast welcomes Scot Wingo to the show.  Scot is a successful serial entrepreneur and curator of the 'triangle tweeners' list--an index of North Carolina triangle region start-ups.   On the episode Scot shares his thoughts on everything from the local Raleigh start-up scene, to blockchain, and the economy.  For more information about Scot check out his podcast, the Jason & Scot Show at or follow Spiffy at
The Gordon Asset Management Podcast welcomes Dr. Dale Matcheck to the show.  Dr. Matcheck is Professor and Department Chair of Economics at Northwood University--a college rooted in the ideology of the free market system.  On the episode Dr. Matcheck addresses some of the challenges to the free enterprise system we face on the heels of COVID, as well as the shortfalls of higher education.  For more information about Dr. Matcheck or Northwood University, please visit
The Gordon Asset Management Podcast welcomes Megan Fielding to the show.  Megan is Senior Director of Responsible Investing for TIAA/Nuveen.  On the episode Megan breaks down what Responsible Investing (also known as ESG or Sustainable Investing) is and the potential opportunity it has created for investors.  For more information about Megan or TIAA/Nuveen, please visit
Join the Gordon Asset Management Podcast for a special 'meme stonk' special report with James Abate.  James is a former hedge fund Manager and author of the book "Short Selling: Strategies Risks and Rewards".  James is also founder and Chief Investment Officer of Centre Asset Management, LLC.  On the podcast, we discuss the wild action this week in 'meme stonks' like GameStop and the potential for knock-on effects in other areas of the market.For more information on James or Centre Funds, please visit and
The Gordon Asset Management Podcast welcomes Stephen Noll & Kyle Wall to the show.  Steve and Kyle are Portfolio Managers for TIAA/Nuveen's Multi Asset (target date) team.  TIAA/Nuveen has been recognized by Lipper as the "best mixed asset large fund company" 5-years in a row (2016-2020).  On the podcast Steve and Kyle lay out the philosophy behind the construction and management of TIAA/Nuveen's target date fund series which has resulted in stellar performance relative to their peers.  For more information about TIAA/Nuveen, please visit
The Gordon Asset Management Podcast welcomes Samantha Lau to the show.  Samantha is , Co-Chief Investment Officer for Small and SMID Cap Growth Equities at Alliance Bernstein.  On the podcast Todd Zempel and Samantha discuss the process she and her team employ which has resulted in substantial outperformance in her investment strategies.  For more information about Samantha or Alliance Bernstein, please visit
01.12.21 Market Update

01.12.21 Market Update


Join Todd Zempel and Joe Gordon as they discuss bright spots in the market and widening breadth of the market recovery including a resurgence in energy, industrials, and financials.
The Gordon Asset Management Podcast welcomes John Doyle, Senior Vice President & Retirement Strategist for Capital Group / American Funds to the show.  On the podcast we discuss the past, present, and future of Target Date Fund solutions, differentiators among TDF providers, and considerations for TDF suitability.  For more information about Capital Group / American Funds, please visit
12.29.20 Market Update

12.29.20 Market Update


Join Todd Zempel, Joe Gordon, and Glenn Moore as they discuss the widening breadth of the market recovery, the COVID stimulus bill, potential problems in the labor market, and other market moving events of the week.
The Gordon Asset Management Podcast welcomes Brian Graff, CEO of the American Retirement Association ("ARA") to the show to discuss the current retirement plan regulatory landscape.  For more information about Brian, the ARA, or current retirement advocacy efforts, please visit or
Join Todd Zempel and Vestwell Founder & CEO, Aaron Schumm, as they discuss the current landscape of retirement plan record-keeping.With over 15 years of FinTech, FinServ, and wealth management experience, Aaron Schumm founded Vestwell in 2016 to modernize the way 401(k) plans are offered. Prior to Vestwell, Aaron co-founded FolioDynamix which was sold to Actua in 2014. Additional roles included time at Northern Trust, Citigroup, and Fiserv.  For more information on Aaron and Vestwell, please visit
12.08.20 Market Update

12.08.20 Market Update


Join Todd Zempel, Joe Gordon, and Glenn Moore as they discuss more vaccine-induced euphoria, the employment situation, and other market moving events of the week.
12.01.20 Market Update

12.01.20 Market Update


Join Todd Zempel, Joe Gordon, and Glenn Moore as they discuss the vaccine-induced euphoria that led to a record-breaking rally in the stock market during November 2020.
Join Todd Zempel, Joe Gordon, and JT Stilley for a special guest interview from the 'Father of the 401(k)' Ted Benna.  Ted is credited as the first benefits practitioner to deconstruct the tax code to imagine and implement the first 401(k) plan.  Tune in for a brief history of the 401(k) and a discussion about its future direction.  For more info on Ted, please visit
Joe Gordon and Todd Zempel welcome James Abate to the show to discuss his views on the market, potential investment opportunities on the horizon, and James' philosophy on managing money.James A. Abate, MBA, CPA, CFA, is the Chief Investment Officer of Centre Asset Management, LLC, and the portfolio manager of the firm's American Select Equity and Global Listed Infrastructure Strategies.  For more information on James or Centre Funds, please visit and
11.10.20 Market Update

11.10.20 Market Update


Join Joe Gordon, Todd Zempel, and Glenn Moore to recap the news and events of the week.  Topics include the election, electoral college voting process, Pfizer's news about a COVID-19 vaccine, stimulus efforts, and potential for inflation.
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