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Welcome to Project Good Boss, the Bambuddha Group podcast dedicated to understanding the business benefits of kindness in leadership. With our special guest each episode, we’ll unpack topics such as leadership equality, leadership psychology, social impact, decent work and economic growth. Good vibes are also a must.
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Nicole Done, is the head of Training and Coaching at Xceptional, which is an award winning firm that celebrates the unique strengths of people with autism. With over 20 years of experience within her field, Nicole shares with us her role as a disability advocate, and helping individuals meet their purpose and reach their fullest potential.
Chief Operating Officer at Feel the Magic, Adam Blatch, strives to make a difference in the lives of others everyday. As a passionate and empathetic leader, with extensive experience in coaching, mentoring and developing programs, Adam focuses on shaping his team at Feel the Magic to align their behaviours to their purpose driven organization. Adam has built his expertise working through organizations that benefit our communities and the children growing up in it. Let's take a listen, we can ...
Author, host of the Apple award-winning podcast Deep Listening, and a sought after keynote speaker, Oscar Trimboli has spent his professional career dedicated to the empowerment of better listening. His work in leadership teams from around the world has focused greater attention on building and fixing organisations to make impact , creating powerful legacies along the way. He's a good boss and a good egg, so listen in to hear Oscar chat everything from meditation retreats to female lead...
Working in high-stress kitchen environments, Bradley Jordan had worked for every archetype of an angry chef; those demanding better performance and faster food, yelling and swearing and putting employees in their place. After finding himself becoming this very person, the kind he'd long detested working with, Bradley Jordan decided overnight that a kinder structure could be (and needed to be) put in place. One to listen to if you've ever wondered if your own influence could make t...
Working hard to embed the philosophies of kindness and empathy into early education, Jo really embodies what it means to be purpose-driven in every aspect of leadership. Jo is the Director and Owner of Platinum Pre School, a long daycare centre with an education curriculum that focuses on kindness and creativity - a unique premise with some astounding results. Jo believes the success of her business comes from the 100% alignment to her own values and using business as a pur...
A radiation oncologist who co-founded the award-winning CancerAid app, Raghav Murali-Ganesh not only enables better clinical outcomes for patients but he takes that humanity and that empathy and uses it to run his own business and team. He is a man who leads by example in every way and a leader who I am so humbled to have on the podcast. Tune in for the gamechanging technology, the kindness and the lessons learned.
As the founder of her company's Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and a champion of kinder workplace cultures, Pamela Bishop fits the bill of a game-changing leader to a tee. Currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Blooms the Chemist, I chat to Pamela about driving sustainability, leading with purpose and the importance of ethical and responsible procurement. Oh, and the adjustments this year and the pandemic has thrust upon us all. A jam-packed episode for you, folks!
Kindness is the underlying value to counteracting negative behaviours such as bullying, violence and anti-social activities. On the podcast I chat to Ralph Kelly, founder of the Stay Kind Foundation (formerly the Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation), on the power of being kind and the life or death outcomes it can have on so many. Ralph is an amazing man leading an amazing organisation working hard at every level of society to embed kinder behaviours and instigate real cultural change.
This man is dusting the cobwebs off the sustainability and the social change agenda and just make it THE agenda and a really cool thing to be doing. Afdhel Aziz is a brand purpose consultant and has keynoted around the world on business as a force for good. Afdhel is leading the charge when it comes to innovating and finding purpose and satisfaction in what we do everyday. A very cool guy and a very jam-packed 30 minutes of podcast!
We only have one planet - so is your business doing enough to care for it? Why should you care about it at all? It has become Blaise Porter's life mission to make businesses aware of their corporate social responsibilities. Sustainability matters to every SINGLE ONE OF US, so let's hear from Blaise on how we can work together for our planet, our communities, our businesses and create a cleaner, brighter future.
Oscar McMahon is one of the founder's of Sydney craft brewery, Young Henrys Brewing. More than just brewing awesome beers, Oscar is a huge champion of business karma, kind workplaces and authentic leadership. Very much his own man with a lot of wisdom bubbling away, I'm feeling very proud (and a little bit cool) to have Oscar on the podcast today!
An unwavering people first philosophy, where people are nurtured and motivated to achieve their personal best for the business and more importantly, for themselves. That's what Nikki Beaumont brings to the table. She is passion personified, so listen to learn more about this standout industry leader, her accolades, her current projects and her enormous love for and dedication to the impact sector.
I spend some time with Drew Dudley, an educator and speaker with a focus on creating value-driven cultures of leadership. Time magazine recently named Drew's TED Talk as one of their seven speeches that will make you a better leader. One of my all-time favourite human beings, without a doubt, and a conversation that will leave you with clarity on your personal leadership values and Drew's strategies for embedding them more effectively into life and work. So jump right in!
I chat with Belinda Jane Dolan, the CEO of Clariti, a 16-time award-winning leadership and peak performance company that works alongside companies, teams and leaders globally, to create the happiest, most productive and motivated workplaces on the planet. Yep! Some seriously good vibes in this one!