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Seeking Calm in the Chaos
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Seeking Calm in the Chaos

Author: Amberly Collins

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Do you ever wish you could just get rid of all the chaos in your life? I used to as well, until I had a wise woman tell me that the eye of the hurricane is the calmest place of the storm. So today instead of wishing it away, I am constantly Seeking Calm in my Chaos. Join me as I interview guests that teach us practical ways to do that well in our daily lives.
8 Episodes
In this episode I get to interview my mother, Mrs. Patricia Robertson Wilson.  She is a Pastor’s wife, mom of two girls, grandmother to five, retired teacher of over 30 years, Bible study leader, piano player, worship team member, etc. etc. etc.   We talk about a whole lot of things in this episode including parenting, special education, combating anxiety and worry and how she is a mighty prayer warrior.  We share a few of our favorite Bible studies and devotional books.  We discuss how to serve Pastor’s wives and their families. We share stories of our family and yes even an embarrassing moment or two of your host.  This episode was only scratching the surface of the wisdom I feel my mom has to give.  I really feel it needs to be called Pat Wilson: Part 1.  Hit play and then comment on how soon you are ready to hear Part 2.  
Have you ever wanted to know some of the behind the scenes details on creating this podcast?  I have been very intentional about every decision involving this new adventure.  This episode unpacks some of those decisions and all the reasons behind them.  Get to know me a little bit better and some of the things that have gone into creating this podcast.  Click play and then let me know what you think!
Have you ever wanted to know HOW successful women do it all?  Have you ever wanted to know WHY successful women do it all?  Have you ever wanted to know WHEN successful women do it all?  Well this is the episode for you!  Crisler Boone, Chief External Affairs Officer at Jackson Prep and Volunteer Extraordinaire teaches us how to focus our strengths, shares her philosophy on volunteerism, mentoring, and even why she loves being in the woods.  This episode is for the young woman just starting her career, for the mom wondering where her career is, and for the woman in her later years that may wonder what she needs to do next.  Do not miss all the life advice coming your way from this woman who knows HOW, WHY, and WHEN to succeed.  Hit play now on this great episode with my friend and mentor, Crisler Boone.  
Mrs. Darlene Gore once told me that after surviving stage IV breast cancer that she would always share her story when asked.  However, asking her to only share about her experience with cancer is like only eating the crust of a pizza. There is so much more.  I wanted you to really meet Mrs. Darlene– the author, speaker, speech pathologist, business owner, board member, mentor, wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. You are going to be so glad you did.  We talk about choosing your career, parenting through self-esteem issues and even the mean girls in Junior High. She shares her heart for mentoring and walks us through her cancer story. You’ll be encouraged, empowered, and entertained by everything she has to say. Hit play now.
Today I am sitting down with one of my own mentors to ask her all the questions.  I ask her thoughts on mentoring from an older person’s perspective, how can younger women approach them?  Can women get ahead without sacrificing their femininity?  Does she still struggle with how she looks? What’s her biggest piece of marriage advice? What does she wish she had done differently….and oh, there is just so much more.  You need to hear it all…right now.  
Have you ever felt stuck? In life? In a job?  Jodi Womack makes a living by coaching others on how to Get Momentum at work and in life and she can because she has been there and broken free!  Listen as we unpack all the things from how she began mentoring, who her 100-year-old mentor is, how she helped create a world-wide parenting class, and how she is still learning by adjusting to a cross-country life relocation.  We did not skip over a thing. Hit play and find out why Jodi is so qualified to tell YOU how to GET MOMENTUM!
Have you ever really wondered if people that are truly joyful are just the people that haven’t had a lot of bad things happen to them yet?  Amanda Slack is always laughing even under pressure.  So, what’s her secret?  Because I KNOW her life has not been perfect.  Find out about my friend and how she has walked through child loss, widowhood, career change, and raising children as a single mom. What has kept her going and WHO has been her support.  Hit play so you don’t miss this episode with the incredible Amanda Slack.
Are you always just getting through the day?  Have you ever followed an influencer, a self-help guru, bought an organization book, or even a devotional to try and make your life less chaotic?  Well friend, you are in good company!  I tried all the things and still couldn't get to my happy place, but I finally found where to start...and it didn't come from any of those places I had always looked.  I decided I had to share what I was learning with others...not mastered...was learning.  So here's to a new adventure! Here's a six minute explanation of why I decided to start a podcast, what this podcast is all about and what you can expect out of our episodes.  I can not wait to hear what you have to say about it! Listen and drop us a comment below.  Subscribe to catch all the future episodes.  Email us at if you have any incredible women you think we need to know! Here's to finding our Calm!Amberly
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