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Author: Michelle Linane: Yoga Teacher & Career Coach

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Enter Love Teaching Yoga: continuing education to help yoga teachers share their passion. Bringing you conversations with yoga teachers from around the globe, this podcast is designed to educate and inspire you to maximize your talent and make a bigger impact in the world. With topics spanning the art, science and business of teaching yoga, Michelle helps you refine your teaching skills and build a sustainable career doing what you love. Each episode is formatted to be a mini workshop or how-to guide on specific topics that deliver actionable steps, reliable insight and time-saving resources. As teachers, we are each other’s greatest resource, because without shared experience and knowledge, our growth would be limited to our own perspectives. Never stop exploring your craft.
70 Episodes
Amanda Kingsmith shares her unconventional journey traveling as a yoga teacher, and how’s she created an online yoga offering.  DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Gaining experience and building a career while you travel Different career paths a traveling teacher can take Why it takes more than just being a good teacher to be “successful” Components of... The post 070: Travel & Teaching Online w/ Amanda Kingsmith appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
If you’ve ever thought about starting a yoga program for a special population with unique needs, this episode is for you. Shannon McQuaide, founder of FireFlex Yoga, shares advice and tips for creating yoga programs as she takes us down her own journey of serving firefighters. DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Using a population’s pain-points to... The post 069: Creating Yoga Programs for Special Population w/ Shannon McQuaide appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
This conversation is about the soul’s journey from fear, lamentation and confusion to sacred love. Based on the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, Simon Haas shows us how to overcome life’s greatest challenges AND how teachers can integrate this wisdom in their asana classes. DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Honoring crisis and challenge (aka the dark... The post 68: Yoga & the Dark Night of the Soul w/ Simon Haas appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
067: Thrive

067: Thrive


What does to mean to thrive as a yoga teacher? Michelle addresses this question as she reads the opening chapters of her book, The Thriving Yoga Teacher: How to Create A Sustainable Career Doing What You Love. DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Knowing your path and values Teaching yoga full-time vs. part time The commercialization of... The post 067: Thrive appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
Maybe you already have a digital presence or perhaps you don’t even know what that entails. A website? Social media? Email list? What does it all mean and how can a digital presence help you fill your classes and spread the wisdom of yoga? In this episode Destinee Berman answers these questions and shares her... The post 066: Digital Marketing for Yoga Teachers w/ Destinee Berman appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
Do you have a website, but feel as if it’s not working for you? In this episode, yoga teacher and web designer, Risa Kawamoto, discusses strategies you can implement today to help your website convert visitors into students attending your classes, workshops and retreats. DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Why it’s important to have a website... The post 065: So You Have a Website, Now What? with Risa Kawamoto appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
Yoga is for everyone, right? So why do we cringe at commercialized yoga when commercializing something means bringing it to the masses (i.e. everyone)? Or maybe you’ve experienced guilt charging $75+ for a private session? In this episode Michelle and guest Alex Haley discuss these topics and more as they explore the dynamic between money... The post 064: Generosity-Based Business Models w/ Alex Haley appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
Understanding human anatomy and the biomechanics of yoga is vital to teaching safe and effective yoga classes. Yet, the quality of anatomy training varies drastically and anatomy is often hard for teachers to retain (especially if they don’t have natural knack or passion for it). In this episode, Gabby Delorenze brings 12 years of experience... The post 063: Anatomy Talk w/ Gabby DeLorenze appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
Kids yoga is growing in popularity as the benefits of mindful practices becomes more apparent. In this episode, kids yoga teacher and author, Susan Verde, shares her best practices for teaching kids and creating programs in schools. DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Why it’s important to bring yoga and mindfulness practices to children The best and... The post 062: Kids Yoga In Schools w/ Susan Verde appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
Trauma informed yoga teaches us to approach students with compassion, sensitivity and free of judgement. Yet, it’s an approach we should apply to everyone, not just students experiencing symptoms of trauma. After all, we’ve all been through some sort of trauma, big or small, and curiosity and compassion are the foundations for teaching yoga. Nonetheless,... The post 061: Trauma Informed Yoga- Best Practices w/ Mims Driscoll appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
Internationally acclaimed author and teacher, Mark Stephens, discusses guiding principles and best practices for teaching students with injuries and special conditions. Even if you don’t intend to work with injured students directly, they show up in our classes daily, so it’s important to be informed and aware of how to conduct yourself. DISCUSSED IN THIS... The post 060: Teaching Injured Students w/ Mark Stephens appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
If you want to expand your teachings beyond group studio classes, but don’t know what direction to go in, this episode is for you. If you want to teach yoga full time, but can’t seem to make enough money teaching, this episode is for you. If you’re a new teacher, struggling with confidence, this episode... The post 059: From YTT to Sold Out Retreat in 8 months w/ Maite Issa appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
Do you ever feel stressed out, burnt out and broke as a yoga teacher? Know that you’re not alone. Michelle and her guest Amy McDonald get it and have been there too. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Today, teachers all over the globe are making shifts and earning... The post 058: Philosophy, Business & Money w/ Amy McDonald appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
Despite our good nature, lawsuits are popping up in all corners of the yoga world. These days, insurance for yoga teachers is a must and not only because most studios require it, but because it’s your best line of defense in the event of injury, property damage or theft. In this episode, Michelle discusses the... The post 057: Liability & Protection- Insurance for Yoga Teachers appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
Have you found yourself thinking there aren’t enough hours in the day to teach all the classes you want and reach more people? Online yoga courses may be your solution! Yoga teacher Eileen McGurty brings 20 years of experience teaching online to show as she shares her best practices for creating online yoga courses. DISCUSSED... The post 056: Creating Online Yoga Courses w/ Eileen McGurty appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
Kelly Smith, E-RYT 500 and founder of Yoga For You, shines light on the topic of finding, developing and exploring your voice as a yoga teacher. Kelly shares her multi-step process to discover your own voice if you’re a teacher who feels a little lost. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN: What is really meant by... The post 055: Discovering Your Voice w/ Kelly Smith appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
Guest teacher Amanda Hill shares her experience and tips for integrating essential oils into your yoga work and earning an income through essential oil sales and workshops. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN: How essential oils compliment yoga Ideas for integrating essential oils into your group classes How to expand your essential oil offering beyond group... The post 054: Essential Oils – Integrating & Earning w/ Amanda Hill appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
In this episode Michelle reveals her most important tip for managing your income taxes. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Show notes: FREE Online Workshop: Tax Training For Yoga Teachers ( The Yoga Teachers’ Guidebook to Income Taxes ( Get 15% Off Aeromats Yoga Mats with Code: LOVETEACHINGYOGA The post 053: My #1 Income Tax Tip appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
Yoga teacher and massage therapist, Lauri Glenn, shares her experience using workshops as a tool to empower students and to grow her yoga business. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN: How workshops can grow your community, boost your income and build your yoga business How workshops can help establish your expertise in a specialty and enhance... The post 052: Grow Your Biz with Workshops & Lauri Glenn appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
Yoga teacher and professional editor/writer, Lori Snyder, shares insightful tips about finding your writing voice as a yogi and sharing your message through written word. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN: Differences and similarities between your spoken voice and written voice Why voice matters and how to find your authentic writing voice Choosing what to write... The post 051: Yoga Writing for Blogs, Email Opt-Ins & More w/ Lori Snyder appeared first on LOVE TEACHING YOGA.
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