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Slam the Gavel is a podcast to discuss Family Court Issues, Support Court, Support-contempt conferences and hearings and Child Services issues. Advice on how parents can cope with these issues along with Parental Alienation. Based off the book, Dismantling Family Court Corruption, Why Taking The Kids Was Not Enough. This book can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Apple and Smashwords.dismantlingfamilycourtcorruption.comPodcast music provided by
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    Slam the Gavel welcomes back Ernest Rodriguez to the podcast. Ernest was last on November 12, 2022, Season 3, Episode 151, where we discussed his case as Judge Denise Brown had gone wild in her courtroom and refuses to look at evidence.     Ernest and his family are victims of the Louisville, Kentucky Family Court system. He explained that he was forced to pay attorney fees of $15,000,00 by December 31st, 2022 and if he didn't pay this amount she would send him to Debtor's Prison for 5 days and miss his next hearing. As he was extorted out of $15,000.00 of attorney fees suddenly  went on "vacation," so the next hearing was scheduled for March 16th, 2023.      Apparently, Judge Denise Brown MANIPULATES and lies while on the BENCH, thoroughly enjoying her job of EXTORTING monies and DESTROYING children's lives and families so she can choose the DESIRABLE outcome of a case to fit her NARRATIVE. Ernest provided evidence of his daughter's living conditions, but Judge Denise Brown "didn't want to talk about that." Seven hours later, frivolous topics, superficial at best were discussed and Ernest the Respondent, couldn't bring up evidence but strangely enough, the Petitioner could.    We discussed how to file affidavits along with JCC complaints upon the judge. Ernest explained that while he was in court Judge Denise Brown thought he was glaring at her and she told him to quit looking at her and look the other way...towards a wall. Judge's behaviors must be documented in affidavits along with the complaint. If that is not remedied, rewrite the affidavit with more detail and attach evidence that wasn't allowed on the record and resubmit another JCC complaint.      Only through uniting, WE THE PEOPLE can bring JUSTICE forward.To Reach Ernest Rodriguez: the showSupportshow(
     Slam the Gavel welcomes back Tim Goldich to the podcast. Tim is an author who has devoted the last thirty years to researching, pondering, and writing a four-book series on gender issues. The first book—Loving Men, Respecting Women: The Future of Gender Politics—was published in 2011 and is available on The second book—Equal Partners: The History of Gender Equality—is due out in 2023. He has also created a series of YouTube videos under the umbrella title of “Man Against the Wall.”      The last time Tim was on the podcast, we discussed victim interpretation and inter- gender FORGIVENESS. Today, we discussed the love/ respect dynamic in regards to the past and how ACCOUNTABILITY and COMPASSION MUST go hand in hand.  If they can't go hand in hand then there is CONFLICT, and gave examples of order and chaos.    Parenting is important and how people are raised makes a big difference in their outlook on life and how they treat others. We talked about Lao Tzu the ancient Taoist philosopher and how he instructed generals to respect women, as well as Bruce Lee and his insight into philosophy that changed lives.    We discussed how couples should be compatible to one another to hopefully make the relationship last. Opposites do not attract. Similar personalities who are like-minded have the potential to make a relationship work. Love and respect also go hand in hand for there to be equality in a relationship.  There can't be accountability without compassion or compassion without accountability.      This was a great podcast NOT TO BE MISSED.To Reach Tim Goldich: and on Facebook We Are Gender Equalists, LinkedInSupportshow( the showSupportshow(
   Slam the Gavel welcomes new guest, Rhonda Vicker to the podcast. Rhonda has the unique perspective of having been involved in TWO different custody cases, in TWO different counties, each being on opposite ends of the “alienation” spectrum.  Because of this, she has been able to see firsthand the influence of the AFCC (Association Of Family And Conciliation Courts), in establishing “county culture” within the Family Court system.     Bringing awareness to the Family Court issues and banding together with other Family Court victims are key components to ultimately achieving necessary REFORM.  GAG ORDERS are the Court’s WEAPON of choice to PREVENT this from happening.    Currently, Rhonda is embroiled in a custody dispute in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania,  where she recently became a Pro Se Litigant.  Court sanctioned ALIENATION is a very REAL concept and is a prevalent factor in her case.  Throughout the life of her case she has fought hard to make sense of it all and has begun to slowly peel back the LAYERS of Family Court CORRUPTION and wants to bring awareness and help other mothers and fathers also STRUGGLING with a SYSTEM that the general public falsely BELIEVES is inherently GOOD.  IT’S NOT!      **CORRECTION: The Parenting Institute was founded by Dr. Wilson, not Bliss**    Judge Jessel Costa (son of Senator Jay Costa) is her presiding Judge.  Recently Rhonda appeared in court for the first time before him as a Pro Se Litigant and it didn’t take long for Rhonda to become painfully AWARE that justice will not be served in her case.  Litigation began in October of 2020 and currently her trial is continued generally.  Throughout this time Rhonda has uncovered several instances of CORRUPTION amongst the Family Court PLAYERS involved and fully expects RETALIATION in exchange.     Rhonda welcomes other protective parents to reach out to her on Facebook through the following link to her page:[0]=AZWlI-pTBYWxgI5Ctytqa4_T0RHDH6nvXQbf8hc-4rgU_oKxLR8CE3xKHZfTB_wWqg8V8r7rjr_15LHr_3s3YA9TMs423IkyJwImVLrHmG47qx8b7nAjcHXGJloKKjm3PAtvNCYaj8gqyTCZL-alADycMmRPQkATM4W45ZgzjHVQmw&__tn__=-]K-ROr she can be reached by email at: stopthemadness15219@gmail.comSupportshow( the showSupportshow(
    Slam the Gavel welcomes back Lee Granade to the podcast. She was last on December 3rd, 2022, Season 3, Episode 168 and Season 3, Episode 178. In the last episode, Lee has her case is out of the 14th Judicial Circuit  in South Carolina which has enabled the Murdaughs, the super lawyers and solicitors for nearly 100 years,  to prosper since the 1920's. They have been tied to moonshining and interference with juries and most recently insurance fraud and murders.     We discussed a variety of topics intertwined with the Murdaugh Murder's and how or if the culture of the Low Country will change now with Alex Murdaugh behind bars. It appears that the South Carolina Bar has absolutely no interest in any "breath of fresh air" of accountability involving ethics. If accountability ever existed at all. Rules don't apply to a lot of individuals in the Low Country, South Carolina.     NOT A PODCAST TO BE MISSED.      To Reach Lee Granade:  Facebook Clean Up The 14th, LinkedInSupportshow( the showSupportshow(
    Slam the Gavel welcomes Deborah Craig from Glasgow, Scotland. Deborah was last on the podcast February 2, 2023, Season 4, Episode 26. Her focus is on Intuitive Life Mentoring, Hypnotherapy and Personal Development.     We discussed toxicity in families and friends and how to handle toxic behaviors within family dynamics. It's not the people that are TOXIC, it is the behaviors, actions and thought processes that are not helpful. If a person's energy is being expended externally or they are being dragged down by other people and their periphery whether family or friends who are not aligned to how they want to be then that in itself can actually be really impactful in bringing people DOWN and keeping them DOWN, rather than be able to flourish and live the life they really want to live and do it in a happy and healthy way.    Random acts of kindness, a feeling of gratefulness. When people help others it the best feeling in the world. What makes that person feel good in helping others, in turn makes them feel good.          VICTIMHOOD MENTALITY is a difficult area for people to deal with but they have to realize they are in CONTROL. Understand what are they are in control of: their own thoughts, actions and behaviors. They are not in control of what other people are going to do, think or say. If a person can separate and focus on what they can control, it is easier it is to climb their way out of victimhood mentality, but it is a JOURNEY. When you want things to CHANGE, it can CHANGE.     We also talked about MY experience with HYPNOSIS under Deborah that I experienced yesterday as she worked with me to help RELEASE the feelings of things that were troublesome in my life. It was LIFE CHANGING for the better and I actually felt the weight I was carrying around on my back lifted off. This experience literally changed my life SO MUCH for the BETTER.To reach Deborah:, Facebook and YouTube Supportshow( the showSupportshow(
     Slam the Gavel welcomes James Kelly to the podcast. James Kelly is a Dad UNLAWFULLY denied access to his children without having been accused or convicted of a crime has embraced his RIGHT to practice law for himself out of necessity. While he is not admitted to practice law for others, he is not bound by fears of disbarment or UNLAWFUL ARREST.     Leading the charge in New York State for the INDEPENDENT use of CAMERAS in the courtroom to preserve EVIDENCE and what transpires in the courtroom James has had some success. He has RECORDED and LIVE STREAMED 7 court proceedings in multiple cases without judicial permission and under threat of arrest.    We discussed DUE PROCESS RIGHTS and SUBJECT MATTER JURISDICTION as well as the 2nd Amendment Right of all recording devices.  James also discussed his case in the Appellate Court where it sat there for NINE MONTHS.     We also talked about Court Network, LLC where they brought a case against NY, and made its way into the NY State Court of Appeals in 2000, and NY Civil Rights Law Section 52 was twice found to be unconstitutional, because it was over broad. However, that particular case with respect to the press  was found that the fair trial rights of those in the court must take priority over the rights to the freedom of the press. What the Court of Appeals failed to do is look at from the Due Process Right and was never explored.  NOT A PODCAST TO BE MISSED WITH SO MUCH INFORMATION ON GETTING CAMERAS IN THE COURTROOMS.    James Kelly will be coming back on the podcast for updates in the near future.To Reach James Kelly: Facebook page: Cameras In Court Now    Supportshow( the showSupportshow(
    Slam the Gavel welcomes back Jim Sisco for an update on his efforts to reunite with his children. Previous podcast Season 3, Episode 176.    Jim has not seen his children in over 17 months after RAISING  2 of his 3 children BY HIMSELF for over a YEAR. However, after filing for divorce, Jim’s ex-wife gave him PRIMARY PHYSICAL CUSTODY of the twins, separating them from their younger sister. While she was in her mother’s care, she threatened self-harm. There was an overwhelming amount of evidence of parental alienation and physical and emotional abuse, Jim represent himself in court.     Judge Thomas P. Mann presided over the case and ruled that Mr. Sisco had practiced extreme Parental Alienation that was tantamount to child abuse. The RULING was not based on facts or evidence. There were NEVER any allegations of physical, mental, or emotional abuse by his ex-wife or her lawyer and there were NO expert WITNESSES. The only witnesses in the trial were his ex-wife’s father and best friend. Judge Mann gave full legal custody of all three children to Jim’s ex-wife and his visitation was limited to 30-MINUTE SKYPE CALLS on Sunday evenings. His decision was based upon his opinion that Jim had practiced extreme Parental Alienation that was equivalent to CHIILD ABUSE. Judge Mann forced Jim to undergo a psychological evaluation, complete a 14-week parenting course and enroll in anger management therapy.     Jim completed the court’s requirements and returned to court to increase visitation and custody.  Judge Mann prompted the opposing counsel to file a motion to strike, which he granted stating there was no material change in circumstance and awarded $30,000.00 in LEGAL FEES. Judge Mann’s DECISION was heavily INFLUENCED by the death of his daughter, who was murdered.     Over the past two years, Jim has spent over $250,000.00 in legal fees, contacted CPS on 7 different occasions, spoken with experts in the field of PA, and reached out to numerous veterans organizations and father’s advocacy groups to get help. His EFFORTS continue to FALL UPON DEAF EARS, which is why he launched a social media campaign and wrote a #1 BEST SELLING BOOK to create AWARENESS.To Find Jim's Book: the showSupportshow(
   Slam the Gavel welcomes Dr. Adam Lowther, Nuclear Weapons Expert in the military, speaks out on his CYFD case that happened in Albuquerque, New Mexico that started August 2017. Everything in life was going smoothly until an inept school teacher working at a private school, Calvary Christian Academy, with a criminal record (fraud and theft), targeted his four-year old daughter.  This teacher filed false allegations against Dr. Lowther and his son for sexual abuse.     Within 50 minutes the police were at the door removing the children from the home by an inept policeman who was just writing parking tickets last week and the next week suddenly became a Sex Crime Detective. They took the children to All Faith Receiving Home, which is an interrogation center. Late that night they denied his daughter food and water and abusively interrogated her with 220+ questions....    However, the teacher continued to make false allegations while the four year-old was still in school for the next three months.....    Dr. Lowther gave the advice as well as myself to not let CPS in and do not let the police in without a warrant. His children will forever have a deep-seated mistrust of law enforcement. More advice is given in this podcast.  The state is set up to DESTROY FAMILIES. Also, if you sue the government, you will find it is heavily rigged. Dr. Lowther found out his Federal Case was dismissed and has $800,000.00 invested in his appeal and is unlikely to win because, "you are not able to hold them accountable because of the Federal Court Judges. There is no fear of accountability."   People are calling in false allegations, thus weaponizing CYFD; but they still have to do the investigation at taxpayer's expense. 83% of child abuse allegations are FALSE. Dr. Lowther would like to see a law where it is illegal to make a false accusation. Dr. Lowther recommends that if you come in contact with CPS,  get the best lawyer to fight them and do not use a Public Defender or go Pro Se with CYFD. Dr. Lower states, "there is no justice system, it's the legal system and you need someone who knows the legal system." They will drag lawsuits out in civil cases.To Reach Dr. Adam Lowther: Google Dr. Adam LowtherSupportshow( the showSupportshow(
  Slam the Gavel welcomes back Joan Kloth-Zanard to the podcast. She was last on the podcast January 2nd, 2023 Season 4, Episode 6. Joan has a Masters Magna Cum Laude in Marriage and Family Therapy, a BS in Health and Psychology with a Minor in Business which includes extensive training and certification in Reunification Therapy and work with children. Joan has also been a Guardian Ad Litem and Certified as a Recovery Support Specialist in ABI.     Presently, Joan runs and manages a non-profit with over 50 chapters around the world. This 501 (c) (3) is an international non-profit organization for the Prevention, Intervention and Support of Survivors of abuse ( Part of this work includes running online support groups for these Survivors of Abuse and in particular, Psychological Abuse since 1998.      Joan is an author of numerous articles and publications including two books. Her first book, "Where Did I Go Wrong? How Did I Miss The Signs? Dealing with Hostile Parenting and Parental Alienation," is now in its second edition. This book is a culmination of all her research and studies into the world of high conflict divorce. She is also the co-author of "Broken Family Bonds," which is a book of survivor's stories of alienation.    We discussed how Custodial Interference is a Federal and state Felony, a criminal act and every state has different laws regarding this issue.     An example of Coercive Control is when a parent, agency or relative/friend deliberately impedes the relationship between the child and the other parent, this requires a particular set of behavior patterns such as using excessive psychological Coercive Control. Using behavior patterns that terrorize or create a fear or falsely lull a person in a cult like manner to believe that this other parent is no good. This brings in Parental Alienating Behaviors (PAB).     This is a form of COERCIVE CONTROL, but more specific to behaviors that DIRECTLY IMPEDE the relationship with the other parent. Parental Alienating behaviors create a CULT of fear of hate, anger and rage at another person, much like any cult it WARPS A PERSON'S MIND into this false belief about something. All of this boils down to a form of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE but, that we call DOMESTIC VIOLENCE by PROXY, because the OFFENDING parent or person or agency is not physically touching you, they are not directly necessarily  gaslighting you they are  PROJECTING it through the children, another person, agency, the courts now making it BY PROXY. With the ADVERSARIAL process, it is growing OUT OF CONTROL.   NOT A PODCAST TO BE MISSED AND A GREAT LEARNING TOOL AS WELL.To Reach Joan Kloth-Zanard: (or                                                                   info@advocate4families.comSupportshow( the showSupportshow(
    Slam the Gavel welcomes Deborah Hunter from Oklahoma to the podcast as she talks about her son's journey with Alicia and their baby Miles, who was born at 32 weeks. Their baby was absconded by CPS shortly after Alicia's passing from a brief illness.  Miles was then legally kidnapped, taken away from the Father, and put  into Foster Care. On several occasions when the Father has gone for 'visitation,' Miles has had a bruised lip, bronchitis, respiratory infections, swollen feet an extreme diaper rash and then had to have tubes put in his ears as well as on another visit Miles had a cut/wound in his skin after Father removed the diaper. On the next visit on February 9th, 2023 Deborah saw that Miles had bumps on his head a small cut and Deborah is concerned that her grandchild's scars will be permanent. She is getting two different stories from the Foster Care Mother, did Miles hit his head on a dresser, or now it's the coffee table? She has great concern for her grandson Miles and why is he still in Foster Care when he's still getting hurt?    Deborah explained what has happened since our last interview and that now her son has a jury selection on May 22nd. Apparently DHS has only done one-sided interviews and have perjured themselves. This is not unusual behavior for caseworkers unfortunately. They even had the week of birth wrong, Miles was born at week 32, NOT 30.    "Why are these people so mean?" Deborah asked. Apparently Judge Corley put her son Todd in contempt for wearing a head-dress. "The judges have too much power," Deborah stated.     Apparently a GO-Fund me has started for baby Miles by Alicia's brother and his wife way before they think they will ever be handed over custody of Miles, if ever. Deborah has let the proper authorities know about this as well.  Deborah says, "No one told me my family would be going through this."To reach Deborah: and her cell: 347-522-6610. Supportshow( the showSupportshow( Deborah HunterTodd HunterCPScorruptionracismfamily courtfoster careslam the gavel podcastchild abuseEpisode is LivePublished: Jan. 03, 2023 @ 4PM EditUnpublishAdd a TranscriptGet episode better indexed by search engines.Add Chapter MarkersListeners can tap through & see what's coming up.Create a Visual SoundbiteBest way to share to social media for engagement.Mid-Roll SettingsManage episode mid-roll placements.Share EpiSupport the showSupportshow(
   Slam the Gavel welcomes back Karielee Barrere back to the podcast and her Attorney, Gary Kreep, retired Superior Court Judge of San Diego, CA and Co-Founder of the California Constitutional Rights Foundation.  Attorney Kreep has been an attorney or a judge since 1975, for 47+ years. Before he became a judge, he was head of the United States Justice Foundation, now headed by James V. Lacy.     Karielee was last on the podcast, September 23, 2022, Season 3, Episode 113 with Julie Reeder discussing Karielee's case where a judge sent a fraudulent document to the DA to investigate however, there was radio silence.    It is well documented that there were a lot of things that have been fraudulent. Only one person walked away with a windfall of money and left Karilee penniless as well as  her Autistic son. Karilee then slept in her car for the first year as she was penniless, to recover from the financial loss. She was trying to get the courts to look at the fake judgement that was submitted to them that didn't happen.    Attorney Gary Kreep and Karielee discussed why was a fraudulent judgement filed and why was it not looked into. Attorney Kreep is trying to RIGHT a WRONG. However, there is phony wage assignment that was allegedly stamp-signed by a clerk when a judge had to stamp-sign it.  This was issued months after it was supposedly issued in which money was taken out of her ex's salary and sent to a PO Box only he has access to. He denies that  and never saw the checks and says Karilee took the checks. They subpoenaed the records from the San Diego Police Department to see about obtaining the back of the checks to see who actually signed them.     More to come as Attorney Kreep and Karilee both will be in court March 20th-21st. They will both be back to provide an update at a later date.To Reach Attorney Kreep: gary@ggkmail.usTo Reach Karilee Barrere: Karilee123@gmx.comKarilee also started Karilee's Closet Foundation (still under construction), a foundation to help others in legal need.Supportshow( the showSupportshow(
   Slam the Gavel welcomes Roger DeHart, Bailiff in the Broward Sheriff's Office for 25 years and Human Trafficking Awareness Advocate. He has been working in court and seeing the most vulnerable through manipulation being taken advantage of.     Roger has been a Bailiff  for fifteen years years and has seen many women being taken advantage of. He wanted to show that he cared and wanted to make a difference so he decided become an advocate for victims and survivors of Human Trafficking. Roger says he has so many friends that have been VICTIMS and SURVIVORS of Human Trafficking. They have shared their stories with him and this means everything to Roger, as they entrust him with a situation that has happened in their life that has left them with pain and scars that will last the rest of their lives. Now, Roger feels he has an obligation to not only be their voice but their ally.    Shocked to find out that Florida is 3rd in the nation for Human Trafficking, Roger was curious as to why we were not seeing cases being prosecuted. However this is a crime that is happening in our own backyards. Foster Children, runaways, immigrant and vulnerable teens are truly vulnerable to predators.    Roger, with this knowledge brought so much awareness to this cause and he started educating by speaking out at schools and churches. "Talk the talk, then walk the walk, Roger states so in 2018 he started walking from Broward County to Washington D.C. He then walked from the Golden Gate Bridge to San Diego for this extremely important cause to bring AWARENESS to HUMAN TRAFFICKING.   What is concerning is that there are 500,000 sexual predators trolling Social Media preying on the vulnerable. It is highly important as Roger gave an example of grooming for Human Trafficking to call the National Human Trafficking Hotline 1(888)373-7888  immediately, alert the authorities and educate ALL parents so they can advocate for themselves. NOT A PODCAST TO BE MISSED and Roger DeHart will be back on Slam the Gavel with UPDATES regarding his ADVOCACY.To Reach Roger DeHart:  dismantlingfamilycourtcorruption.comSupportshow( the showSupportshow(
  Slam the Gavel welcomes back Marineka Bowman to the podcast for an update on her case.  Marineka was last on the podcast, Season 3, Episodes 104, 131, 159, 160, 174 and 184 as well as Season 4, Episode 22. The last time she was on we discussed the UNJUST decisions of Judge Natalie Haskins and GAL. Apparently they don't care about the effects this is having on her DAUGHTER.     Marineka discussed Black History Month and the works of Thurgood Marshall. How he was a Civil Rights Attorney and how hard he FOUGHT to even get into law school to pave the way for other attorneys as well. Thurgood Marshall FOUGHT for EQUALITY for himself and others, families, the voiceless and discriminated against. However, he would be more than disheartened to know how judges and attorneys are behaving in Family Court to fit, loving parents as they rip their children away from them and do not look at evidence ESPECIALLY when photo's of abuse are shared to parties on THE FAMILY WIZARD.  Especially in Marineka's case, the GAL, opposing attorney Laura Brooks and Judge Natalie Haskins. They are demanding Marineka do a psychological evaluation with a DFS Supervisor WHO DOESN'T HAVE A PH.D so they can keep the false narrative going of Marineka being mentally ill.     Now it continues that her daughter is constantly being  picked up late from daycare, is being held upside down and hit by the father's 17 year old son and they both continue to shave her daughter's head even for her pre-school picture. Somehow the Judge Haskins DOESN'T CARE about how this is affecting the child physically, emotionally and her self esteem. We talked about lawyers not acting in their capacity, such as Guardian Ad Litems as well as DFS.  Marineka talked about a strange phone call that reached this podcast wondering where Marineka was. The harassment still continues. Please join us again for another update in the future with Marineka Bowman.To Reach Marineka Bowman: dismantlingfamilycourtcorruption.comSupportshow( the showSupportshow(
     Slam the Gavel welcomes Terri and Mark Stemann to the podcast. They are the Founders of Terri and Mark discussed that their website is designed for family members who have been separated from each other via CPS or if you are an advocate for the affected families. There is so much useful information on their website.    The site is still being built as they grow. Anyone can sign up for email notifications to be alerted when new material is added. It doesn't matter if you’re a parent, grandparent, other family member, or friend, take a look around for material that can be found and used on their website.   The site was created as Terri and Mark weathered through their own nightmare of "PROTECTIVE" services and the threat it poses not only to the family unit but the Title IV FUNDING via ASFA of 1997.  Mark an Air Force Veteran, discussed his case at length and provided solutions.   We discussed that  knowledge of the issue/problem it is their hope that a parent can find a place of comfort on their website knowing THEY ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS FIGHT. It is important to gain knowledge while working to REUNITE with your family. This includes DISCOVERING information to help a parent grasp what is OCCURRING, find RESOURCES to help take action and MEET OTHERS on the same path as yourself.To Reach Mark and Terri Stemann:                                                                               H3FC@protonmail.comSupportshow( the showSupportshow(
     Slam the Gavel welcomes a Mother from California to the podcast who has experienced massive collusion and harassment from a school district, police and District Attorney especially when she needs protection and help enforcing her sole legal custody and restraining order and more harassment after requesting special education assessments (IEP).    The harassment and biased treatment this Mother and her children received had escalated when she and her children suffered from mold and asbestos poisoning which involved a lawsuit.    Gaslighting, harassment and refusal to protect this Mother and her children continued in full escalation to the point of a complete cover-up of an assault on this Mother and her children where there is video, corroboration via an eye witness and body-cam footage.     However, when this Mother pressed for accountability and a proper investigation they came after her and her precious children in Family Court.    Not a podcast to be missed. To reach California Mom: dismantlingfamilycourtcorruption.comSupportshow( the showSupportshow(
   Slam the Gavel welcomes back Patriot Mom and Dad to the podcast with recent updates. They were last on the podcast Season 3, Episode 140 and Season 4, Episode 38.  They discussed the march  against CPS corruption. Patriot Mom discussed the retaliation they both have endured after filing a Mass Tort Federal Lawsuit on the County, but went into default, as well as discussing how the Governor terminated the Commissioner. There have been 3 false allegations placed on Patriot Dad. Now there have been recent death threats toward Patriot Dad such as, "he deserves to be put in a wood chipper feet first," and on the mug shot page a comment was made, "get a rope." Fox 44 KWKT also wrote a slanderous article as well as the Waco Tribune Herald.    There is a lack of empathy, Patriot Dad explains. Senators have involved themselves in other parents cases such as Senator Bob Hall. Patriot Mom would like to know, "what disqualifies our family for JUSTICE?" They blame Judge Nikki Mundkowsky for the predicament they are in. Patriot Dad states, "all I want is to show my innocence in court, get our kids back and live in peace." Patriot Dad gives statistics of children placed in the Foster Care system in Texas.   They explained the family dynamics of Patriot Mom's mother's interference for the last 15 years and the brainwashing of their children in her care. Their son was ruled out twice and should have been returned to Patriot Mom and Dad. WHERE IS JUSTICE FOR THIS FAMILY? Patriot Dad is willing to talk to anyone regarding his case and not just believe the first thing they hear. Reach Patriot Dad: dismantlingfamilycourtcorruption.com the showSupportshow(
   Slam the Gavel welcomes John Peace, Co Founder of Safe Haven Services to the podcast. He is also a 5th generation farmer. He noticed that banks have been closing. John and his partner have been working with some law enforcement domestic violence prevention departments discussing their new company SafeHaven Services and how it helps victims of Domestic Abuse and Financial Abuse be able to ESCAPE sooner.  People get trapped in their own circumstances. John began researching into this and how to market this  to victims.     For 2.5 years he and his partner have researched this new service and developed software for digital security boxes for victims as an ESCAPE FUND to RESTART their life. John and his partner got led down the path with Domestic Violence and Financial Abuse victims; the abuser is control of the bank accounts and spending. 95% of abuse victims stay in a relationship because there is no money to LEAVE.    This is not"financial infidelity," because the abusers already have secret bank accounts and money stored away. Having Safe Haven Services now levels the playing field. An abused person is able to store documents as well as being able to store small amounts of money. This is a discreet and private service.  We discussed how they set up a secret bank account and how the abuser cannot track where the victim's money is going.   This service, that will be launched in March, helps men and women through the abuse. 80% are women and 20% are men, however there is a stigma with abused males coming forward admitting they are being abused. Safe Haven Services is fully insured and bonded and will operate in all 50 states.    The positive is that two people in a TOXIC relationship break up and can go on to live peaceful lives.To reach John Peace: John W. Peace IICo-Owner of Safe Haven ServicesPrivate Digital Security Box Rentalswww.safehavenservices.cojohn@safehavenservices.co the showSupportshow(
   Slam the Gavel welcomes Shurouk Mansour to the podcast. She was last on October, Season 3, Episode 118 and on December 16th, 2022 Season 3, Episode 180. Shurouk is an Entrepreneur, Mind Adjustment/Life Coach and Counselor to the show. Coach Shurouk's main purpose is to work hand in hand with her client and to bring out the hidden potential and strength so they can view things from a positive perspective as well as seeing the beauty and power of where positive thinking can take her client.      Shurouk loves her job because  it goes deeper than what the eye can see and when the soul begins to feel a change, a person's energy begins to move mountains and Shurouk is ready to build a whole new world with her client.    Receiving her BA in Psychology along with her graduate certificate in counselor education from NC State University, Shurouk also received her MS in psychology with an emphasis in general psychology and life coaching at GCU.     We discussed the topic of gender roles and how societal rules make us who we are and that religion can come in to play on how roles are meant for men and women. Norms are accepted, but Shurouk says that, "no one fits the norm because everyone is unique."     There are times gender roles are emphasized in a negative manner. Being able to comfort with needs when in gender roles can easily get abused because they belong to a certain gender. Men have to speak out on abuse. This can cause generational traumas and Surouk recommends that to be careful who you are getting involved with and be able to be comfortable about speaking about a plan B, if something should go wrong and will the relationship withstand a pitfall.  Instead of jealousy and intimidation by the other sex, look at it as a way to better yourself and as an avenue of creating your own self worth.    There should be no division and both sexes should work together for the greater good especially when children are involved. What an excellent podcast with Shurouk and cannot wait to have her on the podcast!To Reach Shurouk:                                           sbmansou@alumni.ncsu.eduWebsite: www.invigorateyourinnerstrength.comPhone number: 9802642108Instagram : inner_beauty001Facebook: the showSupportshow( the showSupportshow(
   Slam the Gavel welcomes Diane Berkebile to the podcast. Her Mother,Jane Stickle was made a Victim of Lawrence County's, "I Care A Lot" scheme." Diane soon realized this is a real life monopoly after seeking help from an attorney after receiving an inheritance from her uncle in 2010.    However, a year later her father died, TARGETING her mother by this attorney and his partner's son, Assistant District Attorney who joined forces with her sister who had medical issues.     Diane received a call from her sister that she was taking their Mother out for lunch. That would be the last time Diane saw her Mother. Several weeks later she was allowed to see her mother in an assisted living home. Her Mother was wearing an ankle bracelet and did not have her cell phone.    Prior to this happening, Diane was to move into her Mother's home in 2017 per documents her sister and the attorney signed in full agreement to live with her mother. However, 8 weeks prior to the targeted move in date her Mother was stripped from her home and from her life as she knew it....     After telling everyone in town for months that her Mother had Alzheimer's, on 8/4/2017 her sister then took her to an attorney to sign papers to remove Diane as POA. 96 hours after signing the paperwork, her sister dropped her off at Glen Moore Place Assisted Living, like a dog on 8/8/2017 and had her fitted with an ankle alarm.     What happened next was her sister permitted the facility to chemically restrain her every time she went near the door, cashed in interest bearing annuities prior to Mother's passing, having her loser home to go to tax sale (after refusing to pay Property Taxes the POA was responsible for) and is now suing Diane for $800,000.00 for ruining her name and career while still employed to Diane's knowledge.    Diane's goal is to save her home from foreclosure scheduled March 8, 2023 resulting from the, "I Care A lot" scheme. Diane would like to obtain help to pursue reimbursement from Lawrence County for selling her Mother's home illegally and deter others from ever taking part in being named in a Life Estate, to never tie up their home in that kind of Red Tape as it is a doorway for corrupt attorneys. Diane would like to get others to come forward who are withholding information as well as covering up and taking part in harassment.    Diane so wants to obtain justice for Jane Stickle so that her Mother's death will not have been in vain.To Reach Diane Berkebile: FacebookSupportshow(     Support the showSupportshow(
    Slam the Gavel welcomes guest Roman Brik to the podcast. He is a father who has been fighting for his fatherhood, the right to see his child in the Family Courts In two states for over FIVE YEARS. Speaking three languages, Roman was born under communist rule in the Soviet Union and worked as an attorney in Israel for many years and has also earned an MBA degree from a top university. He has created a combination of skills and experiences allowing him to develop a unique perspective on Family Court.    In just a few months, Roman has established a popular citizen-journalism project reaching tens of thousands of people. Focusing on Judicial accountability and the role of government in manufacturing fatherlessness and motherlessness in America and across the world.    The courts are designed well to create orphans while Due Process is denied. Jury Trials are not entertained along with video in the courtrooms and tamper-proof mics. This is an unaccountable judicial system, subverted by dictatorship. Due process must be demanded and the absence of Jury Trials increases the judicial gaslighting while the 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 7th Amendments are disregarded. People are deprived of their rights to have jury trials.    Family Court not only is a humiliation ritual but a slaughterhouse as well. It has insidious ways such as attacking a parent on Social Media as the Judge talks over a parent and not looking at evidence. Roman explained that while he was speaking to the judge a guard came up behind him and covered his microphone so his words would not be on the record.   Roman recommends speaking out and telling your story and exposing the corruption.To Reach Roman Brik: FacebookSupportshow( the showSupportshow(
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