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Slam the Gavel is a podcast to discuss Family Court Issues, Support Court, Support-contempt conferences and hearings and Child Services issues. Advice on how parents can cope with these issues along with Parental Alienation. Based off the book, Dismantling Family Court Corruption, Why Taking The Kids Was Not Enough. This book can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Apple and Smashwords.dismantlingfamilycourtcorruption.comPodcast music provided by
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     Vincent McGovern, Author of, "The War on Dads and Children," is based on having obtained 5 Ombudsman Investigations, 3 were Parliamentary Ombudsman, and also quite pivotal in procuring the first ever investigation by the European Union Commission into the 'Systemic Failings in the UK Family Court process.'     Also Vincent is the Chair of two branches of the UK 's largest shared parenting charity Families Need Fathers, Central and North London. In this capacity he sees over 900 attendees per year pre Covid, somewhat less via Zoom.      Below is his 2020 presentation to the ICMI 20 Conference on YouTube. His views are his own, and he doesn't speak for the charity.     Vincent discusses how shared parenting is not viewed the same in the US as in the UK. He states he is not a Father's Rights Activist, but an activist for the rights of the children as children are the first to be weaponized in the family court system. Once a parent is targeted they will lose the most because they are either too honest and not aware of how the system was designed.  The excellent conversation on his book was very insightful and informative. It is a must read.To get a copy of The War on Dads and Children can be found on AmazonVincent on YouTube: the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSE by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show (
    Jillian Coburn is an entrepreneur, two-time published author, advocate, inventor of the MOMMYGOBAG, outdoorswoman, and mother of three.      Jillian Coburn is passionately committed to supporting and elevating women who often have nowhere to turn. A survivor herself, Jillian helps other women living with abuse, teaching them how to get out, heal and build a better life.   Jillian is a co-owner of NOLA Prestige Electric, a women/minority/disabled veteran based contracting company.      Jillian was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of SCSA, where the entire board unanimously voted for her to ascend to the Chairman of the Board for SCSA. She also sits as the VP of Women's Support Programs. She also was on a committee, where she and her colleagues triumphed, passing Bill 492, allowing victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse to have their day in court.  Now, in its final form, the Statue of Limitations has been completely eliminated, and there is a three year retro (look-back window), which now covers all survivors and victims.  Here next states to conquer will be Texas and Michigan.  Her dream is to have all states follow the new trend of eliminating the Statue of Limitations for Childhood Survivors.    Energetic and involved in speaking and outreach, Jillian continues striving women/men in situations of domestic violence to get out safely.  She also has been working with victims of the Boy Scouts of America Victims, Human Trafficking Victims, and those who need to escape, but empower them to pursue the life they’d always imagined. Healing, listening, and providing tools is her expertise.       Jillian spends her time on the lake or at home creating new books.  She is readily involved with TAASA, ETT Women,Women Warriors Group, and is readily involved in her children's lives. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her kids.  Jillian lives and works in Lago Vista, Texas with her husband and three children.    Links for my books..... reach Jillian Coburn: the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSE by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show (
     Mary Bush received no Due Process in a fraudulent Guardianship case that lasted well over 12 years involving her beloved mother, Genevieve. Mary goes in-depth about the guardianship that destroyed her mother's well-being and inalienable rights.   Advance directives or wills do not matter, even if they are notarized. Guardianships are unconstitutional acts upon vulnerable persons where inalienable rights are not transferable.    In Season two, Episode 100 Attorney Barbara Stone talked about the destruction of Guardianships as well as Dr. Sheila Owens-Collins in Season two, Episode 51. Mary will tell us this all began in 2004 when Mary's father died of a stroke and the two sons took control over the estate.    Putting their own mother into a nursing home (where they freely called Mary's mother a "cash cow"), they then began to take control over the monies. Next they cut off all communication with Mary Bush and she was purposely kept away from her own mother.  Mary Bush was even threatened while in the nursing home trying to protect her mother. Her mother unfortunately died in the nursing home followed by several "coincidences," which Mary finds suspicious. Mary wasn't even allowed to see her at the funeral home. Mary's mother was just dumped into an unmarked grave. This is a disgrace.     When Mary Bush went Pro Se and made a record which holds the evidence, the courts then began to create a false narrative saying that Mary's mother had Alzheimers. The judge on the case did not even lay eyes on her mother to make a proper decision and that started in 2011.      Turning the tables on Mary Bush, she then became the Respondent, abused and harassed. Slam the Gavel welcomes Mary Bush to tell her story so that this deplorable incident will not befall others.To reach Mary Bush:  endfraudulentguardianships@gmail.comOn Facebook: FREE MARY BUSH'S MOM FROM FRAUDULENT GUARDIANSHIPSupport the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSE by:     Support the show (
    Dr. Mark David Roseman is an expert and international speaker in high-conflict divorce, parental alienation and child custody. Also, Dr. Roseman is the CEO of the Toby Center for Family Transitions, a child reunification program based in Florida which he founded in 2010.  As a mediator and consultant with family members enduring social and personal stress, Dr. Roseman  has found the complimentary use of different clinical and non-clinical modalities to be most effective in ameliorating these difficulties.      Dr. Roseman founded Preserving Family Ties Media LLC, an educational media and service company offering support groups and coaching for Targeted Family Members.     Also, Dr. Roseman is the Publisher of Contemporary Family Magazine, a quarterly digital publication providing global resources for effective parenting. Topics addressed include Parental Alienation, high-conflict divorce as well as Child Custody. He has also written the book Preserving Family Ties.     We talked about how judges should be aware of Parental Alienation and that they should be educated not only in Parental Alienation, but keeping the family together.   To reach Dr. Mark Roseman: are delighted to announce our 1st Fall Targeted Parent Support A Six Week Program Beginning September 22! Join this Virtual Support Group! 7:30-9:00 EST     For parents seeking understanding of Parental Alienation, how their beloved children may turn upon them, reject them, and how other parents are similar affected. This group will bring you validation and a more meaningful understanding of their children's behavior and their own reactions and options to dealing with this phenomenon. Special offer to new and continuing participants! Enroll now!    SAVE 15% WITH THIS COUPON! MDRSG15 Our gift to you! ENROLL NOW! Continue growing within our community!  Your community!  Join us! Meet new people! Learn new strategies!!!  With best wishes, Dr. Mark Roseman, FounderSupport the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSE by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show (
     Nicole Moehring is the Founder of Voices of Change 2018(VOC), a nonprofit organization. Their mission is to reduce the risk of sexual abuse for children with disabilities. Nicole’s daughter and son, who is autistic, were both victims of sexual abuse and assault. As a mother suffering through this unbelievable nightmare, Nicole witnessed the differences in the justice system of how her daughter was believed and treated so well, and her son was not.  Nicole quickly began to realize how difficult the road to justice is for an individual with a disability. Nicole was made to feel as if what happened to her son did not matter. VOC was founded to educate families so no other family would ever feel as Nicole and her family did while living this unthinkable nightmare.      Nicole is a first-time author of “Finding Myself – Overcoming Abuse, Heartbreak and Loss Then, Finding True Love” and currently writing her second book, “Finding My Voice.”     She serves on the Ohio Attorney General Committee for Crime Victims with Disabilities. In 2021, Nicole received the Crucial Point Award. An annual award given to people and organizations that delve beyond the surface of sex crimes to focus on overlooked niches of survivorship. Bringing these specific topics to mainstream platforms to increase public awareness and effectively drive social change. Nicole is working with legislators to change current and pass new laws to enforce stronger policies and best practices for child abuse reporting and how cases are being processed.”      Nicole has over 25 years of experience in management in corporate, non-profit and healthcare environments. For the past 18 years, Nicole has dedicated her time to volunteering for various non-profit and community organizations, including; The Polycystic Kidney Foundation (PKD); Fragile X Alliance of Ohio; Trials for Hope and The Children's Center of Medina County, to name a few.     Nicole resides in Hinckley, OH with her husband, Chris and her two children. To reach Nicole Moehring:  Direct Line: 440.864.7074NMoehring@voicesofchange2018.comwww.voicesofchange2018.orgWe're on: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest @voicesofchange2018Support the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSE by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show (
        Attorney Bobby Chacon has been a career federal law enforcement professional with over 27 years of experience. With a varied career profile including complex criminal investigation,  international deployments as well as underwater forensic training. A proven effective team leader, Attorney Chacon has led teams with missions around the globe including going into Iraq in 2005 and 2006.      Being a Certified Police Instructor and FBI Adjunct Professor Program, Attorney Chacon has helped establish and develop the FBI's underwater forensic program from its beginning to its current state and developed the FBI's Underwater Forensic Training Program.    In 2015 Attorney Chacon became the technical advisor on Criminal Minds Beyond Borders, then for season 14 of Criminal Minds, where he also became a writer's consultant. Attorney Chacon  then co-wrote an episode of season 15 of Criminal Minds. He has also worked on a series for HBO and ABC.    We have discussed Post Traumatic Stress and how it affects every person and that it is a natural biological process that the human body goes through as well as the mind. Every person handles it differently.    Behaviors in criminals and sociopaths and how they believe their own lies and how that affects a lie detector test. This was such an interesting podcast on not only cases discussed but how the FBI has advanced throughout the years.Attorney Chacon YouTube the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSE by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show (
    Ann O'Keeffe Rodgers, is a wife and mother of four children and is also a Certified Family Life Educator. A coach and a facilitator for Dr. Mark Roseman, Ann also facilitates support groups for alienated parents, where her passion lies.   Cancel Culture was discussed as it is really important as we are members of the culture; the linguistic genomics shows the lies and the functional forgeries that take place in Family Court where parents aren't allowed to be in the parental role. These parents are being robbed of their right to parent due to another parent being angry and/or has more financial power.     The government authority is invading the sovereign power and rights of parents. Schools, child psychologists and the family law field are guilty of this.     It is so important for alienated parents to connect with each other and this builds good-will, support and rapport and the only way these parents can heal is to be supportive of each other. This support can be more powerful than therapy or other treatments.     Ann talks about support groups at the Resolution Center in Jacksonville Florida. Dr. Mark Roseman  will start a support group on September 22, 2021 and Adina Lebowitz of Elan Health has a support groups as well.    There really is hope and that hope is in connecting with another alienated parent and trade tips and give support to that alienated parent . the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSE by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show (
     Attorney Barbara Stone is a former real estate attorney in practice in New York and Florida in prominent national firms and a former real estate broker.    Barbara has unique first-hand experience of the human rights atrocities by the cross-corrupted U.S. government branches having been forced into courts across the country including the U.S. SupremeCourt seeking futile remedy to protect her mother from being human trafficked in the guise of "guardianship" and finding only vicious whistleblower retaliation.    In the process, Barbara has found the entire U.S. "legal system" to be lawless, used as an entity devised by the government to strip the public of their rights, liberty and property. Nowhere are the horrors ofAmerican pseudo courts more terrifying than those operating in the ruse of "guardianship." No one in the world with financial assets is immune.  This is made apparent by the Britney Spears case and that of many other high profile celebrities and prominent members of the public.    Barbara has been viciously retaliated for being a whistleblower to the criminal enterprise perpetrated under the ruse of, "guardianship/conservatorship" to which Barbara and her mother have been subjected. Barbara was stripped of her law license after she had already retired from the practice of law; repeatedly falsely arrested for reporting crimes and her efforts to save her mother's life. Her assets and home were seized in retaliatory fraudulent lawsuits for exposing these atrocities and to attempt to silence her.    It is impossible for victims alone to seek remedy. The only result is further retaliation.  Barbara is uniting guardian court victims in order to seek remedy together and on an international level by the United Nations, NATO and international courts.   There must be criminal accountability of those involved including judges, attorneys and guardians. There must be abolishment of guardian laws, ending the release of those held captive by these courts as well as renumeration and restitution.To Reach Barbara: barbara@endguardianracket.com786-696-7816barbara.stone.usa@gmail.comSupport the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSE by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show (
     Katrina Milburn is a Mental health advocate and peer certified specialist. She  got into the  Mental Health field around 2012 after experiencing some really tough times and felt completely alone. Katrina started a 24/7 crisis and resource hotline, so people always have someone to call, to listen, offer resources and know they are not alone.      Katrina explains what had happened to their relationship and how CPS became involved the their lives. Through the hardship of it all, Katrina has decided to become a Candidate for City Council in Thomasville, NC.     Katrina's message is clear: Don’t give up!, Forget anything and everyone that says you’re not enough!, Never be silent about your battles! and Keep Fighting! Links: Katrina Milburn for Thomasville City Council Parent’s Movement Life Doesn’t Come With Instructions Momfia 4 Mental Health about Domestic Violence Volpe: Investigative Journalist NC Leo describes systemic problems in child abuse investigations in NC Testifies about Abuses in Davidson County Department of Social Services (Sarah Carter) Testifies at Davidson County NC Department of Social Services Abuses Support the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSE by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show (
    Slam the Gavel proudly presents Attorney Connie Reguli from Tennessee on the show. Attorney Reguli has been an attorney for 27 years. She is the mother of three adopted children and knows first hand how challenging  the Family Court can be, both legally and emotionally. Using her personal and professional experience to guide clients through their case, Attorney Reguli cares about what is happening to these families and children inside the courtrooms.     Attorney Reguli has been very active in educating the Tennessee Legislature on their role in securing a judiciary that's fair, impartial and ACCOUNTABLE. After reviewing years of reports from the "Court of the Judiciary,"  and summarizing that information for the legislators, it became clear that this legal body does not fulfill its responsibilities in providing oversight for the state court judges.     Speaking at several legislative hearings about the duty of the legislature, as laid out in the Tennessee Constitution, Attorney Reguli has spoken out on the  impeachment and removal of judges that abuse their power. You can find her appearances posted and several new stories and hearings on YouTube under, "JudicialReformNow." Attorney Reguli also spoke before the Tennessee Senate in April 2010. She also has her own YouTube Channel, Connie Reguli.     We talked about how important it is for clients to know the facts about their own case and to work with and help your attorney prepare your case. It is pitiful in a courtroom were judges and attorneys try to make your lawyer look stupid in a courtroom, it is a swamp of intellectual fraud.      The Child Welfare system that is based on a perverted financial scheme based on tax dollars and falls by the wayside when Title IV-E/FosterCare money  comes in to play, as monies come from the taxpayer's Social Security. The goal is to take your child out of your home. A system that is devastating to the Family that started in 1974 with The Mondale Act and over the next 20 years tax dollars flowed out to the states,  giving it away to Foster Care.     We talked about Family Advocates in the Child Welfare System and how a Family Advocate is needed as well as the training that is encompasses becoming a Family Advocate.    Attorney Reguli recommends that the public know who their State Legislatures/Reps and Senators are and put them in your cell phone as a contact, as they work for you, what committees and what bills they have done. Look into the General Assembly and what committee handles Family Court and educate yourself. For parents, get your own personal story written down within one minute, three minutes and ten minute increments for presentation. Also, learn enough basic conversation about CPS and tell your story. Be willing to have that conversation several times a week to educate the public. Lastly, have an internal commitment in your heart that CHANGE must happen.          To Reach Attorney Reguli: Care, Family Law Center, Brentwood, Tennessee YouTube:  2008-2013 Judicial Child Welfare under Connie Reguli and a YouTube channel under Connie Reguli Family Forward Project Support the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSE the show (
    Slam the Gavel welcomes Mike Aikins, author back on the show. Great conversation in regards to a podcast with Marcus Echols (Season 2, Episode 95) that branched off on to topics regarding the family court system and the treatment of Non-Custodial Parents.     Mike and I talked about how judges handle their cases on Child Support and what really happens if you dare to follow the money trail. Title IV-D and Social Security are intertwined  while parents and their families are extorted by the court system that perpetuates Parental Alienation. Mothers and Fathers are shuffled through the court system and there are no winners, just losers and the children suffer the most. The ultimate suffering is when an Alienating  parent withholds a child from the good Target parent. Money shouldn't be a factor. Controlling a child by financial means and manipulation is emotional child abuse.    However, just because one parent is granted full custody does not necessarily make them the better parent.   Parents that don't get to see their children should focus on self care while re-inventing themselves, staying busy with new projects and trying something new to them, because when the the children do come back, that parent is the best that they can be.To reach Mike Aikins:                                           YouTube Author Mike AikinsSupport the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSE by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show (
    Slam the Gavel welcomes Steven Wade, Family Law Specialist from Wales, United Kingdom. Steven Wade is one of the co-founders of the Family Law Assistance Franchise, a total of five around the UK. The Family Law Assistance Franchise is a growing band of a new breed of legal practitioners who help people represent themselves in the family courts using a mix of legal knowledge and coaching techniques .     Steven states, "It's a sad reality that sometimes relationships end. Sometimes in bitter, acrimonious divorce." This becomes more complicated when there are children involved.     Law plays a major role in how these situations are resolved. The best result is when people talk to each other, mediate and work things out for the benefit of the children. No one can control what is going on around you, but life becomes easier when you stop thinking you can control everything. The focus should be kindness toward the ex and putting the children first.    We talked about false allegations and Parental Alienation. Parental Alienation is child abuse and it is unacceptable to perpetuate Parental Alienation not only in the courts but outside of the courts as well.   Steven's encouraging advice is that no one is beaten until you give up. There is always a choice, you have the power. To reach Steven Wade on Facebook: Family Law Assistance HQ and on YouTube: Family Law Assistance.Support the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSE by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show (
     Slam the Gavel welcomes Marcus Echols. He has over 35 years experience dealing with DHR/Family Court system. He has appeared on TV, newspaper articles and online radio over the years addressing this subject. He has forcefully challenged and shined a bright light on some of the most horrid cases of DHR/CPS abuse against Non Custodial parents in Alabama.    Politicians have to see this from a human perspective and not a financial perspective. Once they see you as a money maker for them, your life and what happens to you does not matter.                        The tactics they use, Marcus wishes he should have known because they have caused so much damage to families for years to come through Parental Alienation as well as how terrible they treat the Non Custodial parents.      Marcus encourages parents to understand the tactics DHS uses such as denying information for people to help themselves, not getting visitations in and false accusations so they can justify their treatment of a Non Custodial Parent. These are some of the tactics DHR uses.    DHR uses these tactics and their goal is to drive a parent into the ground financially and emotionally where a parent cannot even begin to fight back.    DHS makes money for the Court House. The discussion went to what really happened to the stimulus checks.  When DHR took this money, did they get matching funding? Are the judges receiving money from the incentives on top of their salaries? The taxpayer should be aware that Social Security is being robbed by CPS and Title IV-D.   Marcus explained his journey through debtor's prison and his heart attack that nearly ended his life and how the guards treated him during this episode. Human Rights violations are committed every day in prisons.    Just because a person is granted full custody doesn't make them the better parent. The courts just saw an opportunity. The court profits off of families and is an adversarial system.To reach Marcus:  marcuschls@yahoo.comFacebook: I'm Still Here, "The Marcus Echols Story" and Marcus J. Echols as well as Empowering Strategies Corporation (A non profit that targets at-risk youth and their familiesThis is the article Marcus Echols is in: the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSE by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show (
   Michael Volpe back on Slam the Gavel with very interesting conversation. Michael talks about Judge Gordon Miller's outburst in his courtroom in Forsyth County, NC where he threatened court watchers with jail, being threatened with witness tampering and the update on the cases in Miami Dade. Very important podcast with Michael Volpe exposing the corruption that so few know about.    Kristen Rash’s testimony, the Davie County social worker/caseworker who Michael Volpe thinks is falsely accusing him of witness tampering (part 1 and part 2).     Ayanna Brown’s testimony, also in Forsyth County, NC, social worker/caseworker (in-home services) and she describes what happened on June 22, approximately  8 minutes in. Also, she got the date wrong which is so very important however, this is the incident she is speaking about.     It seems that CPS has too much power and that they are not only incompetent but inept at best. Will there be a day that CPS is abolished; they are parasites, preying on families only bringing destruction upon the children and breaking up decent, fit families. This will disturb future  generations while destroying precious family bonds. And CPS doesn't care.Michael Volpe’s book: the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSE by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show (
    Slam the Gavel welcomes Mark T. Andrews back on the show to talk about the perils of PTSD when trapped in the Family Court System.  After going through Family Court system for 19 years and 73 hearings later,  Mark explains how he has suffered two heart attacks with a couple of stents and an open heart surgery. Every six years he has had a heart procedure.     Anxiety is a player in all of this when a parent is thinking about what can happen next in the Family Court nightmare. We talked about sleep disturbances affecting our lives. REM sleep is very important to our bodies. Mark states, "we suffer and they make money."    The courts keep creating income, not settling these cases via Legal Abuse Syndrome. The children are the ones that are suffering the most through this.  Mark didn't get to see his kids graduate nor get married. "Not knowing about your kids and not knowing if they are safe," Mark states, "adds to the PTSD." Mark hasn't heard from his daughter since 2008 nor his son. He is an erased father.  Missing milestones; your child getting taller, graduating from high school and getting married and not being able to be there further the affects of PTSD.    None of us planned to go to law school after we got married.  No one counts on spouses changing. Personality Disorders should be addressed prior to marriage. The next generation is going to have to put their foot down to stop the buying and selling of human chattel in a courtroom.  Family Court goes on and on and on.     We talked about fraud on the court and how long our own cases have lingered in the courts. The courts have incentive to chase a parent until it gets its money. Child Support for instance, that debt weighs on a person.  Debt also furthers PTSD. Everything snowballs into a heartbreaking disaster and the children are the ones that will have permanent emotional scars.    All parents just want their children to be happy and that they don't have to go through this Family Court nightmare in their lives. To Reach Mark: and cell number: 707-280-7425Mark also runs I Am The Storm PodcastKids Matter--Fraud Upon The Court--Family Law Courts Are Corrupt on YouTubeSupport the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSE by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show(      Support the show (
     Slam the Gavel welcomes Samantha Baldwin, book author from Manchester England.  She has written the Book, "Everything is Going to be Okay," available on Amazon and Kindle.  This book was written within one year,  to not only tell her story, but expose the corruption within the Family Court system. The book had to be fictionalized for legal reasons.     Since losing her sons to their abuser and being accused of the crime of drugging her sons, Samantha has been fighting tirelessly to expose this criminal enterprise and to be vindicated of the crime of drugging her own children. Samantha is focusing on vindicating herself however there has been a 914 Order and she is banned for making applications to the court for four years. Samantha has solid evidence such as passing two polygraph tests that the court will not entertain. There is a great amount of injustice within the court system for people trying desperately to clear their names.      Samantha  is now a campaigner intent on exposing the corruption and malpractice within Britain's secretive family court system  who are continuing to fail children continuously and costing many children their precious lives.     Child abuse victims are often not believed, with protective parents being vilified and in tragic and frequent cases the children are removed from their protective parent time and time again and  are forced by the state to live with their abuser.     She hopes to make changes to the system one day and will fight until her sons are home safe with her.  After her ex took custody of her sons, Samantha has not seen them since 2017. This is happening to many mothers throughout the world, decent fit parents as well as decent fathers.     Samantha  hopes her book will help many children and their safe, fit parents. To reach Samantha: page: Samantha Baldwin Exposing Family Court"Everything is Going to be Okay" available on Amazon and KindleSupport the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSE by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show (
    Slam the Gavel welcomes guest, Dorcy Pruter  on to the show!  Dorcy is the founder and CEO of Conscious Co-Parenting Institute, a Dorcy Inc. Company. She is recognized as one of the top reunification specialists worldwide, and is also a certified master coach and family mediator.     Through reunification coaching and co-parenting education, Dorcy provides strategies and solutions for parents and children to reconnect, and stay connected, during and after a high-conflict separation/divorce.      Dorcy has created several different coaching programs that meet the family’s needs depending on where they are at in the family court process, ultimately so the children can be free to have a relationship with both parents.     We discussed several topics regarding child custody cases in the Family Court System, especially when there is an emotional and physical cutoff between one parent and the child.        Much ground was covered as we also discussed what happens in a high-conflict family dynamic and a co-parenting dynamic and how that affects the child. Reunification is highly important while overcoming challenges and obstacles to move forward. However, ultimately the issue is how to solve and resolve this type of family dynamic and dysfunction.     The Family Court system  and mental health professionals are not helping parents get the services they need in order to repair a situation before it gets much worse. More education is needed within the court system, so families can begin to heal and a child can have both parents in their lives.To reach Dorcy Pruter: 888-379-7279Support the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSE by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show (
   Slam the Gavel has Author Cordell Ellis back on the show to discuss his plans for his book, The Forty Mile Journey.  He would like to see his book become a tool to be incorporated into a workbook for different stages of youth as well as adults but primarily focusing on the youth.     A workbook that is adapted for all grades;  grade school, middle school and high school. The workbooks will be  to help young people recognize certain things in their lives they can relate to.  The youth need to be able to recognize things that affect them internally but also affect their outward behaviors and to understand the consequences of their behaviors.    This will be a wonderful tool where they can not only write down and share their thoughts but also share what they have written with a teacher or counselor. Then there can be discussion and perhaps intervention which will  take place to prevent some of the impulsive  actions that are occurring in the acts of our youth.     The evolution from his book into a workbook for at risk youth/youth in general being adapted for all stages of growth will be an essential learning tool.    Early intervention in the stages of growth for at risk youth would be a valuable tool to help solve a problem before it escalates.To reach Cordell Ellis: info@cordellellis.comFacebook and Instagram: Moenspire 365 LLCSupport the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSE by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show (
     Slam the Gavel welcomes Bill Coleman from the UK back on the show for the last installment, Episode Three.  Bill talked about the Human Rights Violations that took place while wrongfully incarcerated for eleven years based on false accusations of rape.      In  great detail, Bill described what really went on within those prison walls that no person should have to go through. Bill Coleman holds the record for participating in a hunger strike lasting SEVEN years, and to this day still remains the longest hunger strike in United States history. Please see Lantz V. Coleman. This is a Human Rights case that is very well known to this day.     Bill explains that at the pinnacle, the point of the triangle are your children and how there were many red flags in his then married relationship and how it took a year to get his children back. Parental Alienation is the greatest loss of your children from your life, Bill explains His children were always in the forefront throughout all of his years falsely imprisoned. The suffering in prison is nothing compared to the loss of his children as there is no closure. This is time and milestones that can never be retrieved from the past for either child or parent.    Mothers and women must speak out and lead to the defeat of Parental Alienation, Bill states, Fathers are unable to do this.  There must be a united front between fathers and mothers suffering from Parental Alienation.    Moving on, moving forward and keeping focused, Bill is wanting to clear his name. Bill feels there is no need for Parental Alienation, it only destroys children's lives and how sad it is to only have a photograph of your child and again, no closure. More on Bill and where to find him on Social Media: Alienated Parents by False Allegations : Support the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSEdismantlingfamilycourtcorruption.comMusic by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show (
     Slam the Gavel welcomes Anne DeSantis, wife and mother, who just celebrated her 32nd wedding anniversary, on to the show.  She is the Director of  St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation for Freedom, Family and Faith.  A Philadelphia native, Anne is also a book author, 55+ model and podcaster/host.   Anne has been the Director of the St. Raymond Nonnatus Foundation since 2018. The foundation is a  Catholic 501C3 non-profit faith-based organization located in the Philadelphia area that exists to bring pastoral accompaniment to families in crisis.     Though Catholic, the foundation welcomes all faiths that are suffering through crisis and divorce. Saint Raymond Nonnatus Foundation was founded by the Mercedarian order that was founded in 1218, well over 800 years old. It is a group of brothers, priests and friars now located in four different cities in the United States, Philadelphia being one of them. In  September of 2015, they attended the World Meeting of Families when Pope Frances came to the United States. After they attended, they came together in prayer because they wanted to do something to help families who are affected by adversity, divorce and separation.  Since that time they made the outreach to Catholics who are affected by divorce. They have helped hundreds with a free service to Catholics and other faiths.    Anne talked about handling crisis calls, giving support to parents, grandparents, relatives and neighbors as well. Also, the foundation helps adult children of divorce. The foundation offers one-on-one with a Mercedarian friar for a call or on-line meeting. They offer podcasts that addresses issues with children of divorce.    There is a wealth of information on the website to help people in adversity and divorce. We discussed Rose Sweet in California and she is also an excellent resource.   The church also recognizes annulments and Anne explained that they recognize divorce because it is a civil union, therefore children are legitimate.    In her latest faith-based book that took her two months to write, "Love and Care for the Marginalized," Anne wrote 40 meditations for reflection. This book is on Amazon and Kindle and between September 8th through the 15th , Kindle will offer the book for .99 cents.To reach Anne:  mailto:%E2%80%8Bdirector.srnf@gmail.com's Book: Love and Care for the Marginalized is available on Amazon and KindleTo reach the foundation: foundation is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am EST to 5:00 pm and listeners can call 215-870-9913Support the show(  USE CODE SLAM THE GAVEL PODCAST FOR 10% OFF THE COURSE by:     Support the show (
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