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Welcome to Bridges 4 Mission Podcast. Ways to connect: Facebook: What is it like to serve overseas as God's ambassadors? How does the Kingdom of God look around the globe? Through International Ministries’ Bridges 4 Mission Podcast, we bring the answers to these and other mission-related questions directly to you. Join us as we interview a diverse group of servants working in a variety of capacities around the world. Volunteers, Theologians, Ministers of the Gospel will explore the rapidly changing world of Short-Term Missions (STM) and how being incarnational manifests itself in very unique ways. We will hear firsthand testimonies of individuals who have taken a leap of faith to serve internationally and hear from others who are still undecided. We trust that you’ll soon discover how God equips all of us for the tasks we are called to, recognizing that we don't do this discernment process alone. We remain encouraged when interruptions in plans become God moments to create beautiful bridges for ministry. We hope that this new B4M Podcast will invite you into seeing the possibilities of being the hands and feet of Christ. We live in hope and love, which neither can be silenced, nor ignored. Join us to observe, ask why, and listen. Welcome to Bridges 4 Mission.
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In this episode you will hear about the wonderful opportunities a team of 5 had in Japan while on a short-term mission trip to immerse in the local culture. Hear from the team members first hand as they describe what they have experienced and the impact it had on their lives. 
Here is an opportunity to listen to a conversation Jesse Kroeze, Executive Director of Touch the World Ministries, had with the staff at the Short-Term Mission desk at International Ministries. 
Mrs. Marianne Awaraji joins B4M in this episode to share more about her role as Director of Audience Relations and how her team reaches and interacts with the audience from the MENA region, who follows their various programming. Mrs. Awaraji shares how her faith is refreshed while serving others.
In this episode, our four Emerging Leaders interview different participants during the Urbana conference. Join them as they grow in relationship with their small group members, get to know other young adults who share a passion for God’s Kingdom and mission work, and more. 
Be a fly on the wall as the four ELC members continue their takeover of B4M. In this episode, you will hear three of IM’s Global Servants interview the four ELC members and vice versa. These questions will center around “What is mission” and the Urbana conference experience. 
Pre-Urbana with ELC

Pre-Urbana with ELC


Five Emerging Leaders’ Cohort members are attending Urbana 22’ in Indianapolis, IN, on December 28th – 31st. The Urbana Conference is a student-centered missions conference designed to connect young adults with mission organizations and resources and to experience the world of short-term and long-term missions. In this episode, you will hear insights from the 5 Emerging Leaders’ Cohort members as they each prepare for this possibly life-changing conference.
Rev. Dr. Bill Pope, former missionary and pastor, sheds light on the importance of having emergency insurance when traveling. Rev. Dr. Pople ministers through MissionSafe (, a trusted ministry partner with SOE,, our accredited short-term mission agency.
Join the conversation with Alise Juanes, as she shares the value debriefings have in the course of short-term mission trips. Making time to reflect on God centered moments that have impacted the short-term mission journey, the hosts, and the volunteers.
Remaining God Centered

Remaining God Centered


 What does it mean to be emotionally, spiritually, and physically prepared as cross-cultural servants? Listen to Rev. Rob Kirbach, as he shares his perspective on being "de-constructed" by God while serving.
Minister Nicole Cox and Rev. Sandra Dorsainvil share lessons learned and blessings received globally through this unique podcast.
Listen to Senior Pastor Rev. James Williams who shares his passion for short-term mission, and encouraging others to be transformed being the hands and feet of Christ in partnerships with others.
Join the conversation with Senior Pastor Laura Ayala, who reflects on the definition of partnership, and how God is at work in the region of Puerto Rico. The blessings to serve, receive, be supported, and cared for by many who desire to enter into missional partnerships. The blessings of seeing the Holy Spirit at work in people's hearts has enriched Pastor Ayala's faith and ministry.
Be part of this conversation with staff from SAT-7 and the Baptist Seminary in Madrid, Spain, who were first time attendees at the 2022 World Mission Conference at Green Lake, Wisconsin. The world was present. This episode reflects it, as you will hear conversations in English and in Spanish. 
Join Dennis Wiens, SAT-7 leader, as he shares about the impact SAT-7 has had in the MENA region. Listen to him explain the impact SAT-7 has had locally in the US, with partners like IM, and the collaborative efforts around the globe. SAT-7 shares the message of hope through its satellite broadcasting. Join us in special 3-Day Mission Express immersion with SAT-7 on 9/13, 9/14 & 9/15
Enjoy how the multi-lingual IM Staff, Deb Savage, and Paty Contreras, define partnerships and the importance of speaking heart languages with global partners. You will also hear from Dr. Alia Abboud, whose recording was done at a time when internet and electricity were unstable in Lebanon. Dr. Abboud emphasizes the value of a multi-track approach to partnerships. 
Rev. Sharon Koh, Joyce Bagiraneza and Rev. Marc Kirchoff share about International Ministries and the various partners in ministry who support God's mission cross-culturally. They express deep gratitude towards all those who understand, sustain, and embrace mission through partnerships.
Join two current Emerging Leaders from the Trailblazers cohort group who share with listeners their journeys of faith and what has led them to being part of the 2022 Emerging Leaders' initiative. Listen to how God has guided them through scars, healing, and purposeful moments in being Christian servant leaders. 
Be part of this special conversation with two of our Emerging Leaders Connector Cohort Members who share how they connected to this discipleship program at IM, what inspires them as God's servants, and their aspirations. May you be encouraged by the wisdom you receive.
Melanie Baggao shares about her faith journey, her call, and how she faces the joys and challenges of being a servant-leader as a Christian. Be encouraged by Melanie's words of wisdom to youth and young adults, and how attendance at the Urbana conference contributed to affirming her call to serve cross-culturally.
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