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Blizzard of the World

Author: Christophe Hebert

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A monthly podcast about technology, society, and how they influence each other. In each episode, we'll look at the technological phenomenon as it affects a different aspect of the human condition, through ideas such as freedom, dignity, intuition, and our relation to space and time.
2 Episodes
On the conclusion of To Live and Die in Technopolis, our inaugural series on technique, we ask a single question that'll get us going for 90 minutes, we insist that we're realists, not pessimists, we paint two very different portraits of two very different phenomena of the same name, and we get a bit excited there at the end.1. Introduction (0:50)2. "Continuation or Revolution?" through characteristics of technique (3:42)3. Four characteristics of pre-18th century technique (10:14)3.1 Only ap...
On the first part of To Live and Die in Technopolis, we meet a rare Frenchman who truly understands how the world works, we rail on science and reason for a little while, we get into a time machine to pump the tires of the Greeks and the Romans, and we wish the 19th century took a different turn. Welcome to Blizzard of the World!1. Introduction to the podcast and to Jacques Ellul (0:51)2. Definition of technique; its relation to science and to reason (26:50)2.1. Definition2.2. Science and tec...