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The Play No James Podcast. Created by James Moore. Exploring Business, Fashion, Mindset & Young Entrepreneurship.
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yooooo, wtf it's been so long since i've done this! kinda shit of me for not putting any pods out since 2022! not to worry, this pod makes up for it & really excited for you to listen to this one! in todays episode, i dive deep into the reality of my 2023 (since we last spoke) and discussed what went well & what went wrong... on a positive note, i discuss 2024 plans and how we aim to takeover! also dived deep and discussed 25 lessons i learnt in the last 25 years, you're gon...
In todays episode, I list my most brutal / honest lessons from this year. Words can't describe how crazy this year has been. The older i get the more i realise how fortunate i am to be in the position i am with my brand & thankful i can bring you along on the journey. My 15 year old self when i was beginning my entrepreneurial journey wouldn't believe the craziness and lessons i've learnt. All the best for 2023 - Love, James x
Time waits for no man… We’re halfway through 2022 & I’ve had my head down the last 6 months & didn’t even realise we were half way through it because momentum was carrying me through. There’s no better feeling being on the ball & being so head down focused time flies. My recent trip to Mykonos taught me that don’t judge anybody on what they’re doing or wearing. Saw this guy who was not wearing any shoes & just looked very merry arrive to a restaurant in a yacht… now it mi...
Have you ever started something and realised, no matter how hard you try, you don't seem to be getting anywhere? is it best to hold on and keep persevering or give up? There's no right or wrong answer, it's down to your own judgement and if you feel your energy can be given elsewhere.In todays episode I discuss why it's super important to play the long game with life and your business/ passion projects etc. Even me being 8 years into the game, i've always been aware that none of this is over ...
Imagine if we all had a time machine, how different would we approach certain situations! today I dive deep into a discussion of my key learnings from my 8 year journey into my brand building. The sh*t they don't talk about and stuff you're only going to learn with experience. Believe me, the journey has been crazy & we're only just getting started... My key lesson here is always be willing to learn no matter what level you're at in your journey. The more you learn... the more you ea...
In todays episode i discuss if we fall into becoming victims of living for the gram & letting instagram take control of our lives with feeling like you have to post and if you don't post "it didn't happen"+ I discuss Is having too much confidence a bad thing? i also call one of my content creator friends to see his opinion on the matter.
Now being complacent is my worst fear... although i've been guilty of doing it myself & i'm sure lot of others have. it's something which dooms on me and is just hidden in the shadows, i think as long as you're in control of your choices in life and remember what got you to where you are (hard work / smart work) shouldn't be forgotten and push that laziness and complacency out. in todays episode i talk first hand how i deal with complacency with my top tips and a story of how i nearl...
2021 Is Over! Just like that, crazy honestly to think how another year has flown by. 2021 has been an insane year for me & RMDY. it's been a mission which has had UPS & DOWNS! But that's life. In Today's podcast i discuss what i learnt this year & if i was disciplined enough to stick to my new year's resolutions and how you can too. 2022 The year of guests for the podcast too! it's going to be a madness. Love James x
Todays Episode Has Been My Favourite Podcast To Record Ever, I Loved How Open And Raw This Was, There Was No Thinking, No Filtering (not Like There Ever Is) Just Me And My Open Thoughts.This Is What It's Actually Like Day To Day Running A Brand, What It's Actually Like Being An Entrepreneur & Balancing Social Life With A Business. In This Episode You Get The First Hand Perspective Of This From Me. If I Had To Explain This Podcast To Someone, It Would Be Like A Director Leaving His C...
We've All Been There, When Everything Is Going So Well & Then BOOM... Our Thoughts Run Wild & We Start Doubting & Overthinking Our Ability . What Is Overthinking? & Why Do We Do It. How Do We Stop It & How Do We Control It? In Todays Episode I Talk My Thoughts On Overthinking & My Own Experiences Of How I've Dealt With It & Controlled My Thoughts As Hard As It Can Be!
In recent times, we’re more likely to be more lonelier than ever, with the pandemic and a surge in social media usage, how many people can you truly count on in a time of need?Lucky for me, Ive been fortunate enough to be around individuals who want the best for me and push me to my fullest potential whilst being real and loyal with me. They say it how it is. In todays podcast we will be discussing the importance of having a loyal circle and how a strong support system around you c...
"Sleep is for the weak" "You Can't Sleep, You Have To WORK WORK!" Is all we seem to hear by these fake hustle p*rn entrepreneurs! Honestly, with learning about myself and engaging in conversations with other like minded individuals the main topic was always sleep. The key is sleep. How can you function without sleep? i was guilty and deluded of thinking it was possible! It's so important. In todays episode i discuss how sleep to me is something which i value so much and think it's very import...
As we approach our 8th birthday, it made me reflect and look back on the last 8 years of the journey. it's been a crazy life changing journey. I discuss the story from the roots up, the FUN times, the HARD time & all in between. I can't wait to see where RMDY. will be in the next 8 years! #ThefutureisRMDY
E6: The Importance Of Time

E6: The Importance Of Time


Money comes and goes, but time just goes... how are you going to spend your time? You and You only are in control of your time, where you spend it and what you spend it on. In todays episode i discuss how time to me is something which i value more than money & ways of how i've been efficient with my time as i progress on my journey.
What The Hell Is Manifestation? In Recent Times It’s All Everyone Is Talking About, That “Magic” Word, If Think About Something Long Enough, You Actually Get it... In Todays Episode I Dive Into What Manifestation & Visualisation Means To Me, What I Really Think About Manifestation & How It Is Pointless Without Hard Work & Long Term Thinking.
In Recent Times, It's Becoming More & More Common Seeing People Turning Their Hobbies Into A Career, Those Small Little Passion Projects People Do On The Sides Are Now Turning Into A Successful Career For Some. Today, I Dive Into My Thoughts & Why I Believe It's So Important To Do What You Enjoy In Life. Because Believe It Or Not, Life's Too Short...
Today I Talk About The Dreaded C Word... Covid-19 & What It Has Brought To 2020 , It's Been A Crazy Year Of Uncertainty, Highs, Lows & Lots Of Hidden Opportunities. Who Knows What The Rest Of The Year Will Be Like.
In My Second Episode, I Dive Deep Into The Hidden Truths Of My Own Experiences Of What It's REALLY Like Starting & Running A Business Whilst Being Young. As Time Goes So Quick, Sometimes The Best Time To Start Is Now.
In My First Episode, I Discuss Social Media & if it's really possible To Have A Healthy Relationship With It, Without Affecting Your Happiness Levels & Ability To Not Compare Yourself To The BS* Nonsense Which Is Lurking Around Online.