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Author: Aaron Deshotel

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This is a podcast about this, that and the other. My takes on life, society, politics, and whatever else happens to cross my mind. Regular segments on Cooking, moving out, stupidity, and other themes.
There will be interviews about everything from movies to restaurants, dinner to drinks, games to sports.....this is starting to sound like a date, isn't it? If you want to be a guest or recommend one let me know. If there is something you want us to talk about just send a message. It's all fair game and it HAS to be said.
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Ok so the CDC has said we can start to get back to normal. Things are opening back up. A talk about some things to keep in mind as you go back out into the big old world. Also a couple of people asked why I didn't change my logo for pride month. So I explained it.  Here are the links I mentioned
In this rambling episode I will be discussing responsibility, maturity, and defining yourself as a human being. You know the light stuff.  Featured promo is Lets Start A Cult. It's a great show. #podernfamily #RogueRoosterMedia #beadecentpersonFFS
Hey everyone, I'm back. In this episode I am going to talk about gender norms, and the fact that June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and my thoughts on that. I also briefly touch on a podcast battle I am in on Instagram being hosted by Podcastagram. Check it out here My featured podcast promo this week is The Paranormal Burrito, an interview podcast where they discuss paranormal phenomena and encounters. I really recommend checking it out. #podernfamily #supportindiepodcasts #Gendernorms #Pridemonth #LGBTQ+ #beanally #acceptance #dontsuck
Promos? We Got Promos

Promos? We Got Promos


As I stated last week, no actual episode this week. Instead I decided to toss up a bunch of promos for shows that I whole heartedly endorse. There is a little something for everyone here so please check out all these awesome shows. And thank you to everyone who sent their well wishes, thoughts, prayers, and just the general love. You are all amazing, and we will be back to it next week.
Active positivity

Active positivity


Basically, you can't change the world with out changing yourself. A little introspection, a brief story about an online dispute that made me question myself, and more general ire. Also, while I don't know if anyone even reads this stuff there will be no episode next week, due to a death in the family and the obligations that go with that. My apologies to those of you who might look forward to these. Podcast spot this week is Chaotic Neutral. Chaotic is definitely right. A fun little show about a bunch of random stuff. Paige, the hostess, is a entertaining young lady and it is an interesting look into her mind.  Baxter Blue Discount link: #Supportindiepodcasts #bedecenttoeachotherdamnit #stillcanthashtag
In this interview I talk with Dr. Katherine Sheffield, host of A Few Bad Apples podcast. We talk about dealing with the pandemic, stupid people, police transparency and reform, and a bit about the process of moving to paradise.  Featured podcast this week is Film Rage. Find them where ever you get your podcast fix. You won't regret it. Also two people entered the contest, so nobody wins. I'll reach out to the two who did enter to express my gratitude. #supportindiepodcasting #supporttransparancy #takethewarninglablesoff
In this episode I give my take on a certain athlete I find to be severely over rated, and his particularly obnoxious and irresponsible use of his status and break down some things we are all overlooking about officer involved shootings. Also I address the contest that literally two people actually replied to and something I am looking forward to.  The promo for this episode is for the Thrice Cursed podcast. A true crime and paranormal podcast hosted by Rebekkah Rosewood. Yet another True Crime show that I listen to despite not wanting to admit that I am into true crime. #supportindiepodcasts #podernfamily #rogueroostermediagroup 
This episode features Lizz, one half of the fantastic You Should Have Ghosted true crime podcast. Lizz and I discuss mental health, stupid people, and the zen of potato, among other things. We had a blast recording this episode and I hope you all enjoy listening to it. Promo spot for Terrified and Tipsy #supportindiepodcasts #podernfamily #mentalhealthawareness #phuckyourfeelings #berniesmittens --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Another officer involved shooting. Another tragedy. Another "mass shooting."  This one hit close to home for me. I had family that was there. Was it someone snapping or a beef between individuals with no consideration for bystanders? They are not saying yet. Now is not the time to push agendas. Now is not the time to keep driving a divide deeper into this country. This is not a time to try and push your beliefs onto others, in case you haven't noticed by now that doesn't work. We need to look at the root of the problems, not the symptoms. We need to be aware of how this will be used to drive policies and plans with out actually fixing anything. Also, in a lighter note I answer some Q & A questions after the break. Being serious all the time is unhealthy.  A shout out to the podcasters that submitted questions for me to answer. Film Rage Podcast, Weird Distractions Podcast, Name Taken Podcast. They are all good shows that you should be checking out. #growup #Stoptheviolence #supportindiepodcasts #WTFpeople --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
In this episode I am going to go a little further into a matter that has brought me some flack from both sides. I know shocker right? The simple fact of the matter is the world is not black and white. Trying to cram things into boxes never really works and people need to start seeing things from a more open perspective. And honestly coming at me with your definition of an absolute is never going to work out the way you play it out in your head. Ever.  Featured Podcast spot this week : The Culture Quest Podcast: Part of @allthenetwork We're on a quest to become cultured! We try to enjoy pop culture milestones or anything that's way out of our comfort zones! #ACAB #backtheblue #youareallwrong  #PEOPLEAREPEOPLE #Uniformsdontdefinepeople --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
So in this episode I am going to talk about the trend of shooting thirty second videos for the likes on the internet. And some changes coming to the program that I happen to be excited about. And a promo spot for a show that I listen to and you all should be too.  Campfire Classics. A Literary Comedy Podcast. Hosts Ken & Heather try to read those books that look good on your shelf, a laugh a lot along the way. Seriously I haven't listened to an episode I haven't enjoyed yet. #roguerooster #podernfamily #supportindependentpodcasters #ithinkimstartingtogetit #maybe #reels #nevergonnagetit --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
More whack jobs are doing whack job things. Asian hate is a thing, and I will touch on it, but I am not Asian and can't speak to the experience If you want to hear a better take on it from somebody check out this link. They say it better than I ever could. Want to donate? go to Cant donate? Just be decent. If you see something shitty happening, speak up shitty people are usually cowards.  In this episode I will talk about what I have an issue with the people who are using these tragedies to push their agenda, particularly the gun-grabbers. If you want to address the issue lets talk mental health instead.  Also some things I'm excited about and another endorsement for the indie podcast community. Seriously why not come out and play with us? Featured Podcast spot : We Get Dubbed Podcast :An Anime Podcast that hits harder than a Goku gut punch #stopasianhate #wtfpeople --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Here is the super special bonus I promised. The second half of the conversation I had with the ladies of Tabooze. Music, Work, Social Commentary, we got it all. Pod Promo Geek Peak #podernfamily #supportindiepodcasts #TFamIdoingwrong
I HAD to be Tabooze

I HAD to be Tabooze


So for my second ever guest episode I spoke with the awesome ladies of Tabooze. I say it in the episode, I'm gonna say it again here. You need to be listening to these ladies. Talking about the things we aren't, but should be. Often with drinks in hand, so of course we get along. Also this went WAY long so it is a two part-er. The second half will drop on Friday, in a super special bonus episode. And we talk about all kinds of stuff. Literally nothing is off the table. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed recording it. Tabooze : Promo spot for Nerdy Bitches Podcast --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Stimmi Stimmi Y'all

Stimmi Stimmi Y'all


Ok, so the government finally decided to give us some more of our kid's tax money. What should we do? Go to some local spot and get a bite? Support a locally owned business and keep the cash local? NO!! Of course not, lets all haul ass to the closest big box store and grab up all the shite we cannot afford and really don't need. Also who in the hell still cares about the "royal" family. And WHY? seriously if you do please let me know why. Try and make it make sense for me, I'm begging you.  Podcast spot : I saw it on Linden Street. “I Saw It On Linden Street” is dedicated to the joy of appreciating cult films, exploitation oddities, beloved classics & all points between. Join Chris today! #podernfamily #theAPODalypse #shoplocal #supportindiepodcasts #seriouslyanyonewanttoteachmehashtags?
In this episode I discuss International Women's Day. Relax keyboard warriors, there is no need to get yer knickers in a knot. How about you actually listen to the episode before you jump to conclusions and go off all half-cocked. Nimrods. Podcast spot The BroKast Podcast- No not that kind of bro. Actual brothers that have a podcast. Now accepting applications for collaborations #podernfamily #supportindiepodcasts #internationalwomensday  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Ok so after last week this may seem a little redundant but come on, Dr. Seuss? Really? Also Mr Potato head and a few other thoughts, along with a thought to the people recovering down south. Featured Podcast Film Rage. Go check em out.  #supportindiepods #cancelcultureistoxic #acceptance #stopbeingshitty --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
So in this episode I am going to discuss the second impeachment of the former president of the United States, and some of it's  implications for the people of this nation. Also assholes with big trucks and expensive toys dealing with the blizzards. And a very special thank you for one of my fellow indie podcasters.  The featured podcast this episode is Cheers to Comics. A three times per week look at the art that is the world of comic books. #podlift #supportindiepodcasts #podernfamily #podnation #amihashtagingrightyet #stopbeingstupid
In this episode we have a couple of quick takes of a few subjects. We have a moron, a sporketball game, and the future of our country. We also have my thoughts on the future of the country, so check that out too This episode's promo will be LIVE with Bigbruh. It is a quick take show with a guy who spits his truths and keeps it real and un-cut. Kind of a kindred spirit if you will. Check him out. The episodes are fairly quick so you can squeeze a couple in a day. #podlift #podernfamily #supportindiepods #somebodywannadothisforme --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
Well in this episode I'm talking about a few things about finance in the new year. The lottery hitting a record win for some lucky SOB in Michigan, the stock market learning about the power of the internet, and supporting independent creators.  Featured podcast Ye Olde Crime Podcast. You know the drill, go check em out where ever you are getting your podcast fix.  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
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