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Miss Congeniality and the Third Runner Up
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Miss Congeniality and the Third Runner Up

Author: Candice and Natalie

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Friends who grew up in a small town, Candice (Rev. Can), a children’s pastor and Natalie (Dr. Nat), a licensed mental health counselor use funny stories and song lyrics to encourage listeners on a variety of topics.
26 Episodes
This is a hard topic for Rev. Can and Dr. Nat to discuss but important nonetheless. We can laugh now because we have cried before... Join us as we talk about our own experiences and how we believe God brought us through.Support the show
The Real Me: Enneagram

The Real Me: Enneagram


God loves you just the way you are. Don't let anyone put you into categories or groups. Celebrate how great our creator is by created all people differently! Join us for some funny stories and thoughts on a popular topic...The Enneagram.Support the show
Rev. Can and Dr. Nat discuss parent failures today. Trust us, you will feel better about yourself after listening to our failures... Be encouraged today!Support the show
Guess Who's Back?

Guess Who's Back?


Rev. Can and Dr. Nat are back!! We have had a crazy season of life so we are going to talk about balance....Join us as we laugh and discuss this important topic.Support the show
Join Rev. Can and Dr. Nat as they discuss the importance of fathers with Alex Kendrick, famous movie producer of War Room, Facing the Giants, and more... They also have a new documentary out on fatherhood so check it out!Support the show
Join Rev Can and Dr. Nat as they interview Author and friend, Chris Smith. This message will encourage you to not allow the signs, names or negative identities given to you in life define who you are. Chris will encourage you to allow God to write a beautiful story in and through you! Support the show
Settle in and get ready to take notes as Rev. Can and Dr. Nat interview and learn from pastor and comedian, Ted Cunningham. He has a passion for relationships and helping marriages succeed. From this moment on was a popular wedding song back in the day, but how can we truly make relationships great each moment? Join as we learn together!Support the show
Loving yourself for who God created you to be can be tough especially with the temptation from social media to compare constantly. Join us as we find ways to encourage you through helpful verses, tips and an interview with our young friend, Ella!Support the show
Jess Pinkerton is a BEAST at Crosfit and life. Join Rev. Can and Dr. Nat as they discuss physical fitness and how it is related to mental and spiritual well-being. Jess Pinkerton is not just strong physically, but intellectually and mentally as well. She is a business owner, wife and mother and is a great representative of Power (our song of choice by Kanye West). You can't be all of these things and not learn balance and consistency. This podcast has something for people at all levels of fitness. Support the show
Rev. Can and Dr. Nat discuss technology and guidelines for individuals and families. Say Something is a great song used to discuss this relevant and important topic. Don't miss the best part, the interview with Chris Kaspar, the developer of the Wisephone and Techless company as he gives his theology of technology!Support the show
Listen to Rev. Can and Dr. Nat discuss happy places as they talk about Kenny Chesney's  "I go back" , their first country song discussion.  What is your happy place? More importantly, how can you use your happy place or resources to bless others?Support the show
Candice and Natalie tackle a tough topic in this episode on human trafficking. Don't miss the informative interview with Ashlie Shanlie, the lead assistant District Attorney in Can and Nat's area. This episode is for everyone regardless if you have kids or not! Support the show
People crave comfort but this stunts our growth. We must push ourselves regularly to get out of our comfort zones. Change may feel like the danger zone, but it is truly the growth zone. Join Candice and Natalie as Nat talks about her first skydiving experience and interviews one of the tandem instructors from the day.Support the show
We have all been Under Pressure  over the past year. Join us as we discuss mental health and medication with Dr. Joy Greene from Joy Time Ministries and host of the "It's Joy Time" radio segment. Dr. Joy is also a pharmacist and is very knowledgeable about medication and has a great perspective that is also biblical.Support the show
Join us as we kick off Season 2 discussing how to overcome! We all have a lot to overcome in the midst of the pandemic and life in general. Tiffany Johnson, our friend and shark attack survivor, will share her inspiring story as she encourages us to overcome any obstacle in life with the Lord!Support the show
Season 1 Mix Tape

Season 1 Mix Tape


Enjoy reminiscing and listening to all the songs discussed in Season 1. Support the show
Our mothers share some of our funniest stories in life, so tune in to hear some of these stories. Also, learn about the blessings of a godly mother and be reminded how much we have to learn from an older generation. Mama is our song for the week by Boyz 2 Men!Support the show
As the tensions of race and cultures have increased this year, we often don't hear the good stories. Do not miss the light hearted, hilarious, and thought-provoking interview with Pastors Jay Stewart and Derrick Hawkins from the Refuge church. Their book, Welded: forming racial bonds that last, will be out in November 17th, 2020. The story of a white pastor and a black pastor welding two congregations together is beautiful. Of course, Candice and Natalie will provide many times for you to laugh while you listen as well as they use Michael Jackson's song "It don't matter if you're black or white" in the podcast. Support the show
TLC's "Don't go chasing waterfalls" has some valuable lessons about sticking to the rivers and lakes that you are used to! This week, Rev. Can and Dr. Nat discuss when to compromise and when not to compromise. David and Jason Benham (the Benham Brothers) join in on the podcast fun with a discussion on how they navigated reaching the height of fame and success and in an instance having to lose it as they chose to not compromise their beliefs! Support the show
There are things we are always seeking redemption for in life. Mike Weaver, the lead singer of Big Daddy Weave, an awarding-winning recording group speaks with Candice and Natalie about his song “I am redeemed” and how God showed him true redemption through his redeeming love! Of course the girls will also share some funny stories about redemption as well...Support the show
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