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Author: Gerald Tostowaryk

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We discuss all aspects of this world of real estate from investing to economics, market conditions, human interest stories, regulations, you name it. We interview economists, top producers, government, investors, anyone with something interesting and relevant to say. Our focus is first on Alberta, then Canada, then on the world, publishing approximately every ten to twelve days. Brokerage:Century 21 Urban Realty
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My guests today are Cameron Martin, Senior Leasing Manager with Epic Investment Services, and Chad Boddez, Senior Vice President with JLL Edmonton. We discuss the evolution in technology clients, including lease structures, building amenities, and growth strategies; office tower redevelopment and its impact on leasing, Epic's repositioning of 103 St. Centre and HSBC towers, and end off with a discussion on the evolving important relationships between landlords, tenants and brokers.Support the show (
In this episode we take a deep dive into the world of hospitality retail including a market overview, challenges in the current economy, shopping local, the "Roaring 20s Effect," the future of the hospitality industry and we end off with a walk through a typical business/restaurant sale transaction. Come along for a fascinating discussion.Support the show (
My very first guest, Bryan Douey, Communications and Connections Manager at the Real Estate Council of Alberta returns with Patricia McLeod, QC, Chair of the Board of Directors, to discuss the new Real Estate Act in Alberta and what it means for industry practitioners and members of the public.Come along for a journey of discovery into the future of Alberta's real estate industry.Support the show (
Come along for an enjoyable tour through the art and science of space planning. Design expert Michele Roach of Wolski Design Group shares many insights into the detailed process and the creative spirit that makes for good space plans.Support the show (
Join me and my guest Donna Monkhouse, Executive Director of the Alberta Residential Landlords Association as we discuss everything from bedbugs and cockroaches to government relations, property insurance to taxes, events, investing and many more topics of interest to the multifamily investment marketplace.Support the show (
After numerous guests have commented on the effects of covid, I thought what better topic to have than a session on coping with covid. Join me and my special guest Caryn Tong of Cornerstone Counselling Centre in Edmonton as we discuss some of the symptoms of a prolonged pandemic and the ways we can effectively cope with it and remain on top of our game. Sounds interesting, let's go!7oCqlORYitbOeE2rynhgSupport the show (
All EpisodesIn part 2 of the 2 part series, we discuss retail leasing considerations from the landlord's point of view with Lauren Giang from Century 21 Bravo Realty, part of the Century 21 Canada Commercial Group. Support the show (
Today's episode is part 2 of the series for landlords. Previously we looked into best practices, today we delve into enforcing your judgment. This episode focuses more on commercial tenancies but applies equally as well to residential tenancies.Got a judgment for rent? Here's how to collect.Support the show (
Join me as I interview Bronwyn Scrivens of Omada Commercial and Chad Griffiths of NAI Commercial on trends and market conditions in the Industrial marketplace. We take a side trip into their social media tips and conclude with a look into the world of Commercial Real Estate.Support the show (
Join us as we take a deep dive into the office market. We look at current trends, the effects of covid, and the Alberta marketplace in general.Support the show (
In this episode we go through the numbers as we look at the 2020 real estate markets in Edmonton and Calgary as well as an overall Alberta economic update. We go through residential and commercial markets in detail. Everything is broken into chapters (see below) if you just want to find your specific market information, but there are a lot of numbers so grab a big cup of coffee and let's go!0:20 Detailed Introduction1:09 Canadian Residential Market Overview6:00 Edmonton Residential Market 2020 Overview7:33 Benjamin Tal Alberta Economy 2020/2115:56 Global Edmonton Regional Economic Overview 22:38 Edmonton Residential Market 2021 Forecast25:47 Calgary Residential Market 2020/21 Overview and Forecast36:01 Edmonton Commercial Market Introduction36:27 Q4 20 Apartment/Multifamily Starts39:10 Edmonton Commercial Market 2020/211:01:00  Calgary Commercial Market 2020/21Support the show (
In part 1 of a 2 part series, we discuss retail leasing considerations from the tenant's point of view with Lauren Giang from Century 21 Bravo Realty with the Century 21 Alberta Commercial Group. The second episode, due out at the end of February, will discuss the landlord's point of view.Support the show (
Join me as I interview Sabrina Wilson of Consolidated Civil Enforcement on best practices for multifamily landlords to follow to help ensure success when situations arise requiring eviction procedures.Support the show (
Join me in the superb downtown Buco Pizzeria and Vino as I interview Syd Waskiewich and Jeff Sutherland from Qualico Commercial and our conversation rambles through their activities in western Canada and Texas, plans for development in the coming year, covid, their thoughts on the Alberta economy, the Edmonton economy, their focus on quality products, and the Toronto Maple Leafs.Support the show (
Join me for a journey across four decades that is part rags to riches story, part real estate stories in general, part advice on successful strategies for real estate agents, and part two guys reminiscing on the way things were. Join me for an interview with long-time top producer and gentleman of real estate, Taras Chmil.Support the show (
Join me in a lively discussion on the future of the City of Edmonton with Councillor Knack. We have a lively dialogue about what the City will look like in the coming years focusing on planning and development, infill, density, regional economic development, transportation, parking and, yes, the budget and taxes.Support the show (
Join us for a walk through Alberta's economic conditions before covid, how covid has affected our economy and the real estate marketplace as well as what to expect. Some strong market forces at play make for an exciting ride.Support the show (
Madeline Sarafinchan of Jayman Built Homes joins me to talk about the latest in new home designs, features, and trends, as well as some best practices for buying new homes. We end off with a discussion on the new home marketplace.Join me for an interview with one of the most knowledgeable and respected names in the new home world.Support the show (
Jennifer and I discuss the current real estate market conditions in Alberta, as well as the effects Covid has had on the market, and some of the interesting and completely unexpected results.Support the show (
Bryan Douey from RECA joins me to discuss REALTOR® disclosure requirements, defect disclosure and social mediaSupport the show (
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