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Get "lit" with conversations that will encourage you to share your light! If you are struggling to get motivated, know there is more for you in this life or you feel stuck in a rut. I'm here for YOU! We all have a spark inside and right now the world needs our light. I invite you to listen to me weekly as I share musings and interviews with entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, authors, spiritual leaders, artists and really cool people who will inspire and motivate you. Occasionally I will share my own tips and tricks for getting "lit". Who is Kim Selby - your host? A motivator, fashionista, yogi, dancer, performer. I am aging gracefully into my 3rd act. I have had careers in fashion, advertising, publishing, writing and have produced hundreds of fashion shows.I am a certified creativity coach, women's workshop facilitator, professional speaker. I look forward to connecting with you every week!

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Today on the podcast Steven Twohig joins me to talk about Shadow work. I’m a self professed joy seeker, and tend to not go into my shadows. This was eye opening for me. Steven shares what exactly shadow work is and how we all suffer from some type of trauma that creates any suffering we might have in this life time. Everyone has trauma and it starts when we are born and come out into the bright lights of the world after leaving the nurturing environment of the womb. Steven suffered unbelievable trauma at the age of 3, something that has informed his entire life and led him to do his own shadow work and now help others move through their own shadows to release perhaps decades of suffering. This episode today may assist you in looking at your own trauma, your own shadows and hopefully give you the impetus to break through and heal your life.Steven is the Founder of Mastering Change and is currently studying the impact of shadow work on psychedelic integration. He says you do not need to work with plant medicine to unleash your trauma, however it does facilitate the process.Steven is an international speaker and worked for and studied under the world’s leading business and life strategist, Tony Robbins. His shadow ceremonies are available for anyone looking to connect directly with their shadow and recode their mind to make lasting change for a more joyful, truthful life.Shadow work is the process of identifying unwanted coding that keeps you from living and experiencing the life you strive to attain. By rewriting the code that drives your experience, YOU REGAIN YOUR AGENCY. YOU REGAIN YOUR POWER.Favorite quotes from the episode:We all have genius with in, what gets in the way is the why, so in shadow work we go into the part you don’t want to look at.We do shadow work because we are just living at the surface, you are not experiencing the depth of who you are.  If you don’t own your shadows you will be owned by your shadowsPeople are miserable underneath the bandaidThanks for listening and I hope you will share, like and comment if you are enjoying the podcast. Let's come out of the shadows and into the light.Shine on!Steven can be found here:
Jack Ji is my guest on the podcast today and his goal in life is to help us all find our soul purpose. Jack is a Destiny Shaman and utilizes Vedic Astrology and a simple deck of playing cards to determine each person’s unique destiny.  Jack Ji was a former employee of Southwest Airlines when several events led him to change his life trajectory. He heard voices that told him to move over while he was driving, in order to avoid an accident. The first time he didn’t listen, but the second time he did and his life changed when he started listening to his intuition.  Jack shares how every year we should think of our own birthday as New Year’s Day – when the cycle of our life repeats itself. Every 52 days we enter a different cycle and Jack shares what each of these 52 day segments mean. For instance one of the 52 day cycles is when our intuition is highest, one is when we will make great friends, one is best for work, manifesting and more. Jack Ji shows people where they are in their exact cycle of life so that they can get the most out of life. He also tells us that we have one or two pinnacle years in our lifetime, which are years where we can accomplish almost anything. By knowing these years in advance, we can take full advantage of our year and achieve amazing things. We discuss aura photography and how this determines what is out of balance in our lives. Certain chakras that may be compromised can be healed with sound and light therapy which is another modality in Jack’s toolkit. Lastly we go into a new healing technology that Jack Ji has received certification in. It is Firefly Light Therapy, the most powerful light therapy developed. Firefly Light Therapy™ is the latest in multi-spectrum LED light therapy for pain, neurological disorders, and pathogen issuesBy putting these lights directly on the body, intense healing occurs. Jack explains the technology a bit and I had the opportunity to experience this healing directly. I have more energy, am sleeping better and am in the process of healing my gut issues. It is incredible, but is only available in person. Wherever you are located you can search for Firefly Light Therapy and find your own practitioner. Remember though Jack does virtual Destiny Card Readings and more. Shine on and thanks for tuning in as always. Please share, rate and comment so more people can be inspired to Shine their own light.    
Chef Whitney Aronoff is a health Supportive Personal Chef based in Long Beach, CA who is passionate about healing and nurturing our bodies through the vibrational energy of food.After struggling with food allergies and stomach pains with no solutions, Chef Whitney decided to learn how to heal herself with food. She graduated from The Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC and believes the healthiest meal you can eat is the one you make at home.We talk about high vibrational versus low vibrational food - think farmer's market seasonal fruits and veggies compared with fast food or processed and packaged goods. Whitney talks about the process of how food gets from the farm to our table and how important it is to prepare our food carefully and with JOY.Chef Whitney also reminds us that we should let go of food stress, do the best we can with our circumstances and shares that eating is a transfer of energy between our energetic being and the food we eat. She is an advocate for setting intentions that put the power of healing in your own hands by aligning all the layers of "you" through your physical, emotional, spiritual and etheric body. And in 2020 Chef Whitney launched Starseed Kitchen organic spices, sharing her custom seasonings to support others in making healthy meals at home.FOR ALL LISTENERS use the code STARSEED for 10% off of Whitney's spices and raise the vibration of your food!Make sure to tune in to her podcast HIGH  VIBRATION LIVING - she has incredible guests!Shine on and eat the rainbow!If you are enjoying these inspirational episodes, I invite you to share, rate and reach out with any questions you have. I'm here for you.Chef Whitney can be found here:High Vibration Living with Chef Whitney Aronoff podcast linkWhitney's InstagramStarseed Kitchen InstagramStarseed Kitchen websiteKIM:
Reinvention - something we deal with either by choice or circumstance. Is it good, is it bad?  Is it challenging?  Today my guest is Wendy Battles, the host of Reinvention Rebels Podcast and super cool woman.Wendy's goal is to share stories of women who have STOPPED apologizing for having big dreams and STARTED boldly pursuing them. She aims to help us spark new possibilities for our own life, moving us closer to our dreams and desires.Cybersecurity Awareness expert at Yale University by day, Wendy pursues her passion for celebrating and elevating midlife and older women, by night.Wendy is a reinvention rebel herself - and if you reach a certain age - most of us have reinvented ourselves. As a working woman then perhaps as a wife, a mother, a volunteer or caregiver. She has gained self awareness through meditation, exercise and following her passions. Her most rewarding reinvention has been as podcast host and she is walking the walk as she shares her journey on the art of living on purpose and embracing life with more joy, ease and trust.Wendy shares three simple reinvention tips for anyone wishing to make the change they long for.Thank you for listening and if you are loving the podcast, I invite you to share, subscribe and give some gold stars to it so we can reach more people. Remember, when you ignite your spark, you give others the permission to do the same and the world needs YOUR light.Shine on!xoCONNECTING WITH WENDYWebsite: @ReinventionRebelsTwitter: @RebelsReinventFacebook: Reinvention RebelsLinkedIn: Wendy BattlesCONNECTING WITH KIMWebsite:
My guest today is not prominent on Social Media, and you have probably never heard of him, but his story is remarkable.  He left school at the age of 14 to work in construction where he spent many years before joining the British Armed Forces. After leaving the military through a few twists and turns he  taught bricklaying to students until he did research on ways to combat stress, downloaded a REIKI training  manual and that one act literally changed his life.He and his wife attended the Spiritualist Church near them and more synchronicities and healing abilities landed upon him. He shares with us the stories surrounding how he acquired all of his healing modalities. His authentic and down to earth nature will leave you uplifted and inspired. He tells us that we all have the ability to heal ourselves energetically and John now spends his time healing, teaching, leading the Church and igniting the sparks (the energy) of all who come into his presence.John tells us that we all share guides, they are energy and surround us all. We can reach out to them at any time for assistance with healing and more. He also tells us that The Fifth Dimension is a place where all all unwanted energy is sent, transmuted and released as a harmonized energy back to the universe.John is charming, modest, wise and so knowledgeable.  I hope you enjoy him as much as I did.Thank you for tuning in and should you love the podcast I hope you will share it, leave a review and give it five gold stars!Shine on!You can find John on Facebook Messenger - the best way to reach him. And he always responds.  Catch him for a healing before his star soars.JOHN POVEY
Neurofeedback is a therapy to optimize the way the brain processes information. My guest today, Marty Wuttke has dedicated his life to assisting others in the unfoldment of their individual potential.Marty began his journey into the service of others when he learned how to meditate, a practice he continues to this day, arising at 3:30 a.m. to Ignite his spark in this way.Marty is a pioneer in the field of Neurotherapy and was the first to utilize neurofeedback as an inpatient treatment method for drug addictions, anxiety disorders, depression and more.Marty shares the brain is plastic and can change through meditation. By meditating and/or utilizing neurofeedback therapy, we can access anything within ourselves to create lasting change.  If you are one of those who can't sit still and meditate, Marty says he has never met anyone who could not learn how to do so. Walking and moving in nature are his recommendations for beginning the process.Thanks for tuning in for inspiration and ways to assist us in living our best lives.Shine on,KimMarty can be found here:( Kim:
Communication is key in all areas of our life. Business, relationships and every day wanderings require communication.  According to my guest Michelle Gladieux, raising your game as a communicator is one of the best ways to make a difference in the world, but it takes courage.Michelle is an instructional designer, trainer and executive coach.  She has 18 years of collegiate teaching experience and has her own consulting company helping teams of people communicate with courage.Her new book COMMUNICATE WITH COURAGE guides us on a journey to take risks to overcome four hidden challenges that Michelle has identified. These challenges often stop us from communicating to the best of our abilities.  Michelle gives us many pro-tips as she calls it, to assist us in our own communication journey.  Her four hidden challenges (fears) that she has refined from coaching thousands of people are: hiding from risk, defining to be right, rationalizing the negative and settling for good enough.We all do one or more of these in our communication with others and Michelle gives us examples of each of these four challenges and a few tips s to help us overcome them for better communication.Thanks for tuning in and as always, if you are enjoying the podcast, please share, subscribe and rate. Let's set sparks aglow!Shine on....MICHELLE GLADIEUXhttps://gladieuxconsulting.comKIM DUFF SELBY
On today's episode Rachel Cooley, Angel Therapy Practitioner, and I dig into all things angelic. Rachel has been practicing and living with Angelic guidance for decades, when she was introduced to spirituality by her Mom when she was a teen.Years later she was "saved" by an angel's voice that helped her avoid a tragic accident.  From then on, Rachel studied all things angelic and became a certified practitioner who now teaches others how to connect to the angelic realm and so much more.Our conversation is filled with light and my spark was ignited.  Rachel shares the difference between angels and archangels (spoiler alert - they can all help us at any time, any where). She also gives us a reading from Archangel Michael which is meant for all of us.May you all receive angelic blessings and please share this episode if you feel inspired to do so.Thank you for tuning in and shine on!RACHEL COOLEYRachel  would love to offer all the women listening a chance to experience  incredible Angelic Support with a Free Angelic Empowerment Gift: her video will give you access to sharing the 3 Angelic Keys to Amplify Healing & Blessings. Link below to access this gift. It will also give you access to her facebook group to receive weekly Angelic Support Live.FREE GIFT:'s Website: Days of Angel Prayers : SELBY
In today's episode I interview Suzanne Culberg , a "NO" coach, and author.  She is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic programming (NLP) and holds a Bachelor of Medical Science. Suzanne also has Certificates in Fitness,and is a Certified Sacred Depths Practitioner.I am a big fan of saying "yes...and" thanks to years of improv training, but in this episode Suzanne shares why it is so important to say no.It's all about saying NO in order to put yourself first, set boundaries and launch into a life of more fulfillment. She says that we will go from surviving to thriving by putting ourselves first and knowing when and how to say no and have the tough conversations.Many women in particular fall into the people pleasing trap, saying yes to everything and everyone, and often debilitating themselves in the process.  Through her signature online program, Why W8? Suzanne has helped hundreds of women break the cycle of putting themselves last and instead build the confidence to set boundaries.If you find yourself falling prey to the vicious cycle of not knowing how to say no, you will find some great tips as to why we say no, how to say no and the importance of that little word.Thanks for tuning in! Please share, rate and subscribe to IGNITE YOUR SPARK if you feel so motivated.Shine on...SUZANNE CULBERG DUFF SELBY
Are you afraid of seeing, hearing or feeling "dead" people?  There is so much conversation around mediumship these days and my guest Keisha Gallegos and I chat about all things dealing with being a medium and using your intuition.Keisha is an author, a certified master coach, an intuitive and a medium. Her approach is big-hearted, spiritual and funny and she works with people with laser focus on their goals and growth. In our lively conversation Keisha shares that anyone can access  and develop their intuition and anyone can also learn to be a medium. That's right, Keisha compares learning to open yourself up to listening to "spirit" like learning to play the piano. Everyone CAN learn, but not everyone wants to work that hard and not everyone has the natural ability. But at the very least we can all learn to trust and listen to our own intuition.We both believe that honing into your own intuition and raising your vibration is vastly important to help us raise the vibration of the planet and all of us right here, right now.  Keisha shares that it is as simple as focusing on something that expands your heart with love.   If you enjoy our fun filled conversation and have learned something new, please share with your friends! Comments and likes and subscribing to the podcast  - all are appreciated.Shine on!xoKEISHA
Plant Medicine is in the mainstream now as a way to transform, reach a higher level of consciousness and become the best version of yourself.  Today Jonathan De Potter joins me on the podcast to talk about the benefits of plant medicine, the why, the what and the how.Jonathan was a former marketing consultant who felt that life was not serving him, he was looking for something more and went on his own plant medicine journey.  This spiritual transformation led him to create his company Behold Retreats - a bespoke wellness service that facilitates journeys of self-discovery and transformation, supported by the scientifically proven therapeutic and spiritual benefits of plant medicine.Shamans, sages and everyday people have been reporting access to higher levels of consciousness and deeper states of awareness, and many PTSD sufferers have reported complete trauma healing through the use of plant medicine in the right environment, with the right support, and with the right intention.We talk about my fear around participating and ingesting these different plants, and Jonathan shares how you will just know if a journey is right for you. He discusses the importance of doing prep work before a journey and how to maintain the transformation that occurs.Hopefully this conversation will enlighten you and perhaps even entice you to raise your own consciousness by attending a facilitated plant journey of your own.Shine on! Please share the podcast if you are enjoying it.  Cheers....and thank you.JONATHAN Retreats YouTube: Retreats Facebook: Retreats Instagram: Jonathan de Potter LinkedIn:
Jeanette Fernandez joins me today on the podcast to share her tips on how to become more conscious and find your highest self.Jeanette is a Holistic Registered Nurse, a Soul and Metaphysical Counselor , A reiki Practitioner and an Evolutionary Astrologist. Her goal is to guide us through the ever changing path of life. She shares that being present, taking time to be silent and going within is key to discovering what is next for you.Jeanette assists people on their own journey to discover their authentic self, or what is next for them in this lifetime.  She reminds us that we are filled with programs passed down through DNA or from what we have been told in this lifetime, and we have the chance to undo the conditioning to discover the real US.Another interesting reminder that Jeanette shared is that when we see something in someone else that we don't like, it is a mirror of something we don't like within ourselves. So we have the power to change that!  Same thing if we admire something in someone, we possess that same quality, we just need to let it shine! Jeanette wants to help others heal so they can shine their authentic light.  Sound familiar?Shine on friends - if you want to see this sparkling human - head to my youtube channel for the visual version!xoFind Jeanette here: - @kimselbInstagram - @kimduffselby
Dr. Hank Seitz is a mental scientist, a business and life coach, an author of over 17 books including, "The Happiest Man in the World", and "Good Feeling Thoughts".  He has coached real estate professionals to become millionaires, he works with us regular folk as well to assist us in reaching our highest potential and he is just an amazing and positive human being.This episode is like a Ted Talk where Dr. Hank shares inspiration, tips and thoughts on how we can become happier, and lead a life of our dreams. He shares that our thoughts are so much more powerful than we know. We have over 60k thoughts a day and 80% of them are negative self talk. We are constantly berating ourselves, and all we need to do is generate happy thoughts and emotions in order to create and manifest a happier state of being.Dr. Hank also states that the biggest road block to achieving what we most desire is FEAR - and shares a new definition. Face Everything and Rise!Perhaps after listening you will create good feeling thoughts - particularly because Dr. Hank shares what he does to immediately shift into a positive emotional state.Thanks for tuning in and if you loved this episode please share, rate and comment so we can get more sparks ignited.Shine on!Dr. Hank is very generous with his time and has said you can text or email him. Info below. 753-7204DrHank@DrHankSeitz.com @kimduffselby
Today on Ignite Your Spark we are discussing something we have never spoken about. INTIMACY with your partner. My guest is Alexandra Stockwell who was a practicing doctor for a dozen years before she realized something was missing in her life.After a sabbatical from her work, she discovered a passion (!) for teaching intimacy to others after exploring her own relationship with her husband of 27 years. She had four children, everything she had been working for had been achieved, and she expected to have some sense of being satisfied. But there was a whisper telling her she wanted more aliveness. She found that helping others with intimacy was fulfilling to her and truly her life purpose.Our conversation is honest and open (just like you should be in relationships) and I know you will come away wanting to ignite the spark in your relationship!Alexandra is the bestselling author of "Uncompromising Intimacy" and host of The Intimate Marriage Podcast. Shine on!Alexandra can be found www.AlexandraStockwell.comKimwww.kimduffselby.comInstagram:
Lynne Twist is bringing inspiration to Ignite Your Spark in this episode. For more than 40 years, Lynne has been a recognized global visionary committed to alleviating poverty, ending world hunger and supporting social justice and environmental sustainability.  She is the founder of the Pachamama Alliance and one of the founders of The Hunger Project, founder of Soul of Money Institute and the author of the best selling book, "The Soul of Money." Her latest book is "Living a Committed Life", Finding Freedom and Fulfillment in a Purpose Larger Than Yourself."We have an eye opening conversation about the importance of finding our unique place in the world, and how important it is to share our gifts with the world and how vital it is to live a committed life. Lynne is an extraordinary philanthropist whose life was transformed when she attended Werner Eckhart's EST training many years ago.  Lynne recognized how important it was to commit to something greater than yourself in order to help the world. Her first mission was to end world hunger.  A huge undertaking, but her passion and commitment to this cause changed her life and that of many, many people.Lynne has since gone on to walk the talk and in her travels she has worked with Buckminster Fuller, Mother Theresa and many other notable people whose goals are to change the world for the better.Lynne shares that we often get caught in living an inauthentic life and we judge and evaluate ourselves. We get into a world of worrying about ourselves and not being able to express ourselves.  When we look at something greater than ourselves we are magically transformed for the better. Lynne acknowledges that we will find a kind of fulfillment in the action of service and making a difference.Thanks for tuning in and please share, rate and comment on this episode if you fell so inspired.Shine on!Lynne Twist: @soulofmoneyKiminstagram: @kimduffselbyWEBSITE CURRENTLY UNDER 
Welcome back everyone to IGNITE YOUR SPARK – took a wee bit of time off to renew, reinvigorate and reignite my own spark and I’m really excited, honestly and truly to bring you the first episode of 2023. Today my guest is Stephanie Keith who joined me last year where we talked about Manifestation and her business, The Law of Attraction Tribe.  I invited her back to be my first guest because who doesn’t want to start the new year manifesting their heart’s desires. Instead of making a resolution, why not manifest what you really want. After 12 years in the corporate grind, Stephanie decided to manifest a life she doesn’t need a vacation from. She helps women crack their money code and use the science behind manifestation to create a life of wealth & freedom. She is the author of the book, “Trust the Universe”,  has her own podcast, and an app which has brought thousands of people together as members of Stephanie’s inner tribe. The app is called MANIFEST IT NOW. In this episode, Stephanie and I both talk about how WE manifest and how important it is to just keep an open mind when working on manifesting. Treat it like a science experiment, and what have you got to lose. So many people don’t believe they can manifest, so guess what?  They can’t. We discuss getting rid of fear, living in joy and vibrating at a high level – all things which will lead you on your path to manifesting the life you don’t need a vacation from. Manifesting tips and tricks are discussed – so get ready to take notes and manifest away!  Thank you for tuning in and sharing this episode, please rate and comment if the "spirit" moves you! I wish you the absolute best this year and may your every dream come true. Shine on, Kim Stephanie can be found here: IT NOW app in the APP store.Instagram: @lawofattractiontribeKim: www.kimduffselby.comInstagram: @kimduffselby
Dr. Carrie Jarosinski is today's amazing guest who shares how storytelling can help us renew our health and wellness. Dr. Carrie is a registered nurse, wellness coach educator, inspirational speaker and author of Reclaim Your Story: Renew your health and wellness through the power of Storytelling.We all have ways we describe ourselves but we are so much more than our labels of Mom, Podcast Host, Nurse etc.  We tell stories to ourselves, good bad and indifferent. And the ways we describe ourselves live on in our bodies, often causing disease. Dr. Carrie shares  that we should take a deeper dive into our own heads to become aware of those stories that might not be in our best interest. Acknowledge them, then write a new story, one that will support our journey to health and wellness.We also discuss how health and wellness is not always what we think.  We need to be healthy intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and socially in addition to being healthy physically.Let's all be the best version of ourselves!  My goal is to help inspire you to do just that.Shine onxoDr. Carrie Jarosinskiwww.boldcontentment.comKim:www.kimduffselby.comInstagram: @kimduffselby
My guest today, Lisa Haisha created her own method of helping lead people through transformation and it's called Soul Blazing. And that will Ignite Your Spark!Lisa's journey to where she has landed today began with a Madonna concert when she had the opportunity to meet the legend and receive words of wisdom that changed Lisa's life. Madonna encouraged her to travel the world  - on her own, something that 23 year old Lisa did not think was possible. However, she did just that and today has traveled to over 60 countries. Through her journeys she was introduced to many different spiritual practices and became so intrigued that she received a Master's in Spiritual Psychology.Soul Blazing came about while she was working in a women's prison with the "lifers". As she practiced coaching she worked with one woman who had lost all hope. However, Lisa opened her up and this woman was transformed and told Lisa, thank you for blazing my soul and thus the name for her business landed.Lisa has interviewed  and filmed dozens of movers and shakers and out of the box thinkers, including Dr. Bruce Lipton, Jack Canfield and Byron Katie. These are Amazon  originals, SoulBlazing with Lisa Haisha and Conversations with Master Teachers and Encounters with Metaphysical Healers.Lisa has done humanitarian work all over the globe and has just released a book  SoulBlazing: How to harness your Imposters, Release Negative Self-Talk and lead a more Authentic and Purposeful Life. We talk about the 7 imposters or archetypes that we may identify with in our conversation and how we can change them into superpowers. These imposters often shape our stories and hold us back from living a more purposeful life.Shine on friends! Thanks for listening and sharing if you feel so motivated.Lisa can be found here: on Instagram.
It's time to heal and transform the QUANTUM WAY.  Joshua Bloom, is my guest and is with me sharing his unique healing and transformational modality – Quantum Energy Transformation.His energy and passion for his purpose (to help us transform our lives) comes across the airwaves and you will finish the podcast feeling more inspired and uplifted and dare I say it, even transformed.Joshua is the best-selling author of “The Ultimate Answer…Is Inside”, the executive producer of the movie of the same name featuring some of the most well known transformational leaders of our time, including Bruce Lipton and Bernie Siegel M.D among others.Through his own healing journey, Joshua studied many, many modalities  - NLP, hypnotherapy, Reiki and more. Joshua uses the concepts behind Quantum physics along with his other studies to bring about rapid and total transformation for his clients. He healed himself from anxiety, migraines, A.D.D. and dyslexia.Through Quantum Energy Transformation, Joshua helps people transform their energy at the cellular level of their body to create a quantum shift. In the podcast he shares how he does this, and we learn that we can’t “fix” problems, rather we evolve them. We, as the person undergoing healing and transformation experience an upgraded energy to release a problem.Quantum is all about the study of possibilities and we are unlimited beings who have the ability to transform ourselves.This is a fascinating look into how we can become the best version of ourselves.Joshua has also gifted all of my listeners and lovers of IGNITE YOUR SPARK, with a free gift that will help us learn what is possible in the area of manifestation. To access your free gift, go to can be found here: can find me:
Today my conversation is with Dr. Book Sheehan, a healer whom I have been working with for the past 6 months. Dr. Brook is a chiropractor and Dynamic Systems Analysis Practitioner. Dr. Brook comes from a long line of medical practitioners, however it took her some time to realize this field was also for her.Diagnosed with mild Cerebral Palsey at birth, Dr. Brook ran the story in her head, that she could not be a Doctor. So many of us are patterned to believe we can or cannot do things.  Fortunately Dr. Brook found a chiropractor when she was pregnant with her child, who saw light in her and encouraged her to use her innate gifts to get a Chiropractic degree.From healing her migraines to giving birth to a healthy baby, Dr. Brook knew she could also help others, as she had been helped. With a toddler at home, leaving her accounting world, she went to Chiropractic school and furthered her studies with Dynamic Systems Analysis.Dr. Brook shares her story, and enlightens us about what DSA is. Each of us has a unique body that changes on a daily basis. She helps her clients identify what their body needs at any given time.  We also get a small exercise that can help us each make our own intuitive choices on what is right for our body.Dr. Brook has helped me immensely on my own healing journey. For more info she can be found here.
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