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This episode may be a trigger for those of you that have lost children before -but it is my hope that you can see the love and the joy that my guest, Lisa Bennett, has even though she has been through huge amounts of difficulties. Please listen as Lisa shares her story of multiple miscarriages., her strength through the difficult times, her unrelenting faith in God and her advice on how to help other mamas out there that are going through the same things.  Support the show
Adoption and foster care experiences fall under the category of traumatic experiences. Research tells us that there are signs, side effects, and symptoms that impact a child’s education, their adult and childhood relationships, their sense of self worth, identity, and all things in life and it does not matter the age of the child when adopted.It is her hope to normalize the conversation about adoption. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Support the show
Come and listen to how you can establish a family culture on purpose with purpose!  A family culture?  It's the things you do and the things you love and the things you value as a family - but have you ever intentionally thought about how you were going to do that?  Is your family culture loving and strong?  Beautiful and bright?  Come and see how Kimberly and her family's culture is shaping their family and those around them!Website: Kimberly Discussed on show: Support the show (
Hello friends!  Thank you so much for listening and welcome back to Mamas Need Love - the podcast for mamas everywhere. Remember you can always subscribe to my show on whichever platform you listen and than BOOM you will get the newest episodes as soon as they release!With that being said - let’s get on with today’s episode!  I am so excited to bring a fellow Mama and Christian on to the show today - my next guest loves Jesus, her husband, her 2 boys and teaching all about Jesus through bible studies or women’s groups - She loves her local church and has been involved with ministry ever since she was a teenager - she has served as a pastor since 2004 and is the podcast hostess of the Stronger Together Podcast - please welcome Angie Baughman! Support the show (
Come and enjoy listening to sweet Dr. Crevecour, a retired ob/gyn, talk about the joys and struggles of homeschooling her 5 kiddos.  And by the way, all of her kids have been to some pretty prestigious schools!  She has a beautiful view point on raising children and the tight bonds that form from having siblings close in age.Website: her book here: Support the show (
River Life Coaching's Jenny Toh is back for her second episode with Mamas Need Love!Jenny shares some pearls of wisdom that she has learned throughout her motherhood journey of a teen son 2 preteen daughters  - and you are going to want to hear them! Support the show (
Sasha has some pretty important things to tell you regarding adoption, and she would know first hand after going through the process herself.  And let me tell you , it was not a cake walk.  She had to endure quite a bit to get where she is now and she is even getting ready to adopt another new member of the family!  You can help fundraise for the adoption at her website below!Follow on FB, IG, & TikTok: @SashaStarRobertsonJoin her free Facebook community for moms at Website: Support the show (
Hello friends!Listen as Amanda Ammons explains all about the joys and beauty of sexual intimacy with your partner, how it is a God-given thing, and how are bodies are made beautifully.Listen with your headphones in - things can sound a bit racey!Website Support the show (
Welcome back to Mamas Need Love!This episode was such a treat to record and I feel like I met my other half in Adrianne.  She is a homeschooling mom of 5 boys and is passionate about training her boys to become biblical men.Listen as we discuss things all the way from Johnny Cash and masculinity to stinky armpits and mom-guilt. @adrianne_joyful5 Day Prayer Template: the show ( Support the show (
In this episode Katie Corbett, Author of "How to Eat Like Your Skinny Friends", dishes on a ton of different ways to quick-start your weight-loss - from practical, to physical to psychological, Katie knows how to help you out! Support the show (
Grab a pen or a bite to eat, because you will love hearing all about Jodie's story on becoming a "momtrepeneur" and taking care of her family while working from home. Jodie is a busy mother in the throws of motherhood just like all of us - but she has some tips on how you can also bring in income for your family with your own schedule and on your own terms. Website: Time Work from Home Series (this was the specific article I mentioned in our conversation): Channel: Support the show (
Evan is back!  Shannon was so excited that he wanted to be interviewed again - please enjoy as they talk about autism, parenting, SIDS, trusting in the Lord and loving their family.  Support the show (
In this episode Shannon has a heart to heart with a multi-million dollar making Mama - a mogul and a momtrepeneur - who went from running an ice-cream shop to running a money-making machine. ...all while balancing homeschooling 5 children and a marriage!Listen up as Marta dishes out some advice on becoming the best version of yourself. Support the show (
Mamas Need Love

Mamas Need Love


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Please welcome Andrea Petrut to the show !   A homeschooling mother of 3 children, one of which has a brain malformation and special needs.  She is an advocate and emigrant to Canada from Romania - and in all things, does all things for her children and their well being.  In this episode Andrea discusses different techniques that she has learned over the years that help her with homeschooling, brain development, child development and personal well-being among others.  Click the links below to see all of the information that Andrea has compiled over the years. The freebie with resources that were discussed can be found through this link :  Andrea's website:  www.andreapetrut.caAndrea's Facebook:    Disclaimer: Not all views expressed in this episode are that of Shannon's or Nesting With the Earley Birds. Support the show (
Please welcome my guest, River Life Coaching's, Jenny Toh! Jenny is an amazing coach, taking wisdom from her years as a mother as well as a professional in the litigation field.  Listen as she gives some simple, yet highly effective tips, on how to de-stress and reconnect with who you are to better your life. the show (
Shannon gives a short and sweet reminder on finding and holding onto your "why".  For me, here's a's Jesus.Support the show (
Happy New Year, friend!  Shannon shares 3 ways to discover how to become the best version of yourself this year, reminding you to look to God and remember that YOU are the Daughter of the King!Support the show (
How can you simultaneously diffuse the situation and remove stress?  Check out this episode where Shannon talks all about laughing it off. Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show (
Well - it's that time of year!  Christmas is here! Every night my family and I read from the bible during advent (the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas) and I thought - let me read to you guys as well!Please enjoy Luke Chapter 1 - verses 26 onward as I retell the story of Jesus' birth.  All is from the ESV version of the bible.Support the show (
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