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Author: Shannon Earley

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Motherhood - it doesn't look the same for any of us - but you know what?! All of us are carrying around our own baggage. Whether it's helping your children with autism or anxiety, living with chronic illness, surviving from abuse in all of its forms, or feeling depressed and stuck in our lives - girl, I've got you! We ARE going to talk about all of those things - but we are also going to talk about super fun and nerdy things too! Like historical costuming or sewing, minimalism, hair and makeup, gaming, DIY projects, motherhood, friendhood (is that even a word?!) and homeschooling. But mostly, Support this podcast:
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Friends,I hope that this depression podcast series has helped to either open your eyes or remind yourself of the danger and difficulties of depression.It can wreak havoc on whole families and destroy a person's self-hood.To my family member and all others that may be struggling,You are important.  You matter.  Your life is precious.  You were made in the image of God. And God totally loves you, all the time.Music Credit: Scott Gratton - "All the Time You Never Had"Depression Support USA - NAMI Helpline for support and referrals at 1 800 950 6264UK - Mind Infoline at 0300 123 3393Australia - SANE Help Centre at 1800 18 7263Canada- Mood Disorders Society of Canada at 613 921 5565India - Vandrevala Foundation Helpline at 1860 2662 345 or 1800 2333 330Suicide Prevention HelpUSA - National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1 800 273 8255UK and Ireland - Samaritans UK at 116 123Australia - Lifeline Australia at 13 11 14Other Countries - research international suicide hotlines to find a helpline near you
Listeners,Depression is a big deal.  It is hurting so many of us, or those that we love.  Let's figure out ways to help each other!  This episode is all about the facts, friend.  All the definitions or symptoms you'd ever want to know about men, women, teens and the elderly and how depression might even look differently in those different groups.HELP GUIDE LINK
Depression is a real and serious life-threatening disease. Maybe it won't cause suicidal thoughts , but it will still steal your ability to live your life to the fullest.Music: Better Than It Was Before- Ed NapoliConsider sponsoring me through Patreon!
Guys - I like tanning beds.  What can I say.  They help with depression, skin issues, anxiety, Vitamin D absorption - come on.  They're great.
Here is my latest episode featured on the UK Radio Show, District Dubz Presents, Listen Up.
My mother suffered a MASSIVE stroke the day before Thanksgiving, and has been in the hospital since then!  I had made many facebook live video updates, which has taken so much time away from actual podcasting!  SO I thought - I'm just going to record what I say on Facebook haha. 
I've been asked to join a radio hosting group in the UK and they've asked me for a 15 minute intro episode all about me!  This was wayyyyy harder than I thought it would be - because talking about yourself is awkward.  
Guys!  Happy Thanksgiving! Firstly, forgive me for making this so dang serious.  I didn't mean to hahahaha.  I get that way sometimes - too deep.  Too passionate about God guys - I can't help it!I hope that you can find something in here worth listening to, friends.And Secondly, I'm really thankful you're here. For real.If you're interested in watching the behind the scenes footage of me recording this episode, check out my youtube channel in the links!  You can see just a bit of backstage action before the recording process begins ;-)OH!  And for you guys that are ready to give your hair some TLC (you know, be an angel to yourself haha) Right now my listeners can give Gemmist a try and get 20 percent off their shampoo & conditioner!Just visit to get your personalized recommendation and enter NESTING at checkout for 20% off and free 2-day shipping....and TO GET THE BEST HAIR OF YOUR LIFE!Music : Happy Ukulele : Scott HolmesGemmist Haircare for the Holidays
Have you ever had a terrible day?  Like one of the worst days ever?  Did you know that God still cares for you in those times too?  Did you know that he LITERALLY sends angels to help you?  Well.......listen to how I had one of the worst days ever, but am so thankful that God meets me and cares for me even then. Thanks for coming back, friends!OH!  And for you guys that are ready to give your hair some TLC (you know, be an angel to yourself haha) Right now my listeners can give Gemmist a try and get 20 percent off their shampoo & conditioner! Just visit to get your personalized recommendation and enter NESTING at checkout for 20% off and free 2-day shipping....and TO GET THE BEST HAIR OF YOUR LIFE!Music : Happy Ukulele : Scott HolmesGemmist Haircare for the Holidays
Sin of Cussing

Sin of Cussing


Friends!So - I've been convicted lately.  Well, not lately, but over years and years of prodding and poking from people that love me. I've got. To watch. My tongue. My mouth can be offensive - but I loved it.  It goes with rock n' roll, metal, hard life and crazy backstory.  But, like so many of our sins, it's time to give it up.Cheers, guys!  And good luck on your journeys too!Also  - Please consider donating! Things are getting REALLLLLLY expensive as this podcast grows, and I need your help! if you want to check out the book I was talking about, you can find it here!Beholding and Becoming ; The Art of Everyday Worship - Ruth Chou SimonsMusic: Happy Ukulele - Scott Holmes
Episode 20!  EPISODE 20!  We've made it to 20 episodes, guys.  This is amazing!In this episode you get a sneak peak at the owners behind The Hill Family Boutique - a family owned and operated business in the Midlothian, VA area!This family is amazing - they have 3 boys together, they are best friends, active in their church and neighborhood communities, and have a great sense of purpose and humor!And - Ashley has a 20% off code hidden inside this episode for all of you fans out there of  beautiful and comfortable clothing!  Check it out, friends!You can find their online clothing site at and their Facebook group at .Thanks so much for coming back, and making it to TWENTY EPISODES with me!Music - Scott Holmes - Happy Ukulele
Hey Friends!This episode is a little silly and cute introduction to my friend, and owner of The Hill Family Boutique, Ashley Hill!Ashley is a local mom of three boys living near Richmond, VA, with her sweet partner (and husband of 17 years!) Adam,Her boutique is one of the TOP sales producers for LulaRoe clothing, and I have seen her business grow and blossom into what it is now!She has thousands of clients (customers/friends) that help support her family by purchasing from her boutique, and now you can too!To become a member of their very active and very fun Facebook Group - check out www.thehillfamilyboutique.comAnd to check out her online store on it's own, go to .You guys will get to meet the Hill Family in my next(est?) episode haha - and with that they are even giving our guests an exclusive 20% discount on their clothing!!!! WHAT?!Here's the catch- we hid the code inside our conversation in that episode - so keep your ears tuned.  As a homeschool mom, I would ask you to make sure your listening ears are securely fastened ;-)Also!  We have a new website domain name! - come and check us out!  And if you are interersted in supporting my podcast - please consider doing so through Patreon.Thanks for coming back!Music:  Scott Holmes - Happy Ukulele*all sales stats current as of release of episode, subject to change ;-)
God is King!

God is King!


Y'all - this election has got me feeling some feelings.  And the craziest part is that with America split 50/50 - you won't even know which side I'm feelin' for ;-)  BUT LISTEN!  On the makes me sad that so many of my fellow Americans (and even people all over the world) are so divided over this presidential election - and I wanted to share some love and encouragement for all of you out there- a reminder that this is not our final and ultimate king. Our president is not the creator of the universe or the ruler of all men - the president is a short-termed sinful-human that will make decisions that will anger many and help few.  It's just kinda the way it always works. And guess what else?  This is nothing new to God  - He tells us that there is nothing new under the son. The best part of this episode is that my husband, naked 2 year old, and black cat, Persephone allllll make an appearance at some point or another. In the Kingdom of Heaven - we are all brothers and sisters - love you guys for coming back and listening!By the way!  If you are interested in donating to my podcast, PLEASE DO SO at PATREONPlease share!Thanks so much, friends!Music Credit: Happy Ukulele - Scott Holmes
Hello!  Welcome to episode 17!  Firstly - I am so thankful that Jessica let me interview her while trying to have a relaxing night for herself!  As a homeschooling mom of many little babes, having alone time to yourself, let alone pampering time, is almost impossible - and she was kind enough to work on this episode with me!Secondly - I apologize 3000 percent for the audio quality in this ep.  There was basically a perfect storm of pooping on this session, not to mention that most of the files were corrupted by my father-in-law's hand-me-down external storage device......oohhhhhh dads.So!  There was so much to talk about with Jessica and I am thankful that I was able to salvage at least one piece!  I think we are in need of some more "me" time.....but together haha.And one piece that I would like to encourage you all with - remember, you never know what baggage that someone else is carrying with them!  Love your neighbor, ladies!You can learn more about Jessica and all of her beautifulness on Instagram or on Facebook Remember!  15% off your purchase is NOT TOO SHABBY, BABES!Ziya Site is hereHer Young Living site can be found hereAlso - check out my new website!  I can't afford my own fancy domain name yet - but it's still an exciting upgrade!  If you ever would like to donate to our show - please do so via Patreon here.Thanks guys!Music Credit: Scott Holmes- Happy Ukulele
Guys - I've never in my life been a fan of 80's style - that is until I needed to dress as a glamorous 1980's woman for a murder mystery party.It was SO FUN!  Enjoy hearing about my goofy escapades as an 80's Southern Belle, and how my hair now crackles when I move because of the amount of hairspray that is still tucked away inside of it.Remember to show me your fierce styling on our facebook page, or feel free to e-mail me at .Thanks for coming back!Song Credits: Cindy Lauper : Girls Just Wanna Have FunSimple Minds : Don't You (Forget About Me) 
Guys!  I had a beautiful day interviewing a gem of a lady - Dr. Polly Stephens with Virginia Breast Center for Women - did you know that she is one of the founders of VA Breast Center?This is a longer but super informative episode that covers everything you never wanted to know about boobs and disorders.  Polly L. Stephens, M.D., F.A.C.S. :Dr. Stephens attended Bryn Mawr College for her undergraduate degree. She received her medical degree from Tulane University and completed a five-year general surgery residency at Waterbury Hospital Health Center, in Waterbury, Conn., an affiliate of Yale University School of Medicine. She is certified in general surgery by the American Board of Surgery and is an active member of the American Society of Breast Surgeons. Aside from a one-year sabbatical in New Zealand, Dr. Stephens has been a surgeon in Richmond since 1998.You can find Dr. Stephens and her partners at (804) 594 - 3130PLEASE  email me at if you have any other questions you'd like for Dr. Stephens to answer!Thanks so much for coming - and remember to take care of the boobs that God gave you, and maybe your friend's boobs as well. Music: Scott Holmes: Happy UkuleleThis episode is dedicated to all of the women that have gone through breast scares, or breast cancers.  God loves you guys.
Guys - this episode is going to blow your minds.  It's true- I experienced what people would call "ghost stories" my whole childhood.  I know that some of you out there will be like "ghost - schmost" - or nope....not real.Listen up!  I don't know if I was experiencing a psychotic episode for years, our demons were trying to get at me, or there were ghost on another plane - I'm just telling you what I experienced!Write me and let me know if YOU would like to be featured on the podcast to share some horror stories of your own ;-)Happy Halloweenie!nestingwiththeearleybirds@gmail.comMusic Credits:Haunted Corpse - Dirges for the Undead - Gothic FuneralLoyalty Freak Music - A Really Dark Alley
Hello again, and welcome to part 2 of Emily and I's homeschooling conversation.Her and I visited in her driveway while her kids played in the house and her husband worked on house projects on his day off - the birds were chirping, the coffee was delicious, and I was wrapped in a handmade/homemade quilt that Emily made for her son!  It was a great day.You can find Emily on Instagram at epetersen3_myrandf and remember to use our special code for 20% off of your first purchase of Rodan and Fields from her!  That's a GREAT deal!Links to the books we discussed in this episode can be found on amazon at:A Charlotte Mason Companion : Personal Reflections on the Gentle Art of Learning102 Top Picks for Homeschool CurriculumBlog from Singaporean Homeschool Mom of 8 - buildingupmoms.comThank you so much for coming - remember to please share our podcast with anyone out there that might be interested - and if you ever have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at Music: Happy Ukulele - Scott HolmesLobo Loco - Brain Instrumental Retro
Hello!  Welcome to episode 12!  I had the BEST time speaking with Emily Petersen, a local mom of 3 that has traveled the globe with her husband while homeschooling her babies.  She's been to Kansas, Singapore and Japan just to give you an idea of the different places she's seen - and Emily's family now looks at homeschooling as their goal - the thing that they work towards together.Though Emily was first thrust into homeschooling through necessity, like so many moms and dads out there, her and her husband soon realized that it was God calling them to a life of pajama breakfasts and homeschool hangouts. Please enjoy part 1 of Emily's story!I'd love your feeback!  Please send me an email at or find our public page on Facebook!  Is there anything I can do better?  What would you like to hear more of?  I'm all ears ;-)And remember!  There is a secret code in this episode for 20% off of your first purchase through Emily Petersen with Rodan and Fields, the leading dermatological skin care company!Music : Happy Ukulele by Scott HolmesRed Hair Blue Skies - MonplaisirInstagram contact for Emily for Rodan and Fields information at epetersen3_myrandf
Hey friends!  Did I tell you guys yet that I have a chronic illness?  And that there are a million different doctors doing a million different things to figure it out - but I was reminded during  a recent bout of family illness of a story from the Bible - about a lady that bled for TWELVE YEARS without a cure!  12 years!It reminded me that I'm not alone while going through this, and that others have already gone before me - and that Jesus spoke DIRECTLY to them.And listener friends - whichever faith you may have, I hope you are able to at least understand or enjoy my comparison!  Thanks for coming back!Luke 8:43-48English Standard Version43 And there was a woman who had had a discharge of blood for twelve years, and though she had spent all her living on physicians,[a] she could not be healed by anyone. 44 She came up behind him and touched the fringe of his garment, and immediately her discharge of blood ceased. 45 And Jesus said, “Who was it that touched me?” When all denied it, Peter[b] said, “Master, the crowds surround you and are pressing in on you!” 46 But Jesus said, “Someone touched me, for I perceive that power has gone out from me.” 47 And when the woman saw that she was not hidden, she came trembling, and falling down before him declared in the presence of all the people why she had touched him, and how she had been immediately healed. 48 And he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace.”
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