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Kevin Sampsell is an American writer living in Portland, Oregon. He has worked at Powell's Book Store since 1998 as an events coordinator and the head of the small press section. His memoir, A Common Pornography, was published by Harper Perennial in January 2010. His latest book, I Made an Accident: Collages and Poems, just came out from Clash Books. If you want to know about Textual Healing or grab a "Textual Healer" t-shirt go to our site: OR If you want to leave us a rating or review on Apple Podcasts, you can do it here: Be sure to check out past episodes and future ones every other Saturday. Textual Healing also has new micro-episodes called "Off The Record" that will appear every Saturday where there aren't full-length author interviews. The next "Off The Record" episode will feature C E Hoffman reading an excerpt from their new chapbook, Ghost, Trolls, And Other Things On The Internet.
Scott Mitchel May is a writer living with his wife and son in Madison, Wisconsin. His work has appeared in Maudlin House, Rejection Letters, The Bear Creek Gazette, The Maryland Literary Review, Bending Genres, and many more. He was the winner of the 2019 Poem or Page Contest at the UW Writers' Conference in the category of Literary Fiction. His debut collection of short fiction, DeKalb, Illinois is a Paradise What Eats its Own, was published by Alien Buddha in 2022. He works as an administrator for The Only in Wisconsin Giving Foundation where he coordinates grants for non-profits doing work in the areas of childhood education, healthcare, domestic violence emergency sheltering, and hunger relief. Scott holds a GED from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and a BS in Literature from Edgewood College.
In this episode, we do our best to just talk about Austin’s new book and how music plays into it! But in the classic Textual Healing style, we get into very weird tangents. Cover bands. Four Lokos. Painting Nails. Taylor Swift. Fun playlist ideas. Everything.  Austin Davis is a poet and activist. He is the founder AZ Hugs For the Houseless. Austin is the author of LOTUS & THE APOCALYPSE, among other books. His writing has been widely published in dozens of literary journals and magazines including Pif Magazine, After the Pause, Philosophical Idiot, Soft Cartel, and Collective Unrest. You can find Austin on Twitter @Austin_Davis17 and on Instagram @austinwdavis1. Here is his website: Check out articles about his activism and writing on LitHub: NPR: Maudlin House: SODA & TELEPATHS: There were a few times when our mics got cut off and we had to restart certain parts of our conversation. Only one of those times is left in the episode for the sake of context. Taylor Swift context.
"Off The Record" is a new micro-segment of Textual Healing. Authors on the show get to pair some of their writing with music that they think matches it best.
Francis Daulerio is a poet and teacher from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. He received his MFA in Creative Writing from Arcadia University in 2014 before releasing If & When We Wake (Unsolicited Press 2015) and _Please Plant This Book_ (The Head & The Hand Press 2018), both with illustrations by Scottish artist, Scott Hutchison. Francis has also released All Is Not Lost, a collaborative vinyl EP of poetry-infused music to benefit the Tiny Changes charity organization, and With a Difference (Trident Boulder 2020), a split book of ‘covers’ with Philadelphia author Nick Gregorio. Francis is a mental health awareness advocate, and has performed across the United States and abroad to raise money for suicide prevention. He just released a full-length poetry collection called Joy from Unsolicited Press. You can check out his website: OR His Twitter: @FDWrites Intro beats by God'Aryan
Nada Alic is a writer in Los Angeles. Her debut story collection BAD THOUGHTS is out July 12, 2022 (Vintage). From 2014-2016 she collaborated with artist, Andrea Nakhla on an art and fiction book series called “Future You,” featured in Urban Outfitters, Cool Hunting, The Rumpus and elsewhere. In 2019, her short story, “The Intruder” was shortlisted for the CBC Short Story Prize. That summer, Nada attended the Banff Centre for the Arts writing residency. In 2020, She received a literary grant from the Canada Council for the Arts. Previously, Nada was an editorial director and community manager for brands such as Etsy, Society6, Gap Inc and Athleta. For nearly a decade, she championed independent artists by creating opportunities to help them grow. Through education and partnerships with non-profits like Planned Parenthood, Girlschool and PS ARTS, she advocated for the growth, well-being and recognition of artists from all disciplines. You can find out more about her work on her website: OR On her Twitter: @nadaalic Intro beats by God’Aryan
Bud Smith works heavy construction and lives in Jersey City, NJ. He is the author of Teenager (Vintage,  2022), Double Bird (Maudlin House, 2018), Dust Bunny City (Disorder Press, 2017), among others. His wife Rae Buleri is behind the illustrations in Teenager. You can find her on Instagram @raewatch. intro beats by God'Aryan
Graham Irvin is a writer who lives in Philadelphia. He was born in North Carolina. He is the author of Liver Mush, from Back Patio Press. And he tweets weird things  @grahamjirvin._ _ In this episode, we talk about his book, Liver Mush, the fact that it's a real thing that you eat, coffee, awkward social interactions, AWP, the last concerts we’ve gone to, and what our signs are. For those randomly interested, I'm a Virgo... intro beats by God’Aryan
Tobias Carroll is the author of three books: one novel, one story collection, and one work of nonfiction. His most recent book, Political Sign, was published by Bloomsbury as part of the Object Lessonsseries in 2020. Prior to that came a collection of short stories, Transitory, and a novel, Reel, on Rare Bird Books. His second novel, Ex-Members, will be released by Astrophil Press on June 15, 2022. He also is the managing editor of Vol.1 Brooklyn and writes the Watchlist column for Words Without Borders. He can be found on Twitter and Instagram and Patreon.
Scott Mitchel May is a guy doing things like writing and skating and going to therapy and working and submitting and also too he enjoys reading and cooking and classic cars (but in a vague way where he's never owned a classic car) and punk rock and hardcore hip-hop. He loves his wife. In this episode, we talk about musical genres and all the different elements that make them what they are, weird things that are overrated and underrated, Scott’s writing, and how psyched I was to finally interview someone who likes Frank Turner.   Be sure to check out his website: Grab a copy of his book, DeKalb, Illinois is a Paradise What Eats Its Own: a collection of short stories from his site or on Amazon.
In this episode, I got a chance to get to know first-time author, Amy Klinger. Amy just came out with the book, In Light Of Recent Events. It's a book about life, love, music, and work in the 1990s. In the 1990s American workplace, survival of the fittest is sometimes less about clawing your way to the top than developing good camouflage. And Audrey Rohmer is doing her very best to blend in as an undistinguished middle manager. Uninspired by her job and uneasy about her father's new marriage, Audrey coasts through the workweek leaning on her “partner in apathy” – an admin assistant named Pooter – to keep her relationship with the married head of her department from becoming water cooler gossip. Amy made a playlist for In Light Of Recent Events available on Spotify and Apple Music. You can read about it and find the links to it here:
In this episode, I got a chance to chat with one of my favorite writers: Wilson Koewing Wilson is a writer from South Carolina. His work is featured in publications like X-R-A-Y, New World Writing, Maudlin House, No Contact, Wigleaf, and Hobart.   His memoir "Bridges" is forthcoming from Bull City Press.   Listen to hear us talk about his crazy writing process, Foo Fighters, what music he liked in his formative years, the mystery of Weezer, presidential campaign songs and so many other random but literary-related things. You can check out his writing at: OR His Twitter: @WKoewing
In this episode we talk about Lee Matthew Goldberg’s new book, Vanish Me,  90’s grunge music, Heathers, Pete Davidson, SNL, public transit, his next projects, and what it's like to have your book optioned.  Fun fact: this was recorded before the Russian/Ukraine War. Ignore our prediction that the extreme negative world events in our lifetime are slowly coming to an end and won't pop back up until global warming kills us all… Fun fact #2: this is the last podcast I recorded before I had sinus surgery. So there is a little heavy breathing on my end 😂  Lee Matthew Goldberg is the author of the novels THE ANCESTOR, SLOW DOWN, THE MENTORfrom St. Martin’s Press, THE DESIRE CARD, ORANGE CITY, and the Young Adult series RUNAWAY TRAIN and GRENADE BOUQUETS. His books are in various stages of development for film/TV. He has been published in multiple languages and nominated for the 2018 Prix du Polar. He is the editor-in-chief and co-founder of Fringe, dedicated to publishing fiction that’s outside-of-the-box. After graduating with an MFA from the New School, his writing has also appeared in The Los Angeles Review of Books, The Millions, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, LitReactor, Monkeybicycle, Fiction Writers Review, Cagibi, Necessary Fiction, Hypertext, If My Book, Past Ten, the anthology Dirty Boulevard, The Montreal Review, The Adirondack Review, The New Plains Review, Underwood Press and others. He is a contributor to Pipeline Artists. His pilots and screenplays have been finalists in Script Pipeline, Book Pipeline, Stage 32, We Screenplay, the New York Screenplay, Screencraft, and the Hollywood Screenplay contests. Lee is the co-curator of  The Guerrilla Lit Reading Series. Follow him on  Twitter  Facebook  Instagram
In this episode, I got a chance to catch up with Sean McCallum. Sean lives outside of Toronto, Canada, with his wife and two children. He just came out with his debut novel, The Recalcitrant Stuff of Life. It's published by Outcast Press and is available to buy on Amazon. To find out more about Sean, check out his website: He is also on Twitter @Sean42McCallum. We talk about his book, traveling, obscure Canadian music, best concert experiences, and my favorite: dumpster diving. I also dish on what books inspired me to make this podcast and we discuss the best way to share a soundtrack for a book. For those who were interested in getting a "textual dealer" t-shirt, you can grab them here:
Mike Keren is a clinical psychologist with advanced training in psychoanalysis and family therapy. He currently maintains a private practice with adults and couples in central New Jersey, although in the past he has worked in a variety of community and correctional facilities. Although he has a general practice he has a particular interest in working with caregivers as well as helping families talk about end of life issues. Mike enjoys a challenge in his free time and has explored the world of competitive gay tournament bowling (several trophies and a bit of prize money), golf (bored to tears) as well as stand-up comedy. His foray into stand-up comedy even became the subject of a friend’s senior thesis at film school. Mike worked the open mic and bar comedy scene for several years but decided to leave the stage to the younger folks. He decided then to channel his humor into creative writing. If you are reading this paragraph you are holding his first book in your hands. It's called, Four Funerals, No Marriage: A Memoir. Mike is supported in his endeavors by his loving husband, Tom, and their two canine children, Carley and Clyde. They divide their time between central New Jersey and the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.
Bobby Miller is a writer + filmmaker known for making genre-bending comedies. His short film TUB and feature debut THE CLEANSE add horror and fantasy to the mix. The films’ world premiered at Sundance and SXSW and have screened at film festivals worldwide. THE CLEANSE was released in theaters by Sony Pictures in 2018 and made RottenTomatoes Top 10 Best-reviewed horror films of 2018 list. It also earned several Fangoria award nominations including “Best First Feature”. He followed it up with directing, and executive-producing CRITTERS ATTACK, a reboot of the cult horror/comedy franchise, for Warner Brothers Home Video & SY FY in 2019. Shortly before that, he wrote/directed the comedy short film: END TIMES, which played Fantastic Fest, Fantasia, and film festivals worldwide, winning several awards and premiering online as a Vimeo Staff Pick. He's also written for animated television shows such as SUMMER CAMP ISLAND for Cartoon Network and STAR VS THE FORCES OF EVIL for Disney TV. Outside of his Film/TV work, he's been a digital comedy producer for places like BuzzFeed, SuperDeluxe, MTV, SoulPancake, and Google. He’s currently writing his first novel.
Christina Rosso-Schneider lives and writes outside of Philadelphia with her rescue pup, Atticus Finch, and bearded husband, Alex, where they run an independent bookstore and event space called A Novel Idea on Passyunk. In 2016, she received an MFA in Creative Writing and MA in English from Arcadia University in 2016. She is the author of CREOLE CONJURE (Maudlin House) and SHE IS A BEAST (APEP Publications). Her fiction and nonfiction work centers around gender, sexuality, fairy tales, and the occult, and has been nominated for Best of the Net, Best Small Fictions, and the Pushcart Prize. When she isn’t writing or working at the bookstore, she leads various writing and occult-based workshops. Check out the events page to get information on upcoming readings and workshops.
In this episode, I got a chance to speak with KKUURTT. KKUURRTT is a fiction/comedy writer who has once been described (by someone he dislikes) as having panache. His debut novel Good at Drugs is out now on Back Patio Press. It, like most(?) of his writing, delves into music subculture, which is what made him a perfect (in his opinion) podcast guest for Textual Healing. We kind of get into everything in this episode. Raves, jam bands, fake names, and so much more... You can find KKUURRTT on Twitter @wwwkurtcom or on Neautral Spaces. Check out his book, Good At Drugs, from Back Patio Press.
In this episode, I got a chance to speak with Duncan Birmingham.  Duncan Birmingham is a writer living in Los Angeles. He has worked on Maron on IFC. He also wrote and was co-executive producer for Blunt Talk. In 2021, he released a short story collection, The Cult in My Garage from Maudlin House.  We talk about his latest projects, LA, jam bands, the music he’d put on a playlist for The Cult In My Garage, and first concerts.
In this episode, I got a chance to speak with Jessie Lynn McMains.  Jessie is a cross-genre writer, punk poet, small press publisher, and spoken word performer. Their latest work includes Self-Portrait With Ghost And Trains from Hello America Stereo Cassette and Wisconsin Death Trip from Bone and Ink Press.  We talk about books, riot grrl music, the new Matrix movie, what the difference is between folk and country music, payphones and so much more.  Find out more info about Jessie at
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