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Season 2 of The Love by Lynzie Podcast launches April 22, 2021. Hosted by Lynzie Kent, (Founder of Love by Lynzie and The Pop-Up Chapel Co.), The Love by Lynzie Podcast is dedicated to redefining wedding and event planning for the modern couple and event professional. After a year in event industry lockdown, Season two will focus on no bullshit, authentic conversations with entrepreneurs and event professionals that offer real, actionable, and inspiring advice for event pros and couples. For more about Lynzie and her team of expert event planners and designers, check out or and subscribe to our mailing lists for more event related content. You can also follow us on IG at Keep it real!
22 Episodes
In this convo, I sit down with Erin Bishop of Filosophi Events in Vancouver and we compare cross-country notes. From two weddings planners emotionally rocked by the pandemic, we explore pricing, micro weddings, budgets, how to charge, client expectations, the beauty of weekends, aging in the wedding industry, shifting to corporate and so much more. We also bond over our mutual interest in music and coming to events from the music industry. We end the episode with actionable tips on working with event bands for all planners out there! Erin plans some killer events so check her team out here: the wedding boom upon us, we're filling our feeds again with stunning inspiration and ooey-gooey wedding design goodness. Head over to IG and give us a follow:
Samantha Clarke, a laywer turned sought after event photographer gives us the REAL REAL on why couples should continue to invest in timeless, high quality wedding photography and why it's important that you work with professionals. We talk all about collaborating with photographers, optimizing your collaboration experience and how to best nuture those vendor relationships. We also touch on the #blacklivesmatter movement and how it has affected the wedding industry as a whole and where we need to go from here. To learn more about Sam, visit or follow her on Instagram here:'re officially half way through season 2. What do you want to hear me speak about? Shoot me an email at and let's get real about weddings and events. 
I sit down to chat about antiquated traditions and authentic wedding planning with authors Michelle Bilodeau and Karen Cleveland. Their book, "The New Wedding Book: A Guide to Ditching All the Rules" was released on April 20th and explores the industry of weddings, how it affects couples, and how couples can plan in a way that feels true to today. Join me as I get schooled in old school traditions and learn to smash the wedding industry patriarchy.  Want a copy of the book? Grab it here: an idea for a podcast episode? Is there someone you want me to interview? Hit me up on IG @lovebylynzie and shoot me a DM.
Jesi and Hallie of Slaack Productions have been two event producers who've inspired me since the beginning of my event design journey. Their work is out of this world. In this episode we talk about pivoting from wedding planners and designers to corporate event producers who work for some of the biggest brands in the world like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Salesforce and more. They share their philosophy behind sales, why it pays to be your authentic self, and how to get clients to visualize your designs. We also dish a little on COVID and the emotional toll its taken on event pros. Learn more about the Slaackers here you have an idea for the podcast, I'm just a DM away on IG at
Over the years, the value in collaboration has shone brightly for me. In the event industry, collaboration is a MUST, whether through styled shoots, with clients, at events with your vendor teams, you have to know how to work with people and how to work together to achieve common goals. Each time I’ve collaborated with others, I’ve learned that you need to get specific with your collaborations to get the absolute most out of them. In this episode, I share my actionable tips to making collaboration in the Event Industry work for you.  If you like this episode, come visit me on Instagram as I share more personal reflections there about business and entrepreneurialism all the time. 
Editor of popular wedding blog Green Wedding Shoes, Jen Campbell, shares what editors are looking for looking for when you submit your weddings and styled shoots to their publications. We explore best practices for getting your work featured, what Jen expects to see from the industry moving forward, the booming popularity of micro weddings, and the growing trend of sustainability. We also look at how the wedding blog and publication landscape has changed since COVID and how you can edit your submissions to remain relevant. If you want to learn more about Jen and her incredible blog, Green Wedding Shoes, visit or follow them on Instagram And remember, I always want to know what you want to hear about! Email me via the contact form  found on our website and come follow me on IG xo <3
Money makes the world go around. I have always had a complicated relationship with numbers, but once Lisa Zamparo, my personal accountant and founder of The Wellth Co. encouraged me to fall deeply in love with my business finances, my outlook and my world changed. On this episode, we look at Lisa's top tips for lifestyle and creative entrepreneurs to fall in love with the numbers through actionable, everyday, non-intimidating activities. If money makes you feel weird, this episode is for you. Lisa's approach to finance is approachable and warm. Find Lisa's company here and go follow them on IG here You will not regret it! Plus, I want to hear from you. I can be reached on IG or you can visit our website and email me your questions and ideas through our contact form xo <3
FINAL SEASON 1 EPISODE: We did it! 13 Episodes and Season 1 is complete. We'll be taking a break until the new year and can't wait to hit you with Season 2 of the podcast. Do you have ideas for episodes? Anything you want to hear? I'm all ears. hello@lovebylynzie.comCovid has been the year of tiny weddings. And in the year of COVID, The Pop-Up Chapel Co. has kept my businesses afloat. On this episode, PUC Operations Manager, Nicole Connor, and I discuss the inception of The Pop-Up Chapel, how the company began and where we are at now. We describe the growth of the chapel over the past 4 years, and how we were so lucky to have a pandemic-stable wedding option throughout 2020. We'll share our philosophy around design, why the chapel is the answer to sustainable, inclusive, and socially conscious weddings and why we are so darn passionate about the whole thing. We'll talk about our cross Canada expansion plans and our hopes and dreams to marry hundreds of couples and raise thousands of dollars for charity in 2021. 
TRIGGER WARNING: This episode discusses unplanned pregnancies and timing your pregnancies, so if you are struggling with becoming pregnant or trying to have a baby, this episode may be triggering for you.Through a candid and open conversation about how we came to be mothers and creative entrepreneurs, Tara McMullen, Becky De Oliveira, Rachel Simpson and I get real about what modern working moms face. From debunking the myth about balance to what we learned through our experience of trying to wear both hats, this episode doesn't hold back when it comes to honesty. Nearer to the end, we share helpful tips on what we would do differently if we did it all over again, and how we hope to see more parents include their kids in their wedding plans. Are you a mom? Are you also a creative entrepreneur or career person trying to make it all work? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Come hang out on IG and DM me, go follow my insanely talented Friends too:
Before I began my own wedding and event company, I spent years working in the music industry as a hopeful, naive, original artist wannabe. This experience ultimately made me into the entrepreneur, leader and creative that I am today. Through a lot of hard lessons and embarrassing moments, I learned what it takes to be a humble, empathetic and committed business owner. Take a ride with me as I tell you about my favourite, funniest and most cringe-worthy learning moments and how you can apply these learning to your wedding and event planning or creative business. I have LOVED hearing from many of you on Instagram about the podcast. Thank you for tuning in and sharing your thoughts with me. Head over to give me a follow and shoot me a DM. What do you want to hear about? I'm all ears. 
"Start with Marrying Yourself." Karlyn Percil, a Certified Emotional Intelligence and Neuro-Life Coach with keen focus on diversity, inclusion, and belonging, teaches us today how we can centre ourselves in the wedding and event planning process. Mining inspiration and confidence from within can be difficult and I ask Karlyn how we can use actionable ways to advocate for ourselves when there is so much pressure from society and family. Karlyn's warm, humorous and honest approach is unique and inspirational and all comes back to having an emotional theme. Learn more about Karlyn at or follow her fabulous feed're wrapping up Season 1 and I want to know which topics you want to hear for Season 2. Email me at or head to and send a message through our contact form! 
You know I love Mother Earth. This episode dives deep into the wedding planning process of Julia McLellan- aka @zerowastewarbler. Julia planned a Zero Waste wedding with a lot of heart, ingenuity and dedication to including the earth in all planning meetings. Today, we give you actionable tips on how to green your wedding, but we also look at the philosophy behind wedding planning and how honing in on your values can contribute to a lower waste celebration. For more inspiration and to check out Julia's wedding highlight (you can't miss it!) go follow her on Instagram're gearing up planning for season 2 of the podcast. Can you tell me what you want to hear about with regards to weddings, events, entrepreneurship? I'm always interested in how I can serve you on your personal event related journey! DM me on IG @lovebylynzie or send me an email
Negotiation can be a scary topic but it gets a bad wrap. In this episode, I delve deep into the heart of negotiating for your wedding or milestone event with Negotiation Expert Fotini Iconomopoulos. Fotini's approach to negotiation is so inspiring- she takes the anxiety, fear and intimidation out of the negotiation process by breaking it down into simple terms and giving your actionable steps on how to advocate for yourself during your planning process. Follow Fotini for more incredible inspiration: or you for continuing to tune into our podcast! I am really enjoying have these conversations with incredible people and seeing that you are listening. I genuinely want to hear from you- follow me on IG and shoot me a DM Or email me with your ideas directly
If you love colour, Instagram worthy installations, playing with you medium and trying new things, then you are going to LOVE Corrie Sullivan from Corrie in Color. On this episode, I chat with Corrie about event design, the perils of rigging and on site installs, how you can render your designs to gain your client's trust, why inspiration is necessary to the process and so much more. Corrie's journey as artist turned activation designer for corporate events and huge conferences like Create and Cultivate is unique and inspiring. Learn more about Corrie by visiting or by following her on the gram here: Want to hear more about wedding planning and event design? DM me on IG and tell me what topic I should cover For real. I'm running out of ideas and want your help so I can talk to cool new people. 
Jess from Bertie Does is one of my favourite wedding planners and she lives in one of my favourite places- Perth, Western Australia. I sit down with Jess to dig into her process as a wedding planner, ask tough questions about pricing and why weddings cost what they do, and she shares her passion from collaborative community. Jess' journey to wedding planning and design has been authentic and organic and I know you'll learn from her no fuss advice. If you want to follow Jess, go to or follow her on Instagram @bertie_does // Have you been loving the Love by Lynzie Podcast? Then hit me up on Instagram to @lovebylynzie and tell me what topic you want me to cover on my journey to redefine weddings and events.
Small is the new black. Micro weddings are here to stay and I'm here to help you plan one the right way. Being the founder of The Pop-Up Chapel Co. has given me insight into planning small, intimate weddings over the past four years that has become invaluable in a COVID event world. I'm sharing my best tips for where to start when planning a micro wedding, how to align your priorities, and how to make the most of your wedding planning budget. For more information on our Micro Wedding packages, visit or DM us on Instagram @lovebylynzie or to connect. 
Jamie Kostechko from Wild Heart Events is one of the industry's leading event planners and designers. Her work sets trends in the wedding industry and I have been following her designs for the past 5 years, drooling over every one. I sit down with Jamie to talk to her about her philosophy behind wedding and event design and planning. We dig deep to uncover how to deeply respect your client's wishes but also stay true to your authentic design voice and continue to push the design envelope in the wedding and event industry. ***Note: The audio in this episode is not great. This was one of the first episodes I recorded and I'm still learning so bear with me. I think the content is awesome and I believe if I wait until its perfect, I'll never launch so here goes anyway!*** If you are enjoying this podcast, come follow me on Instagram @lovebylynzie or for more wedding and event related insight and inspiration! Or visit
Covid is here and its real and its decimated much of the wedding and event industry quickly. Amidst all the negative things we're hearing and feeling, I thought it important to share why I believe 2020 is going to be great for brides, grooms, wedding planners, event professionals and the industry as a whole. If you're interested in hearing my take on how the industry will flourish thanks to COVID, this episode is for you. For more about me and my team of expert event planners and designers, check out and follow us on Instagram for more event related content. 
On this Episode of The Love by Lynzie Podcast, Lynzie talks with her friends and the Founders of The Atelier Collective, Ang and Taryn, about their journey to creating a community of engaged, ambitious women. We discuss everything from their inception story, how they got into planning conference style events, what was missing in the conference industry, and how they pivoted to planning their first digital event during COVID. They share the must-do's when going digital with event planning and we laugh a lot in this episode. Ang and Taryn have just launched Beyond 2020- their latest Digital event, so check it out at For more about Lynzie and her team of expert event planners and designers, check out and follow us on Instagram for more event related content. 
The Love by Lynzie Podcast is dedicated to redefining wedding and event planning for the modern couple and event professional. Lynzie is the Founder of Love by Lynzie Events & Design and The Pop-Up Chapel Co. and the host of TVs Crazy Beautiful Weddings. Her candid and honest look at planning will empower brides and budding event designers to cast aside old traditions and plan authentically. In this episode, Lynzie shares the inspiration for the Podcast, the back story of how she got into events and why she has become so passionate about business. For more about Lynzie and her team of expert event planners and designers, check out and subscribe to our mailing list for more event related content. 
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