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Where are all the great Black pianists? Michelle Cann is one of the best. And she's determined to help shift the musical landscape to include many more pianists of color in the coming generations. On the season two finale of the HearTOGETHER Podcast, pianist Michelle Cann joins host Tori Marchiony for an intimate conversation about the nature of competition, expressing something transcendent in music, and the importance of mentorship for up-and-comers. MUSIC, performed by Michelle CannBACH, SarabandePRICE, Sonata in E MinorCHOPIN, Ballade No.3 in A-flat Major, Op.47PRICE, Piano Concerto in One Movement with The Philadelphia OrchestraMixed by Teng ChenEditorial Council, Noel Dior & Tim German
What do you do to survive? For inti figgis-vizueta, making music inside traditional institutions felt like trying to put a square peg into a round hole– painful, and fruitless. So, she eschewed the status quo and focused on embracing the angles that made her unique. On this episode of the HearTOGETHER podcast, NYC-based composer inti figgis-vizueta speaks with host Tori Marchiony about her early ambitions for a 9-5 in science, the communities and identities that inform her work today, and her hopes and fears for the next generation of music-makers. Music in this episode was composed by inti figgis-vizuetaAttacca Quartet performing Imago .red fish blue fish performing To Give You Form and BreathClick here to learn about why bell hooks didn't capitalize her name.  Mixed by Teng ChenEditorial Council, Noel Dior and Tim German
What role does empathy play in your life? For Lina González-Granados, it’s a core value for daily living, as well as a musical superpower that’s been instilled in her artistic practice by more than one mentor.On this episode of the HearTOGETHER Podcast, conductor Lina González-Granados joins host Tori Marchiony for a heartfelt interview about what it took to follow her dreams across the world, her status as a high profile Latina in classical music, and how the pandemic has shifted her priorities. Music in this episode is from The Philadelphia Orchestra, 2021-22 (122nd Season), non-subscription concert #6Lina Gonzalez-Granados, conductorBranford Marsalis, saxophoneDvořák: Serenade in D minor, Op. 44, for winds, cello, and double bass Glazunov: Concerto in E-flat major for Saxophone and String Orchestra, Op. 109 (13')Villa-Lobos: Fantasia, for saxophone and orchestra (14')Mixed by Teng ChenEditorial Council, Tim German & Noel Dior
Reflections on programming, progress, "the American dream," and more! On January 17th, 2022, as part of The Philadelphia Orchestra's annual day of free community programming in observance of Martin Luther King Jr day, an audience gathered in the Perelman Theater at The Kimmel Center for From Programming to Progress, a live panel discussion with pianist Michelle Cann, Juilliard ethnomusicology professor Dr. Fredara Hadley, and music directoress of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church and CEO of Next Step Associates, Dr. Cassandra Jones, plus a spotlight interview with Andrea Custis (CEO, Urban League Philadelphia).  NOTE: In this episode, Dr. Jones laments the last-minute exclusion of Total Praise from the MLK Tribute concert. This omission was the result of COVID-related complications that made the CAPA choir unavailable to perform as planned and not due to a lack of interest. The Philadelphia Orchestra looks forward to including the piece next year.
Which stories are worth repeating? This question has driven storyteller, narrator, and longtime Philadelphia Orchestra collaborator Charlotte Blake Alston throughout her more than 30-year career. On this episode of the HearTOGETHER Podcast, American griot Charlotte Blake Alston joins host Tori Marchiony for a candid conversation about her transition from being a teacher to a full-time creative, the pillars of her craft, and her responsibility to honesty as a steward of both African-American and African folktales and lived histories.MUSIC: DVORAK, Symphony No.9The Philadelphia OrchestraBERNSTEIN, Symphony No.3 (Kaddish)The Philadelphia OrchestraYannick Nézet-Séguin ConductorCharlotte Blake Alston SpeakerBARBER, Adagio for StringsThe Philadelphia OrchestraYannick Nézet-Séguin ConductorCharlotte Blake Alston Speaker
What does “home” sound like to you? For composer Reena Esmail, this was a question of invention, not recollection. Today, she is celebrated for the seamless interplay between her Western and Hindustani influences in her music, but her journey through craft, culture, and creativity was winding and often treacherous. In this episode of HearTOGETHER, composer Reena Esmail joins host Tori Marchiony for a heartfelt conversation about growing up between two cultures and two religions, the toxicity of competition, and the importance of constantly challenging her own worldview. Music in this episode:ESMAIL, Piano Trio - Suzana Bartal - piano, Peter Myers - cello, Vijay Gupta - violinESMAIL, This Love Between Us: Yale Schola Cantorum and Juilliard415, David Hill, conductor -- with Rabindra Goswami, sitar and Ramu Pandit, tablaESMAIL, Take What You Need  - Street Symphony and Street Symphony Chamber Singers -- Shelley Fox, sopranoESMAIL, Interglow: Salastina Music Society - Maia Jasper White - violin  Kevin Kumar - violin Meredith Crawford - viola   Yoshika Masuda - cello HyeJin Kim - piano  Benjamin Smolen - fluteESMAIL, Zeher - Brooklyn Rider - Johnny Gandelsman, violin, Colin Jacobsen, violin, Nicholas Cords, viola, Michael Nicolas, celloThanks to Noel Dior & Tim German, Editorial Council Teng Chen, Audio Engineer 
How do you honor the multitudes you contain?  The Honorable Elizabeth A. Baker makes space for all that she is by eschewing conventional categorizations and creating art that follows her own curiosities, not the latest trends. In this episode of HearTOGETHER, new renaissance artist The Honorable Elizabeth A. Baker joins host Tori Marchiony for a candid conversation about self-definition, collaborating with nature, what it takes to truly improvise, and more. Music in this episode:Three Compositions for Piano and Electronics, I. Out of Season,  {a series of strange narratives}Field Studies 20HPX, Field Studies Blips, Beeps, Breeze, Tweet, Field StudiesCommand Voices, Quadrivium Remain Calm, REMAIN CALM. This is just a test.Thanks to Noel Dior & Tim German, Editorial Council Teng Chen, Audio Engineer 
Do you think of "doing the right thing" as fun and joyful? Lara Downes does. In this episode of HearTOGETHER, pianist and podcast host (NPR's Amplify) Lara Downes joins host Tori Marchiony for an intimate conversation about growing up as an American abroad, exploring her identity through music, and expanding the cannon to create a more inclusive and vibrant future for concert music. You'll hear about her youth mentorship series, My Promise Project, her ambitious venture to create new recordings of works by Black composers, Rising Sun, and more.  Music in this episode: HOLIDAY, I Cover The Waterfront, Lara Downes (A Billie Holiday Songbook)GOLSON, On Gossamer Wings, Lara Downes (American Ballads)PRICE, Some of These Days, Lara Downes (Lara Downes And Friends) STILL, Summerland, Lara Downes (The Bedtime Sessions)HOLT, Nora’s Dance, Lara DownesBLAKE, Love Will Find a Way, Lara DownesThanks to Noel Dior & Tim German, Editorial Council Teng Chen, Audio Engineer 
What does it take for a 120-year old institution to change? President and CEO of The Philadelphia Orchestra, Matías Tarnopolsky, is determined to find out. In this episode,  hear the veteran arts administrator reflect on the hectic year that saw concert halls close, but made hearts and minds open in new ways. In this candid conversation with host Tori Marchiony, Matías talks about why institutions like his can't sidestep social issues, what blind auditions miss, and the "universal values" that drive him. Music in this episode: PRICE Piano Concerto in One Movement, Michelle Cann & The Philadelphia Orchestra MONTGOMERY Starburst—First Philadelphia Orchestra PerformanceVarious Sermon, Davóne Tines  III. “You Want the Truth, but You Don’t Want to Know,” from X: The Life and  Times of Malcolm X, by Anthony Davis MARSALIS ImprovisationThanks to Noel Dior & Tim German, Editorial Council Teng Chen, Audio Engineer 
Rep. Joanna McClinton

Rep. Joanna McClinton


On the season finale of HearTOGETHER, PA State Representative and Philly native Joanna McClinton (D)  speaks with host Tori Marchiony about the importance of music, the politics of hair, and how her faith moves her forward and keeps her focused.  MUSIC:WARD, America the Beautiful, The Philadelphia OrchestraTRADITIONAL, Amazing Grace, Jeffrey Lang, Anthony Prisk, & Matthew VaughnTRADITIONAL, Great Day, Julia Li, Chay-Hung Chen & Yumi Kendall  WARREN, Joyful, Joyful, CAPA Choir w/ The Philadelphia OrchestraThanks to consulting producer Sofiya Ballin and audio engineer Teng Chen.
Gabriela Lena Frank

Gabriela Lena Frank


Gabriela Lena Frank, The Philadelphia Orchestra’s composer-in-residence is widely celebrated for exploring her multicultural heritage through her work. On this episode, you'll hear about her path, her position on "identity politics", and how she pays it forward. Learn more about the Gabriela Frank Creative Academy of Music hereMUSIC: FRANK, Leyendas; An Andean Walkabout, Mvt.3  (Philadelphia Orchestra)FRANK, Concertino Cusequeño  (Philadelphia Orchestra)HUNT, Climb  (Philadelphia Orchestra)FRANK, Leyendas; An Andean Walkabout, Mvt.4  (Philadelphia Orchestra)Hosted by Tori Marchiony. Thanks to Consulting Producer, Sofiya Ballin and Audio Engineer, Teng Chen. 
Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters


Sheryl Lee Ralph didn't always see a therapist. But from a young age, she was encouraged to speak her struggles aloud. "You go to church, you find the right minister and you talk about it."In this special HearTOGETHER Bonus Clip, Ralph and her husband, PA State Senator Vincent Hughes, talk about their own mental health journeys, and their fight to end the stigma around mental health care. Mental Health Resources MUSIC: Dvořák Symphony No.9, “from The New World,”  The Philadelphia OrchestraHosted by Tori Marchiony. Mixed by Teng Chen
Episode 7 of the HearTOGETHER Podcast from The Philadelphia Orchestra is twice as nice, with star of stage and screen, Sheryl Lee Ralph and longtime Pennsylvania Senator Vincent Hughes. Married for nearly 20 years, the power couple connected early through  their shared commitment to championing positive change (especially in public health). They talk about their first date, what HIV and COVID have in common, how they feel about third party politics, and more. MUSIC KRIEGER & EYAN, "Dreamgirls," Terry Burrell, Loretta Devine & Sheryl Lee Ralph- 1983 MDA Labor Day TelethonFUNG, "Prayer," Philadelphia Orchestra- Upcoming Performance 5/15HIGDON, "Pale Yellow," Barbara Govatos, Hai-Ye Ni, & Natalie Zhu - Community Concert RecordingBEETHOVEN, "Symphony No.5,"  Philadelphia Orchestra- BeethovenNOW LivestreamHosted by Tori Marchiony. Thanks to Consulting Producer, Sofiya Ballin and Audio Engineer, Teng Chen. 
Eleonora Beck

Eleonora Beck


Dr. Eleonora Beck is a musicologist who teaches a course on Music and Social Justice at Lewis & Clark College-- but she's never been the type to stay locked away in an ivory tower. In this episode, you'll hear Beck talk about fighting for change through music, inside musical institutions, and out on the front lines of protest and policy. Music:BECK, Euridice, MONK, Railroad (Travel Song), Conrad TaoSHOSTAKOVICH, Symphony No.7 Leningrad 4th Movement Part 1, The Philadelphia OrchestraTINDLEY, We Shall Overcome, brass quintet PRICE, Piano Concerto, Philadelphia Orchestra w/ Michelle Cann Hosted by Tori Marchiony. Mixed by Teng Chen. 
Brandi Waller-Pace

Brandi Waller-Pace


Through her non-profit, Decolonizing the Music Room, Brandi Waller-Pace teaches educators how to create class environments that celebrate, reflect, and speak to Black, brown, Indigenous, and Asian cultural perspectives that are routinely erased. In this episode, you’ll hear about Waller-Pace’s own school experiences, the "decolonizing" lessons that matter most, and why she always maintains the mindset of a student.   MUSIC Sally in the Garden, Brandi Waller-PaceMARSALIS, Blues Symphony, The Philadelphia OrchestraSAINT-GEORGES, Symphony No.2, The Philadelphia OrchestraLINKS“The Uses of Anger” by Audre LordeRing Around The Rosie FolkloreFort Worth African American Roots Music FestivalDecolonizing The Music Room, Website : Facebook : TwitterHosted by Tori Marchiony. Mixed by Teng Chen. 
Rev. Mark Tyler

Rev. Mark Tyler


Though many spiritual leaders preach visions of a better future, it's also common to bypass hard facts and focus on the happy ending. Not so for Reverend Mark Tyler.  On this episode of the HearTOGETHER Podcast, Tyler shares his path to leadership, the importance of slogans in activism, and what "Defund the Police" means to him. MUSIC"JOHNSON & JOHNSON, "Lift Every Voice,"  The Philadelphia Orchestra w. vocalist Laurin Talese"Magic," Maze ft. Frankie BeverlyWESLEY WORK JR., "Go Tell It On The Mountain," string quartet  w. vocalist Patrice Hawthorne TINDLEY, "We Shall Overcome," brass quintetLINKSOur City, Your Orchestra MLK Tribute ConcertHosted by Tori Marchiony. Mixed by Teng Chen. 
Nicole Jordan

Nicole Jordan


It's been a long and winding journey,  and Nicole Jordan has accomplished her dream of becoming a full-time member of The Philadelphia Orchestra as its new Principal Librarian. On this episode of the HearTOGETHER Podcast, Jordan shares her journey from aspiring instrumentalist to glass-ceiling-shattering- librarian, plus what's kept her sane in between.  MUSIC:Can't Hurry Love, The SupremesSIMON, Fate Now Conquers  WORLD PREMIERE - PHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA COMMISSIONCOLEMAN, Seven O'Clock Shout  WORLD PREMIERE - PHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA COMMISSIONHosted by Tori Marchiony. Mixed by Teng Chen
Jeannine A. Cook is a writer, strategist, and entrepreneur who the city of Philadelphia has been lucky to call a resident for the better part of two decades.  On this episode of the HearTOGETHER Podcast, Cook shares some of the challenges and triumphs of opening her brick-and-mortar store, Harriett's Bookshop, how she became a master strategist, and why she doesn't let herself get sidetracked by unsolicited advice. MUSIC [Performers; Ohad Bar-David, Cello; Ajibola Rivers, Cello; Angela Zator Nelson, Percussion]ARGOV, Lech lamidbarNELSON, Percussion ImprovisationRIVERS, Rumba from Suite No.2LINKS:Read the rest of Jeannine's short story hereWatch the full Our City, Your Orchestra concert at Harriett's Bookshop here Learn about Mahalia Jackson here Hosted by Tori Marchiony. Mixed by Teng Chen. 
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