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Author: John and James

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This is Interviews with Technical People, a podcast that discusses a unique STEM topic each episode through interviews with people participating in those fields. Join us as we broaden our knowledge horizons through story and dialogue with experts in various fields, hosted by John Robertson and James Havu. Follow our updated on our facebook page:
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In this episode, we are joined by Chris Baker, founder of University Wafer, Inc, a company that provides semiconductor wafers to businesses, universities, and laboratories.  Join us as Chris shares the origin and mission of University wafer, and weighs in on a variety of topics related to the semiconductor industry.  For more information about his company, check them out at their website:
For this episode we are joined by Sascha Deri and Seth Lockman of bluShift Aerospace.  Tune in as they discuss their recent launch of Stardust 1.0, a launch vehicle featuring a unique bio-derived fuel.  We also discuss the joys and challenges of launching from Aroostook county in northern Maine in January, and much more.More information about bluShift found at: of the launch found at:
Today we are joined by Dr. Onur Danaci, who tells us about his career as a researcher in the field of quantum computers and quantum optics.  Get ready for a very physics-heavy show, and also be ready to learn about this up-and-coming technology.You can follow Onur on social media as well:
In this episode we are joined by Dorna Schroeter, an educator and author, for a conversation about sustainability and biomimicry.  Join us as we discuss topics ranging from the origins of 20th century behaviors and habits that recently impacted our planet, to better understanding the fundamental operating principles of our planet and the role that we can play.  Information for additional reading and research:The Biomimicry Institute: Youth Design Challenge Footprint Footprint for young people Services Overshoot Day and packaging Dorna's website Cover Art courtesy of Dorna Schroeter
Today we are joined by Dr. Norah Ashoura.  Norah is a scientist who specializes in T cell-based cancer immunotherapy.  Join us as we discuss this exciting field, which holds great promise for the future of cancer treatment.  We dive into the details for how immunotherapy actually works, and what goes into developing new treatments.  For a primer on the topic, check out this other brief video of Norah explaining the topic!
Today we are joined by Anne Carter, James' boss at the Maine Department of Transportation (MaineDOT) and an engineer that has owned her own business, worked in manufacturing and for a public utility.  Anne shares her remarkable story with us that spans many years, and shares some valuable advice gained along the way.  
Today we are joined by Andrew Wit, who makes us question everything we thought was true about buildings.  Join us as Andrew, an associate professor at Temple University's School of Art and Architecture, explains his research into new materials, production methods, and intelligent systems.  We also discuss the new book that he co-edited, "Towards a Robotic Architecture", and go through how robots can be increasingly integrated into our lives.Check out his book "Towards a Robotic Architecture" hereCheck out his website for a great summary of his work to dateAnd of course follow him on Instagram
Today we are joined by Dr. Wade Dauberman.  We discuss his research into Alzheimer's disease, and get his recent perspective on COVID-19 and the future of technology in the biological sciences.  We also discuss his thoughts on Education and science outreach.
Today we are joined by Aaron Funk.  Come learn about how chemical microwave digesters and synthesizers work, learn what a magnetron is, and hear Aaron's remarkable story of his journey from humble beginnings in West Virginia to Chemistry PhD.Show notes: Educate yourself on how Magnetrons workListen to the Christmas Song "Rusty Chevrolet"Follow Aaron on Instagram @CallMeTheDrFunk
Today we are joined by Da’Vel Johnson of the National Weather Service
Today we are joined by Dr. Carmen Lau, a Veterinary Pathologist.  Carmen details how necropsies are performed, in which the cause of death of an animal is determined by autopsying it and performing subsequent biopsies.  On a regular basis, Carmen performs these procedures on animals of all shapes and sizes, and shares many of these stories on the show.  She also discusses her path through veterinary school, how she wound up doing veterinary pathology, and her thoughts on the future of the field.  Join us for this incredible discussion and be prepared to learn things you never knew you needed to know!
Ep 9: Jeff Behary

Ep 9: Jeff Behary


Today we are joined by Jeff Behary.  Over the course of the episode, we truly discuss the past, present, and future of a wide array of topics related to the multitude of projects Jeff has undertaken throughout his career.  We dive into the topics of X-rays, UV radiation sources, high-voltage physics, lightning, and metal working.  For this episode specifically, Jeff was kind enough to assemble detailed Show Notes to provide background and visual aid for these topics.  We highly recommend that you review these notes and photos during or after the show to help bring these concepts to life.  Be sure to also peruse the rest of his website for a plethora of interesting information.Cover photo is taken from Figure 4 of Jeff's Notes, showing photography of current streams created by a high frequency coil.  Photo Credit to Jeff Behary.
Today we are joined by Tim Robertson, an animator developing video games at Electronic Arts.  Tim takes us through the history of animation and how it is used to develop modern games.  He also gives us a glimpse of how future games are becoming an ever more immersive part of our daily experience.  You will not want to miss this show.Don't forget to follow Tim at you're done, remember to take our survey:
Today we are joined by Dan Smith.  Dan is currently the weekend evening meteorologist and weekday reporter for 13abc Action News in Toledo, covering everything Mother Nature has to throw at the Midwest.  Join us for a great conversation on Dan's path to becoming a meteorologist, while getting a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at what goes into the weather reports that we often see on the evening news.  You can follow Dan on his facebook page: on Twitter: to take our survey afterwards to give us suggestions for future shows:
Today we are joined by Dan Gorman.  Dan is getting his PhD in U.S. history from the University of Rochester, studying religion and culture in the 19th and 20th centuries.  As an Andrew W. Mellon Digital Humanities Fellow at Rochester, he introduces us to the wide world of digital humanities, and shows us how historians are applying modern technology to  historical studies.  If you found Dan's conversation interesting, you can follow him on LinkedIn you listen, remember to take our survey to tell us how we can improve.
Buckle your seatbelt... this episode is jam packed with information.  We are joined by Mike Renoe, the VP of Engineering for Takeout Central, a community-first restaurant delivery service located in Chapel Hill, NC. Mike leads a team of talented multi-platform engineers, and works across the various elements of the business in order to align technology goals with the overall business goals.  We start out by discussing Mike's role as VP of engineering, from hiring new engineers to overseeing the product that they are designing.  As the episode goes on, we dive into a wide range of topics covering software security, management strategies, the future of american innovation, virtual reality, augmented reality, and life after engineering.  You may need to listen to this episode twice to fully receive all of the information, but its well worth the effort.Remember to take our survey afterwards to provide feedback and tell us how we are doing.
We are joined by Zach Eichholz, the sustainability program manager and resiliency planner for the City of Cape Canaveral, Florida.  This show covers an enormous number of topics, and also set a record for the longest show we have recorded so far, so feel free to split it into smaller chunks for your listening pleasure!  However, it covers some very important topics revolving around climate change, sustainability, and renewable energy.  We learn about some of the ways cities large and small are incorporating more sustainable practices.  As a city on a barrier island in Florida, we also get a unique glimpse into a community that is uniquely threatened by sea level rise, and the steps that they are taking to mitigate its effects and consequences.  We also get to hear about some of the CliFi (Climate Fiction) works that Zach has written, which help to spread awareness for climate action in an encouraging and hopeful manner.  You can follow Zach on Linkedin here and can get more information about his published books.Finally, remember to take our survey to provide us with feedback on this episode, and on the podcast in general.  We want your honest answers!  p.s., the largest port in the world by cruise passenger traffic is the Port of Miami.
We are joined by Jeremy Harmon, a commercial pilot who flies to islands on the coast of Maine, and also a certified flight instructor specializing in tail wheel and float planes.  Jeremy owns and operates a flight school called "Higher Ground Aviation", and also flies for Penobscot Island Air.  We discuss a wide range of aviation topic related to small planes, flying in Maine, and the evolution of aviation techniques.  Bonus conversation about how to find aviation fuel for your float plane on Maine lakes!More info on Jeremy's Flight School can be found at: you have listened, please take our brief survey to provide feedback and help us improve the show going forward.
We are joined by an old friend, Marie Henderson.  Marie is a science team member on the Mars Science Laboratory mission, taking pictures with the Curiosity Rover from the surface of Mars and analyzing the images while pursuing a Ph.D. in Planetary Science at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. We discuss topics ranging from the Mars Curiosity rover to lunar volcanism.  Plus, bonus conversation about the astronaut application process!After you have listened, please take our brief survey to provide feedback and help us improve the show going forward.
We are joined by Suresh Singh, a technical writer for a company that manufactures ground support equipment for the airline industry.  We discuss the ins and outs of the business, and get into the fun details of how these vehicles are designed, tested and used.  Plus, a bonus conversation about toilets on airplanes.After you have listened, please take our short survey to provide feedback and help us improve the show going forward.
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