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As an extension of The Garage Series, this next project works to expand upon Paul M Cooper’s long-standing commitment of making continuing legal education accessible for everyone.
Come in for your tune-up in the Law Garage and learn from leading professionals in the criminal bar. From the beginning of a police investigation to the trial or jury trial, gain insight into the working minds of experienced defence practitioners. For young lawyers: learn what they could not teach you in law school. For seasoned members of the criminal bar: come on in for your tune-up.
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"We don't have the benefit of choosing when an opportunity arises, the best we can do is be prepared to accept it when it does"
In the season 3 finale of The Law Garage, we are joined by William Jaksa to remember Edward Sapiano.
For the last episode in the garage this season, we ask the guests of season 3 some questions including, "court walk-up song", favourite quote that reminds you about the profession, and more! Reminder: Please Vote in the Upcoming Bencher Election The Law Garage fully endorses the Good Governance Coalition because Convocation should reflect our values and our professionalism as well as a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and a commitment to ensuring continued professional self-governance with competent, experienced lawyers leading the Law Society. For further information as to who the candidates are please see the website [The endorsement of the Good Governance Coalition are the views of The Law Garage only and do not necessarily reflect the views of any of the guests of The Law Garage or its listeners.]
In today’s Law Garage, guests Laura and Aisha discuss their involvement with Cannabis Amnesty, what led them to this project, and the work of the organization.
In today’s Law Garage, guests Nathan and Breana speak to the exciting and challenging elements of practicing in two jurisdictions, their recent homicide cases, how to run a cutthroat defence, and the impact it has on lawyers during a trial.
In today’s Law Garage, guests Sherif and Laura discuss what they feel are the most exciting and rewarding aspects of criminal law, fond memories of their early days of practice, advice for other counsel tackling Garofoli applications, and the impacts of mass surveillance on criminal law.
On today’s Law Garage, guests Andrew and Naomi discuss how being a defence lawyer has become more challenging due to recent changes in the law requiring more defence disclosure. They also provide their insight on the appeal process.
In today’s Law Garage, guests Alex and Pamela share their experiences of how they transitioned to other areas of law using their criminal law background, and how this background has helped them in their current practice. They share the lessons they learned during
In today’s Law Garage, guests Daniel and Jessyca discuss their experiences with the media, advice on how to deal with and respond to the media in this profession, and the benefits and drawbacks media attention can bring to a case.
In today’s Law Garage, guests Brian and Alison discuss the best ways to learn in the field as a young lawyer, how they got involved in criminal law, and fond memories of their early days of practice, particularly pre-zoom days. This podcast features an in-depth discussion of the Alan Smith documentary and the unbelievable police operations and practices involved.
In today’s Law Garage, guests Sia and Soheila discuss the stresses experienced by litigators and the importance of taking care of your mental health in the profession. Sia, an experienced litigator, speaks to the common perceptions and characteristics associated with lawyers and the effect this can have on one’s mental health. Soheila, an experienced social worker, offers insight about prioritizing self-care and what steps to take to achieve this.
In today’s Law Garage, guests Lindsay and Rebecca discuss the recent decision released by the Supreme Court of Canada, R. v. J.J., and the uncertainy the decision brings into the law. They discuss their fears of how this decision may bleed into other areas of criminal law.
Season 3 Trailer

Season 3 Trailer


For the last day in the garage this season, we ask the guests of season 2 to tell us about their favourite law related movies and it was a lot of fun!
Today in the garage we asked the guests of season 2 their favourite courthouse eats and their go to nearby watering holes
Today in the garage. we ask the guests of season 2 to answer the following question: "how do you defend those people?"
Today in the garage, we asked the guests of season two if they had a question for me. Of course, being lawyers, many of them couldn't resist putting me on the spot
In the Season 2 Finale of The Law Garage, Anthony, Laura and I got together for the first time during the pandemic on a Friday afternoon with a few beers and talked about the law. This episode is uncut and unedited and some of the content may be offensive to some audience members, listener discretion is advised.
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