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Author: Ryan Hagen

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Our mission: To help reverse global warming as soon as possible and rebuild a safer, healthier, and more just world. How are we doing this? We're working to unleash the power of people (like you) all around the world by bringing you the info, resources, tools, ideas, and community to multiply our collective impact. On this show, you'll learn from sustainability leaders around the world and find ways to level up your own impact!
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In this interview with Ian Monroe we discuss sustainable investing, ESGs, greenwashing, divesting vs. engaging with fossil fuel companies, what the average person’s investments look like through a sustainability lens and much more.Ian is the Founder of Etho Capital which is working to create the world’s most sustainable investments. Prior to this, Ian consulted on sustainable solutions in over 30 countries for nonprofits, the UN, the World Bank, and the US Department of State. He’s currently a professor at Stanford in the Earth Systems Program, and he founded Oroeco which is an app that helps individuals reverse climate change.Support the show (
In this interview with Bill Weihl we discuss how to “mobilize the voice of the workforce to urge companies to go “all in” on climate, both in business practices and policy advocacy.”Bill was in charge of sustainability at Google and Facebook starting back in 2006. He recently founded ClimateVoice to help employees everywhere exercise their power for corporate climate action.Useful links from ClimateVoice: links from Crowdsourcing Sustainability:Sign up for the Crowdsourcing Sustainability newsletter: https://crowdsourcingsustainability.orgSupport the show (
In the latest Crowdsourcing Sustainability Podcast episode, Ryan speaks with the Keeling Curve Prize's Executive Director, Jackie Francis about her story, this year's prize, and all the different ways the KCP is helping climate organizations.$250,000 for climate solution initiatives!The 2021 Keeling Curve Prizes will award $25,000 apiece to 10 winning projects that will help bend the Keeling Curve (CO2 in the atmosphere) down the fastest.Applications will be accepted through February 10th. Timeline:0 - 1:40: Intro1:40 - Important moments in Jackie's climate journey3:20: What inspired you to start the Keeling Curve Prize?5:45: What is the Keeling Curve? And how does the KCP work?9:25: How do you evaluate projects/applications?12:00: Who is eligible? How else are applicants supported?16:30: Who are the orgs who have won the prize in the past and what are they doing?20:20: Benefits of joining the Troposphere (KCP network)23:20: Jackie's top 3 book recommendations25:15: Key takeaways & final thoughts27:40: Call to action: Apply for the prize and/or tell others about it!More info on the prize:There will be two winners for each of the following categories:Capture & UtilizationEnergyFinanceSocial & Cultural PathwaysTransport & MobilitySo, if you or someone you know is working on a truly impactful solution to help stop global warming (and could use $25,000), apply online or spread the good word.KCP Links:2021 KCP Application HomepageVote Climate 2020 videoTwitterLinkedInSupport the show (
Julian Kitsz interviews Ryan Hagen on the climate crisis and what we can do about it at TEDx Archivorum as a part of TED's Countdown initiative to help accelerate climate solutions.Crowdsourcing Sustainability homepage: up for our sustainability newsletter! https://crowdsourcing-sustainability....Support the show (
Climate Grief = Love

Climate Grief = Love


My quick thoughts (initially intended to be private) on eco-anxiety and climate despair.Includes:- Why it's not only natural but rational to experience these feelings.- Where they may ultimately be coming from (love).- A key takeaway and new lens through which to view them.Support the show (
Join us and our fantastic guest Jill Kubit as we cover climate communication, cultural work, climate legacy, talking to kids about climate, and much much more.Timeline:0 - 4:20: Jill's introduction and background4:20 - 7:30: Jill's thoughts on the climate labor movement7:30 - 12:10: Why and how Dear Tomorrow was created12:10 - 17:35: What is Dear Tomorrow? What makes it so powerful?17:35 - 28:07: The real-world ripple effects of Dear Tomorrow28:07 - 33:30: Cultural Work in the climate space33:30 - 37:18: The events and art exhibits that have featured Dear Tomorrow37:18 - 41:50: How COVID-19 has impacted Dear Tomorrow41:50 - 55:10: Jill's work with Our Kid's Climate and how to talk to kids about climate55:10 - 58:50: Advice for those who feel like they won't make a difference in the climate fight58:50 - 1:00:20: Jill's call to action for listeners 1:00:20 - 1:03:00: Tips on talking to people about climateResources:- - Letter writing project and toolkit- Dear Tomorrow's audio-visual installation- Instagram: @deartomorrow- Facebook: DearTomorrow- Recommended book: "How to talk to your kids about climate change"- Climate Outreach- Katharine Hayhoe Ted Talk- Sign Up for the Crowdsourcing Sustainability Newsletter- Crowdsourcing Sustainability Website- Our Instagram: @crowdsourcingsustainabilitySupport the show (
 Ryan and Extinction Rebellion activist Nadia Colburn discuss Climate Change action in the era of CoronavirusResources:-See the webinar here: - Movement: For Future: Up for the Crowdsourcing Sustainability Email List: Sustainability Website: Instagram: @crowdsourcingsustainability-ryan@crowdsourcingsustainability.orgSupport the show (
In this episode, we discuss eco-anxiety, how to transform it into meaningful climate action, and much more with Rachel Malena-Chan, Co-founder of Eco-Anxious Stories! (To see Rachel's slides, watch here)Timeline:0 - 7:00: Rachel's introduction and background.7:00 - 8:30: What is eco-anxiety?8:30 - 11:50: How common is eco-anxiety?11:50 - 15:50: How to shift eco-anxiety to meaningful action.15:50 - 18:20: Climate anxiety is normal/rational. We get it because climate change threatens things we love.18:20 - 24:45: The disconnect between knowledge and action (narrative dissonance).24:45 - 28:30: Overcoming powerlessness and finding your role.28:30 - 32:15: The impact of Eco-Anxious Stories.32:15 - 36:10: Tips for dealing with eco-anxiety.36:10 - 39:25: Intersectionality of climate with other systemic oppressions & living in this moment in time.39:25 - 41:45: Rachel's recommended resources.42:05 - 43:20: Rachel's key takeaway for listeners - "Know that you're not alone."43:20 - 50:15 Q&A: How to talk about climate with non-supporters or older generations.Useful links Rachel mentioned:Eco Anxious StoriesTwitter: @rachelmelena @EcoAnxiousCA @MaryHeglarInstagramPatreonGood Grief NetworkGen DreadClimate Psychology AllianceClimate and Mind Useful links from Crowdsourcing Sustainability:Crowdsourcing Sustainability newsletterWebsite: https://crowdsourcingsustainability.orgSupport the show (
Hear from Dr. Elizabeth Bagley of Drawdown Learn in this episode as we discuss:0 - 9:15: Elizabeth's intro, background, and story of how she got to where she is today.9:15 - 13:15: What is Project Drawdown? And why does it matter?13:15 - 15:00: Climate solutions are win-wins & the Drawdown Review.15:00 - 29:20: What is Drawdown Learn? (Deep dive on who it's for, the strategy behind it, projects, partners, etc.)29:20 - 39:15: Bringing global solutions to the local level (with some advice for students & teachers specifically)39:15 - 41:10: The "why" that keeps Elizabeth working on the climate crisis.41:10 - 42:55: What Elizabeth would put on a billboard.42:55 - 45:35: Book recommendations.45:35 - 46:40: What can listeners do to help out and/or connect?46:40: Elizabeth's key takeaway for listenersResources:-Drawdown Learn Website:’s LinkedIn:’s Book Recommendations: Drawdown Review, A Sand County Almanac, Zen Ties-Sign Up for the Crowdsourcing Sustainability Email List: Sustainability Website: Instagram: @crowdsourcingsustainabilitySupport the show (
In this wide-ranging interview with Evan Hynes (co-founder of Climatebase) we discuss:0 - 1:45: Intros1:45 - 6:15: Evan's story & path to climate work6:15 - 13:40: Why and how Climatebase was formed 13:40 - 15:55: Why Climatebase uses Project Drawdown's framework15:55 - 23:00: Greenwashing & evaluating climate impact23:00 - 32:00: Advice on finding a job in sustainability 32:00 - 38:30: Trends in climate jobs and thinking about skillsets38:30 - 42:15: Recommended resources & booksResources: -ClimateBase Website:'s LinkedIn:'s Twitter: @EvTheEarthling-Evan's Book Recommendations: Too Much and Never Enough, Uninhabitable Earth, On Fire, Climate: a New Story-Sign Up for the Crowdsourcing Sustainability Email List: Sustainability Website: Instagram: @crowdsourcingsustainabilitySupport the show (



Welcome to the Crowdsourcing Sustainability Podcast! This podcast exists to help inform, inspire, and empower people to take action on climate. We'll do this by bringing on wonderful sustainability leaders, listening to their stories, and exploring meaningful actions we can all take. In this episode, get to know the hosts, Mikayla White and Ryan Hagen, as well as what the Crowdsourcing Sustainability podcast is all about!Episode Outline:0 - 0:33: Welcome to the podcast!0:33 - 3:00: Ryan's introduction and how Crowdsourcing Sustainability got started3:00 - 5:26: Mikayla's introduction and background in the environmental sphere 5:26 - 6:55: Why the climate fight is important to Ryan6:55 - 9:10: Why others should join the climate fight9:10 - 11:37: How listeners can get involved with Crowdsourcing SustainabilityResources:-Sign Up for the Crowdsourcing Sustainability Newsletter: out the Crowdsourcing Sustainability Website: Instagram: @crowdsourcingsustainabilitySupport the show (
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