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Author: Ron and Matt

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Two punk rock dads talking to bands and other guests about shows, tours, records, beer, and how much they hate 2020.
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On this episode of OBH we welcome Nathan Scott Holman of Knockin Bones and formerly of The Butts. Nathan talks about the music scene in Austin TX, past tours and shows, and what happens when knockin bones puts on Hawaiian shirts. We play a song from Knockin bones "On The Rebound" and close the podcast with a song from The Butts "Alex Jones is One of Them."  Check out Nate's links!Links:Knockin Bones on Facebook: Butts on Facebook: Bones on Bandcamp: Bones (and Beach Bones) on YouTube Show Links:Our Brains Hurt Patreon: Brains Hurt Website: Brains Hurt on Facebook: Ron on Twitter:
On this episode of OBH we welcome Jeff and Dave from The Goodbye Forevers. We talk about how the Goodbye Forevers got their start, we establish that they are in fact a Richmond band, and Jeff shows off his new sexy Hawaiian shirt. You can also hear two tracks off their album titled "Lay Where You Fall." Jeff and Dave were a blast to hang with. I think you'll have a blast listening! The Goodbye Forevers Links:  Goodbye Forevers Website: Forevers on Facebook: Forevers on Instagram: Links:Our Brains Hurt Website: Brains Hurt on Facebook: Ron on Twitter:
On this episode of OBH we welcome no one! This is a Ron and Matt episode. You get to hear what we've been up to and then question your life choices for giving us an hour you'll never get back. But hey, we also play two tunes! "Bald Kids" from the new Savage Remains album, and "This Beast Has No Heart" from The Alements. Come hang out!Show Links:Punk Rock Joe, Great Coffee and Music:  https://www.punkrockjoe.comOBH Website:  https://www.ourbrainshurt.comFollow Ron on Twitter @RonSacc: Facebook: Instagram:
On this episode of OBH we hung out with Dylan Disaster! Dylan talks about what he's been up to the past year, how he got to Austin TX, his plans post pandemic, and many other things. We also play two songs of Dylan's one being a debut of one of his new tracks called "The Wreckage"  (song starts at: 31:32) and the other is called "Milestone" (starts at 57:14). He's a super cool guy and his music fucking rocks! Give it a listen!Dylan Disaster Links:Dylan Disaster Website: on Facebook: Disaster on Instagram: Links:Our Brains Hurt Website: Ron on Twitter @RonSacc:
On this episode of OBH we talk to Kevin Effer of Fine Dining and Emmer Effer.  We also get back to playing some music on this episode! At 22:42 we play Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood by Fine Dining, at 1:06:20 we play It's Up To Me  by Emmer Effer, and at 1:08:22 we play Space Race from Kevin's other project KW and the Killer Whales. Kevin also runs Emmer Effer Records and is a former writer for New Noise Magazine.Effer Links:Fine Dining on Facebook: Effer on Facebook: Effer Records: Effer Records YouTube: Links:Our Brains Hurt Website: Ron on Twitter: Brains Hurt on Facebook:
On this episode of OBH we talk to model, actress, artist, and creator and host of Last Rockers TV, Erin Micklow! Erin talks about how she landed in LA, her experiences interviewing bands, her trip to Cambodia and how that helps her deal with haters, and achieving maximum chill. Erin also opens up about her divorce. She is one of the hardest working people I know and has accomplished a ton! We had a blast catching up with her.Erin's Links:Erin Micklow OnlyFans: Micklow on Instagram: Micklow on Facebook: Rockers TV: Links:Our Brains Hurt Website: Ron on Twitter @RonSacc: Brains Hurt Facebook: Brains Hurt on Instagram:
Blag, The Dwarves

Blag, The Dwarves


On this episode we talk to Blag Dahlia of The Dwarves! Blag talks about his solo album currently in the works, his three favorite Dwarves albums, and how HeWhoCannotBeNamed impressed some A&R reps in New York. Give it a listen and then visit and get some merch!Dwarves Links:The Dwarves Website and Merch: Dwarves on Facebook: and Hos Video: Links:OBH Website and Merch: Ron on Twitter: Facebook Punk Rock Joe Coffee:
Argyle Goolsby

Argyle Goolsby


On this episode of OBH we talk to Argyle Goolsby of Blitzkid and of Argyle Goolsby and the Roving Midnight.  Goolsby talks to us about all of the projects he's been working on, how he fell in love with horror and punk rock, memorable Blitzkid moments, and what it was like working on the score for Nosferatu. Goolsby is one of the hardest working guys in punk rock and we were thrilled to have him on. Give it a listen! Goolsby Links:Blitzkid and The Roving Midnight Official Website: Blitzkid and Argyle Goolsby Store: on Facebook: Goolsby on Facebook: Links:Our Brains Hurt Website:  www.ourbrainshurt.comFollow Ron on Twitter:, Our Brains Hurt: Brains Hurt on Facebook:
Ben Weasel

Ben Weasel


On this episode of OBH we talk to Ben Weasel of legendary punk band Screeching Weasel! Ben talks about his time on Lookout Records, the genre of punk rock, wokeism, and what he's currently listening to. He also gives us insight into the writing of their latest album "Some Freaks of Atavism" and what Screeching Weasel has coming on the horizon.Screeching Weasel Links:Website  http://screechingweasel.comFacebook Links:Website Ron on Twitter
Suzi Moon

Suzi Moon


On this episode of OBH we chat with the super talented Suzi Moon. Suzi talks to us about her time growing up in Long Beach, he future plans to possibly locate to the east coast, and most importantly she gives us a look into her upcoming solo album Call the Shots. Suzi has been playing in bands since she was 15 and has been signed to labels like Hellcat, and Alternative Tentacles.  Her solo project will be on Pirates Press Records and we're super excited to hear it! Check her out at the following links:Suzi Moon on Facebook: Moon on Instagram: Moon on Twitter:'s Website: the show here:OBH Website:'s Twitter: on Facebook:
On this episode of OBH Ron and Matt go guestless and hang out for about an hour.  Matt tells a story about his tour guide in dirty Vegas, and Ron goes Hollywood as he becomes a big time movie producer.  You will also hear two tracks off the new Savage Remains album. Follow us!Our Brains Hurt on Twitter @OurBrainsHurtFollow Ron on Twitter @RonSaccOur Brains Hurt Website:
Welcome to our first bonus record release episode. In this episode we talk to the guys from Staten Island punk band Goin' Places. They tell us all about their album "Save The World" which is available RIGHT NOW at the following places. Get Yours!Goin Places Website Places on Facebook's Basement Records, for Vinyl and CD For Cassette the album in Japan
A Canadian

A Canadian


On this episode of OBH we welcome our resident Canadian, Andrew Rae. If you listen to this episode it satisfies the Canadian History credit requirements of most major universities. Everything you always wanted to know about Canada, which probably isn't much. We play Canadian Marry, Fuck, Kill, and we get to learn about the ultimate thumper. Do you like syrup? If so you'll love this episode. If you don't like syrup go fuck yourself. Follow us on social media and check out the following links:Our Brains Hurt WebsiteRon on Twitter, @RonSaccOBH on Twitter, @OurBrainsHurtOBH Facebook
On this episode of OBH we hung out with Justin, bass player for Florida based punk band Kid You Not. We talked the usual booze and current record interests. We also discussed the stock market in a very unintelligent fashion. Justin told us all about Kid You Not and what they are up to at the moment. We also played two songs from their album "Thanks, I Hate It", Fantastic Drugs and How To Take Them, and Handbook for the Recently Deceased. Links:Kid You Not on FacebookKid You Not BandcampKid You Not on InstagramMusic Video for Fantastic Drugs and How to Take ThemShow Links:Punk Rock Joe CoffeeOur Brains Hurt on Twitter
On this episode of OBH we welcome Billy Putz of The Putz and Covert Flops. Billy talks about the creation of The Putz, projects currently in the works, and what it was like recording at Sonic Iguana, and with Joe Queer. Billy is a fan of pumpkin beer and horror movie soundtracks which helped us fall in love with him even faster.  We had a blast hanging out with Billy. We play two songs off The Putz latest record Rise and Shine; Laser Blast and Another AutumnBilly's Links:The Putz on BandcampEccentric Pop Records ShopThe Putz on FacebookThe Putz on InstagramCovert Flops on BandcampShow Sponsor:Punk Rock Joe Coffee
In this episode of OBH we hang out with Brien Stewart of Ruin by Design. Brien talks about the book he's writing covering the DC punk scene over the past 30 years, all the projects he's currently involved in, and starting the band Avail. Brien was the original singer of Avail before they moved to Richmond. We also play two VERY RAD Ruin By Design songs, Lesson, and Autumn Black Plastic.Brien's Links:Ruin By Design on BandcampFree download of early Avail featuring Brien Stewart on vocalsRuin By Design on FacebookSponsor:Punk Rock Joe Coffee
We are back with the first episode of 2021! On this episode of OBH we welcome actor Paul Prado of 5secondfilms and Dude Bro Party Massacre III.  Paul tells us great stories from back in the 5secondfilms days involving Fred Armisen, Weird Al, and Luis Guzman. Hear how they were discovered by Patton Oswalt and learn some inside info about Dude Bro Party Massacre III. This was an excellent way to kick off 2021!5secondfilmsDude Bro Party Massacre IIIPunk Rock Joe Coffee
On this episode of OBH, our last of 2020, we welcome Richie Ramone, drummer for one of the most influential bands of all time, The Ramones.  Richie talks to us about his book, "I Know Better Now", his time with the Ramones, and he tells a couple of Ramones stories that will make you laugh. This episode will definitely bring cheer to your holiday!  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and enjoy listening to a rock legend! Richie Ramone Links:Richie Ramone on FacebookRichie Ramone WebsiteHeadcheese The MovieRichie's Upcoming Film, "Protége Moi"Our Brains Hurt Sponsors:Two Beards Trading PostSnubbed Coffee
On this episode of OBH we welcome ourselves, that's right,  just Ron and Matt. We talk pandemic, vaccine, what's on our stereos, upcoming podcast news, and how reindeer are able to fly, on this short yet sweet edition of OBH. Best of all we have a NEW SPONSOR! Two Beards Trading Post joins the OBH team with their high quality, all natural ingredient, made in the USA, beard products. Check them out at  We also play a Christmas song from Ron's band, The Alements, mid episode.Support our sponsor!Two Beards Trading Post WebsiteTwo Beards Trading Post on Facebook
On this episode of OBH we chat with Don Drakulich, the man behind Sleazy P Martini of GWAR. We chat about everything GWAR, from the days of the Richmond Dairy to the band's current lineup. Don talks about his influences in developing the character of Sleazy P Martini as we know him today. He also gives us a candid look into some of the obstacles GWAR faced when coming up.  Check out the following links for Sleazy merch and videos!Sleazy P Martini Links:Hypereal Productions: Sleazy P Martini and Gwar related merchSleazy P Martini YouTube ChannelSleazy P Martini on FacebookOur Brains Hurt Links:OBH FacebookOBH InstagramOBH Twitter
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