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In this episode, Grant and Austin do some catch up on what’s been going on since the last call. Grant’s goes into all sorts of interesting stuff including Static Site Generation, working on design systems, migration from enterpriseGitHub to GitHub cloud, managing several different code bases with monorepos. Austin is mostly just happy to hear Grant talk about his day and shares some fun changes sing Akamai acquired Linode. Shoutouts: Austin - Owning your own domain name Grant - Having your own email. Star Trek: Picard --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Grant and Austin are visited by special guest and creator of AgnosticUI, Rob Levin. Rob shares the story behind AgnosticUI, how it got started, why the world needs it, and some interesting bits into how it all works. We also discuss some more general topics around design systems, CSS, open source, accessibility and more. He is a great guy with a very interesting project, and we think you should check it out. Links: AgnosticUI - Blog - A11y Dialog - Rob’s Illustration Work - Shout outs: Rob - Vuetensils, Traversy Media's CSS Grid Layout Crash Course Grant - Feit Electric smart power strip (also their whole line of other smart bulbs are great) Austin - Raised by Wolves Season 2 --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Austin gets into it with Grant about working with agencies, and some of the pitfalls related. After a bit of venting we actual come around to some interesting content related to Gatsby, React, and working with TypeScript.  We cover: Merging className between parent and child components Using PropType vs TypeScript Which types to use for SVGs (JSX.Element, ReactNode, ReactElement) Inheriting type definitions for wrapper components Links: The React.ReactNode type is a black hole Shout Outs: Austin - donation & Elden Ring Grant - Cryo-cuff --- Support this podcast:
Grant wanted to share some things he wish he knew as a beginner that would have made his career easier. His tips boil down to: Communication Research Problem solving Language specifics dont matter Learn to read code Get good at being wrong Shout outs: Austin & Grant: --- Support this podcast:
Do you like progress? Well too bad because we’re using 90s technology until otherwise required! In the episode, Austin schools Grant on why building forms to work with and without JavaScript matters, how you can do it, and some tips and tricks if you want to do it yourself. It’s one of those technical deep dive episodes that we like to mix in here and there and we get into native behavior vs JS, accessibility, UX, and more. We hope you enjoy. Outline: Why it matters Default behavior Validation Validity API Different types of inputs Accessibility UX improvement Backend Detecting native vs fetch requests Links: Why your website should work without Javascript. JavaScript isn’t always available and it’s not the user’s fault Shout outs: Grant - Cloud/Lambda/Serverless functions. Austin - Costco --- Support this podcast:
Isn't it obvious? We did the same thing everyone else is doing this time of year. We talked about recaps and highlights of 2021, and then some predictions and resolutions for 2022. Spoiler alert! 2022 is going to be a good year :D Shou touts Austin: Volunteering Grant: --- Support this podcast:
Ever wondered what sort of equipment Austin and Grant have for their office setup? No? Well, we’re going to tell you anyway. We covered desks, chairs, monitor arms, peripherals, audio/video stuff, and more. It’s just as boring as it sounds, but we hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Hey, they can’t all be bangers. Links: Ikea standing desk HisoHu Electric Standing Desk Standing desk converter Autonomouse ErgoChair Pro Ultrawide monitor WALI Dual Monitor Arm Master Mouse 3 Alice Keyboard Kinesis Freestyle2 keyboard Shure SM-7B Micorphone Samson Q2U Microphone Blue snowball iCE Microphone Dan Clark Audio Aeon2 closed Cloud Lifter Radial Workhorse Radial Mic PreAmp Drawmer DS101 noise gate DBX 560a compressor/limiter Sony RX100 camera Shout Outs: Grant - Commit Equipment, dope af MTB jerseys with POCKETS Astin - Gorilla Ladders --- Support this podcast:
Austin’s been working a lot with build tooling lately. In this episode, he takes Grant on a bit of a journey into the world of build tools and ASTs, or Abstract Syntax Trees. We talk Webpack, Rollup, Vite, Babel, and Acorn JS. Links: AST on WikiPedia Acorn JS Lingua franca Babel Plugin Handbook Webpack Shout Outs: Austin - Tucker and Dale vs. Evil & Great British Bake Off Grant - --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Grant and Austin do some eggnog math before chatting about burnout, ES Modules, building plugins for different build tools, interesting thoughts around island architecture and Astro. We went all over the place. Hope you enjoy the journey. Links: Lazy loading JS by visibility Coding escape room Shout outs: Grant - Jason Lengstorf on Egghead Austin - Better Uptime --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Grant and Austin sit down to chat about the latest tech news that's on their minds. We covered a whole slew of things such as: Trying to make magic with TS Cloudflare taking swings at AWS Dark mode vs light mode Browser extensions (scary) VSCode extensions (also scary) NPM postinstall scripts (extremely scary) Shoutouts: Austin:Cloudflare Grant: bike fitting --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Grant and Austin discuss some of the trials and tribulations of maintaining the same dependencies across multiple projects. Some topics we cover are Package Registry (NPM/GitHub Packages), Monorepos, Framework-specific tooling, Learna, and Git Submodules. Links: NPM GitHub Packages Gatsby themes Learna Architect by Netlify functions Webpack Module federation Git Submodules Shoutouts: Austin - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho Grant - Tape measures --- Support this podcast:
In this episode we had the pleasure of speaking with Amal Hussein about the sorts of things developers can do to level up later in their careers. The game changes as we progress, and she is a fantastic player. We discuss books to read, what to focus on, why Twitter followers means nothing, and everything wrong with Silicon Valley.  Links: GitLab Career Development --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, we’re getting the band back together to talk about HTTP requests. We cover a little bit about what they are, go into the options we have for making HTTP requests with JavaScript, and explore some libraries that make life easier on us. Links: XMLHttpRequest Fetch Stale While Revalidate jQuery Axios Node-fetch cross-fetch isomorphic-fetch Got SWR GraphQL Apollo Relay React-graphql Shoutouts: Grant - Tow hitches AJ - Professional Movers Austin - Sarah Scribbles --- Support this podcast:
Experience makes you a stronger developer, except when it doesnt. Many in the dev community accept the idea that a lack of experience could be a liability on a project, however in a similar way someone with experience can have mental blocks as a result of that experience. We discuss in this episode how experience can influence decisions in a negative way. Links: Jira is a truncation of Gojira Shoutouts: Austin - “How a Burner Identity Protects Your Inbox, Phone, and Credit Cards” + Sudo Grant - Modeselektor - Extended --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Grant and Austin catch up on some cool new things around web development. Specifically, Vite and Vitedge, a new full-stack framework for "Edge-side rendering". Sparked by that coolness, we explore other rendering patterns such as strict server-side, client-side, static sites (build time), lambda functions, and more. Finally, we end with a silly discussion of frameworks vs libraries. Links: Vitedge Shoutouts: Austin - Seek by iNaturalist Grant - shotgun child seat --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, Grant and Austin talk all about environment variables. We cover the difference between private and public variables, how to keep them secure, keeping them in sync across teams, and where to store your precious precious variables. They may be keys, secrets, or just configuration strings, but hopefully this chat sheds some light on the subject for you. Reference `dotnev` from Jest config: // jest.config.js module.exports = {  setupFiles: ['dotenv/config'], }; Reference `dotenv` from NPM script: "jest": "node -r dotenv/config ./node_modules/.bin/jest", "knex": "node -r dotenv/config ./node_modules/knex/bin/cli.js", Links:  dotenv Vue-cli Create react app Doppler Hashicorp Vault GitHub Actions secrets Netlify build variables Shoutouts: Austin: Strava and OMG, SVG Favicons FTW! Grant: Also Strava --- Support this podcast:
Grant’s adventure into why compile time type checking isnt enough. Do you have a reliable data source. Is it really, really reliable? If not, you might like runtime type checking! Sometimes rapid parallel development is painful, solve that pain with runtime type checking! Austin and Grant discuss what problems lead to the development of runtime type checking apollo hooks. They cover the initial problem, the attempted solutions, and the process of developing the structure that allows this set of hooks to work. Links: Runtypes Io-ts yup Duck typing Shout-outs: Grant: Runtypes, Ski Mask the Slump God, New Bugati by Lil Gnar Austin: Smart AudioBook Player --- Support this podcast:
We start out this episode with a nice little “Grant Rant” section, then slowly transition into PEGD. If you never got PEGD before, give this episode a listend, and you might get PEGD after. What is PEGD? Well it's Progressive Enhancement & Graceful Degradation, of course. It’s pretty sweet. You should try it some time. Links: Screenity by Alyssa X @Supports Austin’s HTML boilerplate Shout Outs Grant - security cameras Austin - Power tools --- Support this podcast:
In this episode Austin introduces Grant to the wonderful world of CSS resets and normalizers. We discussed what they are, why you might want one, and what makes them different from a library/framework. Austin had some technical difficulties at the end, but it was a fun show regardless. Links: bedrocss Style Check Shoutouts: AJ - Hammocks Grant - Take time off work Austin - bedrocss and Style Check --- Support this podcast:
Why did it break? Why does it work? In this episode, Grant takes us on a Grant Rant about why the "It works and I have no idea why" meme is troublesome. How this erodes communication, confidence, and leads to a deeper sense of imposter syndrome. Austin goes along for the ride, mostly just for comedic value. Shoutouts: Grant: Boss Baby Austin: The Boys --- Support this podcast:
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