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Author: Jen Rogers, Believer, Difference Maker, & Stepfamily Coach

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You know when couples marry and create insta-family with stepkids? Often, their starry-eyed love affair gets sucked into a black hole of chaos and confusion as they blend families. It can get pretty dark when you're frustrated and challenged with blending complexities. Here at Stepfamily Mission Possible!™we turn the seemingly impossible chaos into Stepfamily Mission Possible!™ Tune in now to obtain key legacy building strategies, from a Christian perspective! Are you ready? Let's get to it! Got questions? Email us at today.
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Guess what? The Bluff is getting a makeover! As I hang another number on my birthday tree this week, I’m beginning to see a future vision take place.  It starts with a name. If I were to ask you to give me a biblical example of when God gave someone a name change, who would you choose?Abram to Abraham?Sarai to Sarah?Jacob to Israel?Simon to Cephas or Peter?Hadassah to Esther?Or the writer of much of the new testament – Saul to Paul?I was first struck with the importance of a name change when I got remarried.  I recall a friend asking me whether I was taking my man’s last name or keeping my own. After all, my entire career and past 24 years I was known by a different name.  When responding to my friend, I chuckled and thought, “I hadn’t really considered this aspect of remarrying before!” And as soon as I said that, I realized I was going to change my name. Better stated, I knew then, just as I do now, that God’s hand was in this name change. The new name was yet another sign of dramatic changes occurring underneath the surface.  God had been moving in my life as I had invited him into my everyday.  While I grew up in a church, I didn’t have the deep connections, relationships, or mentoring to understand what knowing Jesus was all about.  That’s not discrediting those in my circle of influence, it’s merely a statement of my lack of knowing and exploring who Jesus was to me. As Blended on the Bluff transitions, we will continue to explore and apply who Jesus is to stepfamilies. I invite you along for the amazing journey where all things are possible with God. And yes, that means being successful in your blend is what this podcast, Stepfamily Mission POSSIBLE!, is all about.  We'll be back in July with makeover art and new conversations and a surprise guest co-host! Need help with your 90 day rocks? Email me at today! Let's get started, together! Pssst....a stepfamily couples private membership is coming soon!
You know when you're experiencing significant conflict with another person and you just can't see a way out?  God sees you.  God uses it all to place people and events in  your path to move you along to fulfilling His calling on your life, covered with grace.Have you found yourself struggling to forgive someone who has hurt you deeply?  Listen in as my next guest, Tess Scott, shares deep truths about the power of forgiveness -- both giving and receiving. Our conversation covered many areas, with an emphasis on 4 Key Areas:1.  It's not going to happen quickly2.  Avoid the comparison trap3.  You are your own family; Blended Parents are uniquely gifted to be the stewards4.   Value "layers" don't always line up, especially when we're dealing with high conflict exes.Here are some other nuggets!Your stepfamily motto?  Don't have one? How about Do It Scared!Obedience - for Tess, it relates to her writing.  What is God calling you to?There's only room for one mom. Where does that leave the stepmom, then?Forgiveness is freeing.While you may not love your ex, you love your kid! You're just going to have to suck some things up for the sake of the children!Powerful pausesHoly promptingsFollow Tess on FB and look for details on her upcoming book launch team! Check out the hilariously awkward stories of encouragement at her blog here:
Did you know that 50% of Americans have math anxiety?  So says my next guest, Dr. Aditya Nagrath.  Find out how 2+2 = stepfamily success, while acknowledging the risks involved in developing skills in areas that are difficult for us.  Listen in to today's episode of Blended on the Bluff, featuring Dr. Aditya Nagrath, Chancellor at Elephant Learning and Chief executive officer at Elephant Head Software. Oftentimes in blended families, we are in the business of risk…risk of emotions overtaking any family  member, risk of rejection or risk of failure. Yet, we are called to be an “investor.”  A steward.  A blended parent who doesn’t have all the answers but is willing to put him or herself out there because God has called them to this family.   Listen in for how these 3 tips that apply to teaching your kids math also apply to blended families:1. Be extra sensitive about the words you use.2. Identify patterns that cause frustration. Then break the pattern.3. Find a child-led approach to the situation – you’re listening to them, not telling them.There you have it! That's the condensed version of how 2+2 = an episode on Blended on the Bluff. If you’re struggling with your own stepfamily equation, I promise not to pepper you with a bunch of formulas. Instead, I’ll listen and work with you to move from where you are to where you long to be. Book a call today at todayInterested in learning more about Elephant Learning Math Academy? If you’re ready to try a child-led approach for learning math, check out the Academy. Their proven method helps your child learn one year of math in 3 months, guaranteed.
What happens when a little girl grows up and finds herself in the role of stepmom in her family? Listen in as Heidy De La Cruz shares how she applies lessons learned as a child living through divorce and integrating with her new stepfamily.  Her blended journey is not atypical - kids of divorce often feel confused, rebellious or jealous as the new family forms.   Yet, Heidy's story is filled with self-awareness and hope! Heidy's young girl experiences positively impacted decisions she and her husband made to Blend Beautifully, Together. From key components like boundaries, cooperation, communication, and respect, Heidy's story reveals how you, too, can successfully navigate flashbacks, losses, and triggers in your stepfamily.If you're co-parenting with lots of real estate in between two houses, you'll find helpful tips on co-parenting from a distance.  Heidy shares how she and her husband balance transitions of blending families with one home in Michigan and one in Florida.  The miles have the potential to create lots of drama in any stepfamily; my prayer for you is Heidy's story inspires you to see how you can make it work, together.  Subscribe to Heidy's blog, Into My Thoughts.Heidy can be reached with these sure to check out all the latest offerings at today!  Schedule your free 30 minute couples coaching consult today! Pssst....a stepfamily couples private membership is coming soon!
Once upon a time, there was a lovely young lady named Anne who joined me on the podcast, brightening up the virtual room, delighting the people as she told a story of the power of family, books, purpose, respect, commitment, and love. UPDATE 6/2/21! MEMBERSHIP IS CLOSING SOON!  EMAIL ANNE @ no later than SUNDAY, JUNE 6 to get in as a founding member!On today's podcast episode, we share experiences that flow from sharing stories with others - stories are a fabulous way to create and build connections with those you spend time with!No matter our age, who doesn't love a great story?  Anne's passion for Jesus, singing, kids, and story time has bubbled up into building a membership created for littles that incorporates the Five Literacy Tips for Kids - Singing, Reading, Writing, Playing, Talking. I dedicate this episode to Anne's parents, Tim  and Becca Pasma, inspirational parents weaving song and story into praise in each of their children!Blended parents, do NOT undersell the power of your presence, love, commitment and story time! God has placed you in your family for a purpose.  May the work of your hands glorify Him!Looking for a way to incorporate the Literacy Tips without a struggle? Anne is about to kick off a new membership to bring story time into your home with ease.  Christian books and songs are a small part of the genius of Anne's membership.  Reduce parental decision-fatigue about which books to choose and which songs to sing when you become a part of Anne's Library Time for Littles! You can find all things Anne on insta and youtube. Be sure to catch the details on her founding members launch on insta-live & FB for her new Library Time or Littles!Are you ready to calm the chaos in your blended family?  Schedule a free couples' consult with Jen. Get all the latest details on Did you catch Anne's song at the end?  It's soooo fun!Do Everything Without Complaining found here.Philippians 2:14 
When I say the word funnel, what do you think of?  Before I became an entrepreneur, I thought of funnels used in the kitchen or in the workshop! As entrepreneurs, funnels are shorthand for sales funnels! Simply put, it's a marketing concept that maps out a customer's journey from the time they first meet you to how or whether they ultimately connect with you.What do funnels have to do with stepfamilies?  Well! Listen in as Elise and I talk funnels and so much more! What could change in your blend if you mapped out your family's journey?  Interested in applying 'funnel philosophy' to your blend?  Let's develop a game plan, together!  Book a free couples consult today!Elise Smith, Founder of Divinely Driven Results, has a passion for empowering Christian ladypreneurs to reach their revenue goals by partnering with God through biblical success principles and business strategy.  You can find out more about her work here! If you're a ladypreneur- are you interested in joining Elise's FB group? Please do!I dedicate this episode to Elise's mom, who's light began to shine in a new way for Elise once Elise invited God in and asked to see her mom through Jesus' eyes. Thank you, Elise, for your vulnerability as you shared a bit of your heart about your mom's history of standing up for what she believed in. Biblical Business Strategy - Building Your Business God's Way.  Check out Elise's special offer at Divinely Driven Results.   Business Meetings with God - Partner with God through this special offer mini-course. Details here!
Wondering how to handle those wretched emotional outbursts?  Both the kids and yours? What if something as simple as a rubber band could tame the temper?  Listen in as Cassie Swift, Children's Life Coach, offers her perspective on creating powerful connections with your kids. In this episode, Cassie shares strategies, like dream boards, that offer kids a unique way of replacing the tsunami of stress they experience with time to contemplate 3 key areas:  what they want to do, who they want to be, and what they want to have. Cassie turns their "I can't" into "I can't, yet!"We're all learning! Be kind to yourself and join Cassie's FB Group, Children's Mental Health Matters to learn more.Check out all the latest opportunities to parent well at today!
Are you blending families and wondering what on earth you 'signed up' for? Are you craving an ordinary family life?  Perhaps you find yourself  Chasing Ordinary. Listen in as Prissy brightens our space, shining light on triumphs and challenges we all experience in our families. Prissy shares about the power of pushing through limiting beliefs, practicing forgiveness, and how persistence pays off when studying your craft. (When's the last time you thought of blended family parenting as a craft?!) Our children are on the blended journey with us, as we shake the illusions of perfection and embrace the imperfect goodness we are offered each day.  Many days are hard in a stepfamily, I know, especially for the children. I dedicate this episode to Prissy's daughters, Garrett and Sara Britton. I feel like I know so much about you while in truth, I know very little. For those beautiful pieces your momma shared in her memoirs, I am grateful. Her love for you is undeniable!You can find Prissy Elrod's books, blog, and other goodies on her website.Ready to INVEST in your RELATIONSHIP?  Sign up for Blended Bootcamp! May 14-May 15.  Get on the list at!Looking for Part 1 of this wonderful interview?  You can find it here.
Jen: "Complete this sentence: Your life is fine on a Tuesday when you're folding laundry, and then..." Prissy: "Nothing's ordinary again. The earth shifted and my balance, once solidly grounded, was pretty much lost."Does this sound like what happened to you when you blended your families together? Is your blended life, Far Outside The Ordinary? Listen in as Prissy shares a bit of her journey as she lives out the message God has given her.  As Prissy says, "The mess is the message and if you want to be grateful, you've got to go through the mess." I dedicate this episode to the memory of Prissy's dear family friend and caregiver, Cornelius Duhart. It is often through the care of others that we learn the most about what we truly need.You can find Prissy Elrod's books, blog, and other goodies on her website.Ready to INVEST in your RELATIONSHIP?  Sign up for Blended Bootcamp! May 14-May 15.  Get on the list at! P.S. Here's the homework (And make no mistake about it! Blending is's work at home!).1.      How committed are you to moving forward in your blended family right now? 2.     What one action could you take in the next 24 hours, that would demonstrate your commitment to your family and aligns with your values?Wanting Part 2?  Listen in here!
You know when you're really good at something that...well...isn't exactly brag-worthy?  Join me on the Bluff as Joel Hawbaker entertains us with his Superpower stories.  He's been honing this Superpower for some time! Ready to INVEST in your RELATIONSHIP?  Sign up for Blended Bootcamp! May 14-May 15.  Get on the list at! Or, email me at hello@stepfamilypodcast.comMen! If you do nothing else, listen to the last 5 minutes of this podcast! Be sure to listen to last week's episode, Shell Shocked!, for the beginning of my conversation with Joel. It's where we just get started with the Red Cards!Joel's Gift to You - Blended Peace of Mind through his $397 course - which is FREE for a limited time! Check out the details now at!I dedicate this episode to all the blended parents who have found themselves in the penalty box in their blend.  Move over, friend.  I'm right there with you.You can find Joel's podcast here.Insta here.P.S. Definitely check out J.R.R. Tolkien!  "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."
When's the last time you thanked God for being in a blended family?  When Joel prayed over the men at the end of our conversation, I was convicted to spend time on being thankful for being blended.  Honestly, I'm still working on that! (You'll hear the prayer next week, in part 2!)Ready to INVEST in your RELATIONSHIP?  Sign up for Blended Bootcamp! May 14-May 15.  Get on the list at! Or, email me at hello@stepfamilypodcast.comThis week, listen in as Joel Hawbaker shares his wisdom in the form of 10 Commandments for Blended Families! How to avoid being Shell Shocked when you blend?  Invest in your relationship, FIRST!Then, incorporate TWO PILLARS1. Be the adult you want your children to become2. Remember the Golden RuleI dedicate this episode to all the blended dads out there!  You are special!  You are the spiritual leaders of your households!  You are blessed!  Wield the authority God has given you!Joel's Gift to You - Blended Peace of Mind through his $397 course - which is FREE for a limited time! Check out the details now at!Ten Commandments of Blended Family LifeOver communicate with all adults involved: choose a format/technology that works, and use it. When in doubt, communicate about it.Be respectful, calm, and patient with everyone involved, even if you’re the only one doing it (“A soft answer turns away wrath”).Use discernment to learn to choose your battles very carefully: differentiate between personal dislikes and ‘red flag’ issues.Be willing to graciously give way on minor issues. Yes, this comes with risk, but it’s still the right thing to do sometimes.Choose to believe the best about the other household, and be sure to celebrate and acknowledge it when you see it ("A real desire to believe all the good you can of others and to make others as comfortable as you can will solve most of the problems." - CS Lewis, in 'Mere Christianity').Express genuine gratitude as often as possible whenever a joint agreement is reached.Remember every day that you are the adult, and your task is to model maturity and wisdom for your children. Your task is NOT to ‘win’, get revenge, or even get your own way.Don’t be afraid to ask for 3rd-party help from a counselor, pastor, neutral friend, or someone else that all parties are comfortable with.Work through your personal issues on your time, NOT in front of or by involving the children.Be as consistent as possible at both (or all) houses in all areas of life. Also remember that total consistency is impossible, even in traditional families.You can find Joel's podcast here.
Heads Up! It's time to plan for Quarter 2! We've got lots of opportunities for blended family couples! Check out the hot coaching offers at!3 Questions come to mind when I reflect on my conversation with Debbie Ausburn:Do you have a disaster plan for your family?What’s in your blended family first aid kit?Are you doing surgery on your kiddos, without anesthesia?These questions and more are answered in this episode as Debbie weaves her fostering, social work, and step-parenting experiences into her work as a lawyer.  Curious? Me, too! Hit the PLAY button!You can find Debbie's new release, Raising Other People’s Children, What Foster Parenting Taught Me About Bringing Together a Blended Family, on her website. She recounts the lessons that her foster children taught her about raising children who had lost their intact biological families, and how she put those lessons into practice when she married and helped raise a blended family.The 1995 Adverse Childhood Experiences Study Debbie referred to can be found here.P.S. One of my fave blog posts relates to resiliency in blended families through the power of stories.  You can find that intel here. It's worth the read!More about Debbie here.
ENCORE PRESENTATION!  HIGHEST RATED PODCAST FROM SEASON 2! (Part 2 Here)Marriage is hard . . . blended family marriages are harder.Welcome to the Bluff, Megan Bottom! Thank you for sharing your heart and passion for stepfamilies as well as parts of your new book, Nana's Pearls!Listen in! I'm sure you'll relate to Teá, who quickly realized this truth, the hard of marrying again as she blended. Have you ever asked yourself this question, "Is there hope for my 2nd marriage, or will this one fail like the last one?"Ephesians 4:26 Be angry, but don’t sin — don’t let the sun go down before you have dealt with the cause of your anger;But, but, but, but....How many buts are obstacles you've placed between you and God?Forgiveness is definitely an asset in a stepfamily! Do you have Key of Grace?Nana's Pearls Release Day today! 11/12/20I highly recommend Megan's book, Nana's Pearls.         Megan paints a beautiful picture that had me nodding my head throughout the book in understanding Tea's hurt, doubts, unforgiveness, self-sabotage and lack of hope in her blended family marriage.  Do you know Hope?  The Hope that heals?  Nana lovingly and firmly shares pearls of wisdom with her granddaughter as Tea navigates her sea of hurt and begins to see the power of Hope through the power of forgiveness. At times raw, other times funny, I was 100% on Tea's side...until I started peeling away my own layers of unforgiveness. Tissues required.
Limitless Sexual Intimacy - Is That Even Possible In Your Marriage?The#1 Reason Couples seek sex therapy is...____________? And, what you can do about it - RIGHT NOW! Listen in to find out as Mary Whitman Ortiz shares her genius on Blended on the Bluff!  Listen in as this beautiful messenger shares how she took her mess and turned it into her mission. Find Mary's quiz on her website and much, much more here: Limitless Intimacy – Mary Whitman Ortiz – Real Talk For Real Love.STEPFAMILY MISSION POSSIBLE! RESOURCESCheck out the latest coaching opportunities at today! APRIL 30 - MAY 1, 2021 Start With You:  A Dynamic Couple    Couples celebrate the spark that started it all as they gain insight into the very things that make them a superpower couple.  Come with curiosity!  This is an enlightening and fun bootcamp!Questions?  Email us!
You know when you get told, "You knew what you were getting into when you got married, with stepkids," and you just want to flip out and scream in response? Yeah.  Me, too.  Truthfully, no one really understands what they're getting into when they enter into a blended family.It's complicated.  Listen in as Megan Bottom and I share real-life blended scenarios, talk about that 'woman' in our blended homes, decision fatigue, boundaries, and having a game plan in place.  Often, when we are overwhelmed, it leads to poor decisions. Hence, the emphasis on the importance of unity with your spouse and having mutually respected boundaries that guide and protect. Want to watch the accompanying video?  Check out Megan's You Tube Channel airing this episode! (P.S. The official in tennis is the referee.  Yes, I had to look it up to confirm!)Looking for more resources?  Check out today to find links to Masterminds, more podcasts, and coaching.  We can't wait to work with you to recapture that starry-eyed love affair! Questions? Email me!
Are liabilities in your blend creating unwanted battles in your home? Join us as we use the analogy of investing in your home as it relates to diving into a new stepfamily -- it takes time to build equity within your home!As a blended parent, how do you gain authority in your home?  Have you recognized the impact of permissive authority in your blend?   Who gives it? Rescinds it? Remands it? The Authority Grantors.Cheryl and I discuss that the authority you have as a stepparent comes from the bio parents and your stepkids.  A person with INFLUENCE always has access whereas simply being in a position of authority doesn't necessarily give you influence or access to your child's heart.Listen in as Cheryl Shumake and I pick up where we left off in an enlightening conversation about 1) the differences between being a peacekeeper and a peacemaker; 2) the distinctions related to authority and influence, and 3) the 'gulp' in the gulf!  While Cheryl carries many titles, her most recent is author of Waiting to Be Wanted: A Stepmom's Guide to Loving Before Being Loved.  Her most celebrated role, however, is daughter of the King!  Learn more about Cheryl's genius and to purchase her new release, Waiting to Be Wanted, at I dedicate this episode to the casualties on the Blended Battlefield.  Our God provides the healing balm for all of your wounds.  I lift you up in prayer, knowing the God's grace is sufficient.  You are worthy of your calling.   Referenced on the podcast: 7 Habits of Highly Effective PeopleLooking for more resources?  Check out today to find links to Masterminds, more podcasts, and coaching.  We can't wait to work with you to recapture that starry-eyed love affair! Questions? Email me![Find part 1, and other episodes here!]
You know when someone wants to draw you into a battle that you don't necessarily want to fight?  But then...your emotions kick into overdrive?  You find yourself on the battlefield of stepfamily life.  Been there.  Done that.What happens when the Holy Spirit steps in to ask you a clarifying question moments before you draw your sword?  Listen in to my next wonderful guest, Cheryl Shumake as she shares one of these clarifying questions with her stepdaughter.  While Cheryl carries many titles, her most recent is author of Waiting to Be Wanted: A Stepmom's Guide to Loving Before Being Loved.  Her most celebrated role, however, is daughter of the King!  Learn more about Cheryl's genius and to purchase her new release, Waiting to Be Wanted, at  I dedicate this episode to all of those in ministry to serve blended families around the globe. You are needed!Looking for more resources?  Check out today to find links to Masterminds, more podcasts, and coaching.  We can't wait to work with you to recapture that starry-eyed love affair!Scriptural reference: Then David said to his son Solomon, “Be strong and courageous, and do the work. Don’t be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you. He won’t leave you or abandon you until all the work for the service of the Lord’s house is finished.1 Chronicles 28:20
What's something you don't put on your resume or business bio?   "I was divorced 3 mom divorced when I was 6.  Remarried when I was 7.  Then, divorced at 12.  My mom remarried when I was 13.  Again, she  divorced when I was 19," says my recent guest, Marie Mack, Business Owner, First Cup to Close.  Marie is an entrepreneur who puts her stepchild experience and military finesse into practice as she manages priorities in her life.Full disclosure here - I was again reminded of the impact divorce and remarriage has on our children.  As one caught up in the divorce, I didn't initially comprehend that my children were going through a divorce, too.  I knew they were experiencing the effects of divorce, but I didn't quite grasp that they were divorcing, too. Thank you, Marie, for this powerful reminder.Be sure to listen to the end to hear Marie share a defining moment.  A typical Wednesday, Marie found herself sitting in a chapel, receiving a word from a stranger that she describes as God's message to her. So good, Marie! Thank you for opening the door to kick out the shame often associated with kids who experience things they don't quite know how to deal with. I dedicate this episode to all stepkiddos who have/are dealing with the fallout of divorce.  As Marie so beautifully reminded us, you are divorcing, too.  I pray you receive God's healing balm and accept his offer of HOPE and EXPECTANCY for how God has gifted you to turn that pain into purpose.Marie's adaptability has become a framework for her success! Foundational steps Marie uses in her business and home life apply to stepfamilies, too. Be sure to check out Marie's Workflow Foundations, a free resource for you from the giftedness of Marie!Looking for more resources?  Check out today to find links to Masterminds, more podcasts, and coaching. 
"That's yucky."  Picture a two year old turning up her nose at dinnertime...just before the tantrum comes.  Fast forward decades later, she may turn up her nose again, albeit with a sophisticated twist: "My family life is exhausting. "  Both are forms of Yuck, because Yuck is like that...a slithering snake of a lost job, the pain of a breakup or confusion caused by the aftershocks of divorce. Or, the chaos of blending families.  Yes friends, if you're blended, you've experienced Yuck!So, how do you deal with it all? Listen in for key strategies from Rachel Bailey, a parenting specialist, who lit up the podcast with practical, everyday solutions to manage the Yuck. Join me in welcoming Rachel to the Bluff today!  She's a woman on a mission to  help parents feel more in control while raising responsible, resilient, confident kids. In this episode, Rachel and I share the importance of parenting for the long haul. We talk about the beauty of how the brain works to protect us from Yuck, the dangers of band-aid parenting, and five emotional needs we have, whether parents or kids.  Can you relate to any of these needs?1.       Connection & intimacy (we are social creatures by nature)2.       Significance (we have a need to know we matter)3.       Capability (we need to know we can handle what life throws at us)4.       Control (we need to feel a sense of control; predictability)5.       Security (we need to know that everything is going to be ok)Join Rachel's membership based Parenting Academy for ongoing, "Yuck Dumps"! And to obtain short-term wins for long-term results!“Your Parenting Long Game doesn’t take longer. It just lasts longer.”– Rachel BaileyGet Rachel's free resource, "Why is my child doing  that and how can I get them to stop?" by emailing her at in to Rachel's powerful podcast regarding parenting for the Long Game here.Interested in joining her Facebook group?  Find her genius here.Looking for more resources?  Check out today to find links to Masterminds, more podcasts, and coaching. 
Do you know the AWESOME power of our Creator?! Listen in as Miya shares more of her heart as she opens up about the challenges of an identity crisis and how God nurtured her and used her dad's influence to consider a different call.  Remember friends, when God calls, He equips.  Now, put on the divine armor of God and enjoy the journey!I dedicate this episode to all stay-at-home parents.  May God bless the work of your hands, strengthen your minds, and draw you closer to Him as you steward His children’s souls!SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!  You know when couples come together and create insta-family, with stepkids?  Often, their starry-eyed love affair gets sucked into a black hole of despair and frustration.  Wanna reclaim your stars?  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to book a free consultation so we can connect and learn more about how you can turn the impossible into Stepfamily Mission Possible! so you and your partner can Blend Beautifully, Together!Looking for more resources?  Check out today to find links to Masterminds, more podcasts, and coaching. 
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