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Jesus often used parables—short stories with deeper spiritual meanings—to convey truths about the Kingdom of God. You may have heard of the Parable of the Prodigal Son. This is a story Jesus told to teach about love and forgiveness. This parable is about a young man who asks his father for his inheritance early, squanders it on reckless living, and ends up destitute. When he hits rock bottom, he decides to return home, hoping to be hired as a servant. Surprisingly, his father welcomes him back with open arms and throws a celebration, showing joy and forgiveness instead of anger. What is the lesson here? No matter how far you’ve strayed from God or how badly you’ve messed up, God is always ready to welcome you back with open arms. He doesn’t judge you and he won’t punish you, rather he rejoices when a lost son or daughter returns home. This parable shows that God’s grace is abundant and freely given to all who repent and come home. #ComeHome #Parables #LiquidChurch
Jesus often used parables—short stories with deeper spiritual meanings—to convey truths about the Kingdom of God. You may have heard of the Parable of the Good Samaritan. This is a story Jesus told to teach about compassion and kindness. In this story, a Jewish man was traveling when he was attacked by robbers. He was left hurt on the side of the road. We learn that both a priest and a temple assistant saw him, but they didn't help. They walked right past the injured man. Then, a Samaritan, who was usually at odds with Jewish people, saw the man and felt compassion. He helped the injured man by treating his wounds, taking him to an inn to rest and recover, and even paying for his care. Jesus used this story to show that a true neighbor is someone who HELPS OTHERS, no matter who they are. It teaches us that being kind and compassionate to everyone is important, even to those who are different from us.  #LoveYourNeighbor #Parables #LiquidChurch
Jesus often used parables—short stories with deeper spiritual meanings—to convey truths about the Kingdom of God. In the “Parable of the Sower,” Jesus tells a story about a farmer planting seeds.  As the farmer plants the seeds, some fall on a path, where they can't grow because the ground is hard. This represents people who don't listen to God. Other seeds fall on rocky ground, where they grow quickly but die because there's not enough soil. These are people who get excited about God but don't stick with their faith journey. Some seeds fall among thorns, where they grow but don't produce fruit because they're choked by the thorns. This represents people who are too busy or distracted by other things to focus on God. Finally, some seeds fall on good soil, where they grow strong and produce a lot of fruit. This represents people who listen to God and follow Him closely. Jesus wants us to think about which type of soil we are. Do we listen to God and follow Him faithfully, or are we too distracted or uninterested? He wants us to be like the good soil, where our faith can grow strong and produce good things. So, the question is: are you listening to God? #ListenToGod #Parables #LiquidChurch
Jesus often used parables—short stories with deeper spiritual meanings—to convey truths about the Kingdom of God. In the Parable of the Rich Man and the Beggar, Jesus shares a story about two men with different lives and what happens after they die. One is wealthy and lives luxuriously, while the other, named Lazarus, suffers daily. Surprisingly, after death, Lazarus goes to heaven, but the rich man goes to hell. This shocks people who thought wealth meant God's approval. Jesus teaches that what comes after death isn't about being good or rich; it's about believing in Him. Heaven isn't earned by actions but received through trust in Jesus.The rich man's issue wasn't wealth but prioritizing it over God. Jesus warns against placing anything above God. The good news is Jesus offers hope to everyone. Trusting in him guarantees a place in heaven. Making Jesus the center of our lives is the wisest decision we can make. #HeavenOrHell #Parables #LiquidChurch
Jesus often used parables—short stories with deeper spiritual meanings—to convey truths about the Kingdom of God. In "The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard," Jesus challenges conventional notions of fairness by illustrating God's boundless grace. Fairness is about what we deserve. Grace is a gift that we don’t deserve! God offers his radical love and forgiveness (His Grace) to everyone. This isn’t a merit based system. Salvation, a free gift through faith in Jesus, transcends human efforts. Regardless of when one accepts grace, the reward remains the same: forgiveness, purpose, and eternal life. Grace liberates us from guilt, fear, and religious legalism. We are accepted despite our faults. Grace is not about our performance but about embracing God's generosity. In this narrative, we learn that EVERYONE is invited to experience God's limitless love. Grace, ultimately, is not something to be earned but joyfully received. #GraceOfGod #Parables #LiquidChurch
The message from special guest, comedian Michael Jr., explores big ideas about God's love and how inviting Jesus into our lives can change everything. God's love is for everyone and it’s important to really understand that. Using simple stories, this message shows how listening to God, like following directions on a GPS, helps us find our way through life's ups and downs. #OpenTheDoorToGod #LetJesusIn #LiquidChurch
There’s a segment of the church as a whole that we often forget about – singles. What’s fascinating is that singles make up nearly 50% of the church. Singles need to know they are valued and loved. Singles need to know that being single is a GIFT. That’s biblical! But, sometimes it feels more like a burden. One key to being single is finding contentment. What we learn in the bible is that if you cannot be content in your present circumstances, you will not be content in any circumstances. You know what happens when two dissatisfied people get married? You have a dissatisfied married couple! Singleness can be a fruitful season and it gives you a benefit that being part of a couple cannot – it gives you the distinct benefit of being able to be laser focused on devotion to God.  Watch this message from Pastor Zach Taylor and discover the two ways you can practice devotion to God while single. #BenefitsOfBeingSingle #SingleAndSatisfied #LiquidChurch
If you have a broken relationship, you can fix it through reconciliation, forgiveness, and honest conversation. We’re not saying it’s going to be easy. Building healthy relationships requires work, intentionality, and lots of patience. Relational conflict is a normal part of life and each relationship has a cycle in which they operate. The cycle starts with closeness and a deep connection. But with every relationship comes a rupture, which is a conflict or misunderstanding. After that, the relationship must go into repair mode.  The good news is, there are steps to take to go from the ruptured relationship to the repaired relationship. You need to pursue reconciliation, and take immediate actions to repair the damage. The second step is to practice forgiveness. The final step is to promote honest conversations. Watch Dr. David Ireland’s message on how to repair relationships in practical steps. #RepairRelationships #PracticeForgiveness #LiquidChurch
To make love last in a marriage, you must fight fair! Dr. John Gottman, a relationship expert, studied couples for years and found four red flags when it comes to conflict. They are: criticizing each other, feeling contempt (that's like disrespect), getting defensive, and shutting down (also known as stonewalling). These are the ingredients that build resentment and often lead to divorce. We have to learn what not to do in order to learn how to fight fair.  There are also three green flags, or healthy habits that couples should use in their relationships: be quick to listen, slow to speak (talk less), and slow to anger. And here's a helpful trick: when someone's upset, ask them whether they need a solution or just someone to listen, so you know the best way to respond. Now, let's talk about anger. It's okay to feel mad sometimes, but it's important to deal with it calmly. And remember that forgiveness is like a superpower in relationships – it helps you move past the tough stuff. Watch Pastor Lucas and his wife, Colleen give practical tips on how to avoid relationship disasters and instead become a relationship master.  #RelationshipDisasters #FightFair #LiquidChurch
Have you ever wondered about how God wired men and women differently and what that means to live as husband and wife practically? Understanding the fundamental differences between men and women can profoundly impact the dynamics of marriage. Men's brains operate by compartmentalizing thoughts into neat boxes, while in women's brains, everything is interconnected by emotion. Practically, this means husbands and wives must navigate communication and understanding with grace and patience. Husbands, recognizing their tendency to retreat when stressed, should actively engage in listening and empathizing with their wives, understanding their need to connect emotionally. Meanwhile, wives should understand that their husbands may need time alone to decompress. When it comes to sex, spouses need to understand each other's needs and motivations. For men, sex serves as a way to express love and care for their wives, while for women, emotional connection often precedes physical intimacy. By acknowledging and respecting these differences, couples can cultivate a healthier and more fulfilling sexual relationship within the covenant of marriage. Ultimately, living as husband and wife means embracing our unique wiring, understanding each other's strengths and weaknesses, and committing to love and serve one another sacrificially, just as Christ loves the Church. Marriage is not just a contract but a covenant, requiring continual effort, grace, and reliance on God's love to navigate the complexities of life together. Watch Pastor Lucas’s message to hear how to have a strong marriage, despite men and women being wired differently. #RealityOfMarriage #StrongMarriage #LiquidChurch
Did you know that Jesus told his followers to get baptized? Baptism is an important step of faith for any Christian. It’s a public declaration of someone’s faith in Jesus. By getting baptized, you’re telling the world that you belong to Jesus and you are committed to following his teachings! That’s why we get baptized. If you’ve witnessed Baptism by immersion, when someone goes under the water and gets raised back up out of the water, this reflects the cleansing of sin. Going under the water signifies leaving behind your old ways and your sin, while emerging from the water symbolizes that you are washed clean, starting a new life filled with the Holy Spirit. Through baptism, individuals embrace forgiveness, hope, and purpose. They align themselves with Jesus' life, death, burial, and resurrection, embracing a renewed life  through His grace.  Watch Pastor Kayra Montañez’s message to hear the significance of baptism. #Baptism #TheMeaningOfBaptism #LiquidChurch
Easter is a pivotal moment in history. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is fact, not fiction! Jesus faced wrongful arrest and crucifixion, and was put to death. But, 3 days later, Jesus rose from the dead. That means, Jesus emerged victorious! Why does this matter so much? Because Jesus’ resurrection demonstrates his divinity as the Son of God. Because of Jesus' resurrection, a door opens to eternal life for all who believe in him. You receive the promise of heaven, which is a place where every Christ follower can anticipate a joyful reunion with loved ones. No matter what struggles you face today, be it addiction, divorce, or the loss of a loved one, you can rest assured that nothing can break the bond between you and God's love. Watch Pastor Tim Lucas’s Easter message to hear the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ: #Easter #JesusRoseFromTheDead #LiquidChurch
Has your life been changed by Jesus? If so, then you need to tell people about it… about HIM! We invite people to church so that they can come and see what Jesus is all about. Maybe you’re thinking “that’s not my job.” You’re right – it’s your mission! Our mission given to us by Jesus is to go and seek out those who don’t know him yet. We are meant to be evangelists. So, how do you actually accomplish your mission? Through relationships. Don’t overthink this. It doesn’t have to be weird. Invest in relationships with those around you - neighbors, coworkers, gym buddies and then find an opportunity to invite them to church. Who is God calling you to pursue this season? Pray about it. Be a good friend and neighbor and when the moment is right, invite them to church. Your invitation could change their life. Watch Pastor Cory Daniels’s message and learn the power of evangelism. #InviteSomeoneToChurch #LiquidChurch #Evangelism 
Do you know the significance of being baptized? Baptism stands as the pivotal rite marking the beginning of one's journey as a disciple of Christ. In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus commands His disciples to go forth and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. His command shows the importance of baptism—it symbolizes obedience, repentance, commitment, and spiritual renewal. Jesus Himself set the precedent by being baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River, identifying with humanity's sinfulness and showcasing humility and solidarity with ordinary sinners. Baptism embodies obedience to Jesus' command, it’s a public declaration of faith, and a commitment to follow Him. It signifies repentance from past sins and a step toward a new life in Christ. Believers enter into a new life, transformed by God's grace. Baptism serves as a tangible encounter with the Holy Spirit, often marked by a profound sense of God's presence. It is a sacred covenant—a visible sign of God's unending love and faithfulness and a celebration of God's redemptive work in the life of every believer, which is the beginning of a lifelong journey of discipleship and spiritual growth. Watch Pastor Tim Lucas’s message and learn the importance of being baptized. #Baptism #Baptized #Immersion #JordanRiver #Disciples #Transformation #NewLife #Faith #TrustGod #Trust #TimeWithGod #TheWay #HolySpirit #Christ #JesusChrist #PowerOfTheHolySpirit #PrayerLife #God #Jesus #Christianity #ChristianChurch #LiquidChurch
Have you heard of the incredible moment from the Bible when Jesus humbly washed His disciples' feet? Picture it: the Son of God down on his knees, washing away the dirt and grime from the feet of these grown men, even from the feet of Judas, who He knew would later betray Him. This is the picture of true humility… of servant leadership. Now, wrapping our minds around this type of servant leadership that Jesus modeled isn't easy. He intentionally took on the role of a humble servant, kneeling down to care for the tired, dusty feet of His followers. Imagine the scene: dusty roads, weary fishermen, and there's Jesus, showing us that serving others isn't just a task—it's a way of life. So, what does that really mean for us today? It means that serving others isn't a chore, but a joyous part of who we are as Christ followers. The Church isn't just for our personal benefit, it exists to serve the world. Our purpose is to love others and make a real difference. God has blessed you to bless others—to fulfill His will and finish the work He entrusted to you. Are you ready to step into the humble shoes of Jesus and serve with all your heart? Embrace this calling with joy and passion, knowing that by following Jesus's example, you're not just making a difference—you're living out your true purpose in this world. Watch Pastor Cuyler Black’s message and learn what true humility looks like. #ServingOthers #HumbleServant #ServantLeadership #ServeWithHumility #Leadership #WashingOfFeet #Faith #TrustGod #Trust #TimeWithGod #TheWay #HolySpirit #Christ #JesusChrist #PowerOfTheHolySpirit #PrayerLife #God #Jesus #Christianity #ChristianChurch #LiquidChurch
Did you know that taking a day of Sabbath, or rest, is one of God’s commands for our life? Even God took a day off. After creating the earth and everything on it in six days, the Bible tells us that He rested on the seventh day. If God took a day of rest, so can we! A true, biblical Sabbath spans 24 hours and involves four essential elements: stopping, resting, delighting, and worshiping. When we stop, we do no work, paid or unpaid. Resting has three components - the physical where we sleep; the mental and emotional, where we calm down, relax and process our week, and the spiritual, where we rest in God’s love. Delight means that we partake in activities that bring joy to our lives. Finally, we WORSHIP! And, worship is not just music. Worship is also where we surrender to God, giving Him our whole heart. When we unite as a church community to offer our heartfelt songs of devotion to God, it profoundly impacts and molds us. Culture tells us to work, work, work. God commands us to rest. So stop - designate a day each week. Rest - set clear boundaries. Delight - do things that bring joy and fulfillment. Finally, you worship. When we gather as a family to worship God, connecting with worship songs and in community, we're not just praising Jesus, we're also cheering each other on and lifting each other up. Watch Pastor Tim Lucas’s message and learn what a proper Sabbath looks like and how taking one can bring you closer to God.  #Sabbath #SabbathDay #WorshipGod #StopAndRest #Rest #Stop #Delight #TimeWithGod #WorshipMusic #Community #TheWay #HolySpirit #Christ #JesusChrist #PowerOfTheHolySpirit #PrayerLife #God #Jesus #Christianity #ChristianChurch #LiquidChurch
Are you feeling disconnected from God in the chaos of your daily life? Finding time for meaningful connection can feel like a daunting task. The good news is there's a simple yet powerful practice that can help anchor us: PRAYER. Prayer isn't just a religious obligation. It is the way to tap into something deeper within ourselves and connect with God. It's about finding moments of stillness and reflection in the midst of our busy lives. Take a cue from the life of Jesus himself. Despite the demands and pressures he faced during his ministry, he consistently made time to seek solitude and communicate with his Father through prayer. His example serves as a reminder that even in the busiest seasons of life, prayer is essential for finding peace, guidance, and clarity. So how do we make prayer a priority in our own lives? It starts with acknowledging and surrendering the distractions that pull us away from this practice. It's about intentionally creating space in our daily routines to quiet the noise and listen for that still, small voice within. By embracing this commitment to prayer, we open ourselves up to a deeper spiritual connection and a greater sense of purpose. It's through this practice of intentional prayer that we can experience true transformation and find ourselves more aligned with our values and beliefs. Watch Pastor Kayra Montañez’s message and learn how to break free of the distractions and spend more time in prayer, which will strengthen your relationship with God. #WayOfDevotion #DailyDevotions #IntentionalPrayer #TimeWithGod #HowToPray #CommitToPraying #TheWay #HolySpirit #Christ #JesusChrist #PowerOfTheHolySpirit #PrayerLife #God #Jesus #Christianity #ChristianChurch #LiquidChurch
Did you know that early followers of Jesus weren’t called Christians? They were simply called followers of “The Way.” Their commitment went beyond mere adherence to religious customs; it was a lifestyle deeply rooted in the teachings of Jesus. These followers placed an emphasis on having a vibrant, personal connection with God, and a deeper, more fulfilling existence characterized by joy, purpose, and meaningful relationships. If you are a follower of Jesus today, you should know that to truly experience the promises of God, we must embody the practices of Jesus. Just as Jesus lived in community with his disciples, we too, are created for connection and mutual support! The church is a part of this. The church isn’t a building, but is best described as a community of brothers and sisters. The truth is many of us long for deeper community and friendships. In the midst of our busy lives, packed with family commitments, career responsibilities, and everyday tasks, we want deeper fulfillment. One powerful way to address this longing is to actively participate in a community of believers, where the teachings of Jesus are not merely observed but lived out. We’re talking about ACTIVE engagement. That’s what leads to spiritual growth, mutual encouragement, and ultimately a more purposeful life. So, let us challenge you to step out of isolation and join together with others. It will not only enrich your own life, but also play a vital role in spreading the message of Jesus, following the example set by his disciples. So, what’s your next step? You’re invited to engage with a small group at church and experience the profound impact of authentic community! Watch Pastor Tim Lucas’s message and discover the importance of living in community with others who share your faith. #FindCommunity #BuildRelationships #RelationshipsWithChristians #BattleIsolation #Loneliness #Prayer #TheWay #Faith #SmallGroup #Connection #Disciples #Discipleship #HolySpirit #Christ #JesusChrist #God #Jesus #Christianity #ChristianChurch #LiquidChurch
Do you have someone in your life that you constantly feel you are in battle with? It is easy to seek revenge when you feel attacked, but instead try this approach: seek refuge in God alone. If we turn to the Bible, David faced the same challenges we face today. Picture this: David is on the run, being chased by King Saul, who's basically on a mission to make David's life miserable. David is literally dodging spears – he is under attack. But, instead of seeking revenge, David goes all in with kindness. He takes the high road, and as he’s hiding out, his cave becomes the stage for one of the most epic 'aha' moments in history. David's time in the wilderness becomes this powerful analogy for our own struggles, showing us a different way to navigate the chaos in our own lives. Choosing kindness allows us to break the revenge cycle. David chooses sacrificial love, just like Jesus on the cross when He died for us. The cave where David hides becomes this metaphorical space where we wrestle with our mess and emerge transformed, thanks to grace. You too can be transformed! Watch Pastor Tim Lucas’s message to delve into the depths of why David chose kindness instead of revenge and how we can do the same. #Anointing #Victory #Authority #ChooseKindness #Revenge #SacrificialLove #DodgingSpears #Prayer #XFactor #HolySpirit #Christ #JesusChrist #PowerOfTheHolySpirit #PrayerLife #HumbleHeart #God #Jesus #Christianity #ChristianChurch #LiquidChurch
Did you know that as a Christ follower, you have been chosen and anointed by God? You might question why, even though you feel God's anointing, you may not immediately understand where He wants you to serve. There exists a gap between the anointing and the appointing. If you look at David’s life, it took 20 years after he was anointed by God, until the time he was appointed. David was faithful and sought God and it turns out he was the only person in the Bible who has been anointed 3 times. Do you want to level up your anointing? You may face opposition, which may come from family, friends, co-workers or even strangers. David faced opposition from not only his family, but from Goliath, who he defeated with one rock.  You have a Father in Heaven who sees you, has chosen you, called you by name, ransomed His son and has given you gifts. Remember, God has chosen and gifted you, and your service doesn't require a church role; it extends to every profession. Young people, forge your unique story, avoiding others' scripts and relying on God's strength in battles. To the older generation, your anointing is still significant – if you're not dead, God is not done. Watch Pastor Lucas's message to discover how you can live out your own anointing, just as David did. #Anointing #Victory #Authority #David #Goliath #LevelUp #Legacy #NextGen #AllGenerations #Prayer #XFactor #HolySpirit #Christ #JesusChrist #PowerOfTheHolySpirit #PrayerLife #HumbleHeart #God #Jesus #Christianity #ChristianChurch #LiquidChurch