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Author: Tod Petty

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We highlight innovation, solutions, impact makers, and people making a difference in the senior housing field. Every moment is an opportunity for us to influence others and our world. Senior Housing Unfiltered delivers messaging to cause powerful, positive change through values-based leadership.

8 Episodes
By 2030 the United States will have a massive shortage of appropriate senior housing. Every unit, every community, and every senior housing project coming out of the ground will be full.  Senior Housing Unfiltered breaks down the analytics, demographics, and psychographics behind the coming demand. We  discuss the new baby boomer client and their demand for a new senior housing model and what models are  emerging as a result of their insistence on relevancy and successful aging.  Join me today for 20-minutes and be prepared to be blown away. Lloyd Jones, LLC Multifamily and senior housing investment, development, management since 1980Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.
In the future, both owner and operator must partner to ensure the vision of every new senior housing community is fulfilled. The developer's in-house disciplines must connect with the operator's programming to deliver best-in-class expertise in health care, marketing, and resident engagement services. Today, we sit down with Paul Griffin III, Founder and CEO of Griffin Living, to break these components down for our audience. 
Lloyd Jones’ Aging with Confidence program is a comprehensive wellness program designed to achieve successful aging and optimal health by holistic and natural means. Based on Harvard Health Publishing research, our signature program is easy to understand and supports overall resident and employee education. In this podcast episode, we chatted with Senior Living News editor Olivia Beaton to introduce this program and the first of its tenets: sensory design.
In this episode, Tod and Jimmy of Lloyd Jones Senior Living discuss the values of passion and commitment-- these two attributes alone are valuable, but when they intersect into what they call "passionate commitment", the results are that  true leaders shine. This attribute is the greatest gift a leader can give to his or her team as it helps inspire others to work together to fulfill an organization's vision. Listen to the broadcast and lead your team to a passionate and committed future.
Demographics, regulatory changes, and a pandemic have accelerated the arrival of the new future in senior housing. Listen in and learn about what Lloyd Jones Senior Living leaders see as the bifurcation of traditional senior housing into AL | MC  luxury healthcare and the resort model for retiring boomers ages 75-85. The team also discusses how distressed REITs and abandoned hospitality projects are prime opportunities for smart senior housing investors.
New senior housing supply has resulted in increased competition, suppressed occupancy, lower lease-up velocity, and increased concessions. Now is the time to analyze the changing financial and psychographic demographics of your future new residents. Senior Housing Unfiltered analyzes these trends with Melissa Banko of Banko Designs as we discuss market-appropriate unit sizes, configurations, new amenity trends, the appropriate rent levels necessary for successful lease-up and tenant retention. We invite you to listen and become a catalyst for change. 
One of the words that easily come to mind when describing the year 2020 is "disrupted". Our daily routines, our way of working, our communications with others, have all been disrupted in a major way.  While disruption often has a negative connotation, creative minds see it as an opportunity for outdated industries to adapt and overcome.Tod Petty and Jimmy Carrion, along with special guest Matt Haywood from Tazergy, a leading senior housing technology systems company, talk about how the disruptions caused by COVID-19 can bring about innovative new ideas in the senior housing industry.
In the premiere episode of 'Senior Housing Unfiltered', hosts Tod Petty and Jimmy Carrion of Lloyd Jones Senior Living share their motivation for launching this new real estate podcast series and what listeners can take away from each episode.Are company vision statements truly helpful in guiding onsite team members to do their best work? Tod shares why his "Rule of 5" is a more effective, practical way to instill greatness in employees in all positions within a senior housing company.
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