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Dishin' Dirt with Gary Pickren

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In Dishin' Dirt with Gary Pickren, South Carolina Real Estate Attorney/Broker/Instructor- Gary Pickren discusses important, timely and relevant topics for South Carolina real estate agents. He covers topics such as "wholesaling", seller disclosure, video marketing, repair addendum, RESPA and much more. All topics are either related to real estate or agency law, marketing or real estate agent best practices. Gary also brings a touch of humor to each podcast with his funny Corona Closing Craziness stories and his hugely popular Gary's Good News Only series where he discusses good real estate, economic and corona virus news. This is a podcast for every real estate agent in South Carolina regardless how long you have been in the business.Disclaimer: Our site does not create an attorney-client relationship and it is not intended for detailed legal advice. We are licensed in South Carolina. Any result we achieve on a client’s behalf does not necessarily mean similar results for other clients.Copyright © Blair | Cato | Pickren | Casterline LLC – All Rights Reserved
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Earnest money became a big problem for real estate agents due to a South Carolina Real Estate Commission ruling a few years ago. Since that ruling, most real estate agencies quit holding earnest money. Today, closing attorneys typically hold the earnest money in trust. While on the surface this may seem to have reduced agent liability, another big issue has evolved concerning earnest money that could result in lawsuits or discipline of the agent.  this podcast examines many of the issues pertaining to earnest money and agent liability.  Also, in the episode learn what you need to know about real estate licensee continuing education requirements and enjoy another episode of Gary's Good News Only!Gary
As more homeowners add solar panels to their homes, I examine how panels affect real estate closings.  In this podcast I discuss how some restrictions can prevent a homeowner from adding solar panels to their home. I also discuss issues that a seller faces in selling a house with solar panels. Does the seller have to pay off the solar panel lease before conveying? Is the lease agreement a lien against title? Can the seller assign the solar panel lease to the buyer? Does the buyer have to assume the maintenance agreement and does the buyer assuming the lease affect the buyer's ability to purchase the house?  Before you list a house with solar panels you need to listen to this podcast.  Also in this podcast is another installment of While You Were Out Showing and Gary's Good News Only! PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY SHARE!!!!Gary
SPECIAL SELLER EDITION: Homeowner: If you are thinking about selling your home without using a real estate agent (also known as For Sale by Owner) then you will want to listen to this Podcast. While Blair Cato strongly recommends that you hire a qualified, licensed real estate agent, we recognize sometimes you may be selling to a family member or friend or you maybe the DYI kind of person. If that is you, this podcast can help you navigate through the weeds of selling your own home. In this special edition of Dishin' Dirt with Gary Pickren, Tracy Roberts and I discuss the nine steps of selling a home that every homeowner needs to understand. We cover how to price, market, show and sale your home. We discuss special concerns such as your safety and forms required to be executed such as the South Carolina Residential Condition Disclosure Statement.  Spending the time to learn what you need to know in your For Sale by Owner transaction will save you both money and  frustration.  Agents: This podcast can be shared with potential clients to demonstrate reasons some homeowners would benefit from hiring a real estate agent. Please do not hesitate to share it with your prospects. EnjoyGary
Representing someone going through a divorce can be very difficult. In fact 50% of all transactions involving a person in the process of getting a divorce does not close with the first listing agent.  This podcast discusses the issues you need to recognize and strategies for handling closings in which your client is divorcing or divorced. Whether the divorce was recent or many years ago, the ex-spouse may still have ownership rights that must be handled before title can transfer.  Sarah Bennett of Better Homes & Gardens-Medley Realty joins me to delve into this topic. I also have an extended episode of "What Happened While You Were Out Showing" that contains important information about your educational requirements this year and "Gary's Good News Only!"Subscribe to our YouTube page at 
I said it.  Your Repair Addendum Sucks!  It really does. From incomplete to nonsensical to the outright inaccurate. As an industry, most agents admit to receiving or even writing less than stellar repair addendum. This week's podcast looks at some of the worst examples of repair addenda, discusses the root cause of poorly written request as well as how to professionally prepare a repair addendum. Spoiler alert, it starts way before pen is put to paper. Mary Lane Sloan of the Art of Real Estate joins us to discuss this and more.Also in this episode Eddie Yandle of Executive Construction is here to discuss nail pops and we finish with Gary's Good News Only!PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE PAGE: all of my Legal Tips, Gary's Good News Only and other fun stuff.
So you think you are great at sales.   What could a nationally renowned coach have to say about 2021?  Check out this MUST listen to episode of Dishin' Dirt.  All the way from California, Dr. Cindy McGovern, the First Lady of Sales and Wall Street Journal Best Selling Author of "Every Job is a Sales Job," joins me to discuss real estate sales techniques in 2021. Topics we will cover include the number one thing sales people forget when trying to get a new client,  not missing unique sales opportunities, learning the importance of personal branding and more.  Cindy has coached some of the top real estate agents and has been a featured educational speaker across the country. You do not want to miss this great  opportunity to learn more about sales from the Doctor of Sales!  And don't forget another episode of Gary's Good News Only!Gary  
TAX DEEDS/TAX SALES. When real estate is hot, investors turn to purchasing property at tax sale. However, selling property that was purchased from a tax sale is very difficult. If you represent a seller or buyer of tax property you may be committing professional malpractice in the manner you handle the transaction. Erica Lybrand of Blair Cato Pickren Casterline joins me today to discuss tax sales, tax deeds, issues facing real estate agents in their representation of a tax deed sellers and buyers and how to correct tax deed matters.  Also, Taylor Oxendine, Co-Executive Officer of the Central Carolina REALTORs Association joins me to discuss how the Association is helping real estate agents. Of course we will end the show with a great episode of Gary's Good News Only!#taxsales#realestatepodcastPlease like, share and subscribeGary
Multiple offers is a great thing to get in real estate transaction when you are the seller. But as an agent do you understand the laws and ethical duties surrounding multiple offer situations? For example, are you required to disclose multiple offers to a potential buyer? Can you even disclose and what terms can you provide? In this podcast learn how you are to legally and ethically handle multiple offers. In addition, learn what an escalation clause is and how it is to be handled in a multiple offer situation.  I will explain what an escalation clause is, how it works as well as any and all pitfalls associated with it. Every agent should listen to this podcast before handling a multiple offer situation or if presented with an escalation clause.   Of course, this podcast will also have Corona Crazy Closings and Gary's Good News Only!Please like, share and subscribe!
If you are working with a buyer or seller who is considering seller financing there are many issues that you need to understand. You need to know the pitfalls and risks in seller financing as well as the three basic types of seller financing common in South Carolina. In this episode I discuss the three types of seller financing and discuss the benefits and risks of each. Also in this episode another installment of What Happened While You Were Showing  and this one is a little controversial. And of course, Gary's Good News Only!Enjoy and please like and share!
The South Carolina  Residential Property Disclosure Form offers three responses for the seller: yes, no and no representation. But does answering the questions about the condition of the property with "no representation" comply with the law and is its use ever proper?  Does it increase or reduce a seller's liability. Plus, does the seller need to disclose items that have been repaired.  We will take an in-depth look at this confusing issue.  Also learn about "crooks and swindlers" in this installment of Corona Crazy Closing. Also, Gary's Good News Only! discusses some important news on the fight against the Corona virus. 
How much time do you need to waste growing your business before you realize there just might be a better way. Stephen Cooley, the #5 agent in the world at Keller Williams tells us several ways to grow your business and stop wasting your valuable time doing tasks that others should be doing.  Stephen shares his many years of success in become one of the top agents in the World! Also in this episode, Gary's Good News Only! and a very special segment that might actually get me cancelled. Or at least should!!  PLEASE RATE and SHARE the podcast so it can continue to grow!!!!
THIS IS A MUST LISTEN FOR REAL ESTATE AGENTS! Today I discuss who is exempt and who is not exempt from completing the South Carolina Seller Disclosure Form. I also have added a new feature called "What Happened While you Were Showing." In this feature I discuss what the Real Estate Commission is doing to you or for you while you were out showing properties. This week we examine the use of nicknames such as Bob, Will, Beth, Buddy and other common derivatives of names in your advertising and what the Commission is doing about it. Hint . . . Right now, you can't use them! Also, I discuss a problem with HOA estoppel fees and no episode would be complete without "Gary's Good News Only!"Please like, share, subscribe and tell other agents about our podcast.
On this episode of Dishin' Dirt, the #5 real estate agent in the WORLD for Keller Williams, Stephen Cooley of the Stephen Cooley Real Estate Group at Keller Williams, joins us to give agents great business advice on how to run a successful business. He focuses on when adding an assistant is good for your business and when and how to form and run a top producing team. Whether you are on a team or not, Stephen provides great information that will help any agent build a successful business.  He is #5 in the WORLD after all.  Also, Jordan Stallings of Blair Cato  joins me to update us on county tax bills.  And of course, I will have another segment of Corona Crazy Closings and Gary's Good News Only! This week it is all in the numbers.Enjoy! And PLEASE subscribe, like, but most importantly share with your friends.
In this episode of Dishin' Dirt, Brad Allen and I look at the issues involved with representing a buyer who is purchasing a "For Sale by Owner" property.  Over 90% of all "For Sale by Owner" properties are sold to represented buyers. This podcast will help you navigate through the rules, laws and ethics of representing the buyer.  Also in this podcast, my law partner, Jordan Stallings, joins us to discuss 2020 property tax bills. And of course no episode would be complete without another fun installment of Corona Crazy Closings  and Gary's Good News Only where we only discuss good economic, real estate and Corona virus news.  Please like, subscribe and share but most importantly listen again next week. 
In this episode of Dishin' Dirt, South Carolina real estate attorney/broker/instructor- Gary Pickren dishes the dirt on real estate "wholesaling" with special guest,Candice McCuien. Is wholesaling legal? Should real estate agents be involved in wholesaling? What does a real estate agent need to know about wholesaling? Gary also shares his Corona Crazy Closing experiences and his hugely popular series, Gary's Good News Only, which gives only good real estate, economic and corona news. 
Do you understand procuring cause?  Honestly? Most agents and lawyers don't.  It is a very difficult concept with rarely a straight forward answer.  Most real estate agents think because they established agency first that they are the procuring cause. Others think that as long as they open the door, they as the procuring cause.  There is so much more to it than that.  This podcast will delve into the issues of procuring cause and answer many of the questions you have. This is a must listen for all real estate agents.  Also included is "What Happened While You Were Showing" and "Gary's Good News Only!"Enjoy and PLEASE SHARE SO WE CAN MAKE OUR PROFESSION BETTER!Gary
FAIR HOUSING AND ADVERTISING.Today what you say and write in real estate is being dissected more and more.  If you advertise using prohibited words or in an improper manner you can find yourself in hot water even if you never intended it to be discriminatory. This Podcast examines  what is a protected class,  the words that are commonly used which are troublesome and phrases that are allowed.Every agent should listen to this podcast before posting another advertisement.   In this episode is a new feature, As Gary Sees It, and Gary's Good News Only!Please like, share and subscribe!
Real estate listings with video receive more than 438% more inquiries than those without video. Patrick O'Connor and Hannah Norman of the Patrick O'Connor Team-Coldwell Banker are here to tell you how to get started in video and how in his first video he got over 47,000 views in the first two weeks. Also, Eddie Yandle of Executive Construction Homes will join me to tell us why wood is now like toilet paper was in this pandemic. Only in 2020! Of course, I will have another segment of Corona Crazy Closings and Gary's Good News Only!Enjoy! And share with your friends.
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