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Horizon Church located in Bosque Farms Blvd is a discipleship church, that is committed to Glorifying God by Growing Others in Christ
Join Pastor Tom Kulp and Zachary Weston as they discuss the third leg of the stool, accountability. In this episode Tom and Zach will dive into what it means to be accountable to another person, and to build that relationship to grow closer to Christ and each other. It is first and foremost about vulnerability and honesty. That is how we as Christians build strong relationships with others. The stool is starting to get more sturdy and stable, as Christians we can start to depend on the stool as more than just a decorative seat in our life, but what if we add a fourth leg? Next episode we will talk about the fourth leg of stool, spending time with Christ. Thank you for listening, please rate, share, and review. 
Join Pastor Tom Kulp and Zachary Weston as they add a second leg to the stool by discussing small groups. In this episode Tom and Zach will illustrate how the term "small group" is far more broad and encompassing than we might initially think, especially if we have attended church for any amount of time. As we begin to add legs to our stool, we start to become more balanced. Tom and Zach pray that this episode encourages you, and helps you to redefine the term "small groups." Enjoy and join us next week as the gentlemen dive into the third leg, "Accountability." Please share the episode, rate and review. Thank you and God bless. 
Welcome back to Glorify and Grow Podcast, hosted by Zachary Weston and Pastor Thomas Kulp. On this episode join the guys as the go in depth into why going to church is so important. This episode is a continuation of the 1st episode, and the four legged stool that Pastor Tom illustrated. For the next four episodes Tom and Zach will dive into each one of the legs, and why it is so important to building a balanced life. Thank you for listening, and join us next week as Pastor Tom helps us understand what a small group is, and why its so important. 
At the heart of Glorify and Grow Podcast is precisely what the name implies. Each week we hope to first glorify Christ, and help you grow in your relationship with Him. The Bible and our own personal relationships with Christ are our sources, and we pray that you will come along with Pastor Thomas Kulp and Zachary Weston as they journey together. Only God knows where this podcast series will go, and this is merely an introduction episode in order to explore the "why" behind starting the podcast. Please join us, as Pastor Tom really dives into the call that was placed on him by God to start this. Thank you so much for listening, please share, rate, and subscribe. 
Colossians Ep. 2

Colossians Ep. 2


Colossians Ep 1

Colossians Ep 1


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