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Life is full of lemons, everyone experiences bitter, sour times and no one is immune. Our guest today, Heidi Alldredge is a lemonade making extraordinaire. She gives us ideas on how to make tough situations into learning experiences. We've all experienced hardships and we hope this episode brings some sweetness to your day.
Have you ever wondered what it's like to travel around the world with your favorite rock band? Mac Reynolds tells us that and more in our latest interview. He is the band manager for Imagine Dragons. He's a lawyer, Vice Chair for a non-profit and has a beautiful family with his wife, Julie and 5 (soon to be 6) kids. He has such a great outlook on what his role is as a band manager with takeaways we all can use as we try to manage a business team, our own families, or just manage ourselves! Learn from him and thank us later for bringing his wisdom to your ears!
Our guest this week is Jelah. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Her birthplace is the Philippines, but now calls USA her home. Her experience in making this foreign land her new home is riveting and holds many life lessons that she graciously shares with us in this episode.  You'll learn of hope, joy and the things in life that bring true gratitude. Maybe you could schedule a pop-up picnic while listening to her story!
Stephanie Serferian, author of the book Sustainable Minimalist and host of the Sustainable Minimalists Podcast is here with us to talk all things minimalism.   From the benefits of living a simpler life, to decluttering, to the psychology of why we hesitate to let go of our stuff, all this and more is discussed today on the podcast.  
Who couldn’t use a little more humor in their life?  Laughter can serve as an anecdote for so many situations.  Whether stressed or in a bad mood, it’s great to have someone in your five who can provide a new perspective through humor.  Chantalle Stretch is a humor content creator and her videos have provided countless laughs for many.  Join us on this interview with Chantalle and see how even the most mundane experiences of life can provide a laugh if you look at it from a new perspective. 
Being a lifelong learner is the best way to thrive and live a fulfilled life. In this episode, Kristin gives us a different perspective on what this means and how she's using this learning attitude to keep herself out of ruts and from becoming stagnant in her home and workplace. She reaches past her comfort zone to look past the problem and dives into finding the solutions. We appreciate Kristin and the teacher she is for elementary students and now, for us. 
If 2020 has taught us anything, we need people and connection more than ever!  Author of I like Me Anyway, Brooke Romney joins us to talk about making connections with friends, family, and new acquaintances too. We discuss the value of our imperfections, how to reach out in person, using social media as an effective tool for connection and learning, instead of as a mindless activity, and how to help teenagers recognize what their mood is telling them and what to do in order to effectively respond.  All this and more on this episode with Brooke! 
Who couldn’t use a different perspective or new strategy from time to time to help reach a seemingly impossible goal?  After suffering from chronic injuries, Damian Stoy was told by doctors that he would never be able to run again.  However, with determination, research, and valuable perspective, Damian was able to change his circumstance and utilize a new strategy to return to his love of running as a professional runner.  Certified running coach and founder of Wholistic Running, Damian Stoy shares his insight on meeting goals, when to move forward and when to reassess, and he shares valuable running tips that will transform you as a runner in more ways than one.  Damian Stoy is an expert in his field, has raced in over 150 races, been featured in several magazines, has designed training programs for the Physicians Committees for Responsible Medicine, and in summary is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.  You won’t want to miss all of the insight and information he shares on this episode.
Run! Andrea McAffee

Run! Andrea McAffee


Is it a strong mind or strong body that gets you to the finish line? Ultra runner, Andrea McAffe fought hard to finish her 100 mile race, after her body’s condition took a turn for the worse with 30 miles still left to go.  In this interview Andrea provides new perspective on accomplishing the seemingly impossible, how to manage pain, and what the mind can do for you when your body gives up.  Get ready for an incredible story of one incredible individual’s ability to persevere.
“We have all the energy in the world to be ourselves, but as soon as we start to try to be someone we aren’t, it’s exhausting.”—Nancy MurphyGallup Certified Clifton Strengths Coach, Nancy Murphy joins us today to discuss the importance of living within our strengths in order to have a more fulfilling and happy life.   Everyone has strengths and the trick is to identify the core five guiding strengths that make you the unique individual you are, so you can thrive, rather than just merely survive.
Do you have a teenager? Are you nervously anticipating your child becoming a teenager? Do you still act like a teenager? Emily is here to give us helpful tools and skills to get through the teenage years with confidence and a little know-how. Teenagers get a lot of flak and parents get a lot of flak from their teenagers. We are going to discuss ways to build on common ground with our teenagers and how to help them through the effects this pandemic has had on them. This episode will change the way you perceive teenagers and give you better, more healthy ways to guide them through these years because, in the end, our goal is to help them become awesome adults. 
A regular guy creating anything but regular results, Michael Marcial shares his story of how he went from being unemployed and homeless to CEO of 5 Figure Work Week. He reminds us that we are never starting from nothing, we are starting from experience.  Everyone has  a victory log and sometimes the first step is just to take an inventory of those strengths in order to pull yourself out of any situation and step into your greatness.
  Could you last a week not saying a thing?Our guest Christine Petit participated in a mindfulness retreat and didn’t talk for five days!! What she learned and observed is pretty incredible.  This episode we learn how to listen better, what can be learned when we quiet the noise, and bonus we pick her brain on how to see life through a different lens, the lens of a photographer, helping us see beauty in the details.
The dating expert is in!  Relationship therapist, Loni Harmon joins us to share all the ins and outs of relationships.  We talk where to look to find that special someone, how to counteract ruts in a marriage, a healthy way to look at rejection, and more!  Don’t miss out on Loni’s wisdom and insight on relationships.  And if you want to hear more from Loni, check out her fabulous podcast Building a Successful Relationship.  You won’t be disappointed!
If cats have 9 lives then our guest today is a freaking lion! Brody Young is a state park ranger who had a life and death experience. He fought for every breath and came out of his ordeal with a perspective on life and forgiveness that you can learn from. Find out why Brody is someone to have in your five.
Daniel Summerhays is a professional golfer who after making a name for himself in the golfing world, decided to give back by coaching and teaching at his alma mater.This episode will inspire you to do something great as Daniel educates us on the mental toughness, discipline, and life lessons learned through the humbling game of golf.  Daniel shares the psychology behind his success and how three key life practices that he put into place, not only  transformed his golfing game, but can help in all personal endeavors as well.After this episode you will see mental toughness in life and in sports from a new perspective.
A difficult past does not have to mean a difficult future.  “There’s strength in the struggle.” This week’s guest shares the heart wrenching story of her childhood.  The odds were stacked against Oakley, but she turned her disadvantages into advantages.  While heavy topics are discussed this week, they are contributing factors to the inspiration found in the journey of this strong individual’s story.
Perfectionism vs Fulfillment We're taking a deep dive into the world of perfectionism with Monica Packer. Monica shares steps for us to take so we can experience compassion, curiosity and courage while focusing on the process and not the outcome. The fulfillment is in the process, guys! She replaced her need for perfectionism with the need to be fulfilled. Monica teaches us steps we can use to embrace the messy, enjoy the journey and just do something! One of my favorite quotes from this interview with Monica is, "I'm always a work in progress, not a finished product." She is a phenomenal person! Hope you enjoy this episode!Love,Jen and Drena
Do you believe everything your brain tells you?  Are your thoughts working for you or against you?Fabulous conversation with a fabulous guest, life coach and master of the mind, Jen Kane is here to help you gain a better understanding of your brain and thoughts so your mind can be working for you.We talk all the things:The Lies Your Brain Tells YouThe Emotional CycleMisconceptions Of The MindThe Real Reason You Aren’t Meeting Your GoalsThe Ripple Effect and MoreDon’t miss out on some of the most valuable pieces of information you may hear all year.  
There’s only one Tony Abbott and there is only one of you!Be the best version of yourself by being great at what you do, instead of trying to be great at what someone else does.  Tony has unlocked the secret to monetizing your passion and doing what you love. When Tony’s father in law asked how he was going to support his future wife and family, Tony he simply replied he was going to hunt and fish for a living.  Fast forward from the young adult who had this dream; he has now built a successful brand, business, and life doing just that. His journey, motivated by his love for the outdoors, has taken him on a phenomenal ride. He humbly states, “I have lived the life of one hundred men.”  Check out this episode and be inspired to live a life built around doing things you love and striving to be the best version of yourself, instead of a counterfeit version of someone else.
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