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The Motörcast is the official podcast series celebrating the 40th anniversary of Motörhead’s seminal, Ace Of Spades album. Marvel at the warts and all stories of life on the road, behind the scenes, in the studio and more importantly, down the pub. Subscribe now to hear all these tales of rock n’roll excess from the people who were in the midst of the Motör-machine at the time. Presented by Howard H Smith.

2 Episodes
Befriending Motörhead as a young journalist, Steffan Chirazi became an important member of the creative and merch team and has been working alongside them for nearly four decades. As well as heading up the deluxe, 40th anniversary Ace Of Spades products he’s got a plethora of hilarious, anecdotal stories from his long service with Lemmy and the Motör-team.
Do you love Motörhead? Do you love hearing loads of stories you've never heard before from the people who were actually there at the time? Then you'll love the Motörcast! Subscribe to hear all the forthcoming ten episodes in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the seminal Ace Of Spades album!
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John Appleby

love this allready. such funny and heart rendering stories of Lemmy, and what Motorhead means to us all in our lives. Thankyou for the brilliant work so far. wife you know what I want for Xmas?!😜❤🤟

Oct 16th
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