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Author: Laura Warren-Hughes and Cameron Jodlowski

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A weekly meeting about all things Dairy Goat....shows, production, management, breeding, ADGA politics, youth.
119 Episodes
Got your attention!  No, Cameron and Laura really DON'T hate goats, but sometimes they just make you crazy.   This episode talks about the "not all rainbows and unicorns" parts of owning dairy goats......and then also why it's worth it.  
Exhibitor-Friendly Shows

Exhibitor-Friendly Shows


It's show season--and of course if you are putting on a show, you want to host one that everyone talks about--in a good way!  On this week's episode of Goat Gab, Laura and Cameron talk about things to consider to make YOUR show one that everyone puts on their calendars as a "never miss" event!
Master Marketing

Master Marketing


Are you marketing your herd, or just advertising?  On this episode of Goat Gab, Cameron and Laura discuss the 4 P's of marketing and how this can help drive relationships with your audience.
It's spring, the season of rapid growth and new things.  This week Cameron and Laura spend some time with "rapid fire" topics and some ADGA news.
Continuing on our discussions of raising kids, Cameron and Laura are joined by Katherine Taylor, DVM, to discuss kid raising challenges such as coccidia, premature kids, floppy kid syndrome, and other bumps in the road that can arise while raising kids.
On this week's episode of Goat Gab, Cameron and Laura discuss the early days of raising kids, including colostrum, feeding milk, and other topics of the early weeks.  
How can you have a voice in the future of your own favorite breed or breeds?  By becoming active in your Breed Clubs!  This week, Cameron and Laura meet with Karen Goodchild to discuss the importance of being active in your breed-dedicated club.
It's that time of year again.....when kids start arriving!  Each year we have done a "pre-kidding" episode and this year, we are thrilled to have Jackson Noble as our guest!  
On this week's episode of Goat Gab, Laura flies solo with special guest Margaret Chamas, as they explore another way that dairy goat breeders can "give back" to others--by teaching classes about dairy goats.  
For our 100th episode, Goat Gab is happy to welcome back one of our favorite guests, Craig Koopmann of Pleasant-Grove Dairy Goats.  In addition to managing a commercial dairy, Craig artfully breeds nationally-competitive Saanen and French Alpine (and a few Recorded Grade) dairy goats that are making an impact across the country.  This episode focuses on buck selection, proving and management.
The Circuit

The Circuit


Join us for a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT this week--The Circuit:  A dairy goat showmanship contest powered by Goat Gab.
Merry Christmas 2022

Merry Christmas 2022


A special Christmas episode for our listeners.....from the Jodlowskis and the Warrens.(Credit to the Goat Lady at
Fit Like a Boss

Fit Like a Boss


On this episode of Goat Gab, Cameron and Laura (joined by Elizabeth and Caroline Warren) discuss what it takes to "fit your goat like a boss."  
A jam-packed week in Syracuse, NY at the 2022 ADGA Convention is the topic for this week, and Cameron and Laura are joined by Melanie Bohren from Colorado to recap all of the "goings-on" from ADGA's annual meeting.  
It's a dairy goat youth party!  Join Cameron, Laura and the amazing ADGA youth who  attended the 2022 ADGA Convention Youth Program to find out their thoughts about involvement in dairy goats.
If you are a Toggenburg enthusiast, or if you just want to learn more about this oldest breed of dairy goats, you'll love this episode.  Join Cameron and Laura as they welcome special guests Anna Thompson-Hajdik and Dr. Joan Dean Rowe to discuss the beauty and history of the Toggenburg breed.
For this 96th episode of Goat Gab, Laura and Cameron are joined by Dr. Yalonda Burton, of the Patterson Animal Hospital in Stillwell, OK.   We are continuing with our series on working with your veterinarian, with a focus on the Veterinary Client Patient Relationship.  
The winds of change are heading our way, when it comes to the availability of over-the-counter antibiotics for the dairy goat industry.  We are pleased to have Dr. Fauna Smith join us this week to discuss the reasons behind this big change and what this means for the dairy goat industry.
Fall Potpourri

Fall Potpourri


Pumpkin spice, cinnamon and everything nice? Well, it IS fall.....this week on Goat Gab, Cameron and Laura discuss some fall tasks that you may want to consider as we head into the cold dark months of winter.  
On this 93rd episode of Goat Gab, Cameron and Laura start their series of diving into each of the dairy goat breeds.  This week we welcome Brandi Giachino and Nate Funk to share their thoughts on Oberhasli--both a historical look and also where the breed is going.  
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