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The arts have a long history of bringing people together across boundaries, allowing diverse communities to create, maintain and share their own stories. The arts benefit us socially, economically, educationally, and spiritually. It makes us think, spurs our innovation, draws us together, encourages dialogue, and simply makes us feel good. It is what gives a community its soul. Our guest is Dr. Gerd Wuestemann. He is a German born, classically trained musician, whose name happens to translates to mean, “Desert Man” and is the President and CEO of Scottsdale Arts. From the Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts, to over 120 pieces of Public Art, to programs for our elderly and our youth, Dr. Wuestemann explains that art is meant to be enjoyed by everyone! Listen to learn how you can be part of Scottsdale Arts!  
“Innovation is everything,” says Dr. Todd Larson, Associate Vice President for Workplace & Safety at Honor Health and this organization lives up to that ideal.  As a community-based health care system Honor Health isn’t expected to be teaching organization – but they have one of the top 100 teaching facilities in the country.  They aren’t supposed to be a research organization – but they are leading the way in pancreatic cancer research.  They develop partnerships that are forward-looking and advance healthcare and our community such as the one with the US military that trains military personnel in battlefield and trauma medicine by having them learn and work in Honor Health emergency departments.  Or the ones that repurposed business models to include event planners, emergency services, police and fire to innovatively roll out the COVID vaccines.  Throughout his career as a member of the military, then as a Scottsdale police officer and finally as VP for Honor Health he has subscribed to life-long learning, asking curious questions (why?) and remembering that as leaders we are here to serve, mentor, and help others grow.  Scottsdale Leadership https://scottsdaleleadership.orgPublished Articles: Ralston B., Rable J., Larson, T., Handmaker H., & Lifshitz J. (2019). Forensic Nursing Examination to Screen for Traumatic Brain Injury following Intimate Partner Violence, Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma, 28:6, 732-743, DOI: 10.1080/10926771.2019.1637988 Larson T, & Flynn R., (2017). Research Study: Time to Tourniquet, The Police Chief, (January). Retrieved from, T., (2017). Connecting technology and healthcare to improve patient care. Tech Data Advantage Blog.  Downloaded from T., & Hubbard S., (2016). “Physiological Effects on Police Officers Performing Field Trauma Medicine and Tourniquet Application”.  Retrieved from The Police Chief 83, no. 11 (November)
The most asked question of Rebecca Grossman is, “Is this a good time to sell my house?”  As the CEO of the Scottsdale Association of Realtors, she is the one with the answer.   This trade organization advocates for Scottsdale’s 10,000 real estate agents, brokers, appraisers, and others.  Rebecca gives us a bird’s eye view of the real estate market in Scottsdale, how it has changed with the pandemic, what makes a successful real estate agent, and what leadership looks like.  This multi-faceted CEO also sings in a band and volunteers with Wild at Heart Raptor Rescue.   There’s a lot to this former music teacher.  Listen to find out more.  Venue 8600, https://www.venue8600.comScottsdale Realtors Association, https://www.scottsdalerealtors.orgWild at Heart Raptor Rescue, https://wildatheartraptors.orgScottsdale Leadership Inc.,
Are you the nosy neighbor on your street?  Good!  The Scottsdale PD finds that valuable.  In this edition of “Scottsdale Frame of Mind” hear Police Chief Jeff Walther tell us about the broad range of services the department provides, how Scottsdale’s policing philosophy builds strong relationships, and the advice he offers to new leaders.  Scottsdale Police Department is highly regarded in the Valley because of their progressive policing ideas and ability to recruit high-quality officers.  What does he look for in an officer?  The special breed of person who comes forward to put their lives on the line and wants to be part of something grander and bigger than themselves.  Chief Walther has been with the Scottsdale Police Department since 1994.   Why did he come out of retirement to serve as Chief? He answers, “How do you say no to an incredible city, with an incredible police department, and amazing people?  You don’t.  You say yes and how can I help?”  Do you want to know his favorite donut flavor? You’ll have to listen to find out. Scottsdale Police Department  Scottsdale Leadership  
The simple words, “Play Ball” bring a lot of benefits to the City of Scottsdale.  In this episode of Scottsdale Frame of Mind, Dennis Robbins, Executive Director of the Scottsdale Charros and Class 7 graduate tells us about the history of the Charros and how Spring Training partnerships between the Charros, the Giants, and the City of Scottsdale is a model for other Scottsdale Organizations and helps provide revenue for education and non-profits. Get to know the Charros history, their involvement with the recent Stadium renovation, and their upcoming direction of the Prada Del Sol.  Learn also about Dennis’ background as a native Arizonan, lawyer, business owner, and City Council member.  He gives us the dish on his favorite place in Scottsdale, his favorite Stadium food and which baseball team he favors.  He also provides pearls of leadership advice – “show up and have a good attitude.”  Want to know more about Scottsdale Charros and Spring Training City of Scottsdale - San Francisco Giants Spring Training.  
She has worked with Jacques Cousteau, had a microbe named after her, and survived a devastating motorcycle accident and a shark bite.  Her message for leaders is that they need to have H.O.P.E.  In this edition of Scottsdale Frame of Mind, Laurie LaPat-Palasko, Vice President and National Director of Remediation for Matrix New World Engineering, tells tales of her life and near-death misses with lessons of leadership for all aspiring leaders including the idea that for all the successes, people don’t realize how many failures there were too.  She is a microbiologist, environmentalist, scientist, and class 32  Scottsdale Leadership graduate who is helping to solve environmental issues for our planet and has a few ideas about how we can individually help from our homes.City of Scottsdale - Solid Waste - Trash & Recycling ( 
“We shouldn't live in the past, but the past should live in us.”  - Vebjorn Sand, Norwegian artist/designer.Season 2 of Scottsdale Frame of Mind kicks off with a fascinating exploration of Scottsdale’s rich history and the impactful leaders that shaped our community over the years. Andrew and Jenna speak with Joan Fudala, Scottsdale’s historian, nostalgia expert, and retro-preneur, to discuss not only our city’s story, but also Joan’s: the history of the historian. Joan is an author, communications professional, world traveler, storyteller, teacher, preservationist, and volunteer. As an air force public affairs officer, she served at bases throughout the United States and overseas, ultimately landing at Luke Air Force base and settling in Scottsdale. Listen in to learn about Joan’s personal journey and her mission to capture and share Scottsdale’s story.   Scottsdale Leadership Scottsdale Heritage Collection at the Scottsdale Public LibraryScottsdale Historical Society
Welcome to the final episode of Scottsdale Frame of Mind for season one.  We also bid farewell to 2020 and what better way to kick off the new year than with a bowl game! The Fiesta Bowl to be exact. Our guest is Brian Bednar who has been part of the Fiesta Bowl organization since 1996. Brian grew up on a farm in Kansas and moved to Arizona after college for a job with Salt River Project, where he still works today. Through the years Brian has personified servant leadership by working with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Scottsdale Leadership Board of Directors, and of course all that goes in to being on the Fiesta Bowl committee. Brian’s philosophy of life is to lead by example and leave things better than when you found them. We couldn’t agree more, Brian!  Learn More: Fiesta Bowl Museum Fiesta Bowl Wishes for TeachersScottsdale Leadership
What do meatballs, baseball and trains have in common? Join Jenna and Andrew to find out as we talk with community leader, Nick Molinari. Nick is the Scottsdale Parks and Recreation Manager for the award-winning and much beloved McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park as well as co-owner and managing partner of the iconic south Scottsdale restaurant, Uncle Sal’s. Nick keeps busy as a father of 3 boys who, like their dad, are growing up in Scottsdale and learning baseball from “Coach Nick.” Listen in as Nick talks about navigating the challenges of the pandemic and shares his life philosophy to “be brave, laugh a lot, do the right thing, and make a new friend.” Learn More:McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park Uncle Sal’sScottsdale LeadershipGiving Tuesday Donations in Honor of Dr. Art DeCabooter
The City of Scottsdale has a diverse geography encompassing 184 square miles: corporate centers, business plazas, dense multi-family neighborhoods to large horse properties, an airport, parks, and 57 miles of the McDowell Sonoran preserve. Today’s guest leads a City department that provides comprehensive fire, hazardous incident response and emergency medical services to our vast and unique city. Our hosts, Jenna Kohl and Andrew Volkmer welcome Tom Shannon, Chief of the City of Scottsdale Fire Department in this episode of Scottsdale Frame of Mind. Join us as we learn about all the ways that our Scottsdale Fire Department is here for you. For more on Scottsdale Fire (and how to become a firefighter): Go to Scottsdale Leadership to apply for our next class! Contact for more information. Special Thanks to VIP Mortgage and Xunami for the production of Scottsdale Frame of Mind. 
Scottsdale is a beautiful city, rich with natural beauty and sunny skies; stunning and legendary conference centers, resorts and hotels; and premier high draw events such as spring training, Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, Barrett Jackson Car Auction, and of course the Waste Management Phoenix Open. We open our arms to over nine million visitors per year, driving an almost three billion-dollar tourism business. Please enjoy our conversation with the woman who has been at the forefront of this booming travel and tourism industry since 1986, Rachel Sacco, CEO of Experience Scottsdale. Rachel will share what Experience Scottsdale is doing to keep tourism safely vibrant during the pandemic, why our city has such appeal for travelers and residents alike, and the story behind the Absolutely Scottsdale campaign: “The desert is HOT!”Go to Scottsdale Leadership to apply for our next class! Contact for more information. Special Thanks to VIP Mortgage and Xunami for the production of Scottsdale Frame of Mind. 
Want to get involved in your community but don’t know where to start?  Find out how from Scottsdale resident and community volunteer Lisa Randall, this episode’s guest, as she shares her story with hosts Andrew and Jenna. Lisa serves as the Community Relations Manager for Family Promise of Greater Phoenix, a nonprofit that provides emergency shelter and other support services for primarily first-time homeless families. Volunteering and giving back defines Lisa; she has contributed her time to more than 15 different organizations over her many years in Scottsdale. From being a founding member of Keep Scottsdale Beautiful to being a founder and board member of the National Charity League’s 100th Chapter, her efforts have been boundless. Our community is a better place to live because of Lisa; she may inspire you to a find a special place to volunteer as well! Family Promise - Leadership - Involved through the City of Scottsdale - Scottsdale Beautiful - 
Listen in as hosts Andrew and Jenna share a conversation with Marion Kelly, Director of Community Affairs at Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. Marion grew up in a segregated neighborhood in Indiana, went on to study opera, and then settled in at Mayo Clinic where his talent for communication, education and politics intersect. Marion is co-founder of the Diversity Leadership Alliance (DLA), and he shares his unique experiences with systemic racism and the importance of DLA’s mission to guide leaders in the transformation of culture to build an inclusive community where each person is equally respected and empowered. Be sure to listen to the entire show; you don’t want to miss the special ending!  Learn more about the organizations mentioned in the show, including DLA’s October conference: Uncomfortable Conversations: Conversations that Ignite Change. Mayo Clinic – Arizona Diversity Leadership Alliance Coalition of Blacks Against Breast Cancer:  
In this inaugural episode of Scottsdale Frame of Mind, brought to you by Scottsdale Leadership, hosts Andrew Volkmer and Jenna Kohl talk with Andy Greenwood, VP of Development at Macerich Companies, one of the country's leading owners, operators and developers of major retail real estate, including Scottsdale’s Fashion Square Mall. Andy shares the challenges faced by Fashion Square during the pandemic and when non-peaceful protesters and looters descended upon the mall in spring 2020. Andy gives us an inside view of new additions to the mall including the debut of Francine, a unique French offering. Andy shares his compelling personal story, his leadership legacy, and his connection with local nonprofit Transplant Community Alliance. Be prepared to be inspired.Learn how to support the work of Transplant Community Alliance: Get the story behind Scottsdale Leadership: And share your thoughts about our show by contacting
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