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Get ready to experience a side of Dr. Phil McGraw you may have been missing as he delves into the minds of the most interesting and accomplished people in the world today. From celebrities to ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, to the world’s leading experts and “disrupters,” every guest will be provocative, informative and relevant. For more information:

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In part one of a two-part Phil in the Blanks podcast, Dr. Phil speaks with cult expert Rick Alan Ross who explains how people can lose themselves inside organizations that can sometimes be dangerous. They also discuss how to define a cult, the methods that cults often use to entice people to join, and how some of these organizations come to manipulate, isolate, and control the lives of their members. Plus, hear how experts are able to reach out and extricate those who have been caught up in cult communities. For more information: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Legendary Broadcaster Jim Gray Talking To GOATs In this endlessly entertaining episode Dr. Phil truly Phil’s in the blanks. Legendary broadcaster and 12-time Emmy Award-winner Jim Gray reveals fascinating truths behind the biggest names in sports history: Muhammed Ali, Pete Rose, Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson, Barry Bonds- whenever something important happened Jim Gray was there, and now he’s sharing the stories behind the stories that made sports history in his book “Talking To GOATs”. Who is the real Mike Tyson? What was Tiger Woods like as a boy? What’s it like to interview the greatest boxer who ever lived at 18 years old? What’s it like for an athlete to touch perfection? You don’t know sports history unless you know Jim Gray! To get Jim's book: For more information: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dr. Phil opens his brand-new season in a personal way, hosting son Jordan and daughter in-law Morgan for the first time. Father and son talk about where their relationship has been and where it’s going, the newly married couple’s first child, the joys of parenting, their similarities, and differences, growing up with fame, and share reflections on the incredible journey the McGraw family has taken over the last thirty years. Then, in a very special moment, Jordan makes an exciting announcement regarding his future. Download and listen to this memorable episode and PHIL in the Blanks in Dr. Phil’s life as a father and a family man. Jordan McGraw on Spotify: This show is sponsored by: Helix: Helix is offering up to $200 off all mattress orders AND two free pillows for our listeners at Care/Of: For 50% off your first Care/of order, go to and enter code phil50. Green Chef: Go to and use code 90phil to get $90 off including free shipping! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
America on Fire

America on Fire


As the country continues to navigate its way through an unprecedented global pandemic and widespread civil unrest following the May 25 death of George Floyd, the unarmed Minneapolis man who lost his life while in police custody, Dr. Phil leads a discussion with prominent members of the Black community analyzing the events of the past week and what may have sparked them. Guests include national civil rights attorney S. Lee Merritt, Democratic Congresswoman Karen Bass representing California’s 37th district, author and activist Marc Lamont Hill, and activist and one of “Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People” of 2017, Tamika Mallory. And as the focus shifts to the future, what happens now? And how can you help? See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dr. Phil discusses human trafficking and touches on sober living fraud in part two of his interview with George Mueller, Deputy Commissioner for the California Department of Insurance’s Enforcement Branch and Jennifer Lentz Snyder, Head Deputy of the Norwalk Branch of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dr. Phil speaks with Head Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Lentz Snyder and Deputy Commissioner George Mueller, CA Department of Insurance Enforcement Branch about high profile cases, fraud and ways to empower the community. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dr. Phil speaks with First Amendment attorneys Nancy Wells Hamilton and Charles L. “Chip” Babcock about science, censorship and the pandemic. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dr. Phil provides ways we can be resilient under the pressure of social distancing. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Velocity of Life

Velocity of Life


Dr. Phil takes you through the anatomy of an emotion, stressors and ways to maximize opportunities. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What have you learned about yourself during this crisis? This week on Phil in the Blanks, we're talking to people who care about things that matter and how you can move forward by being adaptive, agile and creative. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dr. Phil is discussing the impact of stress, what you can do to help manage, and more. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
On this week’s Phil in the Blanks podcast, Dr. Phil discusses the impact of distance learning, lost social opportunities, and helping parents know how to maximize homeschooling during the COVID19 pandemic. Hear from a school principal and a few teachers who offer insight and ideas to help cope with these unusual times. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dr. Phil has an unbiased discussion about the coronavirus -- numbers, “covidiots,” and more. Plus, hear why he says the mental and emotional impact of the disease may have a bigger impact and take more lives than the disease itself. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The coronavirus outbreak continues and with it comes an increase in stress, pressure and uncertainty. Dr. Phil discusses ways to manage social distancing. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
“I knew in my heart that I wasn’t a killer. I knew in my heart that I never wanted to take anybody’s life,” says reformed gang member, Joseph Lucero. On this week’s episode of Phil in the Blanks, Dr. Phil speaks with the youth mentor and actor about his life on the streets, his time behind bars, and what he says prompted him to turn his back on gang life. New episodes of the Phil in the Blanks podcast drop every Tuesday. Listen and subscribe.   See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
COVID-19: What are the facts? Dr. Phil is joined by leading medical and health professionals for a deep dive into the complexities of the pandemic. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Carla Pennington says she gave “probably the worst interview of my career” when being considered for the position of Executive Producer at Dr. Phil, nearly two decades ago. Hear more about the television executive’s life and career when she sits down with Dr. Phil on this week’s Phil in the Blanks podcast. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Psychiatrist and Medical Director for the County of Los Angeles DCFS Dr. Charles Sophy speaks out about the most significant problem he sees among youth, offers thoughts on a solution to the opioid crisis, and more on this week’s “Phil in the Blanks” podcast. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jon Taffer is an entrepreneur, consultant, author, TV personality and host of Bar Rescue on the Paramount Network who says he’s fascinated by human behavior. “We’re not in the television business – we’re in the human reaction business,” the the hospitality icon tells Dr. Phil on the next Phil in the Blanks podcast. See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
This week on Phil in the Blanks, Dr. Phil welcomes Jason Flom - a music industry giant who may be most famous for the people he’s helped to make famous. The executive has backed scores of artists like Matchbox Twenty and Sugar Ray, to Katy Perry and Lorde. Flom is also an inaugural board member of the Innocence Project, and host of the podcast, Wrongful Conviction with Jason Flom, which he says he started three years ago because, “I thought if I could help exonerees share their stories, and in so doing, help to prevent even one wrongful conviction from happening in the future – then let’s do that.” His newest series, Wrongful Conviction: False Confessions is a powerful 13-episode podcast that tells the story of twelve real false confessions, using actual audiotapes from inside the interrogation room, and asks and answers the question: why would an innocent person confess to a crime he didn’t commit? Wrongful Conviction: False Confessions launches, February 19. For more information: See for privacy information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Comments (1249)

Ashley Jean

this one was very disappointing. blm is pushing for segregation

Jun 19th
Reply (1)


Humans have had anxiety, depression, etc. for centuries. Thats why we have a history, such as, the witch paranoia, The Dark Ages etc., again. The only difference now is we tend to single them out and make excuses for their sometimes, despicable actions. We also tend to make it the public's problem to fix. I believe that the family should be rock that helps these people out of their despair. All humans have disappointment in their life.This is not a NEW disease.

Jun 9th

Ojo Eira

Welcome back! Thank you for the look into family.

May 20th

dchamberss dchamberss

Never knew Phil was such a racist. Yuck!

Apr 2nd

Brandy E

Kathy Bates is an amazing person! If I could have a cup of coffee with anyone...

Mar 5th

Erik C. Stone

how come we aren't seeing any new episodes?

Dec 14th

T. Rebecca Harrington

When will more episodes be released?

Oct 5th

KaeLee Eddlemon

please delete if not ok, my family lost everything in the alemeda wildfire can anyone help me financially I'm struggling right now as embarrassing as it is to admit. I can post the link to our fundraiser. if this isn't allowed please delete . I'm not trying to be that person that doesn't care. I care a lot . Having a hard time covering the basics at this point . My grandfather, my mom her fiancee lost their homes in the fire in talent we lost our trailer. Anything helps . Anyone willing to donate any funds or share ? Just a dollar can help , same with just a share can help as well . In search of any financial help, my grandfather didn't have insurance he was a renter, lived in a studio in the totem pole mobile home park. With that being said we have contacted red cross and they're not able to provide help financially, only food and clothes they say. We have started the process with fema, and are awaiting to hear what is going to happen. We have also been referred out to other agencies however they require him to have a rental agreement of which burned up in the fire , and he didn't have a utility bill as it was included in his space rent. So many people didn't have insurance as their mobile home was too old to insure . My grandfather lost EVERYTHING. So did my mom and her fiancee, we lost our trailer, and storage. I have taken him in and my brother and offered anything I have to others as well to help. I'm in need of help with gas funds , and funds to help my grandfather and family rebuild their life's as they won't be able to rebuild their homes , I can at least try to help them get back into a "norm" and try to make them a bit more comfortable. I have had problems finding clothing for my grandfather, same with shoes .

Sep 22nd

Monica Carolina Perez

When i hear about how Americans treat black people(and colored people) i the USA, i just shake my head and (almost) loose my speaking abilities. Rasisme is everywhere, but people in America is beating almost the rest of the world. Are you afraid that black people will be better in schools and jobs? From M. L King to now, it hasn't been so many changes. Only promises, that haven't been done yet. Its not the first black man who has been killed because of the color of the skin. You are acting like Neanderthals, because their brains did not envelop as good as the humans. And why are black people defending them selves and their rights? Since you already practicing the death penalty. This situation talks for its selvs. I am so glad that i live in Norway 🇳🇴 no guns, no wrong killings

Jun 26th
Reply (1)

Maurice Bellstewart

(Dr Phil) Black people rise up and let me hear your voice (Nina Richardson) black people discuss me they are animals (whole black race) but your black bitch (the KKK) did someone drop this bitch down the stairs then ram a car door twice to her head when she was a baby (the police) ... (Me) well I gonna beat my meat due due

Jun 24th

Joe Ozment

10, 7, 5. Dr Phil has been one of my 5 pivotal people. Dr Phil has been a critical choice in grasping to learn and change consistently. Dr Phil has been defining in many moments to keep rising and staying the course. Dr Phil has been pivotal as a changing person in my life. I have become a gratefully appreciative discipling study of this "ol grey dog." Ha! Lol. But for real, as a C-6,7 quadriplegic after a car accident at age 21, and being "burnt" from too much LSD at age 16 and hallucinating everyday for the next 22 years, the suicide of my father, poorly diagnosing and prescribing psychiatrist, and the greatest bioneuroohysiological challenging 33 years of all time, Phil McGraw has given me enough knowledge in a Pandora's Box of multifactorial complexities to "get it" in his profession and otherwise to my most uncommon toll of trauma neurologically and mentally from some of the mentioned matters above to stay the course to navigate through the criminal "justice" persecutors for being a one in a million to live, survive, and overcome as a winner. Thank You Dr Phil, I've been blessed to have you as a beacon of knowledge to pull this off, still alive, still "standing." You're a modern day, contemporary, apostle of the Lord God in this world as I see it -- religion set aside. But do have a question. What is the difference in mind and "spirit" with spirit being defined as your soul that leaves your body after death? Do you have evidence based belief in the human body as having a spirit that has everlasting life after our bodies die? Or would you think such beliefs are supernatural nonsense?

Jun 13th


I sure hoped he speaks out for Black lives matter soon or Im done listening and it beter not be a bunch of cops are good BS

Jun 6th

Jackie Woychesin

" if your data is what it is, it is what it is", Dr Phil. ....really? No tests were available. No data can be correct if you don't have all of the information. Also, the " experts" did not say to "send the kids back to school," months ago, and "we lose only around 2 percent of them", Dr Phil said that. Do we listen to the experts or do we listen to you? I for one want want the social media platforms to fact check these quacks putting their garbage out there that could kill people.

May 30th

The Audios' Series

I will follow you and your podcast is incredible.

May 15th

Kerensa Erickson

After this man likened COVID-19 to drowning deaths in swimming pools on national television in attempt to strengthen the idea that this pandemic isn't a big deal he lost all credibility to me. Yeah, maybe if drowning in swimming pools was something I could catch at school or at the super market or at work, but no. That is not the case, sir.

May 12th
Reply (1)

Deyanna Lynn

Thank you for all the information on the Covid-19 as well.

Apr 29th

Deyanna Lynn

Awesome!!!! Loved all these podcasts!!! I am a homebody so this pandemic is not a big deal to me, but it is a huge deal to other family members, so that has been hard. It is not to hurt them we just know the grandparents have underlying issues so we don’t want to put their lives in jeopardy. We want them to be around to see their grandchildren grow. My husband also fortunately still is working so if we are immune to the covid an give it to them we will be devastated.

Apr 29th

William j Jeffers

saw Pastor Jakes on your show today, thought I saw that he was on one of your Pod Casts. He mentioned his grandmother - now that's someone I would have loved to chat with!

Apr 21st

Chris Davies

Huge fan of the podcast. Saw a Fox interview that contradicts everything the podcast has thus far taught me. Therefore based on what Dr. Phil has taught me about getting rid of fake people. Unsubscribe

Apr 19th
Reply (1)

Patrick Gestner

I highly recommend this episode for anyone homeschooling now through the rest of the school year.

Apr 18th
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