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A Matter of Life and Death

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A Matter of Life and Death with Arizona Bell is a weekly podcast offering enlightened conversations with important voices in the worlds of spirituality, philosophy, and psychology. Dedicated to truth, driven by Spirit, and brimming with levity, this is the podcast we need in such an unprecedented and uncertain time in human history.

Hosted by author, grief coach, and CEO of Spirit Guides Media, Arizona Bell, A Matter of Life and Death delves into the nuances of consciousness, the urgencies of our modern age, and the spiritual forces that are behind it all. Simultaneously cutting-edge and playful, profound, and light-hearted, this podcast is for modern mystics looking to deep-dive into the frontiers of our collective spiritual awakening—and to have fun doing it!

About Arizona Bell
Arizona Bell is the co-founder and CEO of Spirit Guides Media—a media network that’s dedicated to truth and driven by Spirit. An author, grief coach, and afterlife researcher, Arizona is an inspirational speaker with the message that examining death and what happens to us after death is the absolute best way to live our richest, most meaningful lives here on Earth.

As a rising voice in the spiritual community, she appeared as a panelist on George Noory’s afterlife expert panel at the Afterlife Research and Education Institute Symposium in 2018 and speaks regularly at various conferences and events.

Arizona’s book “Soul Magic: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Mystics” is available now.
14 Episodes
Dream messages and interpretations are so in vogue right now, and this episode is all about the magical-mystical dreamworld!Arizona’s guest today, Holly Emmerson, is a Dream Oracle who has the unique ability to channel messages from Spirit while in the dreamworld. Yes, you read that right!Arizona and Holly chat about:•Processing our day-to-day lives in our dreams •Decoding our own personal dream language•The thematic messages of the current collective dreamworld•The purpose of recurring dreams•Tips for remembering our dreams•And... Justin Bieber, shockinglyTo learn more about Holly, visit with Arizona Bell at or on Instagram @spiritguidesmedia and @_arizonabell.
“Covid gave me my true self,” says astrologer Debra Silverman in this real, raw, and fun discussion.Debra joins Arizona to talk about the astrology of the times, of course, but more importantly, together they explore the cosmic and universal journey from despair to hope to rebirth. And frankly, that’s the conversation we all need to hear right now.Arizona and Debra dig into:•2020 as the bootcamp for which made us stronger•The astrological flavors of 2021•The importance of and rise of astrology in the Aquarian Age•The vital (and not often spoke of) function of the rising sign in astrology•How 2020 has activated our rising signs•How astrology offers us the permission slip we need in order to be our true selves•Facing and making friends with our “gremlins”•The practice of self-forgiveness•The truth about depression•Using crisis to be in our favor•Learning and embodying the art of listeningTo join Debra’s Applied Astrology course, visit: learn more about all the magic that Debra offers, visit with Arizona Bell at or on Instagram @spiritguidesmedia and @_arizonabell.
Each year, psychic intuitive Lori Morrison compiles a list of predictions for the year ahead that are derived from a consensus of more than 100 astrologers, psychics, and ancient seers. In this week’s episode, Arizona and Lori reveal and discuss the predictions for 2021—everything from politics, to culture, to wtf is *actually* happening in this bizarro world we now inhabit. You won’t want to miss this one!Lori Morrison is an award-winning author of the books "LORI, The Disintegration of My Ordinary Reality" and "The Shaman’s Guide to Power Animals." Through the use of cutting-edge technology, sacred science, and shamanic healing practices, Lori is able to go beyond the symptoms and see the underlying causes of illness, provide successful remedies, and bring the awareness needed to resolve chronic conditions and overcome stubborn barriers to health. As a spiritual teacher, she is especially gifted in helping others reach higher levels of consciousness and understanding. Learn more about Lori Morrison at download the 2021 predictions guide visit: with Arizona Bell at or on Instagram @spiritguidesmedia and @_arizonabell.
Happy New Year! This week’s episode introduces Mona Loring, Arizona Bell’s new business partner and Spirit Guides Media’s new Chief Strategy Officer. An intuitive medium since the age of 13, Mona has been working with the mystical for most of her life. In addition to her private practice working as a psychic medium and shamanic healer, Mona is an accomplished entrepreneur and publicist, running two PR agencies, MLC PR and Conscious Living PR. She's the embodiment of successfully merging spirituality and business—a growing necessity for our new world.To learn more about Mona Loring, visit or @healingwithmona on Instagram.Connect with Arizona Bell at or on Instagram @spiritguidesmedia and @_arizonabell.
In this short and sweet episode, Arizona Bell offers her reflections on the past year, and her hopes for the year to come.Connect with Arizona Bell at or on Instagram @spiritguidesmedia and @_arizonabell.
Arizona Bell is a Manifesting Generator 6/2 profile. Have zero idea what that means?! Neither did Arizona until this episode! Listen as this week’s guest, Human Design Analyst Lara Enders, teaches us all about this amazing self-discovery modality.Lara Enders is a Human Design analyst who uses a down-to-earth, yet transformative approach to life purpose and spiritual truth seeking, through the lens of the Human Design System. She's also a crystal enthusiast, which is blended into her unique teaching style. Check her out on Instagram (@auraminerals) where she regularly delivers practical tips and unique perspectives on how to survive the shifting global landscape.Arizona and Lara dig into:How Human design helps us understand ourselves and other peopleHow human design merges the scientific and the spiritual, making it digestible to all types of peopleHow human design is a big ole permission slip to be your most authentic selfThe importance of understanding and accepting your strengths AND your weaknesses in living an authentic lifeThe importance of embracing your uniqueness in an increasingly homogenized societyThe link between the human design system and energetic auras Finding out “who you’re here to be” based on your human designHow human design can help us understand others and foster compassion for differences between usLearn more about Lara at with Arizona Bell at or on Instagram @spiritguidesmedia and @_arizonabell.
Arizona and her guest psychic medium Michelle Clare discuss near death experiences in depth in this week's episode. Michelle is the perfect guest to dive into this topic with as she has experienced not one, not two, but THREE NDEs in the span of 11 years!Michelle says that all three NDEs were a reminder of an unconditional love and connection that surpasses our earthly life. After these life-altering death experiences, Michelle started receiving information for other people from their loved ones who had transitioned, and now works as a Certified Medium, Angel Intuitive, Spiritual Coach, Energetic Healer, and Intuitive Life Coach. Learn more about Michelle Clare at with Arizona Bell at or on Instagram @spiritguidesmedia and @_arizonabell.
In this episode, Arizona Bell and evidential medium Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium, dive into the paranormal to discuss portals, vortexes, and more!Susanne Wilson is a scientifically authenticated evidential medium & spiritual teacher, and the author of “Soul Smart: What the dead teach us about spirit communication.” Her wealth of knowledge into the “unseen” worlds is unmatched!Arizona and Susanne discuss:•Are portals good or bad?•How are portals created?•Who controls portals?•How can we sense a portal’s presence?•How rare are portals?•And so much more!Learn more about Susanne Wilson at with Arizona Bell at or on Instagram @spiritguidesmedia and @_arizonabell.
On this episode, Spiritual Messenger and Channel Belinda Womack joins Arizona Bell to share messages from the 12 archangels that address the unprecedented times we are living in. Belinda loves to work with the 12 Archangels and Ascended Masters to relay their transformational and deepest-healing messages through personal consultations, channeled readings, online classes, and live-webinars—and we are honored that she has joined us for this powerful conversation today!Arizona and Belinda discuss:•How Belinda was “drafted” by the 12 archangels •How viruses are made from fear•How the spirit of creativity is going through a major rebirth right now•Leaning into transformation rather than resisting •How our relationship with money is changing •“Working for” God•How boredom brings through creative genius•The angel’s perspective on those who are passing away during this pandemic•What the angel’s say about grieving•The violet fire river•Belinda shares numerous channeled messages from the 12 archangelsLearn more about Belinda at with Arizona Bell at or on Instagram @spiritguidesmedia and @_arizonabell.
Today's guest, Julie Ryan, is a skilled medical medium, meaning she can sense what medical conditions and illnesses a person has and facilitate energetic healings. She can also communicate with spirits (both alive and dead), animals, and plants, and access people’s past lives. And, quite impressively, she can tell how close to death someone is.It's the first day of Scorpio season—join us as we deep dive into the shadowy waters of death and the afterlife!In this episode, Arizona and Julie dig into:•How tapping into spiritual intuitive abilities is for everyone, whether a shaman or a construction worker•The spiritual benefits of the 2020 pandemic•The rampant fear of death, and how looking at death right in the eyes helps us become fearless and more alive•The 12 phases of death from a spiritual perspective (that EVERYONE goes through)•What REALLY happens we die•How we can live a freer existence by confronting our fears head-on •“The Walk to Heaven” meditation exerciseLearn more about Julie at with Arizona Bell at or on Instagram @spiritguidesmedia and @_arizonabell.
This week’s guest is the one, the only, Mike Dooley! Mike is a New York Times Best-selling author, international speaker, and creator of the uber popular Notes from the Universe.As you will see, Mike’s energy is the medicine we all need right now and you can’t help but leave this convo uplifted, inspired, and ready to kick some arse!Arizona and Mike discuss:•Trust in the Universe as a cure to self doubt•The true power of our thoughts•The importance of visualizing your desired end result in manifestation•Overcoming human self doubt when genius creative ideas are delivered from the Universe•How the lessons in our life are in fact our greatest blessings•How moments of pause in our life are gateways to bringing us into truer spiritual alignment •Mike’s advice for 2020 (hallelujah!)Learn more about Mike Dooley, including his new book “The Complete Notes from the Universe,” at with Arizona Bell at or on Instagram @spiritguidesmedia and @_arizonabell.
This week's guest is astrologer and bestselling author Colin Bedell. Yes, Arizona and Colin chat 2020 astrology (and beyond), but they riff on SO MUCH MORE than just that! Arizona and Colin dig into:•HOPE•The call to practice radical responsibility from here on out•Using astrology as a mirror to contribute to this moment in time, rather than as a doomsday crystal ball•Radical forgiveness as a constant practice•A Course in Miracles nerd out sidenote!•The great collective-consciousness detox•Required upgrades in the spiritual/astrological community •The “Great Conjunction” coming up on the winter solstice•FAITH•Also mentioned: N’Sync, Britney Spears, Harry Potter, George Michael Connect with Colin Bedell at or on Instagram @queercosmos. Connect with Arizona Bell at or on Instagram @spiritguidesmedia and @_arizonabell.
This week’s guest is Juliet Obodo, a Master Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer with a mission to help burnt out lightworkers and high achievers heal and succeed through brain training. She also does the important work of helping treat, heal, and transform racism. To Juliet, hypnosis is the key to it all, because it allows us to unlock our potential through mental alignment & inner child healing. Arizona and Juliet discuss:- The power of hypnosis in releasing long-time emotional blocks- The very real current issue of the pandemic/activism/2020 burnout- The importance of shedding what doesn’t serve you and remembering who the f*ck you are right now- Media cleansing and stepping out of the matrix in order to get your energy back and make a real difference- Brain optimization for inner child healing and rebirthing yourself- How to navigate the sensitive financial times as an entrepreneur To learn more about Juliet Obodo, find her on instagram @julietcobodo or on YouTube @JulietC. To keep up with Arizona Bell, visit or follow along on Instagram @spiritguidesmedia and @_arizonabell.
In Arizona Bell’s first podcast back after a long hiatus, her and spiritual author, channel, and healer Courtney Beck wax poetic on the topic of “Rebirth.” Arizona and Courtney discuss: - Shifting from fear to faith in 2020 - The growth opportunities that rock bottom inspire - The importance of rebirth within our lifetimes in advancing our souls - How we can shave off lifetimes from the reincarnation process - The Yugas in Hindu Cosmology and what cycle the Earth is currently in - The importance of respecting Mother Nature and returning to a balance with the natural world in this time Courtney also shares an exclusive channeled message from Shiva, the Hindu deity known as “The Great Re-Destroyer” (and The Great Re-balancer). To learn more about Courtney Beck and to download her FREE digital books, visit To keep up with Arizona Bell, visit or follow along on Instagram @spiritguidesmedia and @_arizonabell.
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