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Digital Content Creators - Sundays with Mariam and Lily
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Digital Content Creators - Sundays with Mariam and Lily

Author: Mariam & Lily

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This podcast is for digital content creators, whether you are just getting started or have been in the space for several years. We go through the journey of what it is like to create digital content, perfect your craft, build an audience, and get paid for your work.
26 Episodes
If you've ever worked with clients, this topic may really resonate with you because no two clients are the same. When you come across a client who breaches a verbal or contractual agreement, it can be very challenging. This episode is about what to do if a client breaches an agreement and tips for protecting yourself when dealing with new clients.
Many of us are working from home, and although there are a lot of upsides, there are some downsides as well. One being, staying productive. We talk about our favorite hacks for staying productive while working from home and tips for keeping the productivity train going.
The Yara Nabbout Business Program is in loving memory of Mariam's sister Yara. This program is aimed at supporting women in businesses in the Middle East region. This episode is all about the business program and how to apply.
Pinterest Crash Course

Pinterest Crash Course


Pinterest is a platform that can drive significant traffic to your website. Understanding how to use Pinterest as a content creator takes a little bit of time. Here is a Pinterest crash course for anyone going from user to content creator on the Pinterest platform.
How do you keep yourself going through the covid pandemic? We discuss the impacts of covid on our day to day lives, how it's affected our work and projects, and what we are doing about it.
Have you ever experienced burnout in your personal or professional life? Burnout can occur because of a lot of things: being overwhelmed with too many projects all at once, handling difficult personal situations while trying to maintain productivity, or just feeling tired of doing the same thing over and over again. We discuss how to overcome burnout while still delivering on project committments. 
Are you wondering how to drive traffic to your website? We discuss some of the main different traffic types: organic traffic, social media, Pinterest, YouTube, email marketing, and direct traffic. This is a great episode for the basics of main traffic drivers.



Rejection is something we all face in our day to day lives. It can be something that stops us from pursuing our passions or dreams. We talk about some of our experiences with rejection, and how we try to handle these situations constructively. 
This is our first benchmark episode! We talk about where we're at now in growing our online brand.
Creating your own opportunity might be an option if no other opportunity is available. Instead of waiting around for the perfect opportunity, why not create it?
We've all been there and had difficult clients or customers. We discuss ways of handling difficult clients so that the project you are working on doesn't get impacted. 
This episode is all about finding passion and fulfillment in your work. Loving what you do is important whether you freelance, work in a company, or build your own business.
This episode is all about digital photography. We discuss our tips for beginners using their own photography on their digital platforms. We go through the process of taking good images, editing, and compressing the photos. We also discuss where you can get images online if photography is not your thing. 
This episode is all about overcoming doubt and uncertainty when building an online presence. Doubt and uncertainty are common when embarking on something new. We share our personal experiences and tips we have to overcome doubt and fear of the unknown. 
This episode is all about finding a freelance job! We talk about our own experiences landing freelance jobs and offer up some suggestions for finding a freelance job using your own niche skills.
This episode is all about expectations and mindset when starting your online journey. We discuss the power of having a positive mindset and setting reasonable expectations when embarking on something new.
Building an Email List

Building an Email List


In this episode, we discuss the basics of building an email list. We go through what an email list is, how to collect emails, different email marketing providers, and why an email list is important for your brand. 
This podcast episode is all about the basics of creating a passive income! We discuss what passive income is, the different types of passive income, and how to build a passive income on your platform. 
Mariam has a digital Instagram course and has helped many brands with their Instagram strategy. This episode is all about Mariam's top 5 tips for building a professional Instagram account.
This episode is about being able to succeed anywhere as a digital content creator. It doesn't matter if you live in Abu Dhabi or a Lebanese village, you can build a fulfilling online presence and income. 
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