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Author: Nicolette Ray Tuftin

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The Inner Essence Podcast – a show dedicated to living and creating as the most authentically unleashed version of you. What I’ve noticed in my years as a spiritual teacher, a branding coach, and writer is this: We all have BIGNESS inside of us that we are terrified to let out into the world to be seen. And when we keep that bigness trapped inside of us, not only do we suffer and live in mediocrity, but so does the world.We may know we are powerful, we may know that we are meant to move the masses, we may know we are meant for far more beautiful lives than we live, but the knowing doesn’t move the bigness outside of us. We stay stuck… why is that, you ask?Here’s why:Unleashing our most true and authentic selves into the world isn’t about knowing our greatness…. It’s about believing in our bigness more than our smallness. It’s about being courageous enough to be seen, heard, and witnessed exactly as we are. It’s about leading our lives from a place of total alignment.So, it is my time to walk the talk and courageously let you experience the fullness of who I am and what I stand for so you can do the same.And because I’m a multifaceted, wild, and a self-help obsessed woman, I’ll be combining the seemingly all over the place teachings and tools that have helped me live the most lit up life and create a soul-aligned brands and businesses for the men and women I coach.This isn’t a podcast about just one thing, because lord knows we’re all tired of boxing ourselves in… this is a podcast dedicated to the discovery of THE one thing you must know intimately to create results in your life: your inner essence.What the heck is your inner essence? It’s the part of you that is distinctly yours. It’s what makes you, you. It’s your authenticity, your spirit, and soul at your most activated and aligned state.
11 Episodes
What the hecksters is branding anyway and how do you have one that stands out? Find out in this episode
Every wonder why some people seem to be effortlessly confident? Well, the secret isn't actually confidence at all. It's something else! In this episode Nicolette breaks down the key to confidence, and it might not be what you think....
If you've ever wondered how to know if you're in alignment or not, this is the episode for you!
Get stuck in the rabbit whole of being in your head or being stuck in your personal development? Listen to this one! Creating success is about being both energetically aligned and in committed action and knowing how to get yourself out there.
But, how?! In this episode, Nicolette dives into HOW you clarify things such as your niche and target audience, how to clarify your purpose being a multi-passionate entrepreneur, and how to discover and clarify your vision and why you are here on this planet.
Do you need validation for outside of yourself to feel like you're enough? Do you externalize your self worth? In this episode, Nicolette talks about how people pleasing and abandoning self is the thief of true authentic expression in the world.
Ever find yourself knowing what's holding you back but nothing you do, say, or think shifts your pattern? Well, you're missing a BIG key to manifestation. In this episode, Nicolette talks about why affirmations are useless bandaids without also implementing a few keys strategies to get your mind, body, and spirit on the same page.
Ever think about taking action on your goals, all to choose eating pizza and watching Netflix instead? Tired of waiting for your success to arrive? Well, you get to stop waiting and get going. In this episode, Nicolette talks about the reasons why we wait and self-sabotage our own success and what to do to get out of our own way.
Ever catch yourself comparing yourself to literally EVERYONE else? Don't worry, you're certainly not alone. And, it's time to stop this sabotaging pattern in its tracks. In this episode Nicolette uncovers what's actually going on inside your subconscious when you go into comparison thinking. She gives you the tools and the kick in the pants to get out of judgment and into your worthiness.
HOW isn't the question to be asking when going after your goals. In this episode, Nicolette shares just what to do to get yourself unstuck and out the the cycle of wanting and into the flow of living your dreams, right NOW.----------Share the love! Make sure to follow and tag Nicolette on Instagram @nicoletteraytuftinTo learn more about Nicolette and her work, courses, and freebies, visit:
Have you been hiding your bigness, playing small, wondering why you can't let your true self free from the grips of your subconscious mind? It's time to take yourself on and unleash your inner essence into the world. Listen in to find out how.
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