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Author: Kyle Decker

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Underdog (n): A competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest. The goal of this podcast is for us to share stories of failure & triumph through thoughtful & engaging conversation.

Everyone has an underdog story and we want to hear yours.
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Founder + CEO WISe Wellness Guild Stevi Carr joined our show and shared some insights about her life and career. She discussed her challenges and shared some of the mindsets that helped her through her hardships. Stevi also talked about the importance of creating a balance between our purpose and our mental health. She believes creating this balance will greatly impact how we're going to be able to show up for what's important.   Find more information about the Underdog Podcast online at   Follow us on Social Media: Twitter Tiktok Facebook  Linkedin
On this episode we have Brandon Saho, known as TV's sports anchor-reporter who opened up and shared his journey fighting depression. "My mental health is in a really good place. I just felt like it was best for me to move on to the next chapter," Saho said. Brandon also shared about his new project 'The Mental Game Podcast' a space where he is the host and interviews people that also have struggled with their Mental Health, this to spread awareness about how important is to take care of our mind and to let people that are going through it know that they're not alone and it is okay fine to ask for help!   Follow The Underdog Pod on social media! Twitter  |  Tiktok  |  Facebook | Linkedin
On this episode, we have Thom Brennaman a long-time sportscaster who fell into a massive controversy in 2020 when a hot mic caught him saying a slur. This hot mic moment lead to his dismissal as a Cincinnati Reds sportscaster and his resignation from Fox Sports. Since then Thom has met and worked with various LGBT+ organizations and individuals to le arn from his mistakes and grow as a person.  Thom has been working to amend his wrongs and get back into what he knows best Sportscasting. You can currently find Thom broadcasting on Chatterbox Sports broadcasting High School sports in Cincinnati and on his new show “Off the Bench with Thom Brennaman presented by UDF” which streams live daily on Chatterbox Sports Youtube. We know this episode may be viewed as controversial by some, but we believe everyone deserves a chance at redemption. People make mistakes and learn from those mistakes and we believe that Thom has worked to better himself and those affected by his words since that moment.
Ryan Russell a businessman, husband, and dad of three received a strong diagnosis after months of headaches. The pain he was feeling was not headaches or migraines instead it was brain cancer. He opened up and detailed the phases of his fight. ''It was clear that the hill I needed to climb was larger than I imagined. Not a hill at all. More like Mt. Everest'', ''When you are faced with a challenge there are only two options. You can turn away and hide, or you go headfirst into the storm'' Ryan said. Ryan shared some rules that have been critical for him and, also shared about the website where he's sharing more about his story, tips, and resources.   Grey Matter really matters - and you are never more cognizant of this fact as the day that someone tells you that you have Brain Cancer. Now, we are on a mission to understand our brains, to fund brain cancer research, and to investigate the link between mind and body.
The Ohio State University head basketball coach Chris Holtmann shared his beliefs and the values that drive him. Also, how he encourages the team to display the very best of themselves.
Kyle Decker - My WHY

Kyle Decker - My WHY


In our first episode of Self-Cast, Our Host and founder opened up and shared how he started The Riley Decker Companies and took us a little bit deeper sharing his WHY. We find out what drives him to be the person he is and how creating the UDP has helped him grow and learn.   Give Kyle a follow on social: Twitter  Follow the UDP: Facebook Twitter  Linkedin
Quintin Morris is an American football tight end for the Buffalo Bills. He shared some insights about his career and what it has taken him to be in the place he currently is. Also, he opened up about how he was moved by his younger brother to impact and help the special needs community.   Find Q on Social: Twitter | Instagram
The NBA’s First Mexican Woman Referee Blanca Burns, shared with us some insights into her life story and the challenges she faced since her childhood ''All these Challenges made me who I am today. If I could do it, you can do it.'' Burns said. Her Family has been a pillar for her to be the strong woman she is and pursue her dreams.
Born in Liberia, West Africa, The LMU men's basketball coach Stan Johnson opened up and shared how hard was to leave his home country and start a whole new journey in a new one. 'Nothing is been easy, but the beauty and the blessing it's being within the journey' He quoted. Coach Johnson shared about his core values and the huge importance of building a sustainable and intentional culture. Follow Coach Johnson on Twitter Find the UDP on your favorite podcast platforms! For more info visit: Shop Loyola Marymount Lions Gear! 
Scott Thomas Miller is an American football wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football at Bowling Green and was drafted by the Buccaneers in the sixth round of the 2019 NFL Draft. He opened up with us and shared how he was doubted for his height that even coaches barely put him in games and how self-trust, his speed, and hard work took him to build his place in the field. Follow Scotty on social media: Instagram Twitter  
THE LAST HOPE Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. He grew up in an environment surrounded by violence, drugs, and crimes. Those situations humbled him and guided him to find an escape plan. His mom is one of his biggest inspirations as she spent her life raising eight kids in a precarious environment and without the opportunity to have even one day off. His life changed when he started playing for the North Coast Blue Chips. His passion, dedication, commitment, ambition, and desire to build a better life for his family drive him to give the best of himself every day. Ohio's top basketball recruit for the Class of 2023, Taft High School junior Rayvon Griffith will be a University of Cincinnati Bearcat to the delight of a rabid fan base hungry for a return to the NCAA tournament. Follow Rayvon on Social: Twitter | Instagram
Chase shared how transcendent it's been his mom's support after his dad passed in 2013, for him to achieve his dream of playing in the NHL.
In his second time on the UDP, Ryan the host of the podcast The Learning Leader Show and writer of ''The pursuit of Excellence'' shared some highlights of his book and gave us great advice on how to build a leadership culture and a successful mindset.
Shane Snow shares the process of writing his book Dream Teams, the difficult times he overcame, and how he didn't allow these moments to define his future.
In this episode, we reconnect with Tim who is now our first guest to make a second appearance. Tim wants to encourage people to learn through his journey, How has he going through his adversity having stage 4 cancer.    There is so much to learn about his resilience and how he deals with his difficult times, applying what he teaches in Focus 3.
Cliff Devries Promise of diving. When he was 4 years his love for this sport began and he kept working on improving his skills until gain national attention, his eyes were on the Olympics but when he was in the best time of his career, he start having problems with his shoulder. MRI revealed a 6-inch tumor pressing onto Cliff’s spinal cord, after 13 hours of surgery he got paralyzed, now every year on his birthday we can see him diving.
Marques helped the Saints achieve victory in Super Bowl XLIV with seven receptions for 83 yards against the Indianapolis Colts. Now he is an executive coach; financial advisor; entrepreneur, founder & CEO of Marques Colston Enterprises.
Boxing champion and American hero! "Some of us fight for our country, some of us fight for our families, some fight for sport.... I fight for all these things.". Misfortunate moments: He was put into foster care when his mother was a drug dealer, his best friend Stephen Brown died, and he lost his daughter to SIDS, listen to his overcoming adversity story.
Mike, the senior forward for the Falcons of Middlesex County's Monroe Township High School, suffered an injury during a hockey game, which would leave him paralyzed at the age of 17 in January 2014. Now he motivates us with an amazing mentality and his strength. “The world never needed me on hockey skates, it needed me in a wheelchair. My fight will not be over until there aren’t any more wheelchairs.” Sorry about the audio quality on this episode. We had some technical issues and had to resort to the zoom recording audio.
After falling ill right after Christmas eve 2019, Miracle went into septic shock. Although at first, it seemed doubtful Miracle would even survive the illness, he was able to leave the hospital, without any arms or legs, but with the unwavering support of his wife and children.
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