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We talk about Gnosticism, esoteric religion, the occult, and more each week.
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Dr. Agata Bielik-Robsonm, Professor of Jewish Studies at the University of Nottingham, poetically interrogates Gnosticism and Lurianic Kabbalah with us to reveal how Gnosticism is an essential consequence of monotheism and is deeply embedded in the Bible, in Jewish history and thought, and maybe, in so many unrecognized ways, in much of western philosophy. From […]
Jacob Frank was a Jewish messianic claimant in 18th Century Poland. Famous and influential in his time, he’s mostly remembered today as a cult leader, a madman, and a swindler, and -maybe- he was all these things BUT that doesn’t mean his thought, his religious ideas, and his life are not fascinating and worthy of […]
The Secret Revelation of John was lost to humanity for almost a millennia and a half, and now that we have it again, what light can it shine on the human condition and our relationship with the Divine? What healing can it bring to a world that feels more broken than ever? Dr. Shirley Paulson’s […]
German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel is considered by many to be one of the most important thinkers to have ever lived. And he had a lot to say about Christianity, maybe even enough to say he changed how we thought about the faith forever. However, Hegel is notoriously difficult to follow, so Dr. Todd […]
Welcome to another episode of Pop Gnosis! Today we’re going to be talking about the Netflix phenomenon Sandman, created by Neil Gaiman. We’ll touch on its comic history as well. On Pop Gnosis we take a look at the culture around us through a gnostic lens. Sometimes the connections are direct and easy to see, […]
Matt Christman has a new podcast, Hell on Earth, about the Thirty Years War (the apocalyptical cross-Europe conflict from 1618 to 1648) and how it birthed the modern world—and he returns to the Talk Gnosis to discuss the role of the Rosicrucian legends and conspiracy theories played in the War. Tune in to hear about […]
Epiphany season, which marks the famous visit of the Magi to Jesus in the well known Christmas story, is upon us! And to celebrate we’re interviewing Dr. Eric Vanden Eykel, author of “The Magi: Who They Were, How They’ve Been Remembered, and Why They Still Fascinate.” Ancient historian and scholar Eric Vanden Eykel reveals what […]
Filmmaker, podcaster, and academic Helen Rollins comes on the show even though she’s probably sick of Gnosticism (she’s Jon’s thesis advisor). It’s a conversation that goes everywhere including the relevance of theology even if you’re not religious, art, trying to create during these Gnostic times, dialectical dialogues, filmmaking, and how embracing contradiction can set us […]
It’s our Christmas special and also another ep of our new show Pop Gnosis and wow…it’s also the reveal of our new host Rebecca “Bee” Scolnick! Bee and Jason will be exploring how Gnosticism is reflected in the cultural world around us, and how movies, music, art etc. have the capacity for gnosis, instead of […]
Listen to Part 1 first 🙂 A strange scene in the Bible where Moses erects a bronze serpent upon a pole becomes the jumping off point for a whirlwind exploration of life, the universe, and everything in Michael R. Osbourne’s “The Brazen Serpent: Chaos and Order.” Through the teachings and symbolism of the great mystics […]
A strange scene in the Bible where Moses erects a bronze serpent upon a pole becomes the jumping off point for a whirlwind exploration of life, the universe, and everything in Michael R. Osbourne’s “The Brazen Serpent: Chaos and Order.” Through the teachings and symbolism of the great mystics of the Western esoteric tradition onto […]
The Christian Community is a renewal of Christianity incorporating the insights of the mystic Rudolph Steiner, the liberal church, the esoteric Christian tradition with a mission to be a church for now. Patrick Kennedy and Jonah Evans, directors of the Seminary of The Christian Community in North America, guest on Talk Gnosis to tell us […]
Former Google Engineer Blake Lemoine made international headlines for both his public comments about the consciousness of the Google AI project LaMDA and the corporation’s moral responsibly around creating sentient entities and his subsequent dismissal from the company. What many don’t know is Blake has a long time interest and active engagement with Gnosticism and […]
We’re starting a new show about the intersections of pop culture and Gnosticism and this is our test ep for it AND this year’s Halloween special. The Darren Aronofsky film mother!, about a couple in an isolated country home encountering a series of disturbing visits by disturbing people, was advertised as a horror movie and […]
The Most Holy Trinosophia is a mysterious text from the late 18th century composed of mystical images and text, maybe written by the infamous Cagliostro in the prison of the inquisition, that tells the story of an allegorical and initiatory journey. Writer M.R. Osbourne tells us about his new edition of the book and reveals […]
Dr. M.David Litwa returns to Talk Gnosis and we talk about an evil creator god based on the deity of the Bible, the ancient Egyptian god of chaos Set, a near-forgotten Christian leader named Marcion, the real “first” and secret New Testament, and generally shift some paradigms in this interview about his book, The Evil […]
You asked and we answered with the definite and only true answers to life’s biggest questions and answers…well maybe not THE answers…oh wait…maybe there’s only questions at the end of everything….anyway YOU asked a number of questions about Gnosticism and our panel of Gnostic all stars gave their answers. Tune in for our takes on […]
Divination, magic, and various forms of oogie-boogie are associated with Tarot, so it is really something a dedicated Christian could benefit from? Or for that matter, any serious mystic or devotee of any path? Or maybe these cards contain something powerful, something sacred….Brittany Muller comes on Talk Gnosis to talk Tarot and her new book […]
The common perception of Christianity rarely sees it as a mystical, contemplative, or even magical religion, so we put together a panel with members and clergy from three different Mystical Christian churches/traditions: Curtis Childs from the Swedenborg Foundation, Rev. Jonah Evans from the Christian Community, and Bishop Scott Rassbach from the Apostolic Johannite Church. Check […]
Dr. Betty Kovacs tells the story of the hidden tradition, the history of gnosis, as it winds it way through the human experience over the last 40,000 years in her magisterial book “Merchants of Light.” Dr. Kovacs joins us to talk about her book as well as her work and her life long search for […]
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Ali Machgang Montañez

Amazing podcast the book he was talking about the library of spiritual history of mankind …..he called it (blank) report thought he said cashew …..what was the book he mentioned

Dec 9th

Gatinha Bella

the sound was so bad I gave up around the 20 minute mark.

Sep 26th
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