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The HealthBiz podcast features in-depth interviews on healthcare business, technology and policy with entrepreneurs and experts. Host David E. Williams is president of Health Business Group, a board member and investor in private healthcare companies, and author of the Health Business Blog. His strategic and humorous approach to healthcare provides a refreshing break from the usual BS.
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Joel Morse has devoted his career to building innovative companies that serve the pharmaceutical industry. His latest venture, Curavit Clinical Research runs decentralized or virtual trials, which have gotten huge in the pandemic. In this episode of the HealthBiz podcast, Joel talks about decentralized trials and why they’re growing. He also opens up about his experience building C3i, and how it led him to adventures around the world, including Joel’s involvement with the royal family in Bulgaria.
Prognos Health founder Sundeep Bhan’s family liked the idea of him becoming a doctor. But as long as he stayed as a pre-med in college they let him take whatever courses he wanted. He explored art history and communications, and eventually wandered back to healthcare as a company founder. It’s a good thing that he has that entrepreneurial streak, since one of his board members told him he was not employable.
Wolters Kluwer Health CTO, Jean-Claude Saghbini has been thinking a lot about how the pandemic will change healthcare. In this episode  we discuss his predictions about scaling telehealth, accelerating evidence, predicting and preventing with AI, the changing roles of healthcare workers, and moving beyond interoperability to supra-operability.
As a primary care physician and Chief Medical Officer of Aledade, Dr. Emily Maxson helps independent primary care physicians participate in accountable care organizations, preserve their independence and financial viability, and boost quality and access for patients.
In this episode of the HealthBiz Podcast, ChartWise Medical Systems CEO, Steven Mason shares his journey from New Orleans to Nashville, explains how his background in organizational development and consulting prepared him for corporate leadership, and opines on the impact of President Joe Biden’s Administration on healthcare.We discuss CDI: clinical documentation integrity, and how it’s shifting as payment models get more complex and COVID-19 upends traditional care patterns.
After Taylor Justice was medically discharged from the Army, he learned firsthand about social determinants of health through working with other veterans. It led him to co-found Unite Us to digitally connect community services like housing, education and substance abuse counseling to meet the holistic needs of individuals.As Chief Operating Officer, Christina Mainelli brings her healthcare industry knowledge to link physical and behavioral healthcare with community based services to support a whole-person approach. And she brings her savvy in scaling up healthcare businesses.
Jennifer Byrne has spent her whole career in clinical trials, working on more than 8000 studies. So she knows a thing or two about the needs of pharma sponsors, clinical sites and patients. As founder and CEO of Javara, Jennifer is spearheading a new concept: the integrated research organization or IRO, a novel model for bringing clinical research into the healthcare ecosystem.  
Matt Artz represents that rarest of specimens: the business anthropologist. In that role he advocates for the responsible design of human-centered technologies. He has a particular focus on the benefits --but mainly the risks-- of consumer DNA testing.
It’s a momentous week in Georgia, Washington and these United States. In this special episode of the HealthBiz podcast, Bloomberg Intelligence Analyst, Brian Rye and I discuss the health policy implications of the likely 50+1 Democratic Senate majority. Listen as we discuss drug pricing, Medicare Advantage, and the public option.
I made 5 predictions about the COVID-19 pandemic in April, then graded myself in September. Tune in for the end of year update and a glimpse at 2021.
Have you ever heard of medical record indexing? I hadn’t until I met Andrew Fehlman, CEO of Solarity. His company works with major US health systems that have implemented top-end electronic medical records like EPIC and Cerner. 
GoCheck Kids uses a smartphone based tool for early vision screening. CEO Kevon Saber talks about his own upbringing and how to make screening easy, even during the pandemic.
Paul Jaglowski's Feedtrail takes patient experience surveys to the next level, collecting information during encounters. Legacy players like Press Ganey, Qualtrics and NRC are getting nervous.
US healthcare is still a Tower of Babel, with electronic health records unable to communicate with one another. The pandemic has made things worse as people get testing and care in unusual settings.  Lyniate's Drew Ivan charts the path out of this mess.
Which is better: The Amazon Halo Band or Apple Watch? HealthBiz podcast host David Williams gives you the rundown based on his head-to-head test. And this episode is  just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so you can make the right holiday shopping decision. 
Niall Brennan isn’t one to pull punches. From his perch as CEO of the Health Care Cost Institute he uses data to call out the moral and ethical failures of the US healthcare system. Insulin pricing, air ambulances, surprise billing, the pandemic. Whatever the topic, Brennan brings his sharp wit and deep reservoir of healthcare knowledge.
Drug pricing is the hottest topic in healthcare, and ICER founder Dr. Steve Pearson is the coolest person to discuss it with. In this episode of the HealthBiz podcast, Steve describes how ICER compiles and analyzes clinical evidence to estimate the fair value of treatments for COVID-19 and other serious illnesses. 
Jean Mixer is Chief Digital Transformation Officer at Boston Children's Hospital. She discusses digital health, the pandemic, and what she'd do if she had a time machine.
Mike Totterman and Alex Zapesochny are childhood friends who've started two successful healthcare technology companies together. Listen to their latest plans to upend the LASIK and contact lens markets.Show notes:Mike’s LinkedIn profile’s LinkedIn profile iCardiac Technologies (now part of ERT) Clerio Vision The Hard Thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande Health Business Group David’s LinkedIn profile 
When Dave Terry started his career in healthcare three decades ago, he noticed something odd and disturbing. The fee-for-service model meant doctors were paid for quantity, not for quality or cost effectiveness. Since then he’s been working to do something about it: for the first twenty years at American Practice Management, then Partners Healthcare and Harborside Healthcare. He made progress, but also learned the limitations of acting against entrenched interests.For the last decade he’s gotten even more serious, co-founding Remedy Partners in the wake of the Affordable Care Act and then Archway Health, where he is CEO. Archway helps physicians jump into the meaningful risk-based payment models that are finally on offer from the Feds and private carriers.I compared Dave’s quest to the Thirty Years’ War, but reminded him that there was a Hundred Years’ War, too, so he better gird himself.Show notes:Dave’s LinkedIn profile Health BPCI Advanced Rules Rules by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer The Everything Store by Bard Stone Health Business Group David’s LinkedIn profile 
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