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Half Decent Banter

Author: Ross Murray and Lucy Joseph

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An adult human male and an adult human female discuss things, like adult humans. Blog and podcast.
4 Episodes
Podcast 4 - Video Games by Ross Murray and Lucy Joseph
Podcast 3 - The Simpsons by Ross Murray and Lucy Joseph
For our second podcast we reviewed the film Dirty Grandpa. Our comments are merely our interpretation of the film ... and by that we mean they were mostly negative. Enjoy ... and please don't sue us. You can read the blogs here: Lucy's (She) Post: Ross' (He) Post:
Podcast 1 - Elections

Podcast 1 - Elections


Half Decent Banter - A adult human male and a adult human female talk about things, like adult humans. This week we're talking about Elections! We've delved into the world of podcasts because we enjoy the sound of our own voices. This is our first go, so we're sorry. Really. We hope it gets better. For your sake, as well as ours.
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